My 7 step process for creative magic on your blog

7 step process for creative magic on your blog


Something I've witnessed through years of exploring my own creativity and now from mentoring others to do the same, is that creativity can in fact be scary!

Creativity sounds like it would be fun, but in order to be truly creative, it requires letting go, being willing to explore the unknown and not be attached to how the final outcome may look. 

The need to get things 'right' or 'perfect' is what holds us back from discovering the magic - the magic that can only be uncovered from beyond the logical mind.

Despite our desire to be free, I have found that structure is what actually allows me to relax enough to fully let go, so I have over time created a system of my own to help me trust the process of creativity.




If you are like me and naturally want a ‘system’ – here is how I get creative when writing a blog post:

1.     Start writing, and be willing to make a mess.

As I’m writing this blog post I’m just literally pouring my ideas out into a word doc – free flow writing that may or may not even make sense at this point.

2.     Walk away for a few days or overnight.

3.     Come back with fresh eyes and make a few tweaks (Check in: What was I really wanting to say in this post? What are my core thoughts? Am I adding massive value?)

4.     Walk away again. Maybe around the block, or to get a green juice.

5.     Sit down again, ready to craft. Go through the grammar, spelling, and paragraphs. Maybe even get someone else to proofread it for me.

6.     Set it up on my blog and mould how it looks visually – adding bold headlines, paragraph breaks, and photos.

7.     Publish!! (knowing it will never be 'perfect')

Think of your art (aka blog) as a piece of pottery. It's like slapping a chunk of dirty clay on a wheel, and slowly moulding, pinching, tweaking into shape. Then firing, glazing and polishing into beauty. And the tiny imperfections are actually exactly what gives it the unexpected 'wow' factor.

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I'd love to hear in the comments below your own experience with creativity, and if you have a system of you own, please do share!