UPswing Mastermind is OPEN – limited time offer enclosed!

Upswing Mastermind is now open


If you’re anything like me, you want:

  • A business that allows you to work on your own terms

  • Financial stability AND to feel like you have a purpose in the world

  • Ideal, reliable and long-term clients

  • Flexibility & location independence

But right now, it may feel like there are some ‘invisible barriers’ holding you back…

It's like you're stuck in a cage flailing about. You can see what's possible – and it's within your reach – but you just can't break free.

Frustrating right??

I know this feeling all too well, because it was my story until just a few short years ago. I spent A LOT of time and money to figure out what really works when you’re building a health coaching business – and what’s a waste of your time.



Now I want to give you the keys that can shortcut all of this for you. I want to show you exactly how to get up and running (and profitable) in your Health Coaching business!!

I am excited to announce that doors are OPEN for the UPswing Mastermind.

The UPswing Mastermind is for you if you're ready to move your Health Coaching from a hobby to a thriving business.  



And because I have a sweet spot for 'fast action takers' I have released a very special Early Bird offer: Apply NOW to get $500 off your total investment OR $100 per month off the monthly payment plan! (This offer expires tomorrow, January 22nd at Midnight - Sydney time.)

In this program, you will:

  • Create your own Healthy Business Plan based on my own that I used to create $5k+ as a Health Coach (and still use today to create high 6-figure yearly income from coaching)

  • Get clear on your ideal client and the exact package they are already looking for (that you will also LOVE to deliver)

  • Confidently reframe your fear of ‘sleazy sales’ to something you enjoy!

  • Learning the latest tactics that actually get coaching clients both in-person and online (hint it is NOT a blog or website) – you were NOT taught these from your coaching school

  • Set up your business to match your desired hours, location & income

  • Grow your confidence by surrounding yourself with women just like you

  • Go for your goals this year of leaving your job or making a consistent $5k+ per month – why take years when it can take months?

I only accept a limited number of participants in the Mastermind, as it is important for me to keep the 1:1 attention as part of the program.

Acceptance is by application and interview process only, to ensure we have a rocking group of women who are all truly committed to their own Health Coaching business success.

Find out more about the UPswing Mastermind here >>

Remember to get your application in before the January 22nd at midnight (Sydney time /8am EST) to receive the exclusive 'fast-action' bonus price!

BTW - There is absolutely NO obligation when you submit an application. We will simply jump in the phone together to explore if this is a good fit for you. So if you have a hunch this 'could' be for you, I encourage you to apply ASAP, as spots do run out quick.