How To Stay Healthy While You're Building Your Biz


Hey healthy lady!

I completely understand the demands of balancing:

  • Family...
  • Children...
  • Spouse... 
  • Clients...
  • Continued study...
  • Making money...
  • Building your business...

I am right there with you, and so are the ladies in my UPswing Mastermind and UPswing Momentum programs...

So I asked these women to share their top tips for staying healthy (and happy!) while building a coaching business, and they offered up some excellent advice. 

These are women who for the past 6-12 months have been working hard to build their businesses - all while balancing the demands of work, study, family & entrepreneurship. 

(For those that don't know, UPswing Mastermind is my stage 1 program for beginner health coaches, and UPswing Momentum is my stage 2 implementation program for coaches & heart-fuelled emerging leaders.) 

Here are their top tips for staying healthy while you're building your biz...


Make time for you

You hear that? Make time for YOU. I was definitely feeling overwhelm at one stage with kids, clients, running the business, doing Upswing Mastermind - and felt like I wasn't really walking my talk as a health coach. But once I learnt to create some space for myself (which was kind of difficult at first) I realised how important it was!

Making time to just chill and not think about the business, means that when I do, I'm more focused and productive. Learning to fill up your own tank is ESSENTIAL when you are giving so much.

- Melissa Lowe, UPswing Mastermind



My main tip for staying healthy while building your business is setting boundaries. I was saying 'yes' to everything and everyone - mostly out of excitement and my desire to grow my business - and found that it was really burning me out! So I've begun to set boundaries in terms of my scheduling, commitments, and how much of my time I give away. It's made a world of difference.

- Christina Tidwell – UPswing Momentum


healthy meal planning & prepping is a must!

My number one tip is to PLAN AHEAD!  Meal planning and prepping has been an absolute LIFESAVER for me while juggling building my business, and taking care of two toddlers...with another baby on the way!  

I plan two weeks of meals in advance and do one big shop - then I just have to top up the fresh fruit and veggies.  I prep healthy snacks, and make double at most meals to keep things as easy as possible. And I keep it interesting by trying at least a couple of new recipes and meals each time.  

Building a business is hard work and it’s important for me to fuel my body with the right foods, and stay on top of my energy levels.  There's no time for the 3pm crash round here! ;-) If you have healthy food on hand and ready to go, then healthy food is convenience food - and the temptation to reach for the not-so-healthy option isn't there.

- Kylie Kerehoma, UPswing Mastermind



Self-care first, business second

Self-care first, business second. Rest assured, this isn’t counter-intuitive. In fact, when we really connect to ourselves - and our purpose for our business - it becomes intuitive to nurture ourselves first.

After all, you are your business!  Without beautiful you, there would be no business at all. Let’s not forget that. So look after you by prioritising 'you-time' into your every day - for at least one hour. And watch as you become more creative and aligned, and business starts to flow.

Sally Jane Douglas, UPswing Mastermind


allocate set hours for your biz

My top tip is to create boundaries by allocating set hours to your work. Creating time boundaries like this has allowed time for myself... time for my family... my part-time work... AND my own business. It ensures I am productive within the time that I have allocated to my business, and ensures that my own physical and mental health remains top of mind.

- Melinda Benstead, UPswing Momentum


prioritise your to-do list to maintain balance

My top tip would be to prioritise your to-do list... making sure that YOU are on it!  It was clear to me that I would not be able to realistically accomplish EVERYTHING I wanted, while still maintaining a balanced home life.

By organising the most important and relevant tasks to my mission, I was able to push others that weren't - and give myself time to unwind, workout, and shop, cook and prepare healthy foods for myself and my family.

Making myself and family a priority on my to-do list everyday prevented me from letting overwhelm take over, and enabled me to maintain a healthy balance in my life.

- Eleanor Duelley, UPswing Mastermind



Look after your health + wellbeing

I have a busy schedule, but I ALWAYS make sure that I eat well, exercise daily and take time out when I need to. I love getting outdoors every day and the best place is the beach - rain, hail or shine 🌊 - it's so good for the soul!  By looking after my health and wellbeing, it makes such a difference to my day-to-day life, and to my business.

- Fiona Taylor, UPswing Momentum



Building a business takes time, along with a whole lot of hard work, determination and resilience.  We’re constantly looking ahead, planning our next step, and visualising the future. It’s easy to get frustrated and wish you were further ahead or more successful... especially if you’re comparing yourself to others in the biz.

So my top tip for staying healthy while building your business is to take the time to pause every now and again and celebrate exactly where you are. Recognise how far you’ve come, celebrate your wins, and acknowledge your achievements no matter how small.

- Liz Tiepa, UPswing Mastermind


nourish, move + mastermind 😉

Building a business can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. My #1 tip to stay healthy during this process is to listen to your own body. Our bodies are powerful messengers and always let us know what they want and need. And if you nourish it with a healthy food on regular basis, drinking plenty of fluids, moving your body and taking rest, it will reward you.

It can be easy to get carried away working all day and forget to eat or drink enough liquids and then feel low, lack confidence or lose focus and clarity.  So prepare meals and snacks in advance... find time to have 'me time'... walk/stretch throughout the day... and find your own personal mastermind group, where you can share what's happening and get support - it can be so healing!”

- Alenka Ala, UPswing Mastermind


when you have an 'off' day - be kind to yourself

Be kind to yourself. It's OK to have an off day... or even an off few days. It's tricky juggling everything, and sometimes something has to give. Keep in touch with your support crew (friends, family, your coach, your mastermind community, your peers, etc.) and share what's going on. ASK FOF HELP when you're struggling. Make sure to get out of the house, away from your desk, and do something for you, that brings you joy. And remember, it won't happen overnight, but it will happen!!!

- Kaaren Haywood, UPswing Mastermind


schedule self-care APPOINTMENTS

My number one tip is to schedule self-care appointments for yourself. This has been so important for me and helped me stay sane! I do my best to exercise, eat well and meditate every day. At least once a week I have a relaxing bath, a sauna, a massage or schedule something extra special like that. What's the point of building a health coaching business if my own health is suffering? My wellness is a priority.

- Melanie Hansen, UPswing Momentum


feed your soul + RECHARGE

Make time for activities and people who remind you of who you are at your SOUL level. Spend time with the people who make you laugh - and who take your mind off of the 'business building chatter' that is hard to stop without a worthy distraction. Don't neglect your favourite activities and hobbies that help you feel peaceful and mentally relaxed.

We often feel like we have to business build 24/7... but recharging your body, mind and soul along the way makes for greater energy available to focus on your business.

- Tamara Pulles, UPswing Mastermind


Do work that lights you up

My top tip for staying healthy is make sure you are enjoying your work and keeping in alignment with what you really want. Whenever I step out of alignment with my truest desires my energy drops and I often get sick. When I do what lights me up I'm like an unstoppable cheetah! ;-) 

- Amanda Pickering, UPswing Momentum


focus on SLEEP

My number one tip is to focus on sleep. Learn your optimal amount of sleep - and then use a smartphone app to remind you when to go to bed and when to wake up, in order to get that each night. It's simple but powerful! 

Michelle Edwards, UPswing Mastermind


Check in with your ENERGY + plan accordingly

Check in with your energy levels and stress levels and schedule or plan accordingly. Where possible offset stress with exercise, meditation or fun activities that neutralise the negative accumulative effects of stress.  

Also remember that different activities require different types of energy, focus and mindset.  After working with clients, I like to schedule some time out to reset and re-energise... always being conscious of not booking too many sessions in a row. And working at the computer for long sessions can also become draining, so I love to mix things up and schedule 'time-outs' from technology.

Lastly, I find that I have different energy levels at different times within my monthly cycle - and I like to really tune in and listen to that, and schedule my weeks with either more activities or more self-care. This can be a hugely powerful insight. 

- Carolyn Daley, UPswing Mastermind



My top tip is to make self-care a part of your business plan - just like the other tasks on your list. That includes quiet time, optimal nourishment, movement, and breathing outside. It's the most important part of being able to help others, because it keeps you in alignment to be able to hold a healing space.

- Jamie Raisleger, UPswing Momentum


Amanda xx


Top Tips for Starting a Health Coaching Business While You're Still Working


Hey healthy lady!

Many women start their health coaching business or join my programs while working full or part-time jobs.  It is absolutely possible - even preferable! - to start a coaching practice while you're still working.  

The key to success lies in being laser-focused with the time you DO have, and prioritising client-attraction and income-generating activities.

For example, getting in front of your ideal clients, telling them what you do, positioning yourself as an expert, and asking for the dance (aka: inviting them to discovery sessions). 

It is very easy to spend hours tinkering “behind the scenes” on your website, or perfecting your business cards - but actually MARKETING your business consistently is how you will succeed.  

The great news is, you can definitely do that in 1-3 hours a day. You do NOT need to be working on/in your business for 8 hours a day to be successful - especially when you’re first starting out.  

I asked the women in my latest UPswing Mastermind & UPswing Momentum programs to share their top tips for starting a coaching business while still working... 

They offered up some excellent advice, which I'm excited to share with you today.

(For those that don’t know UPswing Mastermind is my stage 1 program for beginner health coaches and UPswing Momentum is my stage 2 implementation program for coaches and heart-fuelled emerging leaders.)


Read how THEY made it happen + get their top tips:


“I was working full time for the first 18 months of being a health coach. I made it happen by seeing clients one or two evenings per week, and working on my business during my 2.5 hour daily commute. That meant that I still had at least one day a week free to rest, and I got over 10 hours of focused work done on my business each week. And honestly, that was all I needed at the beginning. My biggest tip is find pockets of time (even if it's just half an hour!) and be laser focused on what you are doing in that time - and how it brings you closer to your goals.”

- Amanda Pickering - UPswing Momentum


“When I first started my business, I was working 4 days a week with a 2.5 hour round-trip commute. I allocated one night per week plus time on the weekend for clients, and was able to use the commute to work on my business. I set goals each week, and used my commute time to work towards achieving those.  Doing this while commuting freed up my time after work for my family and myself!  Even now, when I'm no longer commuting and have the freedom of working from home, I set aside dedicated time and hours for my business to ensure I get stuff done.”

Melinda Benstead, UPswing Momentum


“I made the time in my daily calendar for the hours I wanted to do health coaching alongside my current job - and stuck to them. I find that working while I start my business is helping me manage my income. I’ve also found that putting parameters around exactly when I do health coaching (eg: what days and hours I work on and on/in my business) in these early stages gives me time to prepare while the hours aren't full of clients yet - so I’m learning how to keep my time well-managed.”

Michelle Edwards, UPswing Mastermind


“I've put my other job into a freelance wrapper so I can pick and choose how much or how little I work… I'm very lucky to have that as an option. I am also a huge fan of the power of 20 minutework blocks. Try them and see for yourself!!”  

- Margriet van Nieuwburg, UPswing Mastermind


"The more I learnt in the Mastermind, the more I wanted to work on my business and visibility! But with kids... work... family... that wasn't always possible. I started feeling stressed about it, until Amanda reminded me to get into reality. I did have the time - but only if I made space for it.
And most importantly, I needed to make time to look after myself! Once I prioritised self-care, things fell into place a lot easier. Having set times to work on my business and sticking to those as much as possible was very helpful; as was asking for help when I needed it. And remembering it’s not a race!”

Melissa Lowe, UPswing Mastermind


“I decided that if I want my business to work, I have to get serious and dedicate some set time to it. So I started going to bed earlier - which allowed me to get up at 6am and work on my business until 7:30am. In the evening I also do work from 8pm to 9:30pm. So I consistently do 3 hours of work on my business a day. My house is a little messy now, but that's how life is! You have to find time for what's important… family, new business and work. I am going to get help with the housework soon!”

- Veronie Anderson, UPswing Mastermind


“I've been working full-time while I start up my coaching business. It has (of course) been a juggle, but the thing that has helped me most has been the Mastermind training and the group support. Both have been amazing in helping me build a rock-solid foundation for my business - within the time that I have available. My pace is slow and steady, and things are falling into place... instead of falling apart!”

Michelle Joison, UPswing Mastermind


Amanda xx 


12 Top Tips for Getting Clients as a Health Coach


Hey healthy lady!

Today I’ve got something special for you... I asked the women in the most recent UPswing Mastermind and UPswing Momentum programs to share their top tips for getting clients as a Health Coach…and they offered up some excellent advice.

(For those that don't know, UPswing Mastermind is my stage 1 program for beginner health coaches, and UPswing Momentum is my stage 2 implementation program for coaches & heart-fuelled emerging leaders)

These are women who 6- 12 months ago were exactly where you are now… struggling to get clients, and wondering if was really possible to be make money as a Health Coach.

Not anymore! ✨ Scroll down to get their top tips for getting clients, and discover what’s been working best for them...


Sometimes we have big expectations for ourselves, and feel like health coaches need to be/act/look/take food pictures (insert whatever verb resonates with you) a certain way.  I'm starting to see that the more I let go of those expectations and stories and just allow myself to BE ME, the more things flow and people are naturally drawn to me.  Let go of all that isn't you and be truly, authentically, unapologetically yourself.  

- Joanna Whitney, UPswing Mastermind



I tell absolutely everyone I know what I do — and I got my first 10 clients this way  The ones who are in pain keep coming back and asking questions once they know what I do, and every time I have "asked for the dance” (invited them to a discovery session) I have received a firm yes!

- Lily Potter, UPswing Mastermind



Having a package to sell has been the most productive way for me to get clients!  Until I had a package I had no idea what I was really selling, or how to talk to people about it. Once I had a package and a tagline, it was so much easier talk to people about what I do, and how I could help them. Especially as designing the package went hand-in-hand with researching my target market. Once I knew what they were struggling with, I could create something that they wanted.

- Melissa Lowe, UPswing Mastermind



Knowing that you can help someone with your own story is the key to helping others.  You can’t fake empathy — and when you can relate with your potential client, the wrapping comes off them so much faster.

- Michelle Edwards, UPswing Mastermind



How do I do that, you ask?  Be yourself, and offer yourself. Here's what I mean:

Be Yourself - Reflect on your skills, your passion, your purpose and your ‘WHY’ — and keep this feeling in your mind and heart.   Your drive to be a coach and help others is in itself a gift to those who really need it. With that self-belief and ownership, a confidence develops and the ability to be ‘sincerely you’ is born.

Offer Yourself - This can mean talking to people you know about your work, connecting with people who you know need support, sharing your services with acquaintances, and with people you meet. Get out there as you, in your power, with your unique skills — and offer yourself to people. Offering means asking them if they would like to learn more about working with you, and about how you could support them.  

Show them your sincerity and genuine desire to help them. One thing I've learnt is that many people are afraid to ask. It's when we are in our power and can sincerely offer ourselves to someone, which supports others to accept, with gratitude.

- Sally Jane Douglas, UPswing Mastermind



As a Mindset Coach, I believe it’s so important to know “where your heads at”.  Observe your mindset when interacting and speaking with potential clients. Notice how you feel, what you say to yourself, and what you think about when talking about your services.  Do you feel as if it is hard, difficult, awkward, and scary? Or is it empowering, fun, enriching, nurturing and in flow?

What you believe and how you feel sets the tone, and people pick up on your vibes! Write a long list of all the benefits you offer your clients to convince yourself of the immense value you have to share, so you can completely “own it”! :)   As coaches we are here to serve and help people achieve their goals, so in my mind I don’t sell, I only serve — with a deep inner belief and certainty that I can truly help them in a positive and empowering way. When they pick up on these vibes, they start to see the possibilities and believe it too. 

- Carolyn Daley, UPswing Mastermind



To get started finding clients, tell everyone you know what do, what you offer, and how you can help them — through social media, email and word of mouth.  Create a simple process for them to book a discovery session. You might be surprised who is most interested, and how many people are willing to spread the word for you!

- Michelle Joison, UPswing Mastermind



Start having the conversation. Tell people what you do — it opens up further questions, conversations and opportunities. Have these conversations with your family, friends, personal trainer, osteopath, the receptionist at the gym…even the stranger you start chatting to in the queue at Starbucks. You just never know where these conversations will take you!!!

- Melinda Benstead, UPswing Momentum



It might seem like no one is seeing your FB or IG posts and it can get discouraging, but keep showing up and consistently be seen. It pays off! Share about yourself, your story, your struggles, your wins. Be you, and show your ideal client your authentic self. As people start to know, like, and trust you, they'll soon be messaging you. Be patient. It doesn't happen overnight, but it DOES happen!

- Shonda Smith Palmer, UPswing Momentum



This has been so important for me because it allows me to authentically speak to people who need my help.  When times get tough or I feel busy and overwhelmed, it always helps to connect to my why and promote my services from that place of passion and service. I find clients respond to that type of authentic, ‘from the heart’ communication and message.

- Christina Tidwell, UPswing Momentum



Melanie Hansen_Momentum.jpg

My top tip is to really understand your target market and speak to them through all your social media, newsletters. blogs etc. It’s hard sometimes to not want to speak to everyone, but knowing your target market and focusing on them only has been my biggest breakthrough.

- Melanie Hansen, UPswing Momentum



Know your target market better than they know themselves. Don't just understand their pain points but talk about it in their words. Do market research.  Make sure what you are offering is something they would find irresistible. And lastly, be consistent with talking to them — even when it feels like nobody is watching!

- Amanda Pickering, UPswing Momentum

Amanda xx


All You Need to Know About Launching vs. Everyday Marketing


What I’d like to talk about today is the difference between a ‘launch’ vs. everyday promotion for getting 1-on-1 clients…

I’ve been getting a number of questions from my Advanced Mastermind group, UPswing Momentum, about whether launch tactics — marketing tactics such as FB Lives, Instagram Stories, and FB ads — can be used for everyday marketing to get 1-on-1 clients.

And I was actually a little confused when I first heard these questions!  

Because I think that online, we all get so exposed to the BIG launches — where you see someone promoting a LOT for a short period of time — normally if they have a group program that has a set start date.

That is the way I mostly work in my business nowadays.  I do two big launches during the year for my 6-month UPswing Mastermind program, and then I’m not launching for the rest of the time.

But for anyone in their first 2 years of business, and looking for 1:1 clients, I tend to advise AGAINST a ‘launch’ approach to business.

Here’s my client Jamie’s (great) question, that inspired this post:

“Does anyone plan out FB Lives to promote 1:1 coaching spots? Someone asked me a question today that I thought would be a good topic for a mini training series, like maybe a series of FB Lives on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday in a row… I’ve only really seen that done in the context of a launch — but then again, I do feel like I need to be in ‘Launch’ mode if I’m going to hit my 1:1 coaching client goals for May.  It feels inspired, but I want to make sure I’m not shooting from the hip vs. properly planning it out. Any thoughts?”

My initial thought, when I read this FB post in my advanced Mastermind group, was curiosity! Where have we as entrepreneurs decided that FB Lives are for launches only?

And the truth is, when you’re getting 1-on-1 clients, you’re always launching.

In my UPswing Mastermind program our mantra is, ‘How can I be seen by my ideal client today and ask for the dance?’ (aka: invite them to a Discovery Session)

That concept is no different to launching group programs. That is marketing! That is visibility.

So absolutely, we want to get you out there, asking for the dance, promoting your services, inviting people to Discovery Sessions — and yes, THESE so-called launch tactics are the things that we can do!

We can put out different email sequences…
We can put out that FB Live mini-series…
We can post on Instagram Stories, and put out FB ads...
We can do things online, and do things offline… 

Basically, ANYTHING that you see people doing during a launch, is what you need to be doing on a DAY-TO-DAY BASIS.

I ALSO want to talk about this concept of ‘planning it properly’.

In my experience, 90% or more of the time, the thought of ‘planning it properly’ when you’ve had the inspiration jolt is a form of RESISTANCE.

I see this across the board with clients.  

Ultimately you want to do a little bit of planning, of course, before any marketing you put out. You don’t want to just drool and dribble and put out a random rant online!

Anyone who’s done any of my trainings knows — ALL marketing communication forms our pain-points, benefits, and the transformation work that we do…

And a little bit of up-front planning in any speaking or written communication is helpful to ensure we have those little points that we’re ticking.  

But you certainly don’t need to go into planning, and spreadsheets, and “What’s going to be this day, and what’s going to be that day?”  Really, that is a form of resistance, without any question.

I also see that perhaps it is a MINDSET piece coming into play here, too.  

I’m seeing separation in the conversation — not only in Jamie’s question, but also in the other ladies’ comments.  This idea of  ‘us’ and ‘them’.  

THEY launch, doing that…and WE don’t know what to do.

This separation.

Whereas in truth — ANY of you who are in business are absolutely the women who are promoting yourself, being visible, putting out your marketing.  

And it’s exactly the same thing as “THEM”! :-)  Creating BUZZ about your business.

And yes, it will come in waves, even for your 1-on-1 coaching.

In this instance, I think Jamie is looking to hit an end-of-month goal. So in that case, maybe you put in a stronger 5-day marketing plan for the last week of the month, for example, and maybe .

But I really want to check in on that mindset piece of feeling like people who are launching are somehow different than you.

And really, what I want to say above and beyond all of that — is that those people who are showing up during a launch in those ways is not only doing that.

You might see it MORE during their at that time, because a launch period tends to be a heightened marketing period.  

But if you as a business owner only show up and do your marketing, and only communicate with your audience, when you’re launching your group program — so during a specific time — you’ll very quickly lose trust with your audience.  

Because they’re going to very quickly see that you’re only showing up for them when you’re selling them something.

So actually it’s critical that you DO start showing up regularly — giving great value, showing up on your Facebook Lives and in your Facebook feed, or on your Instagram feed and in your Instagram Stories… whatever platform it is for YOU right now.

Giving value.
Connecting with your audience.  
Throughout the year.

And yes, there’ll be times when you’re taking more of a sales slant — but you can always, always be sharing what you’re doing in your biz, and asking people to work with you at the end of those presentations.

Are you seeing the importance of not separating launch tactics from 1:1 marketing tactics?  They are EXACTLY the same thing!

So let’s wrap everything up, in brief:

  1. Anything you see someone doing for a launch, you can do  — and should be doing! — every day to market your 1:1 coaching.

  2. Don’t overplan or overthink your marketing. This is absolutely a form of resistance.

  3. Our best content comes from inspired action — taking action in the moment. Inspired action is going to do wonders for you in your business. My experience is that anytime I start to overthink it, or plan it, it either doesn’t get done or it just ends up being rigid.

I hope that helps!    

If anyone has any questions, feel free to put them in the comments at the end of the blog or under the FB Live video!   I’m happy to leave follow-up thoughts, so ask away if you have any queries.  

Have a wonderful day and can’t wait to hear what you think!

Amanda xx


How to work with a VA to save time & get more done (+ my step-by-step system)


Something that has come up a lot during recent coaching sessions with my clients has been how much time blogging, newsletters and social media takes.

They feel as if they are constantly on their computer, spending hours at a time staring at screens, bogged down with blogs, newsletters, email sequences, and Instagram posts.

One client said to me just last week:

 “Amanda, I feel like I am just constantly working in my business, but the weeks go by and I feel like all I have been doing is writing newsletters and blogs!!”

 Can you relate?  

It’s incredible how much time actually goes into something as “simple” as a blog post, a newsletter, or a social media post (or seven!)..

I guarantee you’re spending HOURS trying to do these tasks each week.  I know my clients are!

But let me ask you, what else could you be focusing on in that time you’re spending at your laptop, bogged down in those tasks?

You could be using that time to:

  • Build your relationships with other health practitioners and coaches.
  • Host workshops, classes and events.
  • Approach local cafes about workshops, events & classes.
  • Host MeetUp groups, and getting out into your community more.
  • Schedule “business lunches” and build in-person relationships.
  • Pursue corporate wellness opportunities.
  • Build relationships that can benefit you with other online entrepreneurs.
  • Attend networking events.
  • Pitch yourself for Podcast interviews..
  • Get PR for your business.
  • Coach more clients!!

The truth is... 

There’s so much you can do — and need to be doing — to get clients and build your business beyond blogging and newsletters!!  

And I see so many people neglecting in-person relationship building, or actually getting clients and PR… Because they’re constantly bogged down in “online” tasks…  spinning their wheels blogging, worrying about growing their email list, posting to social media etc.

That is only ONE part of puzzle, and definitely not enough to hit $5K months.

Of course, you DO want to be building that tribe… growing a loyal audience of people who follow you online.  And that only happens with consistency. Showing up in this work regularly.  Which takes a large chunk of time and energy!!    

And this is where a VA comes in, and can be a huge asset.

 “But Amanda, I’m not earning enough to hire a VA!”

Many new coaches have a ‘money block’ around hiring a VA.  Even if you’re not making lots of money, I would still strongly advise you to look at hiring a VA seriously. 

It’s a Wealth Consciousness piece, too.

Because hiring a VA is an investment in your business — and yourself (because your time and energy are finite).  

And the good news is, investing in a VA doesn’t have to be a big expense, especially when you have a streamlined, time-saving system in place.

With the system I’m going to share with you, you’ll only need a VA for 2 hours per week.

It’s not a lot of time, but frees up a lot of YOUR time and energy.

It will mean you’re consistent with your content — AND you have time for OTHER client-generating activities beyond blogging and newsletters.

Because the reality is:

If you focus all your energy, and use all your time, on things that can easily be outsourced to someone else — then you’re stunting the growth of your business.

Right now, do an audit of the tasks in your business, and ask yourself, is that time of your highest use, and getting a good return on investment?  

How many hours are you really spending on smaller tasks in your biz?

Say you’re being paid $150 an hour when you coach — is that 4 hours on your computer writing, editing, graphic-making, scheduling, posting, actually making you $600?!

Probably not.  

Your time is only going to get more and more cramped…

And although you can’t buy more time for yourself, you CAN buy someone else’s time.

Do you feel uncomfortable or nervous about delegating tasks?

Don’t. It’s essential! 

I’m a little bit of a control freak too ;-) and I know it’s hard to let go of things in your business…

But simple tasks like proof-reading, editing, graphic-creating, and scheduling blog posts, newsletters and social media is something that someone else can do JUST FINE.  *cough cough* maybe even better and quicker than you can! 

Delegating those smaller tasks (that you probably RESENT) creates more space for tasks that you LOVE — Like coaching, teaching, connecting, community and relationship-building…  

It creates space for you to take action on other things that bring IN clients and create income….

A woman who makes $5K months does MORE than just blogging..., and she has a VA to support her!

Here’s MY streamlined, ultra-efficient system that you can start using with a VA immediately.  

In this system, YOU are the content creator, and your write ONE blog post a week.

That’s IT.

Then your VA will turn that one piece of content into a polished blog post — publish it with proper graphics and formatting — send it out as a  newsletter — repurpose the blog post into several social media posts for FB or Instagram — and schedule/send/publish everything.

All you need to do, once you’ve written the one blog post, is review and approve each piece of content before it goes out.


That takes only 2 hours of YOUR time, tops, to write the post. 

And you hand the rest over to your VA.

Here’s the complete, step-by-step process for you, below.

System Outline: A step-by-step process for weekly content generation with a VA.

You (the business owner):

  1. Brainstorm ideas in a Google doc for possible blog posts (optional)

  2. Choose the ideas that most resonate (optional)

  3. Plot the blog posts into a content calendar (optional)

  4. Outline blog post in bullet points or short sentences. 

  5. Create a draft of your blog post.

Your Virtual Assistant:

Blog post (Steps 1 - 9) ⇢ Newsletter (Steps 10 - 13) ⇢  Social Media (Steps 14 - 18)

  1. Review blog post and check spelling

  2. Input the blog post into website

  3. Check formatting – make use of headings and subheadings.

  4. Create Pinterest-friendly graphic for blog post (optional but recommended)

  5. Source relevant and meaningful imagery for body content (if applicable).

  6. Make sure all images have file names and file descriptions using SEO keywords relevant to the blog post.

  7. Finalise blog post draft for final approval from you

  8. Once approved, schedule blog post to go live (blog posts go live weekly).

  9. Once blog post is live, share on Pinterest and any additional relevant boards.

  10. Draft newsletter content in Email Platform using the blog post as content and link to the blog post to “read more” or “leave a comment”.

  11. Check with you for any additional promotional content or ‘Calls to Action’ that need to be included in the newsletter.

  12. Send a preview of the newsletter to you for review/approval

  13. Once approved, schedule your newsletter for release to the mailing list.

  14. Create 2-4 social media posts or “snippets” from the Blog Post to share on Instagram/FB.

  15. Source relevant and meaningful imagery for Instagram posts (if applicable)

  16. Draft Instagram posts in Social Media Scheduler for you to approve.

  17. Once approved, schedule Instagram posts.

  18. You hit publish when you receive a notification on your phone, sharing to Insta & FB.

I also created a PDF version of this process, which you can grab here.

Amanda xx


Getting vulnerable and sharing my WHITE HOT TRUTH


As many of you know, I’m a massive fan of Danielle LaPorte.

(For those of you aren’t familiar with Danielle, she’s a bestselling author, spiritual seeker, a member of Oprah’s SuperSoul 100, and all-round inspiring woman in business and in life.)

Many times over her truth bombs and teachings have sparked ‘a-ha’ moments for me, and back in February of this year I went to see her speak LIVE here in Sydney with a group of dear friends… it was AMAZING.

Which is why I was SO excited about her latest book release!

White Hot Truth:
Clarity for Keeping it Real on Your Spiritual Path, from One Seeker to Another


The book is all about being true to yourself, even when it’s difficult. It’s about embracing self-improvement and learning from others, but never forgetting your own personal power.

For everyone who wants to know, you can order a copy here!

As part of her launch, Danielle has invited people to share their own ‘white hot truth’ stories. So today I’m here in your inbox sharing mine… and I would love to know what you think!


Sometimes I ask my clients to leave my programs.

  • Sometimes these clients have paid a 5 figure investment to work with me.
  • Sometimes they are the most delightful and friendly people.
  • But I give their money back.


The reason is, after naturally erring on the side of over-giving — and being left utterly drained, exhausted and depleted as a result over the years — I have learned to be incredibly strict (and TRUTHFUL) about what “works for me”.

If something doesn’t work for me in a business partnership, then it has to become a NO.

  • Client not taking ownership for their results? Not for me.
  • Clients not showing up to coaching calls? Not for me.
  • All talk, no action? Not for me.
  • Skipping payments? Not for me.

This doesn’t make the behaviours of these people wrong — goodness, in some cases it’s possibly my own tendencies that need “work” here to prevent these happening in the first place — but in the present moment, all I can do is honour my own TRUTH.

So how do I decide if something”‘works for me” in a coaching relationship or business partnership?

By the way it makes me FEEL.

Because the TRUTH is, that everything in our life either drains us or fuels us. So if something is not enJOYable, or filling my energy up — then it is draining it. And I choose to not have that in my life.

In her book ‘White Hot Truth’ Danielle says that “boundaries are fences that support your freedom,” and I couldn’t agree more.

I’ve learned to observe that the draining feels “yuck” (for want of a more eloquent word!). And more often than not, once started, does not stop on its own accord.

It’s a choice.

Not always an easy one, I grant you. And not one I live by every-single day and time either — I’m only human after all — but something I have learned and that is a game changer for me.

When I first started learning about ‘boundaries,’ my fear was that I would come across as entitled or arrogant.

It felt deeply uncomfortable to say a firm ‘no’ to things, and I was constantly saying ‘yes’ to everything instead — with no consideration of whether it actually ‘worked for me.’

What I’ve learned as I’ve practice building healthy boundaries — because it does take some practice — is that my body knows that answer already and will never lie.

The courage and strength comes in being willing enough to listen, and ACT on that.

Since learning to KNOW and tap into this truth for myself in this way, then setting healthy boundaries now comes across with grace, clarity and certainty. (Well most of the time anyway ;-)

Because my body just knows... and I have the courage and confidence to listen and act on that body wisdom.

Now I say yes when I mean yes, and no when I mean no.

  • Because I love my ‘self’ — that’s why.
  • Because I know that what I offer is of immense value.
  • Because I’ve been burnt out once before, and don’t ever plan on going there again.

And my graceful, clear, unapologetic ‘no’ is generally received very well from the other party.

In fact, 9 times out of 10 (truly) when I have asked a client to leave my program and explain why, it has actually turned the situation around — often that person becomes my biggest raving fan — because they experienced TRUTH in our communication.

So in the spirit of creating healthy boundaries — where in your life or business could you get honest about ‘this does not work for me?'

And how could putting a boundary in place be a healing act for all?

Thank you so much for letting me share with you today ...

And now I would love for YOU to share with me! ;)

Did anything I wrote about resonate with you?

If yes, please do me a big favour and click here to let me know your thoughts.

I would really love to hear! :)

Amanda xx

3 Systems You MUST Have Set Up In Your Business


Hey healthy lady!

Amanda Jane Daley here, business mentor for Health Coaches & Wellness Entrepreneurs, and in today’s post we’re going look at THREE systems you must have set up in your wellness business. 


Listen and/or download the audio here:


Okay, so let’s dive deeper into those 3 systems you need to have in place. 

1. A system for storing important documents and information

If you haven’t realised already — running a successful online business requires many, many documents, processes, meetings, and (hopefully!) lots of client bookings.

You absolutely need a solid system for documenting and storing these important files and key pieces of information — and I strongly recommend you use the Google software suite — especially Google Docs, Google Calendar and Google Drive.

All of these systems are ONLINE programs, meaning they are accessible from anywhere. So no matter where you are in the world, or whatever computer you’re using, you’ll be able to access all your key information at the touch of a button (or a click of the mouse!). 

The ultimate tool for a freedom-based business, if you ask me. 

All 3 apps (Google Drive, Calendar and Docs) integrate super easily with your smartphone and will remove the need for countless folders on your desktop. There’s nothing worse than a cluttered, disorganised computer, right? Especially when you want your business to be more “ease” than ”ugh.” 

I’d strongly recommend establishing a folder structure and naming convention when setting up your Google Drive. This will make it SO much easier to track files quickly and smoothly. 

Google Drive is awesome because it provides version tracking (so you can go back in time and see any changes made to a document) and supports all file types - so you really CAN make this your central space for all your online file storage.  

Getting organised in this “administrative” aspect of your online business is critical for any successful entrepreneur… and will really help you keep your business stress-free as you grow. 

2. A Client Booking System

The second system to have in place is a proper client booking system. 

The system I use in my own coaching business, is Satori App.  

Satori is an amazing and comprehensive client management tool.  It allows your clients to book appointments online without ANY back and forth emails — which is a massive timesaver. 

It sends questionnaires and email reminders to clients before each session, and it takes automatic online payments.  Pretty awesome. 

Similar to the Google suite, Satori is cloud-based, so you have the convenience of accessing your client information and bookings from anywhere, at anytime — which is INVALUABLE when you travel a lot like me. 

3.  Skype

The final essential tool for a successful coaching practice is... Skype! 

Skype is such a key part of my business, because it allows me to hold voice and video calls with my clients over an internet connection, from anywhere in the world. No more expensive phone bills!

Skype will allow you to expand your health coaching business to cater for clients who can’t meet in person. It’s also a great tool for connecting with other coaches, mentors, and team members. 

Plus, Skype can provide screen sharing capabilities during a call which is great if you need a client to see what YOU are seeing on screen. 

You can record video and audio calls for your clients to listen back to, and Skype is supported across all devices making it extremely portable and practical. 

4. A Project Management System

Now I know I said I’d only provide 3 systems to support your successful health coaching business, but I want to provide a bonus system to help manage your daily tasks and projects. 

The system is called Asana and it’s an online Project Management System.

I’ve included this, because a lot of the time-management drama that comes as an entrepreneur is that we don’t know what to do. Or we haven’t DECIDED what to do. 

When you’re working in a HEALTHY way — you know what’s on your priority list, and you know what you need to do each day to meet your goals, or reach whatever target or outcome it is you’re working towards.

Asana is a great tool for keeping track of tasks, and staying organised. If you feel you struggle with taking daily, purposeful action, this could be a great tool for you. 

Now, before you go, I’ve also created an extra bonus for you to download. Check out the link below to grab my FREE 7 Step Simple Sales Script — to help you convert coaching prospects into paying clients with more confidence, heart and soul. 


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Have a great day healthy lady! 

What To Put On The Homepage Of Your Website


Hello healthy lady!

Amanda Jane Daley here, Business Mentor for Health Coaches and Wellness Entrepreneurs, and today we’re going to talk about what to put on the homepage of your website to attract your ideal clients.


Listen and/or download the audio here:


Okay, so here are my 3 MUST HAVE elements to put on your home page.

1. YOU!

The first must-have is a great photo of yourself, looking directly at the camera, and focused.

Now i know some people feel really uncomfortable putting their face out into the world, especially on the first page of their website, but it really is the best and most effective way to connect with potential new clients quickly and to start to develop trust.

2. A Lead Magnet or Opt-In Freebie

The second must have for your homepage is a lead magnet or a freebie that is positioned above the fold on your homepage screen.

If that all sounds a bit techy, what I am referring too when I say above the fold is that a new person landing on your homepage should be able to see this freebie WITHOUT having to scroll down. So it’s one of the first things to see.

And if you are not sure what I mean when I say Lead Magnet, this is usually some great highly valuable content that you have packaged for people to access for free.

It requires a customer to provide an email address to download, which is a lead, hence the name lead magnet.

What you are providing is an exchange for that person’s email address.

They get your amazing free piece of content — your lead magnet — and you get their email address to add to your database and move through your nurture process.

So make sure you have a lead magnet on your homepage, that appears above the fold.

3. A clear tagline

My third must have for your homepage is a clear tagline.

We can get so carried away putting so many things on our website that we forget to make it very, very clear to someone who is new to our work and they need to know straight away if this site is for them.

And now, I’ve got TWO bonus tips on what to include on your home page:

  1. Place any publicity or ‘as seen in’ logos near the top of your page to highlight your expert status
  2. Make sure your product is top of mind right on the homepage - don't be shy - people WANT to know what you have to offer that might solve a pain-point in their life.

Now, before you go, I’ve created an extra bonus for you to download — check out the the link below, to grab my FREE 9-page guide on how to attract dream clients — so that you can finally start being paid to do what you love.

Click here to get your FREE eBook - How to Attract Your Dream Clients

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Have a great day, healthy lady!


4 Ways to Position Yourself As An Expert

Hey healthy lady!,

Today we’re going to be looking at FOUR ways to position yourself as an expert. 



Listen and/or download the audio here:


Okay, so let’s explore those 4 ways you can start positioning yourself as an expert. 

1. Social Media

  • Social Media is a powerful communication tool and ally when looking to position yourself as an expert. 
  • By sharing valuable knowledge and insights with with your audience, and speaking to them directly — not just sharing pictures of your pets — you continue to reinforce your position and expert status. 
  • Make sure your tone is conversational - speak to them the way you would speak to a friend - and engage your audience. Ask questions and ALWAYS respond to comments. 
  • Don’t be afraid to give information generously — this will not only develop trust, it will make it very clear that you are knowledgeable in your chosen field.

2. Public Speaking

  • Public speaking can be challenging.  
  • Many coaches have told me that they have a fear of public speaking. If this is you, I encourage you to stretch out of your comfort zone... but also, to start SMALL!
  • Volunteer to speak at local meet-up events, or host your own mini-workshop — or perhaps a breakfast or high tea party!  
  • Theme your event and talk on a simple topic that inspires and excites you (this will make it easier to speak!).   
  • Start with 5 or 10 people, and then as you get more confident, increase the numbers gradually and look for larger speaking opportunities. 
  • Always speak confidently to the room, look them in the eye, and be prepared. Own the space — whether it’s a room, or a stage. Don’t be afraid to walk around as you talk. 
  • Public speaking is a fantastic way to position yourself as an expert and with experience, you may find it builds a whole new customer segment to explore!

3. Guest Post

  • Another great way to position yourself as an expert is to guest post on other websites. 
  • Reach out to sites that have a large number of readers in your target market. This might be health blogs, online magazines, nutrition sites, health and wellness personalities, or other coaches. 
  • A word of warning though - don’t reach out to them with nothing prepared. Think about the content you’d like to share with their readers and why it’s valuable. 
  • Put your idea into a short email and “pitch it”. Include your article if it’s ready to go. Don’t be shy with sharing your own experience, connections and qualifications.  
  • Provide some context on why you think this article will be valuable to their readers, and include your bio and backlinks to your own website. 
  • Then, if you get the go-ahead, ask to be notified when the article is live so you can engage with readers as they ask questions. Monitor social media for feedback and shoutouts, so you don’t miss any opportunities for connection and community-building. 
  • Guest posting is a great tool for getting your viewpoint and knowledge to a wider audience.  
  • It also allows you to refer to the publication (or website) in your own bios, and in the “as seen in” section on your site — which really ups your “trust” factor for potential clients. 

4. Interview other experts in your field.

  • Interviewing other experts or people in your field is a great way of positioning yourself as an expert. 
  • People will identify you as the source of the amazing interview, and continue to look to you for MORE valuable information in the future. It positions you as an authority, and someone ‘in the know’.  
  • Don’t be afraid to aim high and don’t be put off by interviewees saying no. Keep asking!
  • A great interview can be a fantastic promotional tool, a great lead generator, or a source of content in the future, so it’s worth taking the time to make sure it is all set up correctly. 
  • If you’re interviewing someone in person make sure you have good lighting, zero or low ambient noise, and that you both are comfortable and well presented.  
  • If you’re conducting an interview over Skype use a microphone or handsfree earphone set for the best quality sound. 
  • And where possible record using video — watching someone speak directly is so much more powerful than audio alone. 
  • For maximum impact, once recorded, add your branding and include details on how people can learn more if they liked the video! 


You already have all the knowledge you need — you don’t have to do another training — you already ARE an expert.   

These tips will help position yourself as the expert you already are, so you can share that knowledge with the people who need it most. 

Now, before you go — I’ve created an extra bonus for you to download, so check click below to grab my FREE guide on ‘How to Find Your Profitable Target Market — so you can create programs and services that serve your audience perfectly (and sell like hotcakes).


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Have a great day, healthy lady! 

Bringing More Flow to Your Business with Ezzie Spencer PhD



Today I am so happy to be sharing a very special interview with you. Dr. Ezzie Spencer is genuinely is one of my very best friends in the world and I am just so, so excited to share her with you all today.

Ezzie is a speaker, coach and author of the brand new book, An Abundant Life: Flourishing with the Cycles of the Moon.

Ezzie trained as a lawyer, went on to work in government, nonprofit and research sectors and earned her PhD in women’s wellbeing and justice after violence. Feeling that something elemental was missing in the intellectual world of law, Ezzie began to explore the correlation she noticed between her feelings and the phases of the moon.

Her concept, Lunar Abundance, marries intellect with intuition and has reaped results for many women, through one-to-one coaching sessions and through the support of a flourishing online community.

During our interview we covered how you can work with the cycles of the moon to bring more flow into your life and business. Working with the moon cycles is an anchor offering a sense of inner and emotional stability on your entrepreneurial/life journey.

This work covers:

  • deep relationship between the moon and our feelings (both physical and emotional)
  • 8 alternating yin/yang phases framework of the moon cycle
  • honoring your own body, your own energy, your own rhythms
  • honoring the framework of the moon cycles to give ourselves permission to pull back/slow down
  • setting intentions and applying the moon cycles to your business (and your life)

Listen to the full interview here:


Find the resources we talked about with the links below: