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How to Prepare for your First Coaching Session with a New Client

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Hey beauty,

I’ve been soooo into my crystals again over the last few months - Rose Quartz for releasing negative emotions and receiving love, Smoky Quartz for grounding, and my all time favourite Citrine for wealth and abundance. 🔮

I always keep these three crystals on my desk - with my angel and tarot cards, a scented candle and some sage - to create a calm, peaceful environment for my coaching calls.

In today’s video I’m sharing my top tips to prepare for your first coaching session with a client — you’ll see that I’m a big believer in the importance of preparing energetically for a coaching session. 💗

Hit play to watch it now.

If your nerves are high before your first coaching session with a new client
(or any session at all!) this one’s for you, beauty!


In it you’ll learn:

  • The 3 KEY things to do before every single coaching session, not just your first one (...this is THE most important thing you can do for your client)...

  • Where the magic really happens in coaching sessions… ✨

  • The importance of TRUST for health coaching success... 🙏🏼

  • Why I DON’T recommend preparing heaps of worksheets, pre-planned trainings, and premeditated teaching points for your coaching sessions…

  • How to create YOUR pre-session ritual (plus heaps of ideas for what to include)...

I hope you love this mini-training, beauty!

Amanda xx

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First Impressions Do Count! (Especially In Person)

First impressions do count

I was reading Lisa Messenger's latest book on the weekend and something she spoke of in there really resonated with me.

She spoke about the power of meeting someone in person.  How meeting someone in person can inspire you so much more when you realise they are REAL!

This is the power behind a strong personal brand - not just how you show up and present yourself online - but in real life.

In today's online world it is easy to create a brand and it's impression via graphics, photos and a website.

But the strongest impression of all is made when you meet someone in person.

This is one of the key reasons I teach how to get clients 'in-person' (as well as online) as a new Health Coach in my UPswing Mastermind program.

Meeting someone in person can increase the 'know, like and trust' factors of why someone will by from you tenfold - but of course that meeting must leave a positive impression.

First impressions really do count although often when you meet someone new, you don’t necessarily know if that person could be highly valuable to you and your business!

Always make sure you’re prepared to meet the next person who’s going to make a difference to your success (it adds an extra spring to your step knowing you are showing up as your best) and avoid the first impression killers below.

1. Wearing sunglasses.
The eyes are the gateway to who you are as they illustrate your confidence, sincerity and interest in the person you’re meeting. Even if the sun is blaring into your eyes, take them off when you’re meeting someone new, even if they left theirs on.

2. Dress to impress!
If your appearance looks like you don’t care about your presentation, prospective customers may assume you have the same lacklustre approach to your service.

3. Get a grip – literally.
Have you ever experienced a limp handshake? You can tell a lot by a person based on their handshake - soft equals weak, firm equals strong. Which are you?

4. Name dropping?
It makes you look like you’re overcompensating, which you probably are. Practice some humility, which will get you a lot further in both the short and long terms.

5. Put your phone away.
If you can’t put your phone away while you talking with someone, it’s clear that you have absolutely no interest in them. Show some respect and focus on the person you’re speaking with and treat them like they’re the most important person in your life at that moment.

Do you have any favourite tips on making a good first impression? I'd love to hear them in the comments below.

Amanda x


3 Marketing Boosts for your Bank Balance and Business

3 Marketing boosts for your bank balance and business


Marketing is essential to any business, brand and service. Done well, marketing will be the pivotal link between you and your potential clients. In fact I will argue that if you don't learn to get your message SEEN by those who need it, you are doing them a disservice.

They can't magically know you exist if you don't first tell them.

No marketing = no clients = no healing.

With many, many options out there for marketing, advertising and promotion, what strategies should you focus on for the biggest bang for buck?

1. Engage, lead and educate

People are online for a reason – they want to engage. They also want to know about your product or service, so ensure you make it easy for them to find our more information about what you offer. This is relevant for current clients and also potential clients – the opportunity to cross sell is massive. For example, if you’re promoting a health coaching service, why not add content regarding the benefits of corporate wellbeing workshops? 

Educating your audience on the extra services you offer and the benefits to them, will increase your sales and you won’t miss an opportunity.

Has this post been helpful so far? Grab a FREE copy of my worksheet to practice the 3 marketing strategies for consistent cashflow as a health coach!

This is one of the most important tools of marketing – you MUST make it easy for clients to take you up on an offer. This may sound obvious but many businesses don’t do this effectively. What might be obvious to you on what people need to do, doesn’t mean it’s obvious to your potential clients! 

Clear clutter on your website or emails to avoid any possible confusion. How many times have you visited a website to purchase something only to get side-tracked by something else on the site, then you forget about what you were actually there for and the sale has been missed by that business! 

Review your marketing material, emails and website – are you making it obvious? Are you communicating clearly and specifically to a client what they need to do in order to buy your product or service?


3. Everyone loves a freebie

Bonuses are king in marketing – everyone loves something for free. This one action can significantly increase your sales proposition and boost your sales database.

Is there something extra you could offer your audience? An additional item that would increase the value of the sale for both the client and you?

For example, if you’re a personal trainer selling sessions on your website, maybe add a free downloadable exercise planner. Think about your audience and what they would love as an add on product to really make your sale unbeatable value.

Hey you! Don’t forget to grab a FREE copy of my worksheet to practice the 3 marketing strategies for consistent cashflow as a health coach!

I'd love to hear in the comments below what key marketing actions you choose to focus on in your business? Do you love marketing? Or still working to embrace it?


Relationship Building 101

Relationship building 101

Building great business relationships is a key to every entrepreneurs success. Major corporations now employ Relationship Managers, and their sole job is to keep these clients loyal to the business - and with good reason - relationships are KEY!

If you want to have strong relationships with your clients, potential clients, collaborators and colleagues you are going to have to nurture and maintain them. 

The key thing to remember when building relationships is to make it about 'them' not 'you' in the first instance.

If you are reaching out to do a talk at a yoga studio for instance, you will want to build the relationship by letting the studio know what is in it for them - how you feel your talk could benefit their clients. Show you care, show you know what they are about and show you are looking to add value to their mission.

The same applies to relationships you build with colleagues.

Something that jumps out to me regularly is just how different people approach relationship building when contacting me. I get emails every day from other coaches who have seen what I'm doing online and want to know how I did something.

Some will start a conversation, genuinely want to get to know me, share how my work has impacted them or something they've taken notice of from my work and then ask if I'm open to helping them with something once rapport has been built.

The first makes me feel seen as a human who is working for a cause, makes me feel good knowing my work has made an impact and builds rapport and trust; from that place I 'want' to give back.

Others email or facebook message me with no introduction at all and dive straight into what they want...

Guess which one's get my time and energy in return?


Here’s my top tips for building strong relationships in your business:

1. Keep in touch with people

It sounds basic, but with the advent of social media, we’re starting to forget how to do it. If you don’t talk to someone for months, you’ll fall off their radar, or they may not immediately jump at the chance to help you when you finally reach out to them and ask. 

2. Keep note of whom you’ve met

It’s handy to keep record of who you have networked with and check in with them every so often. If they’re online contacts, keep your conversations going. If they’re colleagues or people with whom you’ve swapped business cards, send an email or make a call every month or so. Check in and say hello. If you tend to forget to make – or worse, return – calls or emails, use a task management system or calendar to remind you to call or write.

3. Build trust

Never take advantage of people as it’s the easiest way to ruin a relationship and build a weak reputation. The key to building trust is being honest and dependable, and you’ll see your relationships flourish. 

4. Network, network, network

Networking is the key to building successful relationships, and there are now hundreds of ways you can do so. Google local groups, Toastmasters, or try for entrepreneur groups in your city. There are literally hundreds! As long as you are engaging with other people, you are actively networking. Even if you aren’t much of a people person, you can put yourself out there a little bit so that you can make some great contacts. Remember to make sure you have the two vital ingredients to networking – an up to date business card and Linked In profile!

5. Work hard

People want to invest in someone who is going to provide results so when someone asks for something, go above and beyond to deliver. Hard work is always rewarded.


I'd love to hear in the comments below how you approach relationship building in your own business.