First Impressions Do Count! (Especially In Person)

First impressions do count

I was reading Lisa Messenger's latest book on the weekend and something she spoke of in there really resonated with me.

She spoke about the power of meeting someone in person.  How meeting someone in person can inspire you so much more when you realise they are REAL!

This is the power behind a strong personal brand - not just how you show up and present yourself online - but in real life.

In today's online world it is easy to create a brand and it's impression via graphics, photos and a website.

But the strongest impression of all is made when you meet someone in person.

This is one of the key reasons I teach how to get clients 'in-person' (as well as online) as a new Health Coach in my UPswing Mastermind program.

Meeting someone in person can increase the 'know, like and trust' factors of why someone will by from you tenfold - but of course that meeting must leave a positive impression.

First impressions really do count although often when you meet someone new, you don’t necessarily know if that person could be highly valuable to you and your business!

Always make sure you’re prepared to meet the next person who’s going to make a difference to your success (it adds an extra spring to your step knowing you are showing up as your best) and avoid the first impression killers below.

1. Wearing sunglasses.
The eyes are the gateway to who you are as they illustrate your confidence, sincerity and interest in the person you’re meeting. Even if the sun is blaring into your eyes, take them off when you’re meeting someone new, even if they left theirs on.

2. Dress to impress!
If your appearance looks like you don’t care about your presentation, prospective customers may assume you have the same lacklustre approach to your service.

3. Get a grip – literally.
Have you ever experienced a limp handshake? You can tell a lot by a person based on their handshake - soft equals weak, firm equals strong. Which are you?

4. Name dropping?
It makes you look like you’re overcompensating, which you probably are. Practice some humility, which will get you a lot further in both the short and long terms.

5. Put your phone away.
If you can’t put your phone away while you talking with someone, it’s clear that you have absolutely no interest in them. Show some respect and focus on the person you’re speaking with and treat them like they’re the most important person in your life at that moment.

Do you have any favourite tips on making a good first impression? I'd love to hear them in the comments below.

Amanda x