7 ways to Stop Self-Sabotage in your Business

7 Ways to Stop self sabotage in your business


I'm back in Sydney after 2 glorious weeks in Bali - seriously I think Bali is THE perfect holiday spot in the world. Warm, sunny, loving people, raw food and yoga galore! #bliss

A key thought that arose for me when I stopped 'working' while on holiday was that I personally have a deep knowing that you are MEANT to get your health work out to the world now - the world is so ready for what you have to offer - and I think deep down you know this too.

So why then would you keep getting in your own way???

On one hand you want nothing more than to build your business and help as many people as possible. On the other hand, you seem to keep going round in circles. 

Frustrating right?!

I hear you! For way too long I was stuck in my head trying to 'work it all out'. When I changed my mindset to believe that I was MEANT to be getting my work out to the world and am ALWAYS SUPPORTED in doing so, then I started trusting and taking imperfect action despite my fears.

You see we have a sneaky monkey-mind (or Ego) that likes to jump in and fill us with fear when venturing into this new territory of business.

The monkey mind tells us 'nothing is working', 'it's not going to work for you', 'you are not expert enough yet', 'who do you think you are to charge for this' and on it goes.... Creating a barrage of negative thoughts that keep you playing small.



Listening to our Monkey-Mind causes us to Self-Sabotage!

But what if those monkey-messages were not the truth?

What if you got out of your own way and started taking imperfect action in your business every day KNOWING that you are MEANT to do this and are fully supported?

How would you act differently if this were to change?

For me this changed everything and today I wanted to share with you 7 things I do regularly that keep me building my business from my heart, not my head.

1. Journalling
- I started journalling 3 pages a day after learning 'Morning Pages' from Julia Cameron's book The Artists Way about 9 years ago and have never stopped. It is my number one go-to for getting everything out of my head and onto paper.

2. Meditation
- I alternate in my approaches to Meditation depending on what I am focusing on or working through. I was recently introduced to the new 1 Giant Mind phone app which I am LOVING. Daily meditation will change your approach to your business dramatically, and the app is perfect to pull out any time of the day if you catch yourself being run by Mr Monkey Mind.

3. Working Out
- I have realised that there is a direct link to my Monkey Mind playing up when I am not regularly exercising. For the last year I have committed to my exercise routine by having my Personal Trainer come to me at home twice a week, and whenever possible I love to take the afternoon off to walk around the rocks with a girlfriend. 

3. Yoga
- When we spend so much time in our heads, we can literally get stuck there. Yoga connects me back to my body, heart and breathe like clockwork. I have a wee yoga corner set up in my office to practise Restorative Yoga which is my favourite and I have done several yoga retreats this year to deeply reset, let go and connect to MY truth. 

4. Angel Cards
- Every morning and night I pull an Angel Card (or other card deck) to help me connect to my inner guidance. I also work with these when coaching to remind myself and my clients to get out of our own way. My favourite card decks for business are 'Success Cards' by Deepak Chopra and 'Money and the Law of Attraction' cards by Esther and Jerry Hicks. 

5. Taking Proper Breaks
- The catch-cry of the coaching industry can be 'work from anywhere' and while I CAN do that, in general I choose not to. Why? Because when I book a holiday it is important to me to have time completely disconnected. I do regularly work in different locations around the world, but I set clear boundaries on what is 'work' and what is a 'break'. I spent the last 2 weeks in Bali and the first week was work, the second a complete break. Weekends are also breaks and other than during 'launch periods', I don't work at night. Work smart and hustle when you are 'on' and then allow yourself to properly turn 'off'.

6. Intention Setting with Essential Oils
- Essential Oils can quickly change your emotional state. I work with the highest quality oils and my favs are labelled with an intention which I believe works on 2 fronts. First by the power of my thought behind using that oil and secondly the vibration in the oil itself. My fav oils are made by my friend Michelle of Sacred Self -  'Abundance', 'Passion', 'Truth' and 'Self Love' are some of my favs to work with in business.

7. Reading Books on Wealth Consciousness
- Approaching business and money from an energy perspective is a great way to get out of our heads and connect with the bigger picture. A couple of my go-to books are 'The Science of Getting Rich' by Wallace D Wattles, 'Money a Love Story' by Kate Northrup and 'Sacred Success' by Barbara Stanny.

On top of these tools, I always find that remembering that my work is not 'about me' and keeping focused on how I can serve those who need it most is key in staying out of my own way and creating self-sabotage.

I'd love to hear in the comments below which of these techniques you are going to commit to for yourself. And please share any of your own tips on how you overcome self-sabotage in your business.

Amanda x 



How to Make Decisions in Business

How to make decisions in your business


Quite honestly, I'm not always the most decisive person...

A few years ago I went to a business event and walked away with a flyer for a ‘Business Mastermind’ program.
I was super excited.
At that time I was really struggling in my new business as a Health Coach. I was working with a handful of clients but it was still such a struggle.
I really had no idea what I was doing. And I wanted to succeed so bad!
After this day of learning ‘business’ I was so excited at the concept of this Mastermind program. None of this had been taught in my health coaching course.
I thought I’d found the answers to my prayers.

On the plan ride back to Sydney I devoured every single word of that beautiful brochure...
And then I saw the price.

Needless to say I put the flyer away in my bag, feeling disappointed that I wouldn't be able to join.

I had finally found some 'hope' and I couldn't have it - I was crushed.
The idea however would not go away. The next few weeks became a blur of internal chaos.
'Logically' I couldn’t possibly consider that cost – I wasn’t making more than about $500 a month at that stage (In fact probably not even that)

But I kept coming back to the brochure. And I couldn’t let the idea go.
So then came the scariest piece of all…
Asking my husband.

Let’s just say that did not go down well. It’s probably the only BIG argument we’ve ever had about my business. $9k was pretty hard to justify and he wanted ‘proof’ that this ‘mastermind’ concept would deliver results.
This particular Mastermind did not offer a structured curriculum or anything tangible.
It just offered ‘masterminding’ which was the most ‘airy-fairy’ concept to sell to my husband.

"You know, there will be other ladies and we will like get to talk about our businesses and stuff".

(Note ladies - do not talk to your husbands about business investments in this way - ever!)
After weeks of deliberating I made a huge DECISION for myself.

If someone could help me do what I so desperately wanted to do in my business, why would I not take that support?
I said YES.
Despite logic, despite my fears (they were huge), despite any concept of where it would take me.
I just knew that I HAD to make this Health Coaching thing work no-matter-what.

And I did.
By the end of the 6-month mastermind I was making $5k+ a month as a health coach and was making passive income from my detox program the ‘Driven Woman’s Detox’.
I have invested in my business many times since and I can honestly say every-single-time it is scary.
Decision making is not only a skill that needs to be practiced in business but is actually one of the key steps of Wealth Consciousness as laid out in Napoleon Hill’s all time classic ‘Think and Grow Rich’.



Let me know in the comments below, what decision do you need to make this week? Is 'decision making' an area you need to strengthen too?


Have you ever done this?

Have you ever done this

So here's the thing...

I have a bit of a thing for stationery.

My husband has a rule: “No more journals until you have used all of the others”.

Of course I never listen.

I always have several journals on the go. Personal journals for daily intentions, nighttime journaling and thoughts and meanderings. And stacks of notebooks to write client notes as I coach, lesson notes for UPswing Mastermind modules and blog post ideas.

Then of course I have lots of fancy to-do list notepads. (Even though I now work purely from Asana, sometimes it’s nice to just rewrite the tasks for the day on good ole fashioned pretty paper don’t you think? ;-)

Now here’s the thing, despite having a love for stationery – in general I always bought the ‘sensible’ goods. Maybe the odd fancy diary or planner from Kikki K (awesome stationery shop here in Australia) or fun notepad from Typo, but in general most things are from Officeworks - practical, sensible and cheap.

For almost a year I walked past my favourite homeware shop each morning which stocks the most AMAZING Kate Spade designer stationery.



OMG – have you seen it’s gorgeousness?

Pretty gold staplers, fancy pencils with inspiring quotes and notebooks made of Kate Spade signature prints.


But did you know, for almost a year I walked past that shop every morning and despite no doubt physically drooling as I forced my eyes away from the window – somehow I never noticed that I WANTED that stuff.

Hmm, yes, kinda obvious now.

But I was so programmed to not even ‘dream’ of spending money on such ‘frivolous’ items that it honestly never logically occurred to me to consider purchasing.

It didn’t even cross my logical mind that I ‘could’!

So a few weeks back I went in and spent $250 on the most BEAUTIFUL Kate Spade stationery (Yes I bought half the range). And every day at my desk (or at the café as it was this week), I am getting to enjoy the beauty of these little works of art.

My friend and photographer Wendy K Yalom talks about ‘personal attraction factor’. By this she means we simply are attracted to and desire what our eye goes to, but for most of us we second guess ourselves and over think things waaayyyyy too much.

We block out the possibility that what we are window shopping for is something that is ‘meant’ for us!

Can you relate?

The truth is that desires are meant to be lived, they are who we are – they are not meant to be shoved down tight as ‘not for you’….

Let me know in the comments below, are there things you desire in life that perhaps you haven't even considered you could have?

Amanda x


A Real Deal Glimpse Behind The Scenes

A real life glimpse behind the scenes


I just got back from a week up the coast in Burleigh Heads. I went to a yoga retreat last weekend, immersing myself in the depth of nature in the mountains (yes again…) and then decided to spend the week up there on the beach front combining some massive relaxation with massive action.

Yes, that seemed like a contradiction in terms when I set that intention, but you know what - it worked. 

I got so much work done along with a huge dose of sleep, beach walking and connection with friends up there too.

In fact so much stillness and quietness for the week has brought through some new clarity for my business which you will see unfold as the year progresses.



I would really just like to stop for a moment and say what a joy it has been getting to know so many new faces over the last few months.

You healthy ladies really do rock my world with your dedication to getting the message of health out there to those who need it!

I have also been receiving many emails asking how my UPswing Mastermind ladies are getting on and this got me thinking.

I realised that there is always a lot of ‘action’ when I put the program on sale, but then we all go quiet and get to work ‘behind-the-scenes’ for 6 months and no-one else hears of all the fun and games unfolding.

So I decided to jump on skype with a couple of ladies over the last few weeks and ask them to share their journey so far in the UPswing Mastermind with you all, so that you can hear what it is really like to be building your Health Coaching business in such a concentrated way.

These are not the glossy “I made $10k in a day” kinda messages we are blasted with every time we jump online - not at all - these are the real deal behind-the-scenes stories of growing a health coaching business - warts and all!

No sugar-coating here baby - because as Health Coaches we know the dangers of sugar right? ;-)

So with no further adieu, I’m excited to share with you the first in my ‘Behind The Scenes of UPswing Mastermind’ interviews. Click here to view the first one >>



I invite you to pop over and watch my interview with Erin Laishley straight away >>

I’ll be adding more to the series over the next few weeks, so stay tuned.


7 Tips to Get Your Business Mojo Back

7 tips to get your business mojo back


When building a business, tasks and work can pile up and make you feel overwhelmed. It can also be hard to say no to more work, and the cycle continues. 

All of a sudden you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, tired, bored or lethargic - you have lost your spark and we don't want that!! Once you lose your mojo, it can be challenging to find the motivation to reclaim it and a downward cycle can creep in. 

Stories of stress and overwhelm tend to be sneaky little ego tricks to keep us playing small. "Who are you to be a great success, doing what you love?"

Well I argue "Who are you not to?"

The truth is you are meant to succeed, you are meant to serve others with your awesome business - so it's time to step out of struggle and into success.

I work with my private clients on stepping into 'being a $5k woman'. To be a $5k woman (or a million dollar woman...) you simply cannot allow yourself to linger into this negative state for too long.

Business Blues are part and parcel of being an entrepreneur - no avoiding that - but the measure of success is how quickly you can catch yourself and bounce back.

Making small life adjustments can make you once again feel more energy and enthusiasm for your business and start sending out high-mojo vibrations to attract those clients waiting to work with you!



Here are a few ways to get back on track:

1. Create a schedule

Keep a master schedule of all of your final deadlines by setting up a calendar. Seeing everything in one place can help you prioritize your time because you’ll know exactly what’s coming up, days and weeks in advance.

The trick to organising your time is to break your projects up into mini-goals that will be easier to achieve. Small, attainable goals will help you bust through tough projects and stay on track.

2. Stay aware

Setting up your schedule is only half the battle - the other half is actually using it. If you’re not in the habit of checking your calendar daily, you might need a little push in the right direction, so after you’ve set deadlines for yourself, also set some alerts. A pop-up on your computer or phone can be a quick reminder of what’s coming up!

3. Hang out with inspiration

Surround yourself with people who motivate, inspire and make you better. Energy is contagious, so spend time around those you admire and adopt their success habits as your own. Surround yourself with people who lift you up, see the best in you and can help dig your best efforts out of you.

You don’t need to be associating with Debbie-downers, lazy complainers, the gossips and trouble makers. These negative energy of these people have the power to deter you from your own goals and aspirations.  

4. Be organised

When you’re working on several projects at the same time, your inbox can quickly explode into an overwhelming mess of information. And while you can’t stop the flow of emails coming in, you can at least keep emails organised and separated.

Try adding folders and color-coding to your inbox to help you find important information when you need it. For example, create a separate folder for each specific assignment you’re working on, which will let you easily scan for conversations or files that you need.

To go a step further, you can even set up a rule in Outlook to send email from certain addresses or with certain phrases in the subject line to the specified folders you’ve created. Gmail does the same thing if you set up a filter. 

5. Create information shortcuts

Do you constantly receive emails asking similar questions? Create a Q&A response email or keep a Word doc on your desktop with answers for common issues. Having something you can easily cut and paste from will make answering routine email less time-consuming.

Doing the small stuff early and making it as streamlined as possible gives you more space to work on complex projects.

6. Think positive.

Fear and negativity are the thieves of your inner spark. Accept that fearful and negative thoughts are a part of life and an essential part of success. Redirect your thoughts to positive and live your business as if you have nothing to lose.  

7. Put compassion into action.

There is nothing that can make any of us feel better than to positively contribute to the lives of others. In whatever way you can, helping others is a great reminder of the good person you are.

When you have time to give, and you share it with others, your own happiness and fulfilment increase. It makes you feel good about who you are as a person, and seeing the impacts your giving has on the quality of the lives of others, reminds you that we are all human.


I'd love to hear in the comments below what you do to get your mojo back when Business Blues creep in. How do you re-inspire yourself and get back in the game?


A Hidden Habit that Could be Sabotaging Your Success

A hidden habit that could be sabotaging your business

I can honestly say I love my relationship with my clients and almost every part of my job. My work with them brings me deep gratification and the inspiration that in turn feeds my own creativity.

I often reflect on how far my clients have come in their quest for entrepreneurship and business ventures, and have a sense of gratitude towards what they bring to my own goals, as well as guiding them on their way to success.

Sometimes I witness clients so eager to build their coaching businesses that they can be so focused on where they want to be and not so grateful for how far they have already come.



This journey is not one of overnight success, and it can be so easy to be swayed from our own path when we fall into the 'not enough' trap of comparison.

When I talk to clients about it this 'say' they are grateful for how far they have come, but I can hear in their language and voice that it is still not 'enough' - and this one little details can be the exact thing holding their bigger success back.

We all want to make more, serve more people and build our businesses more - but too much focus on 'more' leads to a feeling of 'lack' instead of one of 'gratitude' - and this is one of my biggest secrets behind the creation of wealth.

Gratitude has a 'high-frequency vibration' in our bodies, and from a Universal perspective, like-attracts-like.

The greater you feel, the greater opportunities flow your way with ease (not force) and gratitude is the quickest shortcut to lifting your own vibration.

This was even documented in some of the greatest Wealth Consciousness and business books ever written - right back in the 1800s - so it's not just modern day 'woo woo' talk!

Grateful people are also typically happier people as it makes us more optimistic and reduces negativity, particularly when creative entrepreneurs express that gratitude genuinely and authentically.

Business leaders often recommend making gratitude part of company ethos as it cultivates appreciation in the workplace and allows staff to re-focus on what matters within the company.

I believe that consistent gratitude really boosts my business and brand focus. It connects me to other people and inspires me to build an even better service for my tribe. In turn, this simple act can build your wealth as a cherry-on-the-top.

Try to think about what you’re thankful for at least once a day - I do this every single night. If you prioritize and recognize the things you appreciate most, eventually it will become second nature.

Other ways you can celebrate small successes and simple acts of kindness by showing gratitude every day include:

 1. Keep an abundance journal.

Keep a small notebook handy and take a few minutes each day to jot down one or two positive experiences, and what you’re grateful for. This is also beneficial at the end of the week to remind yourself of the wins you’ve had throughout the week.

Having a note of small moments of happiness also provides an opportunity to look back and remember how much you have to be thankful for during the times when life doesn't seem to be going your way.

This applies to business too. Remember to focus on how wonderful it is to now have 100 awesome people following you on facebook - they could have put their 'like' anywhere, but they appreciated you. Do you appreciate them back? Or are you focusing on 100 not being 1000? 

2. Say thank you, and mean it

When a friend, family member or client goes above and beyond, be sure to let them know how much you appreciate them. Maybe treat them to lunch or a cup of coffee.

Things can get fast-paced at times when we are building a business, but stopping to say thank you to those you deal with will keep things real, human and heart-centred. You will be remembered and really stand out from the crowd for the littlest thing as taking time to say 'thank you' to someone who has helped you on your journey or in your job.

And same goes for those who have joined your email list or become a client. What can you do today to say 'thank you' to those who are making your dreams possible?

3. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Remember what your mum advised? Treat others with the same level of courtesy you expect to be treated. Smile, show kindness, patience and actively listen. This can be done in small, easy ways including picking up after yourself, hold the lift door open, help someone struggling with heavy groceries – the Universe has a strange way of repaying tenfold for small random acts of kindness.

4. Shout out

Feeling the love? Post on social media and mention who has made you feel so grateful. Did a friend pick you up in the rain and drop you at work? Did your neighbour pick the kids up from school for you? Did someone share your latest blog post? Thank them in a public way and in turn, you’ll make them feel special and appreciated.

5. Spare some of your time

An act of kindness does more good for you than those you’re serving. Volunteer your time to help others and reap the social benefits of caring. It could be as simple as reading in your child’s class once a week, or offering to help out at a charity fundraiser – people remember those who are happy to help. It will give you something positive to focus on and is a great way to give back to the community at large. It's also important to always give more than you receive - so again, nurture your own online communities, clients and colleagues with random little gifts and you will build true rapport and trust as a bonus.

I'd love to hear in the comments below how you integrate gratitude and kindness into your own life. Can you relate to being so eager to reach a future goal that sometimes it can be hard to be grateful for what you have already created?


7 Self-Care Lessons From My Restorative Retreat

7 self care lessons from my retreat


Last week I spent time offline at a remote 'restorative retreat' in New South Wales and it really hit me just how much 'work' has gone into growing my business the last few years.

While away I was reflecting on some key intentions I set in January this year.

I am super committed to self-care, health and fullfillment in all areas of life (Primary Foods anyone?) And so in January I had so much fun planning grandiose 2015 goals of 'non-work related' activities. The last few years have been very work-focused as I got my business up and running and I was craving new experiences.

'2015 is my year of LIVING in all areas'  I declared!

But, as I lay in restorative poses for most of last week I reflected on having been so clear on my intentions in January but the difficulty in actually fully playing that out as the year has progressed.

On one hand I want even more time for me, more time for family, friends, yoga, sleep-ins...
And on the other hand I love my business baby so much that I could work 24/7 birthing the endlesss stream of ideas I want to share with the world.

Can you relate?

Do you sometimes feel like you have two parts to you aswell? One as an entrepreneur building a thriving business and another as you; the friend, the parent, the carer, the partner…every day you?

For most of us, building our own business and becoming an entrepreneur is a life we work hard to achieve. Sometimes it can become all consuming, and you find yourself thinking, talking, breathing about your “business baby”.

I will never be one to pretend the road to success as a coach is all rainbows and lollipops! The first few years can be hard-going and truth be told, most of us love that when it is all shiny and new. But if we are not careful, too much focus on any one area of life can be detrimental.

To maintain a healthy, balanced life, it's important for you to schedule fun, mindlessness and improving your life balance which in turn will sharpen your business brain. Here are my 7 top tips for keeping your life in balance while staying connected to the purpose-driven maven that you are.


1. Let it go

Do you worry that if you’re not working 24 hours a day, your business will suffer? It sounds so obvious, but is easier to fall into than it sounds. Dropping this fear will naturally bring more productivity and a sense of satisfaction as you will enjoy your work. Quite often I send my private clients home to 'do nothing' for a week - burnout is the quickest ticket to a boring and unsuccessful business. And last week while away at the retreat, I scheduled social media posts, and course work for my clients ahead of time and nobody even noticed I was gone!

2. Book in down time

It is important to schedule time for activities that allow you to recharge and add value to your life. Some ideas include a walk at lunchtime, a regular chai tea with dynamic friends and reserved time for family activities. These scheduled times will give you fun times to look forward too and as you’ve booked them in, you’ll be more motivated to keep your plans. After last weeks retreat I set up a new little 'Restorative Nook' in my apartment and now have restorative time booked in between the end of the working day and family evenings.

3. Technology holiday

Having access to so many communication devices is awesome as an entrepreneur but we can become too attached! Allocate a day (Sunday is my fav) or time period and switch off your phone completely – you will be amazed at how much you can get done without this added distraction and how present you can be in other areas of your life instead. You need to separate work and life, which starts with freeing your mind from everything to take time for yourself. When hanging in the bush retreat last week it was so freeing to never pick up the phone to 'check' on anything - and guess what - the world didn't even fall apart!

4. Become a student

Expand your knowledge whilst firing up your brains pathways by learning something new. When we take on a role as coach or teacher it is also important to take time to be the student. Take a short course or weekend retreat like I did, read a new business magazine, try learning a musical instrument or enrol in an online program. Scheduling this time for you ensures time away from the computer and as you’ve made a commitment to participate, this will ensure you shut off and remain present. I learnt some wonderful new yoga practises, spiritual concepts and made beautiful new friends, all in just a few days of stepping into being the student.

5. Health and wellness

Being an entrepreneur, your business relies on your alertness to capture opportunities and ability to focus. Make sure that you are putting yourself first by eating well, getting enough sleep and exercising. Schedule workouts in your diary and make sure you fit it in. If not, you’ll most likely regret it when you start seeing a negative impact. While I eat pretty cleanly by anyones standards, it did amaze me how full of energy I felt after the retreat after eating super duper clean and nourishing food for only a few days. My brain feels so clear this week as a result!

Remind yourself that those things are critical to thinking, creating and performing at your best, and make sure you stand firm to your commitments to all three.

6. Delegate

Often we find much of our time bogged down by tasks we don’t have the expertise including bookkeeping, marketing and admin work, but for many your budget doesn’t allow you to hire full-time help. Odesk is a great resource for outsourcing small business tasks with no commitment and can free you up to do tasks you love.

Consider also delegating more of your “life” duties including childcare, cleaning and grocery shopping to your partner. Having that extra bit of help will give you more time to spend with your family and friends and reconnect. It took me a while to convince my husband that we needed a housekeeper and a chef but hey, he now loves it more than I do and our weekends are spent together not cleaning!

7. You time

There’s a good chance you’re a Type-A and overwork yourself when you are building a business. (I make that guess as your ambition has no doubt driven you to pursue a new career) But to avoid overworking and burn out, schedule in down time just like you do meetings and appointments. Ideally, 30 minutes each day should be dedicated to slowing down to allow your brain to relax and ideas to flow. Try meditating, going for a walk (leave your headphones), sitting with a cup of tea or just simply being still. For me it's often as simple as picking up an Almond Milk chai in the middle of the day and sipping it by the beach between clients - a 20 minute 'me time' break can feel like I've had hours to myself!

Let me know in the comments below how you implement Self-Care while being the super-driven business owner you are!


Why Looking After Your Wellbeing Keeps Your Business Mind Healthy

Why looking after your wellbeing keeps your business mind healthy


I love talking about the importance of keeping your business and entrepreneur mindset sharp and connected for opportunities, but how can one exactly do that? It’s so important to keep yourself healthy to maximise your ability to shoot for the stars in business. And wellbeing starts with you. 

I first learnt some of the biggest learnings in wellbeing from Tony Robbins and it completely shifted my mindset on the link between health and big success.

The following are ideas that have been researched and developed, Let me know us what you think about them and how you look after your wellbeing in the comments thread below. 




Making healthy food choices and practicing mindful eating can help you provide your body with the nutrients it needs to achieve optimum.

It’s also important to remember that nourishing yourself engages every aspect of your being - physical, social, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Nutrition involves our relationships with family, friends, community, the environment, and the world.

Today, try these ideas to nourish your body and mind:

  • Try a new recipe

  • Sit down at the table to eat with family or friends

  • Turn the TV off whilst eating

  • Chew, and appreciate your food

  • Avoid processed foods

  • Try a new food you’ve never had before



There is strong evidence that indicates that feeling close to, and valued by, other people is a fundamental human need, and that social relationships are critical for promoting wellbeing. 

If you’ve found yourself working a little too independently, try some of these ideas today and make a connection:

  • Post on our Healthy Wealthy Society Facebook page

  • Talk to someone instead of sending an email

  • Speak to someone new

  • Ask how someone’s weekend was and really listen when they tell you

  • Put five minutes aside to find out how someone really is


Get active

Exercise is essential for brain health and for promoting well-being. And the good news? It doesn’t need to be particularly intense for you to feel good - activities such as walking, can have the benefit of encouraging social interactions as well providing some level of exercise.

Today, why not get physical? Here are a few ideas:

  • Take the stairs

  • Go for a walk at lunchtime (grab a friend to join you!)

  • Do some ‘easy exercise’, like stretching, before you leave for work in the morning


Be in the NOW

Studies have shown that being aware of what is taking place in the present directly enhances your well-being and savouring ‘the moment’ can help to reaffirm your life priorities.

Take some time to enjoy the moment and the environment around you. Here are a few ideas:

  • Get a plant for your workspace

  • Have a ‘clear the clutter’ day

  • Take notice of how people around you are feeling or acting

  • Visit a new place for lunch.



Continued learning through life enhances self-esteem and encourages social interaction and a more active life. The practice of setting goals, which is related to adult learning in particular, has been strongly associated with higher levels of wellbeing.

Why not learn something new today? Here are a few more ideas:

  • Sign up for a class

  • Read the news or a book

  • Do a crossword or Sudoku

  • Learn a new word.