As owner of the successful Health Coaching Business 'Fuel Urban Wellness', Amanda Jane Daley now combines her business learnings with her 15 years digital marketing expertise, communications degree and her energy healing training in a potent way.  Her signature '5 steps to $5k months for Health Coaches' system combines both the masculine and feminine sides to business, where Amanda mentors health and wellness entrepreneurs who are truly driven to make a MASSIVE impact on the way the world views health.


I've helped thousands of go-getter Health Coaches + wellness entrepreneurs up their game in business + life. 

I believe the world will change their value of health, when you as a health coach discover how to truly value yourself and your services. 



6 months - live

THE 6-month proven mastermind experience. 
To develop business success + wealth consciousness
for purpose-driven new health coaches
looking to make $5k+ per month.

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6 weeks - self study

6 weeks to Confidence, Clients and Cashflow. 
Self-study course for purpose-driven
new health coaches ready to kickstart their business + make an impact in the world today.

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