New Year Intentions

It’s time to start your 2016 goals

Time to start your 2016 Goals


Ok, so to summarise the last couple of blogs – we breathed out and released 2015, we sat down to create our intentions for 2016, and now we can FOCUS on what our actual goals are going to be. 

You’ll need your notes from the last session – the 4 categories you wrote down in your journal. 

Go back to what was most important to you in those 4 categories in my previous blog post. 

1.  First check if these still feel your highest goals for the year. 

2.  Reword these into tangible outcomes – something you will be able to measure as ‘done’

3.  Only keep the top 5-10 goals which feel like MUSTS.  If it’s not a ‘Hell Yes’, then it’s a ‘No’.

4.  List out 10 action steps under each goal that you can take to achieve those goals.

5.  Schedule these in your diary

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Mitle had business goals for 2015 that also involved stepping into becoming the woman she wanted to be.  She discovered how embracing that will skyrocket your business in the best possible way.

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Let’s create your 2016 intentions

Lets create your 2016 intentions


How was your big breathe out? What’s bubbled up for you over the past few days? 

With 2015 gently released, it’s time to consider all parts of your life and create your intentions for 2016. 

Go grab your journal. You’ll also need a separate piece of paper. 

1. Under each of the following categories, add 3 goals you’d like to achieve – bonus points if the goals are aligned with how you’d like to FEEL. 

A.      Love and relationships 
B.      Career 
C.      Spiritual 
D.      Body

2. Choose just 1 word for each of category that sums up your heart’s deepest desire in that area of life. 

3. Now choose the ONE word out of all of them that sums it all up and write this on your piece of paper. 

4. Put this piece of paper somewhere special, next to some crystals perhaps, and light a tea light candle to place on top. 

5. ASK the universe for guidance. To see this through to its highest possibility. And TRUST it is being taken care of from here. 

Spend the next few days meditating on this desired outcome, feeling or goal – integrating into your body and soul that it is truly being taken care of.

I will be back in a few days to share with you how to start to set your strategic, actionable steps to reach your 2016 goals.

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In my Behind The Scenes of UPswing Mastermind video series I chat to Emma Polette who’s big goal for 2015 was to become a Health Coach, but her boss told her that she would never make consistent money from doing so, and really tried to ‘help’ her by not making a career mistake.

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Amanda x

P.S.  There are a number of interviews on this page all discussing different angles of the ups and downs of becoming a Health Coach. Check them out here>>