How to Promote Discovery Sessions on Facebook (using Canva)

How to promote discovery session on Facebook

Wow, can you believe we are already one-third through 2016?!

How is your year tracking so far?

In January this year I made some massive changes in the way I work – heavily influenced by the book The One Thing, and also by one of my mentors Todd Herman and his ‘90 Day Year’ program. 

Summarized in one line (because everything is simplified now), I am choosing to focus on just ONE key project in my business per quarter.

I can’t tell you how liberating it has been putting big projects I had planned to this year do ‘on hold’ and saying ‘no’ to almost every interview request that has come my way in the last 90 days. (I used to spend so much internal energy procrastinating on whether to say yes to opportunities that came into my inbox each day, having a simple ‘not now’ answer this year has freed me up in ways I never expected) 

I have got SO MUCH done by getting up each day and knowing exactly my ONE thing to do – no more indecision or multi-tasking.  

I also feel sooooo calm since giving myself permission to take 90% of work off my plate. And I’ve had 2 energy healers I’ve known for years, tell me in the last few weeks that they’ve never seen my nervous system so settled (adrenal fatigue is something I have struggled with on/off for years). Focusing on just ONE thing has literally changed my health and my happiness.

And before you think that ‘doing less means I’m making less’ think again my friend. The first 6 weeks of this year alone were the most financially rewarding I’ve had in my business to date.

Being the beginning of April, I have just re-set my ONE THING for the next 90 days and have SO much energy knowing it is going to be complete by the end of June!

I wanted to share this method of working with you all this month, and so I have created Action April to give you ONE thing to take action on every week. Each week I will be sharing with you a step-by-step ‘How-to’ for your business. If you do nothing else but this ONE Action each week, by May you will have taken some massive steps forward. (who knows, if you like these, we might even keep going for 90 days….)

I’m going to make this super SIMPLE for you all – you don’t even need to come up with your ONE thing – I will email it to you each week and you just need to take action.

This weeks first Action is ‘How to promote discovery sessions on Facebook (using Canva)’ in the video below:



Put on your blinkers ladies. Stop looking around at the million things you 'could' be doing and bunker down to start promoting yourselves on Facebook this week. 

If you want to up the ante - double down and do this ONE thing of promoting yourself on Facebook each day!

Then pop on over to my Facebook group Healthy Wealthy Society to share how you are getting on.

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