Have you ever done this?

Have you ever done this

So here's the thing...

I have a bit of a thing for stationery.

My husband has a rule: “No more journals until you have used all of the others”.

Of course I never listen.

I always have several journals on the go. Personal journals for daily intentions, nighttime journaling and thoughts and meanderings. And stacks of notebooks to write client notes as I coach, lesson notes for UPswing Mastermind modules and blog post ideas.

Then of course I have lots of fancy to-do list notepads. (Even though I now work purely from Asana, sometimes it’s nice to just rewrite the tasks for the day on good ole fashioned pretty paper don’t you think? ;-)

Now here’s the thing, despite having a love for stationery – in general I always bought the ‘sensible’ goods. Maybe the odd fancy diary or planner from Kikki K (awesome stationery shop here in Australia) or fun notepad from Typo, but in general most things are from Officeworks - practical, sensible and cheap.

For almost a year I walked past my favourite homeware shop each morning which stocks the most AMAZING Kate Spade designer stationery.



OMG – have you seen it’s gorgeousness?

Pretty gold staplers, fancy pencils with inspiring quotes and notebooks made of Kate Spade signature prints.


But did you know, for almost a year I walked past that shop every morning and despite no doubt physically drooling as I forced my eyes away from the window – somehow I never noticed that I WANTED that stuff.

Hmm, yes, kinda obvious now.

But I was so programmed to not even ‘dream’ of spending money on such ‘frivolous’ items that it honestly never logically occurred to me to consider purchasing.

It didn’t even cross my logical mind that I ‘could’!

So a few weeks back I went in and spent $250 on the most BEAUTIFUL Kate Spade stationery (Yes I bought half the range). And every day at my desk (or at the café as it was this week), I am getting to enjoy the beauty of these little works of art.

My friend and photographer Wendy K Yalom talks about ‘personal attraction factor’. By this she means we simply are attracted to and desire what our eye goes to, but for most of us we second guess ourselves and over think things waaayyyyy too much.

We block out the possibility that what we are window shopping for is something that is ‘meant’ for us!

Can you relate?

The truth is that desires are meant to be lived, they are who we are – they are not meant to be shoved down tight as ‘not for you’….

Let me know in the comments below, are there things you desire in life that perhaps you haven't even considered you could have?

Amanda x