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How to get PR Using Social Media

How to get PR Using Social Media

Collecting ‘As Seen On’ media logos for their website is a huge goal for a number of coaches in the health and wellness space. When a potential client logs onto your site and sees that you’ve been featured in major media like SELF, SHAPE, or mindbodygreen, you build instant trust and credibility in your brand. Not to mention that editorial coverage in these kinds of publications is typically free! But without a personal publicist on hand, how can you go about getting this kind of media coverage for your health coaching business?

There are a lot of myths around getting featured as an expert in the media, but the truth is you don’t need to hire fancy, expensive PR or pay thousands of dollars for access to a media database. With a bit of social sleuthing, in just 10 minutes a day it’s totally possible to find and establish media relationships that can build buzz, brand awareness, and ultimately lead to press coverage that puts you in front of your perfect target client.

Wanna know a secret that not a lot of publicists want to share?

Between Twitter, LinkedIn and Google, you can pretty much find and connect with any media gatekeeper, whether that’s a journalist, editor, writer, blogger or producer. Establishing relationships with these individuals is the perfect first step, before pitching yourself or your brand for coverage. Once you’ve decided on your desired media outlet to get coverage in, here are the next steps you’ll want to take:

Find and Follow

  • Follow your target media outlet on social networks – like their page on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and any other relevant network

  • Figure out exactly which editor or producer covers health, nutrition or lifestyle content. An easy way to do this is to do a google search and review the content they’ve created in the past

  • A lot of people overlook the handy-dandy search function in Twitter. For example, if your goal is to get featured in Shape magazine, type ‘nutrition editor Shape’ into the search bar, and then click on ‘Accounts’. Editor Marnie Schwartz comes up and you’ve found your contact!

  • I always recommend creating a private Twitter list to find and follow all of your target contacts and check it daily – media often use Twitter to share their latest content and reach out looking for sources.

Engage and Befriend

  • Make a point of engaging with the media on your private Twitter list daily – whether that’s to retweet their content, answer a query they may have, or comment on their latest articles. Consistent engagement definitely does not go unnoticed! Who doesn’t love when someone champions their work?!

  • Are they tweeting about something personal? Maybe sharing a picture of their pet or news about their kids at school? Comment on that too! One of my BEST media relationships came from bonding with a national newspaper editor over a mutual love for our cats – not only did we connect based on that, but my clients got featured in her section of the newspaper every few months because our relationship moved from professional to personal (we’re still great friends six years later). Whenever she needed health content, since we were friends she was happier to feature me and my clients over a stranger’s or from a cold pitch


  • Now that you’re engaging with these sources semi-regularly from a genuine and authentic place, you have an in to make a pitch, whether that’s being interviewed as an expert or suggesting a story that would be super informative to your audience, highlighting your business where it fits into the story

Getting featured in the media isn’t reserved for a special few – social networks make it super easy to find every health and wellness coach to connect with the right contacts and get positioned for media coverage. The beauty about press features is that media tends to beget media, get coverage once and your next press opportunity will be easier to secure!

Curious what to do and what specifically not to do when engaging with the media? Get the Dos and Don’ts of Making Media Friends Using Social Networks here


Lisa Simone Richards


Lisa Simone Richards is a publicity expert for fitness, health and wellness-preneurs who want to see themselves and their businesses featured in magazines, on TV and around the web. As the principal of PR agency Vitality PR & Communications in Toronto and the creator of Make Media Friends, an online PR school for health, fitness and wellness entrepreneurs, she’s here to teach you how to connect with the right media personalities and use the power of publicity to get your brand in the spotlight and attract your perfect clients. Learn how to do it the right way with social media with this checklist!


Are You Stuck in the Victim Loop? (+ practical steps to get out quick smart)

Are you stuck in the victim loop

We all do it.  

One day we’re sailing along happy-as-Larry, growing our businesses; the next, we are blaming someone or something for things not going our way.

We can fall into being a ‘victim’ without even realiSing we’re doing it!

And while we all do this from time to time, the key to staying out of ‘victim mode’ is to be aware we’re headed into the loop, see how quickly we can catch ourselves, and take action.

Recently, when I was in Austin, Texas at my mastermind, I experienced first-hand the beginnings of a spiral into the dreaded 'victim mode'.

After getting a personal invite, I had just joined this new mastermind program, and I had invested (big) to join. So, like any investment in business and ourselves, it was scary.

As the mastermind kicked off, I was not disappointed… (at first).

Let me explain.

The minute I joined the first day of the 6 day event, I was blown away. I was instantly taken to a new level of business understanding.

I learnt SO much on the first day alone, and within days I had filled books of ideas.

But, on day 4 something happened.

I had a chance to be in the hot-seat, where others were invited to support me with a personal problem, and I didn’t get the answers I was hoping for.

Is this post helpful? I created a free workbook to teach you actionable steps to move from Victim to Accountable! Click the button below to get it right now.



I slowly became irritable. I started questioning my investment. I started panicking because I hadn’t got the answers.

I started to ask, 'What was I supposed to do next?'

I even started to get angry at the event organisers; feeling that the support I had pictured wasn’t just wasn’t there.

I started to panic.

I didn’t like this irritation rising in me.  I felt shame at feeling spoilt or ungrateful, yet it was there, and I started to think more and more negative thoughts.

At this point I caught myself at a point (which I later learnt was the ‘choice point’ of the Victim Loop).

I knew this is not how I wanted to experience the event, and so before bed that night I pulled out my journal and started to let my emotions out on the page to see what was really going on.

Journalling is my go-to tool for letting go of emotions when I am not feeling ‘high-vibe’.

I journalled 3 pages, and by the end identified that the truth wasn’t the story I’d been carrying that day (I don’t know WHAT to do next in my biz) – heck, I’d just done 4 days of intense training, so I had plenty of ‘what–to-dos’!

The truth was, I didn’t know HOW.  And instead of seeing that, I had avoided it and gone into victim mode.

So I asked myself, “What do I need to move forward?”

Three things came to me:

  • I need to understand the steps it will take to implement the funnel I had come up with in previous days (I’m great at big ideas, but I don’t always understand HOW to do the technical pieces at first)

  • I need a copywriter who understands advanced sales funnels

  • I need someone on my team who can build that funnel

As soon as I got that clarity and broke the overwhelm down into steps (see my process for doing that here)...

I felt a massive sense of relief – and all of my agitation was gone in an instant.



Now, this is where the power of masterminds come into their greatest.

At breakfast the next morning, I ASKED the others in the group if anyone knew of a copywriter that understands advanced sales funnels, what I should be looking for in a funnel builder, and what the steps I needed to take to implement the funnel might be. 

Before we even started the mastermind for the day, I had answers for all 3 questions:

  • Someone had walked me right through the entire step-by-step process of implementing my ideas.

  • I had a copywriter introduction, and...

  • I had 2 offers of help to build out the funnel (or help me identify the tasks if I wanted to manage it myself).

While I'm not sure who came up with this Victim Loop framework - which was introduced to me by a friend later in the event AFTER I'd gone through that wobbly patch...

THIS is my interpretation of it: 




I had moved from 'victim mode' to being accountable... 


By taking the following steps: 

  1. Recognising that I wasn’t feeling high-vibe and choosing to explore it within myself (no more blaming others)

  2. Identifying what I needed in order to move forward

  3. ASKING!! I was blown away by how much people wanted to help when I knew what to ask for and wasn’t afraid to do so (no one can help us if we can’t ask for what we need – people are not mind readers – it is our responsibility to ASK)

Not only did I get so much clarity, but I enjoyed the remainder of the event even more than the start. I was so open to new ideas and being part of the supportive network of the mastermind.

Don't forget to download your free workbook on how to take actionable steps to move from Victim to Accountable! Click the button below to get it right now.



Had I stayed in victim mode, stuck in that loop, things might not have been so expansive for me and I highly likely would have cut myself off from receiving all of the greatness that was on offer for me.

now it's Your TURN:

Let me know in the comments if you have ever found yourself stuck in victim mode, caught up in that victim loop...

And let me know what strategies you used to move yourself up into accountability instead.  How did you move yourself forward in growing your business? What did you learn from that experience? Did you notice a pattern?


Amanda xx



The blunt truth behind working from ‘feminine flow’

Blunt Truth About Working in Feminine flow


I made it! I’ve touched down in Austin, Texas and checked into my favourite hotel the W.

I love being able to travel the world and work from anywhere. To me, this is one of the greatest benefits of having my own business.

I went to the Internet Marketing Party here in Austin last night and when the guest speaker shared his $4 million dollar launch secrets, his parting quote was ‘sorry folks, this does NOT happen by sitting on your laptop on a beach’

The crowd laughed a knowing laugh.  

He had such a good point.

Anyone who is running a really successful business is still ‘working’ to make it happen.

And as female entrepreneurs, I think we are looking for that magical ‘balance’ between freedom and success.

While I see so many female entrepreneurs wanting to live a freedom-based lifestyle, I do think the conversation in female only circles tends to quite skewed.

In a world where ‘feminine’ and ‘flow’ are buzz words we are all striving towards, we can in my opinion fall into a disillusion that all we have to do to make a great income is chant some mantras, meditate on our dreams and maybe host an occasional webinar or facebook group.

With my history of Adrenal Fatigue – I totally get it!

We’re over working HARD… and that is because as females ‘pushing’ is not our natural state.

We are meant to ‘receive’.

In fact sometimes I am witnessing clients so ‘burnt out’ from working in masculine mode their whole lives, that the thought of even taking clients on is too much for them.

I witness most female entrepreneurs falling into one of two camps.

Hustling and pushing, going hard, making it happen! (Masculine Mode)
Meditating, journaling and visualizing a thriving business. (Feminine Mode)

Neither is winning in my eyes.

Option 1 leads to burnout. Option 2 leads to disillusionment.

So what’s a ladyboss to do to generate a thriving business?


There is a lot of talk of ‘working from the feminine’ in entrepreneurial circles, but my own experience has taught me that there is a difference in ‘feminine only practices’ and the ‘empowered feminine’ – which is actually a ‘fierce flow ’ and requires both the feminine and masculine energies working together.

THIS is empowered. THIS is where we create our own reality.

And I believe it is the mix of BOTH that brings the big wins in business.

How does this work?

The feminine energy (creativity, genius, flow) needs Masculine energy (structure, systems, discipline) to be able to flow with it’s full potential.

So what does this mean for you as a female entrepreneur?

To allow our feminine magic, our creative genius, our relaxation and freedom to come through our businesses we MUST have the masculine structures set up first.


If you are on path 1, it won’t be sustainable in the long term. If you’re starting to feel burnt out now, trust me, it’s because as a female you are not supposed to work from 100% masculine PUSH.

If you are currently on path 2, it might feel good for a while but my guess is the frustration of lack of results is going to set in soon.

Of course I’m not sitting here saying I’ve mastered this piece 100% - this is a BIG changed we are learning as females. Yet I have experienced that magical mix in varying degrees for myself and really do see this as a KEY factor behind my business growing 20X in the last 2 years.

I have sold out 4 multiple 6-figure launches in the last few years, and I know for sure that there is an art in utilizing the Inner Feminine Work (trust me, I live and breathe the woo-woo) in conjunction with proven marketing strategy and systems that produce great results.

“Freedom comes through Discipline”

Late last year I decided to dive even deeper into my systems and structures as I really understood that the stronger the masculine side of my business, the more I personally could flow, be free, create... I had mastered the ‘what to do’ in my business, but the more my business grew, the ‘how’ was still leaving me overwhelmed and burnt-out.

The man I turned to, to learn the masculine structure – the ‘HOW TO’?

Todd Herman, a performance mentor to some of the worlds top sporting stars.

Todd won’t tell you WHAT to do in your business (I can show you that part) but he will show you HOW!

I credit his methods for a $250k launch in January amidst chaos in my business and for my ability to be sitting here by the W pool, enjoying writing to you all even though I’m jet-lagged as crazy and still worried about my husband, injured at home.

Todd has just released Video 2, in a 3 part series where he is sharing his methodologies for FREE. I’d love to invite you to check it out to see if it resonates with you too >>

In this video, he’ll be filling your Evernote with: 

- How he stumbled upon the biological mechanism for entering into “flow states” …

- What “Mental Toughness” really means in the world of high-performance… 

- Why simply scheduling your tasks isn’t enough to guarantee progress…  
- The 4W Formula he uses with the world’s highest-performing entrepreneurs and athletes to ENSURE that all their needle-moving actions get done.

BTW – don’t be put off by his ‘masculine’ approach, I’m going through his training again too so I’m happy to ‘translate’ into ‘female entrepreneur’ terms whenever you need!

Let’s do this together.

Access Todd’s FREE training here >>

I truly believe his system is going to take the entrepreneurial world by storm in coming years -  all the big names you know area already playing over there - get in at the grass roots now! 
P.S. If you do decide to work with Todd further in your business as I have, I may get an affiliate fee as a result. What does this mean? It means I'll be offering some pretty super duper bonuses if you choose to work with him alongside me. Keep your eyes peeled for that in coming days. 


Top Working Cafes in Burleigh Heads

Top Working Cafe's in Burleigh Heads

Working for myself has many advantages one of them being that I can work from anywhere in the world! I have traveled to some amazing locations and continued working from cafes in Paris, Abu Dhabi, Miami, Mexico, Singapore and New Zealand.

I have shared my favorite working cafe's in Bondi and LA so here is my list of Top Cafes to Work from in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast. 

Commune Cafe: Located on the highway, this great cafe has quirky vintage decor and amazing organic menu options. On my last visit, I fell in love with their Chilli Jam, Bacon, Egg and Avocado on Gluten Free Toast - wow! I washed it down with caffeine free Dandelion Latte that was equally amazing.

Maria Anita: This is a superb gluten-free health focused cafe, but don't let that stop you from indulging. The Snickers Slice is to die for and their Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Raw Cookies are a very close second. If you are after something a little less indulgent, I can recommend the Green Pea Smash on Homemade Gluten Free Toast which is a great twist on the usual avocado smash. They have a great little outdoor seating area if you would like to be closer to nature, and all day breakfast. Perfect for working any time of the day.

Anna Karena: This beautiful little cafe has a lovely atmosphere filled with delightful displays of cakes and all manner of yummy things (Many gluten-free). They have a pretty great high tea, but if you are looking for a something smaller to go with your mid-morning beverage, they have an impressive range of cakes. The atmosphere is positive and not too noisy. The staff will be happy to have you working away as they serve cake-loving customers throughout the day.

Paleo Cafe: Made popular by their recently released recipe book, this cafe provides allergen friendly paleo food options AND is a great place to work. I highly recommend trying their Bone Broth which is has a beautiful deep rich flavour and many nutritional benefits. The Bolognese with Zucchini noodles is also pretty great. If you are feeling like something sweet to keep the brain firing, try the Salted Caramel Almond Hot Chocolate - yum!

Canteen Coffee: Tucked down a funky laneway, Canteen Coffee has THE best coffee on the Gold Coast. The menu has a Mediterranean influence and you are surrounded by shops to explore, or simply sit and enjoy the atmosphere while people watching. Word of warning - they do get SUPER busy so aim to arrive outside of peak times or set up to work while you are waiting and enjoy the view.

Govindas: Fantastic cheap and scrumptious vegetarian food. It can be a little noisy for working but the tables are a good size so pop your headphones in and give it a try. All the food is awesome, but I especially love their home-made bake cauliflower. So good!


Working Cafes in Burleigh Heads


If you have a great working cafe not yet on my list please let me know in the comments below and together we can create a great resource for working cafes  for coaches.


You have to value coaching in order to be a great coach

You Have Value Coaching


I believe that in order to be a great coach, you have to value coaching. Joining a coaching mastermind is, in my opinion, the best thing a new health coach can do for themselves and their business. This means investing in yourself.

Investing in yourself can be one of the most difficult decisions to make when new health coaches are considering growing their coaching business. 

Truth - it can be scary!

Yet when you think about it logically, how can you ever expect your potential clients to value investing in coaching, if you as the coach don't value it highly in your own life first?


I caught up with Shaina when she’d just completed my 6 month UPswing Mastermind program and we got chatting about just that.

Let me set the scene: Shaina is a gifted personal trainer, dance teacher and fitness instructor who wanted to grow her business so that she could have more time and money for her family.

My issue was no money to join the program,” says Shaina. 

At the time of joining, Shaina was charging $30 a session as a trainer. It’s hard to justify spending thousands on a program when there is not much money coming in to begin with. Well, that’s the logic we naturally apply to a situation like this.


Before I signed up, Amanda gave me a bit of advanced coaching to say ‘go out there and do this’,” continues Shaina. “I knew I had to get some clients before I even started the Mastermind!"

After I picked up my first client it gave me confidence to get more clients to pay for the program. Then, when I knew I could get clients, I felt confident enough to ask to borrow for the first payment, and ever since I’ve been getting clients in order to pay for myself."

Shaina’s story is not uncommon. It is a large story around money itself. It’s the fear that new coaches have to overcome - around investing in the program - that ironically propels them forward.

It was a leap of faith,” agrees Shaina. “I had feelings of knowing the program was for me, and the fear of money, and knowing if I told my husband how much it was going to cost he would say I’m crazy."

I had to overcome that fear and take the leap of faith, knowing that I was going to go where I couldn’t go on my own [in my business] and that the UPswing Mastermind was what I needed in order to get there.”

From charging $30 a session, and a couple of weeks into the UPswing Mastermind program, Shaina started upping her price to $500 for the next clients. “Then 2 weeks later again, I jumped to $1000 for my 3 month program, and it’s gotten better and better."

5 or 6 weeks into the Mastermind I sold a $4000 package for a 6 month program, following the formula of knowing how to get clients."


There is a money block that pops up for coaches who start to make big money called, New Level, New Devil. It’s that feeling of, ‘Who am I to be making this money? Who is this superstar clicking her fingers and making all this money?’

Shaina continues: “The next few months after I’d had great success things went backwards and I was kind of lost and my confidence dropped. It took a couple of months of work to get back to where I was, to get that belief system back up.” 

Everyone has their own fears and money blocks; those things that are going to hold us back. But with the tools and the mindset work provided in the UPswing Mastermind Shaina was able to command really great income again when all these new mindset changes came in.


I got myself back in the game,” says Shaina. “You start to remember why you’re doing it; that you’re doing it for everyone else, and then the flow begins and the money comes to you. Last weekend I made $5.5k selling a one on one program.” 

Personally, I always have a mentor on my team and I am always in a mastermind (ideal for me is a mastermind with access to a mentor within it). As coaches we will always need a coach of our won if we are committed to growth, expansion and excellence in our businesses. I really don't think it is possible to build a great coaching business alone.


Investing in yourself is a big decision, but it is outweighed by how much money you can generate with a structured program that gives you the tools to go out and get clients. The personal development and money mindset coaching plays a big part in helping coaches to see a return on their investment. When you decide to invest in yourself everything around you opens up. And as a coach, it is imperative that we receive our own coaching support as we continue to grow and evolve.


To be the best, you have to learn from the best

To be the best you have to learn from the best


Ash was half way through her IIN training when she joined UPswing Mastermind. She had left her corporate job 6 months before to purely focus on coaching.

I had been following Amanda for some time and one day I got an email about a webinar training happening that day. I felt such a pull to join the webinar. An hour into the webinar, I said, ‘I’m absolutely signing up for this [Mastermind]. It’s definitely the next step I need to take.’”

I was surviving solely on redundancy money and I still had 6 months to go at IIN, but was looking for the next step,” says Ash.  “I am the biggest advocate for continual learning; for always having a mentor and taking things to the next step."

The main thing I remember thinking at the time was, ‘If I don’t do this what am I going to do?’ I wanted to be pushed further.


For me personally I have always committed to excellence in my business, and part of that standard includes ensuring that I am always learning from the best mentors I can find, to pass that on to my clients.

This year I am working with someone I believe to be one of the best in the world in online marketing, and only a few weeks of being mentored by him I have grown leaps and bounds already - with the ripple effect already showing in my clients results too.

And I believe that I attract clients who are also committed to excellence. As coaches we tend to attract (and enjoy working with) like-minded people.

You just don’t know what you don’t know don’t know when starting out” says Ash. “I knew I couldn’t do it on my own."

For example: I don’t have a marketing background. I would just be going off what made sense, but there are so many ideas that are taught in the Mastermind. I couldn’t come up with them on my own."

I may have only gone down online [marketing] – fallen into the trap of ‘build my site and clients would come’.  What I’ve learnt from the formulas we’ve received in the Mastermind is incredible!”

When we’re starting or growing a coaching business we see pretty websites and hot looking Facebook ads, and we can easily fall into the trap that if you copy what that person is doing you’ll have success. 

But you don’t know what success they’re getting. You have no way of telling how well their Facebook ads are performing, or how many clients they are signing up from their website. 

You need to UNDERSTAND what you’re putting out there, not just copying it. It’s about how you’re speaking to people - what you’re saying - instead of emulating what someone else is doing. And it’s through having a mentor who’s at the top of their game give you the tools that you get REAL success.

I wouldn’t have known where to find that information,” says Ash. “The script books, email script books, ways to get clients – different ways you may not have thought were possible."

I possibly would have given up because I would have been wondering why it wasn’t happening.” 

Ash is someone who’s always known that understanding and being clear of where you want to be with your business is important. 

For me, I want the 6 figure business doing Health Coaching, so I need to do stuff to get me there,” she says.

“I don’t have the knowledge and the skills to get me there. For me it was about finding the best in the field and being trained by them. Finding somebody who has done it and being trained by them. To be trained by the best person I can find. Immerse myself in it."

UPswing Mastermind has blown me away. It has to be something you feel ready for. It’s a huge commitment, and you get out what you put into it. I remember thinking from day one that this was money well spent.”

It means the world to me to see my clients getting amazing results from my training - at the end of the day it is the impact we are having on others that is the real value in our work. In this way I feel so uber wealthy!


Finding the best in the field to learn from is one of the most important steps you can take when starting or growing a coaching business. The best became the best by going through exactly what every new coach goes through and by making a success of themselves and then sharing all they know so that others can have that same success.


UPswing Mastermind is OPEN – limited time offer enclosed!

Upswing Mastermind is now open


If you’re anything like me, you want:

  • A business that allows you to work on your own terms

  • Financial stability AND to feel like you have a purpose in the world

  • Ideal, reliable and long-term clients

  • Flexibility & location independence

But right now, it may feel like there are some ‘invisible barriers’ holding you back…

It's like you're stuck in a cage flailing about. You can see what's possible – and it's within your reach – but you just can't break free.

Frustrating right??

I know this feeling all too well, because it was my story until just a few short years ago. I spent A LOT of time and money to figure out what really works when you’re building a health coaching business – and what’s a waste of your time.



Now I want to give you the keys that can shortcut all of this for you. I want to show you exactly how to get up and running (and profitable) in your Health Coaching business!!

I am excited to announce that doors are OPEN for the UPswing Mastermind.

The UPswing Mastermind is for you if you're ready to move your Health Coaching from a hobby to a thriving business.  



And because I have a sweet spot for 'fast action takers' I have released a very special Early Bird offer: Apply NOW to get $500 off your total investment OR $100 per month off the monthly payment plan! (This offer expires tomorrow, January 22nd at Midnight - Sydney time.)

In this program, you will:

  • Create your own Healthy Business Plan based on my own that I used to create $5k+ as a Health Coach (and still use today to create high 6-figure yearly income from coaching)

  • Get clear on your ideal client and the exact package they are already looking for (that you will also LOVE to deliver)

  • Confidently reframe your fear of ‘sleazy sales’ to something you enjoy!

  • Learning the latest tactics that actually get coaching clients both in-person and online (hint it is NOT a blog or website) – you were NOT taught these from your coaching school

  • Set up your business to match your desired hours, location & income

  • Grow your confidence by surrounding yourself with women just like you

  • Go for your goals this year of leaving your job or making a consistent $5k+ per month – why take years when it can take months?

I only accept a limited number of participants in the Mastermind, as it is important for me to keep the 1:1 attention as part of the program.

Acceptance is by application and interview process only, to ensure we have a rocking group of women who are all truly committed to their own Health Coaching business success.

Find out more about the UPswing Mastermind here >>

Remember to get your application in before the January 22nd at midnight (Sydney time /8am EST) to receive the exclusive 'fast-action' bonus price!

BTW - There is absolutely NO obligation when you submit an application. We will simply jump in the phone together to explore if this is a good fit for you. So if you have a hunch this 'could' be for you, I encourage you to apply ASAP, as spots do run out quick.


It’s time to start your 2016 goals

Time to start your 2016 Goals


Ok, so to summarise the last couple of blogs – we breathed out and released 2015, we sat down to create our intentions for 2016, and now we can FOCUS on what our actual goals are going to be. 

You’ll need your notes from the last session – the 4 categories you wrote down in your journal. 

Go back to what was most important to you in those 4 categories in my previous blog post. 

1.  First check if these still feel your highest goals for the year. 

2.  Reword these into tangible outcomes – something you will be able to measure as ‘done’

3.  Only keep the top 5-10 goals which feel like MUSTS.  If it’s not a ‘Hell Yes’, then it’s a ‘No’.

4.  List out 10 action steps under each goal that you can take to achieve those goals.

5.  Schedule these in your diary

If any of your goals are business goals that you’re seriously committed to achieving, there is amazing business support to be found in a program like UPswing Mastermind.

The next UPswing Mastermind is coming very soon – have a look at to learn more.



Mitle had business goals for 2015 that also involved stepping into becoming the woman she wanted to be.  She discovered how embracing that will skyrocket your business in the best possible way.

You will also get a sneak peek at my signature teaching around 'Being the $5k Woman' - it's not 'all' about the money.

(I know you're going to love hearing how her journey is impacting more than just her business!)

There are a number of interviews on this page for you to enjoy, all discussing different angles of being a Health Coach. Pour yourself a green juice, sit back + relax and check them out >>


My big breathe out process

My big breathe out process


Just before I wrapped up for the year I spent a divine Sunday with one of my mentors, Rebecca Campbell, at her Spirited Urban Retreat. 

Perched right on the beach, there was really nothing Urban about it, but it symbolized leaving our lives behind us to experience a BIG breathe out of a day to release 2015 straight into the waves ahead of us. 

For many of us, 2015 was not an ‘easy’ year, but one of immense growth (it certainly was for me), and I knew it was important to take space to release that. 

While I did this process mid-December (on the new moon) and then prepared to take some quality time off, I know that many of you will choose the start of 2016 to release and ‘complete’ 2015.

I wanted to pass on my version of the process, so that you too can bring closure and gratitude to 2015, then have a big breathe out and a pause before welcoming 2016.



You’ll want to grab a journal and a candle.

You’ll also need about 30 minutes to take time to get into your heart – ask your body what it needs and be led intuitively – dance, meditate, stretch…

Light your candle and ask to be connected to your heart (not your head) and start answering the following questions in your journal:

Let your pen guide you and don’t judge the answers, just let it all out onto the page.

Q1. What am I most grateful for from 2015?

Q2. What has expired in my life now?

Q3. What’s no longer in alignment in my life?

Q4. What’s rising in me now?

Wrap this up with another mini-meditation and release the process for a few days.

Please be kind to yourself as you allow 2015 to fall off you in the coming days (there’s no rush here. We’re not ‘cutting off’ 2015. We’re releasing it gently. It served us well). 

During this time you might take some time to connect with family and friends; to really prioritise joy, fun and self-care. 

When you’re ready, I’d love to share what came after my big breathe out.



Mastering your Mean Girl with Melissa Ambrosini

Mastering Your Mean girl with Melissa


Today I am super excited to celebrate the launch of Mastering your Mean Girl, the first book by my good friend and fellow health coach Melissa Ambrosini.
If anyone knows how to run a successful Health Coaching business it is Melissa, and when I interviewed her in celebration of her book launch I asked questions specific to growing your business – and how managing your mean girl is a KEY part of this.
It’s easy to look at ‘successful health coaches’ and think they had it ‘easy’ – but Melissa has had to master her own Mean Girl in growing her business just as you will have to do too.
Melissa and I have been friends for years (well before our ‘online biz’ days) and yet this interview is the first time we’ve hung out together online – as you’ll see we had LOTS to talk about.
Melissa and I are both telling it like it is and sharing our honest journeys of Mastering our Mean Girls in growing our businesses.
Please grab a green juice and get comfy - you are going to LOVE our interview as much as we loved filming it for you.

>> Watch our interview exclusively for Mastering Your Mean Girl in growing your Coaching business here >>