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Why I don’t aim for Freedom as an Entrepreneur

Why i don't aim for Freedom as an Entrepreneur

I have loved building a business that creates a ‘freedom-based’ lifestyle.  After all, ‘freedom’ is one of my top values.

The internet is full of claims of how to ‘gain freedom’ from becoming a coach or entrepreneur. Freedom is one of, if not the biggest drawcards for people wanting to start their own business.

But here’s the truth.

For me, freedom is not my greatest goal.  That’s right, it’s not my dream destination.

While I value not having a boss and not having to work set hours, and while I love ‘passive income’, if I have to be totally honest, sitting on a beach doing no work for the rest of my life would drive me insane.


I was born with great gifts to share with the world – and I don’t want to limit sharing them just because I have an end goal of personal freedom.  My goal is to use them to create the highest impact in the world possible. You just can’t put a limit on that!

I just can’t see myself in my 80’s, saying how happy I was to stop working. Why would I want to STOP using my gifts and giving life my all?

My life completely shifted when I tapped into my own WHY of knowing I am here to support Health Coaches and Wellness Entrepreneurs to rise - to be visible, to be heard and to make the MASSIVE IMPACT the world needs from your skills.

The fire within has never stopped blazing since I tapped into that truth - and honestly, I don't see that stopping just because my business reaches a point of 'freedom' - it's just not what drives me at the core.

I’d been thinking about this for quite a while when I heard my own mentor talk about this in a unique way in Austin in February. 

He shared with us this model:



These are the 7 stages:

1. Discovery: Discovering who you will work with, what you will offer them and what they will buy. The foundations of your business. (This stage can not be skipped)

2. Confidence: Consistent clients and income. You are confident on the product or service you offer and are building confidence through learning to market that.

3. Excellence: Building your brand for greater leadership, visibility and expert status so that you can serve even more people. What will you be the best in the world at?

4. Freedom: Team building, systems and operations. The focus is on how to make the business work for you - and you are now working ON the business more than IN it.

5. Reflection: Am I happy with a level 4 business? Or do I desire level 7? There is no right/wrong answer here, it is a time of reflection to discover what is true to you.

6. Impact: Massive change in both thinking and operations of a level 4 business. The foundations are being laid for MASSIVE impact and scale.

7. Legacy: How will you and your business have changed the world in 100 years? This is where your purpose become fulfilled and you make the difference you are here to make.



At Stage 4 ‘freedom’ is where a huge decision point comes in for entrepreneurs. To go beyond stage 4 cannot be done alone – it takes a team.

There is also a MASSIVE difference in how a business is run at stage 3 ‘Excellence’, 4 ‘Freedom’ and 7 'Legacy’.

Most entrepreneurs set stage 4 as their dream outcome [what does the dream outcome offer them; why do they choose this?]. 

It’s a personal choice, for sure – and one that I think most health coaches would be stoked to achieve.

So, here I am on the verge of stage 4 in my business, and – honestly – I can think of nothing more boring than stopping there. I just can’t see it happening for me.

Life is about expansion. There is always something calling us forward. There is always something more to be experienced and created and given. There is always potential for enormous impact to be made.

I see my work as helping women reach their absolute fullest potential (that is the way you will help others) - so the more I keep doing so, the ripple effect will continue. And I am yet to find there is a limit to how much expansion is possible.

Talk about an AWESOME career!!

So how about you? I’m curious…. Do you truly want ‘freedom’ as your final outcome? Or are you committed to having MASSIVE IMPACT in the world and leaving a true legacy – the legacy you were born to leave?

Let me know in the comments your own thoughts on this topic.

Amanda x


Top Working Cafes in LA


Working for myself provides some fantastic benefits, one of those being able to work in different locations around the world.

I have had the pleasure of working from cafe's in Paris, Abu Dhabi, Miami, LA, Mexico, Singapore and New Zealand - and let's not forget Bondi.

At each location, I make sure I try some new venues with new menus and keep notes on who stand's out so I can share my favourite places with you. 

So from my last trip to USA, here are my top working Cafes in LA.

Los Angeles:

Abbot Kinney, Venice

  • Intelligista: This is a beautiful industrial chic location with fantastic daily roasted coffee. They have a lovely outdoor patio - but in summer the flies can be a bit off-putting and the vibe funky and hip. I found people in the cafe fairly chatty which is nice when you are looking for some social activity.

  • The Butchers Daughter: The Matcha Pancakes is the dish to try and this great cafe can provide some great people watching if you sit outside. The atmosphere is pretty chilled which makes it a great place to work, and the staff efficient but not in a over the top or intrusive way.

  • The Matcha Box: Try the Matcha Latte with Almond Milk and enjoy the beautiful modern design of this upbeat cafe and the extensive range of Matcha drinks on offer.

Rose Ave, Venice

  • Cafe Gratitude: Organic, Dog-Friendly, with Vegan menu options - just some of the perks of this great place to work.
    Even if you are not vegetarian or vegan I would encourage you to give this place a try, and don't forget to save room for their raw desserts - heavenly! I get known pretty quickly every time I'm staying locally as the lady who orders Tiramisu for breakfast - it's that good - but sometimes the French Toast does win me over.

  • Moon Juice: Vegetarian-friendly and a divine selection of drinks. Check out the cold pressed coffee with coconut for a quick pick me up or one of their green juices to infuse yourself with healthy vitamins and minerals. They have sooo many amazing drinks on offer I am fairly confident you will find one you love.

  • Rose Cafe: Great open plan, bright colours, and fantastic food. You can enjoy a fresh juice, herbal tea, or something more substantial while admiring the sun streaming through the windows. I recommend the Kale Salad which has a fantastic spicy kick.

Working Cafes in LA for Coaches

Santa Monica

  • Tendergreens: This is a great place where you can pick and choose your salad right down to the type of leaf. Vegetarian options are available and the vibe is happy and social. If you are looking for some new connections try sitting at the large communal table for some chit-chat or chill out at a smaller table and work away.

  • True Food Kitchen: Pretty much the entire menu is healthy and vibrant but I personally love the edamame dumplings and the fresh juice mocktails. Sit outside and enjoy some fresh air, or enjoy the flurry indoors. This place does get busy in peak times so stick to low times (not dinners) for peace to work.

  • Kreation Organic Cafe: Great decor and selection of cold press juices. The Energetic Tonic is a great pick me up if you find yourself a little low mid afternoon. Check out the fantastic outdoor seating for a great working space closer to nature.

Bonus Location (decided to squeeze in one more)
Between Santa Monica & Venice

  • Rawvolution: Fantastic place to work! Quiet, chilled atmosphere with juice shots and a fantastic vegan-friendly menu. Feeling bold or wanting something new? Give their 'E-3' live a go for a massive boost in nutrients.

If you have a favourite working cafe in LA share in the comments below and we will build a master list of top places to work for coaches.


Are you truly open to FREEDOM? (I wasn’t until this happened this week…)

Are you truly open to Freedom


Happy July 4th week! WOW – what a gift it has been to spend Independence Day in NYC this year with some of my favourite business buddies. 

As I write this to you from high up above the world I am feeling a massive sense of freedom (yup, I’m currently experiencing one of my bucket list experiences – flying from NYC to LA on Virgin America First Class - (whole other post to write on this experience) In fact this entire trip has been all about FREEDOM at a whole new level of awareness and unfolding for me. 

Some of you may remember that my husband broke his collar bone a few days before I was due to come on this trip.

I did postpone my flight for a few days, but I didn’t let the ‘rules’ or opinions of others hold me back from following through on my own path to spending 6 weeks in the US this summer.



In fact even once I was over here, I found I wanted to stay longer, but I was running a story in my head that 4 weeks was the ‘limit’… that after that I was a ‘bad wife’….

I chatted to John about this and he shared that actually, it was easier for him to heal when he’s home alone and he’s much happier knowing I’m following my dreams.

(HOW awesome is he? Right?!)

It was a massive wakeup call for me that I was still putting my own desires last in many decisions I make, often worrying about what others might think. 

You see we all have stories in our mind which hold us back from following our truth. And most of the time that are just that - stories!

Sometimes we are even carrying other people’s stories around with us (I had plenty of other peoples opinions on why I should be home with John – not ‘galavanting’ the world….)

Realising it is ‘safe’ to keep following what feels great to me has been such a big gift – and each time I’ve extended this trip further, yet another opportunity has come my way that I could never have planned if I tried. 

On my path of learning to follow my heart’s guidance and following what lights me, I always choose to set an intention for each new month.


For June my intention was “Connection”

When I told a mentor that I was coming to NYC to ‘connect’ with people, she asked if I actually had any meetings lined up and I felt almost embarrassed to say ‘no’.

Stories started playing in my head that I was wasting my time going to NYC, I wouldn't meet people there, no-one would have time to meet with me....

Those sneaky stories again!

Yet when you set an intention, and let yourself be guided instead of trying to ‘work it all out in your head’, magic can unfold.


Just a few of my highlights from NYC are:

-       Entrepreneurs lunch in Soho

-       Broadway shows with business buddies

-       Creators Dinners in Soho

-       Juices in Madison Square Park with entrepreneur friends

-       Sunday rooftop BBQs in Queens with best friends

-       Lunching with UPswing Mastermind clients in Chelsea

-       Coffee meetup with a mentor in the Upper Westside

-       Intimate night gathering on a Brooklyn rooftop with raw chocolate, rose and                 fempreneurs

-       Working in the Ace Hotel Lobby (best draft cold brew, tunes, couches and wifi in           town)

-       Lounging at the Equinox Pool (followed by massages)

-       Bike riding around Central Park

-       Lunches and dinners with family friends


Not bad for what was meant to be a quick trip to NYC after my business mastermind in Austin. (where I connected with 30 of the worlds top business people too!)

If I had have followed my original ‘plans’ of heading back home to Sydney to be a 'good wife', instead of following my hearts desires, I would not have allowed my intention to unfold for my highest good.

As I watched the July 4th fireworks from the luxurious 53rd floor midtown NYC apartment I’ve been staying in with my friend, surrounded by some of my favourite biz buddies – I was full of gratitude for a new depth of Independence and Freedom that is available to us today as women entrepreneurs.

This freedom comes from dropping our stories, dropping our fears and daring to follow the whispers of our heart (even when others think you’re crazy)

We all have dreams – growing your business, leaving your day job, hitting your first $5k month, spending winter in a country that’s in summer, more connection, more freedom….

And it is honestly only our stories which hold us back from experiencing these!

While the world continues to explore and celebrate independence on a global scale, we as woman are experiencing this within ourselves in tandem.

We are waking up to the truth that we have choice.

We have the choice to step into even more freedom each and every day – in our lives, in our businesses – and so it is more important than ever to drop our own stories, drop the judgments of others and ask ‘what would I do today if there were NO LIMITS or rules at all?’

Continually asking this question on this trip not only led to mind blowing experiences here in NYC, but is also the reason I’m heading to LA tonight instead of rushing home.

I’m not sure what will unfold in LA, but I will tell you next week the pretty crazy story of how I ended up adding 8 days in LA to this trip. (and getting upgraded to First Class)

My intention for July is “Self-Care” – I’d love to hear yours!!

Let’s see how July – the month of freedom and choice – unfolds together. 


Amanda xx


Working from my Kitchen Table

Working from my Kitchen Table


I gave my office a huge spring clean on the weekend and some fancy new decor - it's so new and shiny, I just want to sit in here all day!

This time last year I still worked from my kitchen table.

When I first started my coaching business a few years earlier, I was super excited to set up a beautiful office in our spare bedroom.

I had all of the stationery (from Officeworks back then, not like my beloved Kate Spade stationery today).

I had a new desk from Ikea. And a fancy whiteboard.

I looked the part...

The hard cold truth was



But I was determined to learn how and so the entrepreneur in me found a new way to make money. I rented out my office to backpackers on AirBNB instead and funded my way into a high-level mastermind/business program.

I moved my folders out onto the kitchen table and my working space stayed there for the next year on and off until my business was thriving.

I proved early on that you can work from anywhere - in my case the kitchen table, the beach or local cafe.

It took me until last year, and one particularly annoying AirBNB guest (prob me being ‘over’ house guests more than his fault per se) to get enough burning desire in me to start making BIG money.

I was actually already making good money at that stage but I was so scared that it wouldn’t stay consistent.

The time came to make a mindset shift.



I decided that day to never 'need' AirBNB income to pay my rent again.

I was going PRO.

And I did.

You see money needs a purpose - you need to know what you want it for - and WANT it bad enough to go out and make the money.

I later translated this technique over to make money for trips to Paris, photoshoots in Mexico and a new car - it is truly amazing what is possible when you CHOOSE to both create a life and business you love and serve others in the process.

Don’t get me wrong - 'making up my mind' of course wasn't the full picture (albeit a very important step) but it has played a big role in where I am today!

BTW - today I actually do still work from my kitchen table about once a week - but now it is by choice ;-) 

I'd love to know, in what areas of your business could you GO PRO now? Please share in the comments below.

Amanda x