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How to Create a Week of Content from ONE 5-Minute Facebook Live [Swipe my time-saving system!]

How to create a week of content from one 5-minute Facebook Live

Hey beauty!

  • Do you struggle to put out consistent content in your business? 😭

  • Do you KNOW that you need to be posting regularly on social media, to your newsletter list, on your blog… but actually making that happen is a whole other story?! 😫

In this short video, I share how I create a FULL week of content from ONE 5-minute Facebook Live.  💻📹📱✍


With this super-simple, time-saving strategy, you’ll be able to put out fresh content CONSISTENTLY.

💖Content that builds your ‘know like and trust’ factor...
🌟Positions you as an ‘expert’...    
📲Bumps you up in the algorithm…
💌Grows your email list…
👯And connects with your ideal clients…

Even if you’re building your coaching business while you work, parent, or study full-time - and your time is precious and limited!

Watch it now and start being visible and creating content on the regular!


Amanda xx

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How to get PR Using Social Media

How to get PR Using Social Media

Collecting ‘As Seen On’ media logos for their website is a huge goal for a number of coaches in the health and wellness space. When a potential client logs onto your site and sees that you’ve been featured in major media like SELF, SHAPE, or mindbodygreen, you build instant trust and credibility in your brand. Not to mention that editorial coverage in these kinds of publications is typically free! But without a personal publicist on hand, how can you go about getting this kind of media coverage for your health coaching business?

There are a lot of myths around getting featured as an expert in the media, but the truth is you don’t need to hire fancy, expensive PR or pay thousands of dollars for access to a media database. With a bit of social sleuthing, in just 10 minutes a day it’s totally possible to find and establish media relationships that can build buzz, brand awareness, and ultimately lead to press coverage that puts you in front of your perfect target client.

Wanna know a secret that not a lot of publicists want to share?

Between Twitter, LinkedIn and Google, you can pretty much find and connect with any media gatekeeper, whether that’s a journalist, editor, writer, blogger or producer. Establishing relationships with these individuals is the perfect first step, before pitching yourself or your brand for coverage. Once you’ve decided on your desired media outlet to get coverage in, here are the next steps you’ll want to take:

Find and Follow

  • Follow your target media outlet on social networks – like their page on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and any other relevant network

  • Figure out exactly which editor or producer covers health, nutrition or lifestyle content. An easy way to do this is to do a google search and review the content they’ve created in the past

  • A lot of people overlook the handy-dandy search function in Twitter. For example, if your goal is to get featured in Shape magazine, type ‘nutrition editor Shape’ into the search bar, and then click on ‘Accounts’. Editor Marnie Schwartz comes up and you’ve found your contact!

  • I always recommend creating a private Twitter list to find and follow all of your target contacts and check it daily – media often use Twitter to share their latest content and reach out looking for sources.

Engage and Befriend

  • Make a point of engaging with the media on your private Twitter list daily – whether that’s to retweet their content, answer a query they may have, or comment on their latest articles. Consistent engagement definitely does not go unnoticed! Who doesn’t love when someone champions their work?!

  • Are they tweeting about something personal? Maybe sharing a picture of their pet or news about their kids at school? Comment on that too! One of my BEST media relationships came from bonding with a national newspaper editor over a mutual love for our cats – not only did we connect based on that, but my clients got featured in her section of the newspaper every few months because our relationship moved from professional to personal (we’re still great friends six years later). Whenever she needed health content, since we were friends she was happier to feature me and my clients over a stranger’s or from a cold pitch


  • Now that you’re engaging with these sources semi-regularly from a genuine and authentic place, you have an in to make a pitch, whether that’s being interviewed as an expert or suggesting a story that would be super informative to your audience, highlighting your business where it fits into the story

Getting featured in the media isn’t reserved for a special few – social networks make it super easy to find every health and wellness coach to connect with the right contacts and get positioned for media coverage. The beauty about press features is that media tends to beget media, get coverage once and your next press opportunity will be easier to secure!

Curious what to do and what specifically not to do when engaging with the media? Get the Dos and Don’ts of Making Media Friends Using Social Networks here


Lisa Simone Richards


Lisa Simone Richards is a publicity expert for fitness, health and wellness-preneurs who want to see themselves and their businesses featured in magazines, on TV and around the web. As the principal of PR agency Vitality PR & Communications in Toronto and the creator of Make Media Friends, an online PR school for health, fitness and wellness entrepreneurs, she’s here to teach you how to connect with the right media personalities and use the power of publicity to get your brand in the spotlight and attract your perfect clients. Learn how to do it the right way with social media with this checklist!


4 Top Tips for Coming Up with Blog Post Ideas (for Health Coaches)

4 Top tips for Blog Post Ideas for Health Coaches

It can be something new Health Coaches haven’t considered:  your website’s blog has huge potential when growing your successful health coaching business. Your website’s blog is a very powerful tool to use as part of your marketing strategy. It’s one of the best ways to connect with your target audience (aka Dream Clients), too.

Many of the new Health Coaches I work with put off blogging because they think they’re not good at writing, or, most often, because they just don’t know what to write about. If you just don’t like writing, there are many ways you can get around it, such as using video, recipes and photos. You’ll also find that the more you write, the better you get at it!

The easiest way to start each blog post is to pick a BIG subject and then break it down into 5 sub-headings that you can flesh out. In no time you have a great piece of content to put up on your blog.

Here are 4 top tips for coming up with blog post ideas:


There’s something not just inspirational, but highly motivating, about reading about how someone has claimed their health back after an upset or a lifestyle slide. 

What’s your story? Tell your readers about how you became a Health Coach;  how making the changes to your health also set you on the path to wanting to help others experience what you have.

People love talking about themselves, too: ask your clients about their success stories and if they’d be happy that you share them (you can change their name in the story if you need to).


Your dream clients need your signature program. They are talking about the problems your program offers solutions for. 

If you haven’t worked out your signature program yet, you can still follow this method:

Pick a subject that fits with the three top concerns your dream clients are looking to solve, and come up with a list of at least 5 topics that fit. Talk to your audience in your own voice, and talk directly to THEM.

Some examples are:

  • Meal ideas for keeping weight down, or even videos of you in the kitchen cooking them!

  • Low impact Exercise routines (you might be able to team up with someone who can guest post their videos on your blog)

  • A diary of your week – your fitness routine, your daily meal choices, your relaxation practices (don’t you love getting a peek into someone else’s life?)

  • Product reviews of your favourite food, exercise clothing/equipment, or organic skincare brands

  • Guest blog posts from other health professionals you’re networking with

  • A month of healthy school lunches, if your clients are busy mums in search of healthy alternatives for their growing families

For ideas about how to create your signature program, this blog post may help: Create Your Rocking Health Coaching Signature Program in 5 Steps.




If your blog posts solve a problem for, or educate, your target audience, you’ll be winning at the nurturing and engagement stakes, for sure. 

Everyone wants to know, “What’s in it for me?” and if you are able to give value by helping people by sharing easy, time-saving solutions, you’ll go a long way to establishing your credibility as a Health Coach. 

Nowadays, the mindset is all about GIVING, so don’t hold back. You won’t lose out because you gave away too much. In fact, you’ll find that you’ve earned your target audience’s trust (which means more commitments from potential clients).


Your target audience look up to you for inspiration and ideas. Feel free to share your list of favourite health blogs with them.

Take a look at an example of a blog post listing fave blogs from Deryn over at Running on Real Food HERE.

Nicola from Nic Spirational has listed her favourite Health and Fitness YouTubers on her blog HERE.

These 4 top tips should give you enough to get started with your blog (or inspire more blog posts from you if you’re already blogging).

Remember to share the link to your latest blog posts on Social Media and in your email newsletters to encourage people to visit your health coaching website. Pop over to my blog, List Building 101 for Successful Health Coaches for more information about newsletters.

HINT: It is important to keep your blog updated. Make sure you’re posting on a regular basis and ALWAYS include a call-to-action at the end of each blog post either offering a free give-away, or asking them to join your tribe (your list of loyal follower)


My 7 step process for creative magic on your blog

7 step process for creative magic on your blog


Something I've witnessed through years of exploring my own creativity and now from mentoring others to do the same, is that creativity can in fact be scary!

Creativity sounds like it would be fun, but in order to be truly creative, it requires letting go, being willing to explore the unknown and not be attached to how the final outcome may look. 

The need to get things 'right' or 'perfect' is what holds us back from discovering the magic - the magic that can only be uncovered from beyond the logical mind.

Despite our desire to be free, I have found that structure is what actually allows me to relax enough to fully let go, so I have over time created a system of my own to help me trust the process of creativity.




If you are like me and naturally want a ‘system’ – here is how I get creative when writing a blog post:

1.     Start writing, and be willing to make a mess.

As I’m writing this blog post I’m just literally pouring my ideas out into a word doc – free flow writing that may or may not even make sense at this point.

2.     Walk away for a few days or overnight.

3.     Come back with fresh eyes and make a few tweaks (Check in: What was I really wanting to say in this post? What are my core thoughts? Am I adding massive value?)

4.     Walk away again. Maybe around the block, or to get a green juice.

5.     Sit down again, ready to craft. Go through the grammar, spelling, and paragraphs. Maybe even get someone else to proofread it for me.

6.     Set it up on my blog and mould how it looks visually – adding bold headlines, paragraph breaks, and photos.

7.     Publish!! (knowing it will never be 'perfect')

Think of your art (aka blog) as a piece of pottery. It's like slapping a chunk of dirty clay on a wheel, and slowly moulding, pinching, tweaking into shape. Then firing, glazing and polishing into beauty. And the tiny imperfections are actually exactly what gives it the unexpected 'wow' factor.

For more blog post inspiration you might also like my post 4 Top Tips for Coming up With Blog Post Ideas >>

I'd love to hear in the comments below your own experience with creativity, and if you have a system of you own, please do share!