Working from my Kitchen Table

Working from my Kitchen Table


I gave my office a huge spring clean on the weekend and some fancy new decor - it's so new and shiny, I just want to sit in here all day!

This time last year I still worked from my kitchen table.

When I first started my coaching business a few years earlier, I was super excited to set up a beautiful office in our spare bedroom.

I had all of the stationery (from Officeworks back then, not like my beloved Kate Spade stationery today).

I had a new desk from Ikea. And a fancy whiteboard.

I looked the part...

The hard cold truth was



But I was determined to learn how and so the entrepreneur in me found a new way to make money. I rented out my office to backpackers on AirBNB instead and funded my way into a high-level mastermind/business program.

I moved my folders out onto the kitchen table and my working space stayed there for the next year on and off until my business was thriving.

I proved early on that you can work from anywhere - in my case the kitchen table, the beach or local cafe.

It took me until last year, and one particularly annoying AirBNB guest (prob me being ‘over’ house guests more than his fault per se) to get enough burning desire in me to start making BIG money.

I was actually already making good money at that stage but I was so scared that it wouldn’t stay consistent.

The time came to make a mindset shift.



I decided that day to never 'need' AirBNB income to pay my rent again.

I was going PRO.

And I did.

You see money needs a purpose - you need to know what you want it for - and WANT it bad enough to go out and make the money.

I later translated this technique over to make money for trips to Paris, photoshoots in Mexico and a new car - it is truly amazing what is possible when you CHOOSE to both create a life and business you love and serve others in the process.

Don’t get me wrong - 'making up my mind' of course wasn't the full picture (albeit a very important step) but it has played a big role in where I am today!

BTW - today I actually do still work from my kitchen table about once a week - but now it is by choice ;-) 

I'd love to know, in what areas of your business could you GO PRO now? Please share in the comments below.

Amanda x