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How to (FINALLY) Choose Your Target Market

How to finally choose your target market

Being able to identify your Target Market is one of the KEYS to building a successful Health Coaching business.

And it makes a world of difference to your sales when you truly know WHO you are talking to, and who you are creating your Health Coaching services for.

BUT this topic is often misunderstood (and maybe over-complicated!).  

So in this video I get suuuuper personal, sharing my own rollercoaster health journey, and an anxiety attack I had earlier this year — all to make the topic of target market a little clearer.

Watch it now to learn:

  • The KEY things you DO need to know about your target market… 🤓

  • On the flip side - what you DON’T need to know about your target market! (This is where I see a lot of people over-thinking, wasting time, and getting stuck…) 🤯

  • How to FINALLY feel confident choosing yours… 😍

  • Plus, have apeek behind the scenes of an UPswing Mastermind Coaching Call! 🤭



Amanda xx

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Maybe you can relate?

Maybe you can relate


It's been very busy in my world lately.

Working with over 50 health coaches a week, launching the next round of my UPswing Mastermind program, and travelling back to New Zealand for Christmas and New Year with my family.

A few weeks back I was presented with an opportunity that felt almost too good to be true.

I hesitated... I almost didn't say yes... Maybe they were mistaken... Maybe I should think about it some more first... Maybe I'm actually too busy right now... I'm about to launch my program so maybe I should be "safe and responsible" for the next few months...

Oh and the clincher: Maybe I shouldn't spend the money needed to take action...

Isn't the mind clever at holding us back from our dreams?!

When an AMAZING opportunity came my way...

Instead of jumping all in with a YES...

I questioned it.  I didn't TRUST.

Thankfully I caught myself super quick. Took a deep breath and said YES to the opportunity... and already, only a few weeks later, so many things have unfolded as a result that I couldn't have even logically dreamed of myself.

Saying yes to that one opportunity created a ripple effect that I could never have created alone - and yet I almost missed it!

Sometimes we can be so 'busy' in everyday life that saying YES to something new can almost be missed, despite our dreams and best intentions.

Or sometimes when something arises that we would love to do, our sneaky monkey mind comes in to tell us "You can't do that," or "What if it doesn't work out?".

How are things going for you right now?  

Do you ever get these conflicting messages between your heart, your dreams and your monkey mind? 

Are you feeling a bit daunted by the whole "Health Coaching Business" thing?

I know that when I was first out of training, I had big expectations about what I was going to be able to do with myself.  No more long hours in the office... loads more time to get to those yoga classes... not feeling like I had to rush from one life draining part of my day to the next... it was exciting!!

Then as time rolled on and I couldn't seem to bring in enough clients... I started to doubt my big dreams.

Who was I to want this? Could I actually do this? Did I have what it took to run a profitable business?

Then, as amazing opportunities presented themselves - chances to learn how to really do this from mentors I admired - I had moments of doubt.

And you know... I don't think any of it had to do with what was on offer, because at the time I knew it was what I needed!

What was holding me back was ME.

I had moments where I just didn't trust myself...

I didn't believe that, if I was given and accepted this opportunity, I could actually be trusted to put in the work and do it.

If I'd listened to that inner critic, I would NOT - in any way - have the life I have. The freedom. The choice. The lifestyle. 

So what was it that stopped me from listening to that inner critic that was telling me that I couldn't trust myself?

I looked at it rationally.

I knew that I had trusted myself to complete my health coaching training. And I'd done it. I'd graduated.

I'd trusted myself to decide to leave my corporate job and start my business. And I'd done that.

So I knew that I had a track record of going for my goals.

And when I realised this - I was able to keep my eyes on this new goal and make that leap.

That investment in myself has repaid itself many times over. :)

How can you trust yourself more right now? How can you look more rationally at the fears and doubts that are holding you back?

Amanda xx

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Why you don't need to feel confident to start coaching


So many new coaches come to me saying that they don’t feel ‘expert’ enough to start coaching....
They think that they need to do another training to feel 'good enough' to coach...

Well, I thought this story from when I first started out might help everyone to see that NO-ONE feels confident when first starting out!

One of my first clients was a young woman named Rebecca. When Rebecca came to work with me I had only worked with a handful of clients on the basic program I had learnt at IIN.

Rebecca was bedridden with Chronic Fatigue and had been told not to expect a recovery. 

As a new Health Coach, I wandered if I knew enough to help her. I wondered if my limited health knowledge would be strong enough to support her in improving her health.

I started working with Rebecca on both nutrition basics and also ‘primary foods’ and mindset which were the parts I really loved myself.

Only a few sessions into our coaching she emailed to say her family couldn’t believe it but she was able to get out of bed long enough to go to her sister’s graduation. She emailed me photos of her with her new dress and makeup.

And yet it wasn’t till our final session on Skype that I truly saw the total transformation in her. She was out of bed and looking fabulous. And her doctors had even changed her medicine in their amazement at her unexpected and rapid improvements.

Sometimes, it really is the basics, with someone by your side to believe in you, to hold your hand to a new way of living, to reflect back an outside view and to cheerlead you on all the way to a new level of health.

Rebecca was so overjoyed at her transformation that she too went on to train as a Health Coach and so did her Mum!! How cool is that?!

Talk about creating the ripple effect in the world’s health.

Why you don't need to feel confident to start coaching.png

And Rebecca was not the only client I had in the early days who had such great results – even BEFORE I felt uber confident and ‘expert’ as a Health Coach.

To be a good Health Coach you do not need to KNOW everything – but you do need to get out of your own way and be willing to start helping others.

Trust me, if I could get such great results with my clients EVEN though I never felt I knew ‘enough’ then so can you!

And the best news is, that ‘not enough’ feeling goes away quick smart after you’ve seen this happen with just a few clients and you’ll be able to look back as I do and wonder why you didn’t get in the game sooner.

Amanda xx


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[Jennie's Story Part 1] $12k in 12 weeks: how Jennie overcame every obstacle in her Health Coaching Business.

[Jennie's Story Part 1].png


I'm taking a bit of a break here at my parents house in New Zealand today, after a busy few days of my birthday and Christmas - lots of food, family and fun.

I love this pause that comes between Christmas and the New Year, it is naturally a time when I stop and reflect on the past year, and what I desire to experience next.

At this time of year I always do a lot of visualisation - of where I want to take my life and business next. I'm feeling there are some shifts coming and I always love to explore 'what else is possible?' 'what do I truly desire?'...

I've learnt in growing my business, that the key is to allow myself to dream bigger than I thought was possible! 

I have some BIG visions forming for 2017 (too soon to reveal, but one 'may' just have to do with Richard Branson - OMG...)

I’m guessing you probably do a lot of visualisation too - around what it feels like to finally be in control of your health coaching business, and what it looks like to make money while coaching clients you love.

I encourage all of my clients to visualise their success (it’s key) and so I’m going to tell you the story about Jennie and her journey to becoming a successful health coach. 

There’s an important lesson in her story for all health coaches who’re aiming to hit their goals this coming year, because Jennie's journey will show you exactly how you can avoid the key mistakes that can set your business back months, and instead how to hit your goals sooner, starting 2017 with a bang!


Jennie's story

Grab your green juice, get comfy, and meet Jennie, a beautiful soul with a big heart, and a big mission, too. With 3 kids under 7 years old, she’s got limited time to achieve all her dreams, but that hasn’t stopped Jennie from following her life purpose to help heal the world by helping people heal themselves through health coaching.

After getting burnt out in her corporate job, Jennie discovered health coaching for herself, and after the amazing transformative results she experienced, she knew she had found her calling, to become a health coach herself, and show others its powerful benefits.

Just like you and I, Jennie visualised what her life would be like running her own successful health coaching business. She imagined bouncing out of bed with the kind of energy that even her 3 kids couldn’t keep up with. She imagined spending time preparing nourishing and healthy meals for her family without the pressure of not having enough time. She imagined being at home with her kids every day, soaking up those precious moments while they’re at that age of exploring everything.

The most fulfilling thing Jennie imagined though, was just how many women she would be able to help transform into the happiest, healthiest people they knew, stepping into a whole new way of living their highest potential.

Can you relate to Jennie’s big dreams?

Now if you’ve been in my circle for a while, you’ll know I don’t believe in overnight success, but what happened when Jennie went ahead and launched her health coaching business almost fits the bill.

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Jennie filled her health coaching schedule at record speed.

She learnt how to sell her services, resulting in consistent clients and income, just as she’d hoped. Jennie was so excited by her success, and with cash flowing into her bank account, what’s not to celebrate? She was a health coach with her coaching schedule filled to the brim with clients.

For a while, things were going great for Jennie and her health coaching business, however slowly but surely, her business started to slide backwards.

$12k in 12 weeks.png

And I say ‘surely’ because in my experience, no matter if you’re an ‘overnight success’ like Jennie, or you’re building your business over time, Jennie made the one mistake that’s a health coaching business killer. In fact, it seems to be an issue for many in their first year or so of starting their own health coaching business.

Jennie’s calendar was choc-a-bloc, which was great for her business, but it left very little time for her kids, her health, or herself. She started to feel like she was back in the corporate world, answering to the demands of a boss. Jennie had clients who could only do mornings, so she sacrificed her mornings. Jennie had clients who could only do nights, so she sacrificed her nights. Her hours were cruel and commanding and when she got honest with herself, she realised she wasn’t living the healthy lifestyle she desired.

Jennie missed one critical step in setting up her business that put her on a path that was never going to last the distance, and I see this with so many health coaches, regardless of whether they experience success quickly or not.

Key Lesson For Health Coaches:

When you’re first starting your health coaching business, the goal is to get as many clients as possible, but be careful what you wish for, as Jennie realised fairly quickly, focussing on the wrong things can leave you susceptible to an even bigger issue further down the business track.

In my next post, I’ll talk you through what the one big mistake Jennie made was, so that you can see whether it’s an issue in your business too, or stop it before it ever begins!

It's something so many health coaches do, thinking it’s the right thing, especially when lots of clients can be the reward for all the hard work you put in.

Let me be clear though, lots of clients is not necessarily a bad thing! As you’ll see in my next post, it has much more to do with what and how you’re doing it.

It’s truly killing health coaching businesses before they even get to the one year mark - and no-one else is talking about it.

Amanda xx

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Have you been thrown back in the trenches?

Have Your Been Throwing Back in the Trenches as a Coach

There is an odd phenomenon that I have witnessed over and over again when mentoring new health coaches.

It’s what I call being ‘thrown back in the trenches’.

This came into play recently with my UPswing Mastermind students. They were all diving deep into their ideal client/ target market. And things were starting to surface. Wobbles were starting to show.

In the group Laser Coaching calls I was being asked what was going on – why this felt so uncomfortable.

Well, what I have observed from helping hundreds of Health Coaches grow their businesses, is that sometimes when a woman makes a decision to say YES to becoming a coach –not just talking about it, but seriously deciding to go for it– it can feel as if the Universe has a little laugh.

“Oh yea, you’re really serious?” it seems to snicker, “Then let’s throw you back in the trenches to struggle for a bit again – just so you can remember what it TRULY feels like to be your ideal client.”

You see, for many of us we have been called to be a coach after overcoming a massive transformation in our own life.

And after coming out the other side it can feel like ‘I’ve got it’ and I want to share this with other women going through what I did.

But from that place of ‘already mastered this’ we can lose touch with how it felt ‘back then’.  We can be quick to forget the true pain;  what it is really like to be going through that experience. 


We forget things like:

·      What you would truly need support on

·      What you would actually buy to overcome the pain

·      What tools and resources you would need to create lasting change

·      What shifts you’d need to make to your mindset in order to heal

And so the Universe gives you a little ‘helping hand’ to jog your memory.

And it might suck at the time (it DOES suck at the time, that I can attest to), but this makes for the creation of a REAL and GENUINE coaching program for your ideal clients – one they WANT TO BUY.  And it makes you an even better coach.  A truly compassionate coach.

And if you wonder why people are lining up to work with you asking, ‘How do you know I feel that way?’ or ‘It’s like you read my mind with your copy…’, it’s because you revisited your former self and got even more clear on what your pain points were and exactly what you did to overcome them.


Here’s a perfect example of how it worked for me:

A few months ago, I myself had a (thankfully very brief) return to the trenches with my money story.

I invested a HUGE amount of money – more than I had ever done in my life – in myself.  And…you guessed it…a whole lot of money fears reared their head.

At first I got scared, and my first reaction was: ‘I thought I had this money thing sorted?!’

Then I realized I was going to have to walk my talk by going back through all of my own teachings again. And because I had to do so step-by-step again – I was able to this time document it as I went.  I delivered those exact steps to the ladies who joined my new mastermind program.

I had never before been able to articulate the ‘steps’ of wealth consciousness with this level of clarity – and days after that training many women were making thousands of dollars from their first clients. (I hadn’t even taught them ‘how’ to get clients yet… it was purely from me being able to teach ‘wealth consciousness’ in a new way after a brief stint back in the trenches).

So, if this phenomenon happens to you when you finally make a proclamation to the universe that you are ready to play bigger (note that my ‘return to the trenches’ happened after I stepped up to a higher biz mastermind’), then try and relax if you can – but most importantly – document what you do to climb back out yourself.

This is what you are meant to be teaching to others!

I’d love to hear your own experiences of being ‘thrown back in the trenches’. Share in the comments how it helped you to grow as a person, and how it shaped what you are teaching (or desire to teach) others.

And if you want to know more about how to get to know who your ideal clients are, then read my blog post, “4 ways to identify your health coaching target audience” HERE:

Amanda x


Are You Stuck in the Victim Loop? (+ practical steps to get out quick smart)

Are you stuck in the victim loop

We all do it.  

One day we’re sailing along happy-as-Larry, growing our businesses; the next, we are blaming someone or something for things not going our way.

We can fall into being a ‘victim’ without even realiSing we’re doing it!

And while we all do this from time to time, the key to staying out of ‘victim mode’ is to be aware we’re headed into the loop, see how quickly we can catch ourselves, and take action.

Recently, when I was in Austin, Texas at my mastermind, I experienced first-hand the beginnings of a spiral into the dreaded 'victim mode'.

After getting a personal invite, I had just joined this new mastermind program, and I had invested (big) to join. So, like any investment in business and ourselves, it was scary.

As the mastermind kicked off, I was not disappointed… (at first).

Let me explain.

The minute I joined the first day of the 6 day event, I was blown away. I was instantly taken to a new level of business understanding.

I learnt SO much on the first day alone, and within days I had filled books of ideas.

But, on day 4 something happened.

I had a chance to be in the hot-seat, where others were invited to support me with a personal problem, and I didn’t get the answers I was hoping for.

Is this post helpful? I created a free workbook to teach you actionable steps to move from Victim to Accountable! Click the button below to get it right now.



I slowly became irritable. I started questioning my investment. I started panicking because I hadn’t got the answers.

I started to ask, 'What was I supposed to do next?'

I even started to get angry at the event organisers; feeling that the support I had pictured wasn’t just wasn’t there.

I started to panic.

I didn’t like this irritation rising in me.  I felt shame at feeling spoilt or ungrateful, yet it was there, and I started to think more and more negative thoughts.

At this point I caught myself at a point (which I later learnt was the ‘choice point’ of the Victim Loop).

I knew this is not how I wanted to experience the event, and so before bed that night I pulled out my journal and started to let my emotions out on the page to see what was really going on.

Journalling is my go-to tool for letting go of emotions when I am not feeling ‘high-vibe’.

I journalled 3 pages, and by the end identified that the truth wasn’t the story I’d been carrying that day (I don’t know WHAT to do next in my biz) – heck, I’d just done 4 days of intense training, so I had plenty of ‘what–to-dos’!

The truth was, I didn’t know HOW.  And instead of seeing that, I had avoided it and gone into victim mode.

So I asked myself, “What do I need to move forward?”

Three things came to me:

  • I need to understand the steps it will take to implement the funnel I had come up with in previous days (I’m great at big ideas, but I don’t always understand HOW to do the technical pieces at first)

  • I need a copywriter who understands advanced sales funnels

  • I need someone on my team who can build that funnel

As soon as I got that clarity and broke the overwhelm down into steps (see my process for doing that here)...

I felt a massive sense of relief – and all of my agitation was gone in an instant.



Now, this is where the power of masterminds come into their greatest.

At breakfast the next morning, I ASKED the others in the group if anyone knew of a copywriter that understands advanced sales funnels, what I should be looking for in a funnel builder, and what the steps I needed to take to implement the funnel might be. 

Before we even started the mastermind for the day, I had answers for all 3 questions:

  • Someone had walked me right through the entire step-by-step process of implementing my ideas.

  • I had a copywriter introduction, and...

  • I had 2 offers of help to build out the funnel (or help me identify the tasks if I wanted to manage it myself).

While I'm not sure who came up with this Victim Loop framework - which was introduced to me by a friend later in the event AFTER I'd gone through that wobbly patch...

THIS is my interpretation of it: 




I had moved from 'victim mode' to being accountable... 


By taking the following steps: 

  1. Recognising that I wasn’t feeling high-vibe and choosing to explore it within myself (no more blaming others)

  2. Identifying what I needed in order to move forward

  3. ASKING!! I was blown away by how much people wanted to help when I knew what to ask for and wasn’t afraid to do so (no one can help us if we can’t ask for what we need – people are not mind readers – it is our responsibility to ASK)

Not only did I get so much clarity, but I enjoyed the remainder of the event even more than the start. I was so open to new ideas and being part of the supportive network of the mastermind.

Don't forget to download your free workbook on how to take actionable steps to move from Victim to Accountable! Click the button below to get it right now.



Had I stayed in victim mode, stuck in that loop, things might not have been so expansive for me and I highly likely would have cut myself off from receiving all of the greatness that was on offer for me.

now it's Your TURN:

Let me know in the comments if you have ever found yourself stuck in victim mode, caught up in that victim loop...

And let me know what strategies you used to move yourself up into accountability instead.  How did you move yourself forward in growing your business? What did you learn from that experience? Did you notice a pattern?


Amanda xx



Running a business amidst chaos

Running a business admist chaos


The last few days have been a challenging few. Right now I should’ve been sitting by the pool at my hotel in Austin.

Instead, I am sitting on my sofa at home, cramming in some work before my husband wakes up.

2 days ago, just as I was starting to pack for my month long trip, someone rung to let me know John was in an ambulance on morphine, and on the way to hospital.

I won’t go into all of the details, but he’s now home – with a broken collarbone – and we’re navigating the next steps of surgery, healing and whether he can look after himself while (if) I’m away.

And you see this is just the way it is to be an entrepreneur. Life happens. There is no boss to ring as say ‘I won’t be in today’, there is no sick leave… there is just you.

And while the freedom of working for yourself is honestly such a gift, when life goes crazy, it is equally important to keep the wheels turning.

If we stopped working every time something came up in life, business would simply never grow. You see NOBODY has 24/7 free-time to work on their businesses. We all live in this messy, fast-paced life and learning to how to BEHAVE as an entrepreneur is something we don’t talk about enough.

For me, I really believe that learning to work in flow THROUGH life’s chaos has been one of the KEY reasons for my fast business growth.

In January I was going through another wave of chaos – this time directly in my business.

I was amidst moving my entire business to a new (and complex) system, using a new team in a different timezone. The project had got so behind that it spilled into my launch period of UPswing Mastermind meaning the set-up team had to run the launch.

In what was possibly the most important few weeks of my business year, the system was broken, mistakes were being made (daily) - blank emails were being sent, replays for webinars which hadn’t even aired were going out – and there was just 1 hour a day the team was able to help me due to timezones. Then one of their staff quit and the owner went on holiday mid launch... And I had no control over any of it as I was yet to be trained on the system. I could go on… but it makes me cringe remembering it!  Let’s just say it was chaos behind the scenes.

In the past, I would have either burnt out or crumbled in an emotional mess and given up under such circumstances….

So when I tell you that those same 6 weeks saw me do $250k in sales, you might think I’m telling you a different story!

How did I stay focused on what mattered and block out the chaos to ensure my most successful launch yet and on-boarding of the loveliest group of women I’ve worked with to date?

At the time I had just started working with Todd Herman in his 90 Day Year program. Todd not only guided me on WHAT I needed to focus on during that time, but even more importantly, HOW to work efficiently, effectively and productively – no matter what chaos is going on around.

I credit the behaviour Todd taught me to that launch success, and my entire work habits have been completely transformed this year from working with him.

He teaches how to work from our ‘Oww' or 'Wow' brain and this understanding has not only helped me achieve so much more, but more importantly for me, by working less. For me, with my background of Adrenal Fatigue, I am not willing to sacrifice my health for success as I see so many other ‘success stories’ doing – and so learning how to work SMART has been life changing for me.

2016 has seen me work with so much more EASE. I have so much focus. I work less hours than ever before. And as a result I have had so much productivity! (Let alone the income which has naturally followed)

And when chaos hits, as it has this week. Yes of course it has thrown me around, but knowing my priorities and my own most effective work habits has meant I've been able to keep the important pieces running and for the most part step back to take care of my husband.

If you struggle with overwhelm, prioritizing or productivity as an entrepreneur then I’d love to share with you Todd’s free training course. I am going to be working through it myself again in the next few weeks and would love to offer you the chance to do so as well for free.

Listen and learn his methods for free here >>


How ‘copying’ someone’s work led to me becoming successful

How copying someone's work let me to become successful


I went to Design School, and I really struggled. Why? Because they talked about ‘concept’ and what I felt were other ‘wishy washy’ ideas.

I wanted concrete answers:  Numbers.  Facts.  How-to’s.

And the fact that I couldn’t get them drove me insane.

The truth is, I don’t really like getting messy in my head.

I like clarity. I like ONE answer. I like ‘right vs wrong’.

In one of my first classes at Design School I almost got kicked out. I just couldn’t understand the ‘conceptual’ idea, no matter how I tried.

So when someone found a homework example on the computers in the lab for us to copy, I totally jumped on board and did so.

I had no idea how to think for myself.  I was always looking for those step-by-step ‘how to’s’, so it made perfect sense for me to go ahead and copy it all down.

Of all the people to get caught out for ‘copying’ it was me! This was one of many MASSIVE lessons I learned in my 4 years at Design School.

And I’m so thankful today for that particular lesson.



You see, it turns out the reason I got caught was because the example I copied could not have been more ‘wrong’.  

That experience taught me the importance of doing my own work to get the results I desired, instead of assuming someone else is ‘getting it right’ and then going off and copying what they’re doing – only to wonder why it is not working.

My years as a designer and then an art director taught me, slowly but surely, to embrace this messy ‘creative process’ of finding my own answers.  And, over time, I learnt that being ‘comfortable with uncertainty’ was the key to finding the gold in creative work.

This is a skill I have honed over the years to create truly unique work, in my own voice.

First with multiple international awards in advertising and now in working for myself.


A recent new team member told me, “I wanted to work for you because I believe you are the most copied person on the internet right now. I didn’t want to work for those asking me to copy your work – I wanted to find out who you were and work directly for you.”

When she told me that, I wasn’t sure whether it was a compliment, but I can now see that being unique has also scored me an awesome team player!

For most of us it is very scary to get our hands dirty and play with ideas, because it means staying in the uncertainty of ‘not knowing’ the outcome (until we start to trust and really mine for that gold).

I take the ladies in my UPswing mastermind through this process to find their ideal target market and their own unique purposeful packages – and when I do this, resistance arises every time.

And just like I did, they slowly but surely learn to love the process.


I like to look at it like pottery making:

You start with a massive lump of clay and throw it at the pottery wheel.

It looks like nothing!

And you start getting your hands mucky – easing the clay in one direction and then another.

And it still looks like nothing!

Then you keep crafting it a bit more here;  a bit less here.

And it still looks like nothing.

But over time – slowly but surely – the pottery starts to take shape.

You might walk away overnight and then come back the next day and see it with fresh eyes and start tinkering away again.

And eventually, you’re looking at the finished 'truly unique' piece!


Think about it – a pot is never made in one hour - a painting is not painted in a day – and a great business idea is never ‘just there’ either.

This is the ‘hard work’ than most entrepreneurs/coaches are not willing to go through.


It’s why so many people are just copying other people’s work with no thought of their own.

They’re scared to go through the creative process. They forget that going through this process is what brings about ART.

It’s what sets some apart from the others and creates successful, heart-centred and authentic businesses.

And it’s what sets coaches who have really done their work apart from those who are copying programs they assume work, instead of creating something unique that their ideal clients actually want to buy.


In the comments, let me know how you are going to get messy and dig into your creativity to mine for your authentic gold to shape your business.  You might find that to get messy you enjoy music up loud, or working from a café? Maybe to edit you need to be in silence?

I was staying with a friend recently and she needed absolute silence to be creative, while I needed to head to the café for music and caffeine (yup – even though I’m an introvert, I’ve learnt this much about my creativity).  I’d love to hear from you in the comments where you like to create and do you have resistance to facing the creative process at times too?


How to schedule client calls quickly & easily (using Calendly)

How to schedule client calls quickly and easily


How did you get on with your One Thing last week?

I’ve heard some wonderful breakthrough stories from a couple of you who took action on last week's One Thing and posted your Canva image on Facebook to book Discovery Sessions with potential clients.

If you missed that mini-training, you can access it here >>

So following on with our Action April theme, this week’s One Thing is to set up an online scheduler so that clients interested in those Discovery Sessions can book a time to talk with you with ease.

One thing I have noticed through mentoring 100s of new health coaches is that sadly they can lose a potential client who has shown interest, purely because of the back and forth in setting up a good time that works for both parties to connect.

In this week’s Action April training, I guide you through setting up your online schedule using a free program called Calendly.

You are going to feel wonderfully empowered once you have set up this crucial step in your business!

Pour yourself a green juice and enjoy this week's training below!



Time to take action healthy lady! Complete this One Thing this week as we continue to build your business foundations together this April.

Then pop on over to my Facebook group Healthy Wealthy Society to share how you are getting on.

Amanda x



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How to Promote Discovery Sessions on Facebook (using Canva)

How to promote discovery session on Facebook

Wow, can you believe we are already one-third through 2016?!

How is your year tracking so far?

In January this year I made some massive changes in the way I work – heavily influenced by the book The One Thing, and also by one of my mentors Todd Herman and his ‘90 Day Year’ program. 

Summarized in one line (because everything is simplified now), I am choosing to focus on just ONE key project in my business per quarter.

I can’t tell you how liberating it has been putting big projects I had planned to this year do ‘on hold’ and saying ‘no’ to almost every interview request that has come my way in the last 90 days. (I used to spend so much internal energy procrastinating on whether to say yes to opportunities that came into my inbox each day, having a simple ‘not now’ answer this year has freed me up in ways I never expected) 

I have got SO MUCH done by getting up each day and knowing exactly my ONE thing to do – no more indecision or multi-tasking.  

I also feel sooooo calm since giving myself permission to take 90% of work off my plate. And I’ve had 2 energy healers I’ve known for years, tell me in the last few weeks that they’ve never seen my nervous system so settled (adrenal fatigue is something I have struggled with on/off for years). Focusing on just ONE thing has literally changed my health and my happiness.

And before you think that ‘doing less means I’m making less’ think again my friend. The first 6 weeks of this year alone were the most financially rewarding I’ve had in my business to date.

Being the beginning of April, I have just re-set my ONE THING for the next 90 days and have SO much energy knowing it is going to be complete by the end of June!

I wanted to share this method of working with you all this month, and so I have created Action April to give you ONE thing to take action on every week. Each week I will be sharing with you a step-by-step ‘How-to’ for your business. If you do nothing else but this ONE Action each week, by May you will have taken some massive steps forward. (who knows, if you like these, we might even keep going for 90 days….)

I’m going to make this super SIMPLE for you all – you don’t even need to come up with your ONE thing – I will email it to you each week and you just need to take action.

This weeks first Action is ‘How to promote discovery sessions on Facebook (using Canva)’ in the video below:



Put on your blinkers ladies. Stop looking around at the million things you 'could' be doing and bunker down to start promoting yourselves on Facebook this week. 

If you want to up the ante - double down and do this ONE thing of promoting yourself on Facebook each day!

Then pop on over to my Facebook group Healthy Wealthy Society to share how you are getting on.

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