How to (FINALLY) Choose Your Target Market

How to finally choose your target market

Being able to identify your Target Market is one of the KEYS to building a successful Health Coaching business.

And it makes a world of difference to your sales when you truly know WHO you are talking to, and who you are creating your Health Coaching services for.

BUT this topic is often misunderstood (and maybe over-complicated!).  

So in this video I get suuuuper personal, sharing my own rollercoaster health journey, and an anxiety attack I had earlier this year — all to make the topic of target market a little clearer.

Watch it now to learn:

  • The KEY things you DO need to know about your target market… 🤓

  • On the flip side - what you DON’T need to know about your target market! (This is where I see a lot of people over-thinking, wasting time, and getting stuck…) 🤯

  • How to FINALLY feel confident choosing yours… 😍

  • Plus, have apeek behind the scenes of an UPswing Mastermind Coaching Call! 🤭



Amanda xx

PS: Be sure to download my free ‘Find Your Profitable Target Market’ workbook before you go, to get crystal clear on yours! Click the image below to grab your copy.


Are You Stuck in the Victim Loop? (+ practical steps to get out quick smart)

Are you stuck in the victim loop

We all do it.  

One day we’re sailing along happy-as-Larry, growing our businesses; the next, we are blaming someone or something for things not going our way.

We can fall into being a ‘victim’ without even realiSing we’re doing it!

And while we all do this from time to time, the key to staying out of ‘victim mode’ is to be aware we’re headed into the loop, see how quickly we can catch ourselves, and take action.

Recently, when I was in Austin, Texas at my mastermind, I experienced first-hand the beginnings of a spiral into the dreaded 'victim mode'.

After getting a personal invite, I had just joined this new mastermind program, and I had invested (big) to join. So, like any investment in business and ourselves, it was scary.

As the mastermind kicked off, I was not disappointed… (at first).

Let me explain.

The minute I joined the first day of the 6 day event, I was blown away. I was instantly taken to a new level of business understanding.

I learnt SO much on the first day alone, and within days I had filled books of ideas.

But, on day 4 something happened.

I had a chance to be in the hot-seat, where others were invited to support me with a personal problem, and I didn’t get the answers I was hoping for.

Is this post helpful? I created a free workbook to teach you actionable steps to move from Victim to Accountable! Click the button below to get it right now.



I slowly became irritable. I started questioning my investment. I started panicking because I hadn’t got the answers.

I started to ask, 'What was I supposed to do next?'

I even started to get angry at the event organisers; feeling that the support I had pictured wasn’t just wasn’t there.

I started to panic.

I didn’t like this irritation rising in me.  I felt shame at feeling spoilt or ungrateful, yet it was there, and I started to think more and more negative thoughts.

At this point I caught myself at a point (which I later learnt was the ‘choice point’ of the Victim Loop).

I knew this is not how I wanted to experience the event, and so before bed that night I pulled out my journal and started to let my emotions out on the page to see what was really going on.

Journalling is my go-to tool for letting go of emotions when I am not feeling ‘high-vibe’.

I journalled 3 pages, and by the end identified that the truth wasn’t the story I’d been carrying that day (I don’t know WHAT to do next in my biz) – heck, I’d just done 4 days of intense training, so I had plenty of ‘what–to-dos’!

The truth was, I didn’t know HOW.  And instead of seeing that, I had avoided it and gone into victim mode.

So I asked myself, “What do I need to move forward?”

Three things came to me:

  • I need to understand the steps it will take to implement the funnel I had come up with in previous days (I’m great at big ideas, but I don’t always understand HOW to do the technical pieces at first)

  • I need a copywriter who understands advanced sales funnels

  • I need someone on my team who can build that funnel

As soon as I got that clarity and broke the overwhelm down into steps (see my process for doing that here)...

I felt a massive sense of relief – and all of my agitation was gone in an instant.



Now, this is where the power of masterminds come into their greatest.

At breakfast the next morning, I ASKED the others in the group if anyone knew of a copywriter that understands advanced sales funnels, what I should be looking for in a funnel builder, and what the steps I needed to take to implement the funnel might be. 

Before we even started the mastermind for the day, I had answers for all 3 questions:

  • Someone had walked me right through the entire step-by-step process of implementing my ideas.

  • I had a copywriter introduction, and...

  • I had 2 offers of help to build out the funnel (or help me identify the tasks if I wanted to manage it myself).

While I'm not sure who came up with this Victim Loop framework - which was introduced to me by a friend later in the event AFTER I'd gone through that wobbly patch...

THIS is my interpretation of it: 




I had moved from 'victim mode' to being accountable... 


By taking the following steps: 

  1. Recognising that I wasn’t feeling high-vibe and choosing to explore it within myself (no more blaming others)

  2. Identifying what I needed in order to move forward

  3. ASKING!! I was blown away by how much people wanted to help when I knew what to ask for and wasn’t afraid to do so (no one can help us if we can’t ask for what we need – people are not mind readers – it is our responsibility to ASK)

Not only did I get so much clarity, but I enjoyed the remainder of the event even more than the start. I was so open to new ideas and being part of the supportive network of the mastermind.

Don't forget to download your free workbook on how to take actionable steps to move from Victim to Accountable! Click the button below to get it right now.



Had I stayed in victim mode, stuck in that loop, things might not have been so expansive for me and I highly likely would have cut myself off from receiving all of the greatness that was on offer for me.

now it's Your TURN:

Let me know in the comments if you have ever found yourself stuck in victim mode, caught up in that victim loop...

And let me know what strategies you used to move yourself up into accountability instead.  How did you move yourself forward in growing your business? What did you learn from that experience? Did you notice a pattern?


Amanda xx



How ‘copying’ someone’s work led to me becoming successful

How copying someone's work let me to become successful


I went to Design School, and I really struggled. Why? Because they talked about ‘concept’ and what I felt were other ‘wishy washy’ ideas.

I wanted concrete answers:  Numbers.  Facts.  How-to’s.

And the fact that I couldn’t get them drove me insane.

The truth is, I don’t really like getting messy in my head.

I like clarity. I like ONE answer. I like ‘right vs wrong’.

In one of my first classes at Design School I almost got kicked out. I just couldn’t understand the ‘conceptual’ idea, no matter how I tried.

So when someone found a homework example on the computers in the lab for us to copy, I totally jumped on board and did so.

I had no idea how to think for myself.  I was always looking for those step-by-step ‘how to’s’, so it made perfect sense for me to go ahead and copy it all down.

Of all the people to get caught out for ‘copying’ it was me! This was one of many MASSIVE lessons I learned in my 4 years at Design School.

And I’m so thankful today for that particular lesson.



You see, it turns out the reason I got caught was because the example I copied could not have been more ‘wrong’.  

That experience taught me the importance of doing my own work to get the results I desired, instead of assuming someone else is ‘getting it right’ and then going off and copying what they’re doing – only to wonder why it is not working.

My years as a designer and then an art director taught me, slowly but surely, to embrace this messy ‘creative process’ of finding my own answers.  And, over time, I learnt that being ‘comfortable with uncertainty’ was the key to finding the gold in creative work.

This is a skill I have honed over the years to create truly unique work, in my own voice.

First with multiple international awards in advertising and now in working for myself.


A recent new team member told me, “I wanted to work for you because I believe you are the most copied person on the internet right now. I didn’t want to work for those asking me to copy your work – I wanted to find out who you were and work directly for you.”

When she told me that, I wasn’t sure whether it was a compliment, but I can now see that being unique has also scored me an awesome team player!

For most of us it is very scary to get our hands dirty and play with ideas, because it means staying in the uncertainty of ‘not knowing’ the outcome (until we start to trust and really mine for that gold).

I take the ladies in my UPswing mastermind through this process to find their ideal target market and their own unique purposeful packages – and when I do this, resistance arises every time.

And just like I did, they slowly but surely learn to love the process.


I like to look at it like pottery making:

You start with a massive lump of clay and throw it at the pottery wheel.

It looks like nothing!

And you start getting your hands mucky – easing the clay in one direction and then another.

And it still looks like nothing!

Then you keep crafting it a bit more here;  a bit less here.

And it still looks like nothing.

But over time – slowly but surely – the pottery starts to take shape.

You might walk away overnight and then come back the next day and see it with fresh eyes and start tinkering away again.

And eventually, you’re looking at the finished 'truly unique' piece!


Think about it – a pot is never made in one hour - a painting is not painted in a day – and a great business idea is never ‘just there’ either.

This is the ‘hard work’ than most entrepreneurs/coaches are not willing to go through.


It’s why so many people are just copying other people’s work with no thought of their own.

They’re scared to go through the creative process. They forget that going through this process is what brings about ART.

It’s what sets some apart from the others and creates successful, heart-centred and authentic businesses.

And it’s what sets coaches who have really done their work apart from those who are copying programs they assume work, instead of creating something unique that their ideal clients actually want to buy.


In the comments, let me know how you are going to get messy and dig into your creativity to mine for your authentic gold to shape your business.  You might find that to get messy you enjoy music up loud, or working from a café? Maybe to edit you need to be in silence?

I was staying with a friend recently and she needed absolute silence to be creative, while I needed to head to the café for music and caffeine (yup – even though I’m an introvert, I’ve learnt this much about my creativity).  I’d love to hear from you in the comments where you like to create and do you have resistance to facing the creative process at times too?


Million Dollar Businesses + Money Mindset Lessons (with Denise Duffield-Thomas)

Million Dollar Businesses


Last week I spent a couple of days with some of Australia’s top entrepreneurs discussing business and leadership.

As on online business owner, it was so lovely to spend time with many of my biz buddies in person - the highlight definitely being the evening luxury yacht cruise around Sydney harbour.



Today I’d love to introduce you to one of those entrepreneurial buddies Denise Duffield-Thomas who has been both a friend and 'unofficial mentor' to me in growing my business.

Denise is a money mindset mentor for a new wave of online female entrepreneurs. Her best-selling books “Lucky Bitch” and “Get Rich, Lucky Bitch” give a fresh and funny road-map to create an outrageously successful life and business.

Denise helps women release their fear of money, set premium prices for their services and take back control over their finances.

Denise is an award winning speaker, author and entrepreneur who helps women transform their Economy-Class money mindset into a First-Class life. 

With an introduction like that, this is one interview that you do not want to miss!



Pour yourself a green juice and get ready to blast through your money blocks (and learn a lot about running a successful online business in the process).

Click here to watch our interview >>

Amanda x

Link to Denise's Money Bootcamp


Is it your destiny to impact millions + change the world?

Is it Your Destiny to impact Millions and Change the World


You know those entrepreneurs everyone seems to be talking about? The ones who get mentioned in “Top 10” or “People to Watch” lists?

Who get interviewed on multiple podcasts (or they launch their own podcast and land on the New & Noteworthy list)?

Who get quoted in magazines, sell out their premium group programs, write bestselling books, and talk on big stages?

Sometimes you see these entrepreneurs, and you think, “How did they do it?”

Other times, you can’t help but think, “When is it going to be MY turn?”

The answer, is this –

They’ve figured out how to generate publicity and industry buzz.

The fact that you see them everywhere isn’t an accident.

It’s because they’ve carefully and strategically pursued opportunities that position them as top leaders in their industry.

Now your question has probably changed to, “How can I create buzz about MY work?”

The good news is, my friend Selena Soo, a brilliant publicity + business strategist, wants to help you with this.



Selena’s been endorsed by industry leaders like Marie Forleo, Danielle LaPorte, and Lewis Howes. She’s helped clients & colleagues land media appearances in Oprah Magazine,,, FOX, and more.

And she has just opened the doors to a brand-new program, where she’s pulling back the curtains on how to get the visibility opportunities you’ve always dreamed of.

It’s called…

IMPACTING MILLIONS: Reach more people. Change the world.

Today I am super excited to celebrate the launch of IMPACTING MILLIONS. Selena and I have been biz friends for years and although she has been part of my UPswing Mastermind program for a while, this interview is the first time we’ve hung out together online like this. I can't wait for your to watch this interview....

Pour yourself a cuppa, get comfy and enjoy the video below - together we're dishing out our insider tips on how to get visibility even as a Brand New health Coach! (We've never shared this together before)



IMPACTING MILLIONS is a 90-day online course where Selena teaches you how to connect with the media and land high-exposure opportunities.

You will learn how to get featured, published, and interviewed (so you can ultimately reach more people and impact more lives).

I respect Selena's work so much that I have joined Impacting Millions myself - in fact this course was designed for beginners just like you - but has attracted some of the industries top names to join already. This means you'll be short-cutting your way to an elite peer group and MASSIVE opportunities to leap from your business along the way.

And as a valued member of my community, if you choose to join Impacting Millions via the link below, you will get a BONUS 'PR for Health Coaches' group call with me where I'll be walking you through, step-by-step to how I got HEAPS of media attention in my first year as a Health Coach. 

Get all the details right here >> 


Pam Quit Her Second Job, Went on Vacation & Doubled her Income

Pam quit her second job


Pam is a weight loss coach for women in corporate jobs who are busy and tired, and more than likely have adrenal fatigue without knowing it. Pam works with them to break the diet cycle: “Most have tried every other diet out there, and I want to teach them how to break the diet cycle and just eat real food,” she says.

Pam was already working in her own Health Coaching practice when she joined the Upswing Mastermind program. She was consulting on the side, and had a few clients on monthly retainers. She’d been coaching for just over a year and a half.

“Business was consistent”, tells Pam. “But it wasn’t really growing. I was terrible with marketing. I had a background in corporate sales and it was easy to sell something else, but to sell myself was a challenge. It was terrifying.”


1. Learning to be more confident

“I’d hear someone talking about nutrition in the office and think, ‘I can help you.’ But I didn’t’ know what to say. I was scared to speak up.”

2. Having a system and a marketing plan

“I felt like I had a plan,” says Pam. “I’d fall back onto my corporate job and think, ‘The systems all make sense, I just have to do this for myself’.  But then, I’d go out there once and then back away and not do anything about it. The Mastermind program had a structure and had everything laid out.”

3. Being part of a support group

 “I did one-on-one coaching [before the Mastermind]. I didn’t’ know what I didn’t know. She was there to help if I had a question, but I didn’t know what to ask. In the Mastermind I liked having other people to talk to about the same situations.”

4. Moving to purposeful packages

“It’s been more impactful working with people with a package – saying this is what we’re going to get done in the time period. My retainer clients weren’t focused on achieving anything in particular; they were just kinda chugging along month to month. 

I feel more calm now, too. With clients on a monthly retainer, I didn’t’ know when someone was going to cancel. And before I moved to packages, November and December were slow months. Now, I know I’m set for those months.”


After a short while in the Mastermind program Pam decided to quit her consulting job because she didn’t feel it was what she wanted to do anymore. “I gave myself a goal of $4k that month,” she says.

“I went on vacation for a week. I kept repeated the mantra I had set up with Amanda. I looked at it every day.

When I came back from vacation I was still $2k short, and then in the last week of the month I signed up two new clients on packages and made my goal! I doubled my income purely from Health Coaching.”

Pam wasn’t slaving away the whole month, but following the structure and plan of the Mastermind and doing the wealth consciousness work (which is another layer of the Mastermind program) is what got her the results she set out to achieve.

And of course, this is just a snapshot of Pam's business as a Health Coach.


You have to value coaching in order to be a great coach

You Have Value Coaching


I believe that in order to be a great coach, you have to value coaching. Joining a coaching mastermind is, in my opinion, the best thing a new health coach can do for themselves and their business. This means investing in yourself.

Investing in yourself can be one of the most difficult decisions to make when new health coaches are considering growing their coaching business. 

Truth - it can be scary!

Yet when you think about it logically, how can you ever expect your potential clients to value investing in coaching, if you as the coach don't value it highly in your own life first?


I caught up with Shaina when she’d just completed my 6 month UPswing Mastermind program and we got chatting about just that.

Let me set the scene: Shaina is a gifted personal trainer, dance teacher and fitness instructor who wanted to grow her business so that she could have more time and money for her family.

My issue was no money to join the program,” says Shaina. 

At the time of joining, Shaina was charging $30 a session as a trainer. It’s hard to justify spending thousands on a program when there is not much money coming in to begin with. Well, that’s the logic we naturally apply to a situation like this.


Before I signed up, Amanda gave me a bit of advanced coaching to say ‘go out there and do this’,” continues Shaina. “I knew I had to get some clients before I even started the Mastermind!"

After I picked up my first client it gave me confidence to get more clients to pay for the program. Then, when I knew I could get clients, I felt confident enough to ask to borrow for the first payment, and ever since I’ve been getting clients in order to pay for myself."

Shaina’s story is not uncommon. It is a large story around money itself. It’s the fear that new coaches have to overcome - around investing in the program - that ironically propels them forward.

It was a leap of faith,” agrees Shaina. “I had feelings of knowing the program was for me, and the fear of money, and knowing if I told my husband how much it was going to cost he would say I’m crazy."

I had to overcome that fear and take the leap of faith, knowing that I was going to go where I couldn’t go on my own [in my business] and that the UPswing Mastermind was what I needed in order to get there.”

From charging $30 a session, and a couple of weeks into the UPswing Mastermind program, Shaina started upping her price to $500 for the next clients. “Then 2 weeks later again, I jumped to $1000 for my 3 month program, and it’s gotten better and better."

5 or 6 weeks into the Mastermind I sold a $4000 package for a 6 month program, following the formula of knowing how to get clients."


There is a money block that pops up for coaches who start to make big money called, New Level, New Devil. It’s that feeling of, ‘Who am I to be making this money? Who is this superstar clicking her fingers and making all this money?’

Shaina continues: “The next few months after I’d had great success things went backwards and I was kind of lost and my confidence dropped. It took a couple of months of work to get back to where I was, to get that belief system back up.” 

Everyone has their own fears and money blocks; those things that are going to hold us back. But with the tools and the mindset work provided in the UPswing Mastermind Shaina was able to command really great income again when all these new mindset changes came in.


I got myself back in the game,” says Shaina. “You start to remember why you’re doing it; that you’re doing it for everyone else, and then the flow begins and the money comes to you. Last weekend I made $5.5k selling a one on one program.” 

Personally, I always have a mentor on my team and I am always in a mastermind (ideal for me is a mastermind with access to a mentor within it). As coaches we will always need a coach of our won if we are committed to growth, expansion and excellence in our businesses. I really don't think it is possible to build a great coaching business alone.


Investing in yourself is a big decision, but it is outweighed by how much money you can generate with a structured program that gives you the tools to go out and get clients. The personal development and money mindset coaching plays a big part in helping coaches to see a return on their investment. When you decide to invest in yourself everything around you opens up. And as a coach, it is imperative that we receive our own coaching support as we continue to grow and evolve.


To be the best, you have to learn from the best

To be the best you have to learn from the best


Ash was half way through her IIN training when she joined UPswing Mastermind. She had left her corporate job 6 months before to purely focus on coaching.

I had been following Amanda for some time and one day I got an email about a webinar training happening that day. I felt such a pull to join the webinar. An hour into the webinar, I said, ‘I’m absolutely signing up for this [Mastermind]. It’s definitely the next step I need to take.’”

I was surviving solely on redundancy money and I still had 6 months to go at IIN, but was looking for the next step,” says Ash.  “I am the biggest advocate for continual learning; for always having a mentor and taking things to the next step."

The main thing I remember thinking at the time was, ‘If I don’t do this what am I going to do?’ I wanted to be pushed further.


For me personally I have always committed to excellence in my business, and part of that standard includes ensuring that I am always learning from the best mentors I can find, to pass that on to my clients.

This year I am working with someone I believe to be one of the best in the world in online marketing, and only a few weeks of being mentored by him I have grown leaps and bounds already - with the ripple effect already showing in my clients results too.

And I believe that I attract clients who are also committed to excellence. As coaches we tend to attract (and enjoy working with) like-minded people.

You just don’t know what you don’t know don’t know when starting out” says Ash. “I knew I couldn’t do it on my own."

For example: I don’t have a marketing background. I would just be going off what made sense, but there are so many ideas that are taught in the Mastermind. I couldn’t come up with them on my own."

I may have only gone down online [marketing] – fallen into the trap of ‘build my site and clients would come’.  What I’ve learnt from the formulas we’ve received in the Mastermind is incredible!”

When we’re starting or growing a coaching business we see pretty websites and hot looking Facebook ads, and we can easily fall into the trap that if you copy what that person is doing you’ll have success. 

But you don’t know what success they’re getting. You have no way of telling how well their Facebook ads are performing, or how many clients they are signing up from their website. 

You need to UNDERSTAND what you’re putting out there, not just copying it. It’s about how you’re speaking to people - what you’re saying - instead of emulating what someone else is doing. And it’s through having a mentor who’s at the top of their game give you the tools that you get REAL success.

I wouldn’t have known where to find that information,” says Ash. “The script books, email script books, ways to get clients – different ways you may not have thought were possible."

I possibly would have given up because I would have been wondering why it wasn’t happening.” 

Ash is someone who’s always known that understanding and being clear of where you want to be with your business is important. 

For me, I want the 6 figure business doing Health Coaching, so I need to do stuff to get me there,” she says.

“I don’t have the knowledge and the skills to get me there. For me it was about finding the best in the field and being trained by them. Finding somebody who has done it and being trained by them. To be trained by the best person I can find. Immerse myself in it."

UPswing Mastermind has blown me away. It has to be something you feel ready for. It’s a huge commitment, and you get out what you put into it. I remember thinking from day one that this was money well spent.”

It means the world to me to see my clients getting amazing results from my training - at the end of the day it is the impact we are having on others that is the real value in our work. In this way I feel so uber wealthy!


Finding the best in the field to learn from is one of the most important steps you can take when starting or growing a coaching business. The best became the best by going through exactly what every new coach goes through and by making a success of themselves and then sharing all they know so that others can have that same success.


What I learnt from Oprah

What i learnt from Oprah


I took Natasha my assistant to Oprah Winfrey here in Sydney in December.

WOW – now Oprah is one BIG inspiration!!

What an honour to see her in person.

Watching Oprah share her life story, she reminded me of the truth that greatness happens to those who are the most unlikely candidates.

Like you and me, Oprah was not born into wealth or fame.

Instead, she learnt from an early age to listen to the whispers from the Universe. The little messages or signs that are guiding us all every single day – guiding us to the path we are born to follow.


Oprah shared one thing she knows for sure:

You are here for a reason. You are here, on earth, with a PURPOSE.   

And the Universe sends you signs – all the time!   

This has been my experience over the last 10 years in my life also…  

At first I didn’t trust the signs, the whispers. And yet slowly but surely, I not only started to notice them, but started to follow them.  

I started to TRUST, and wow did life unfold beyond what I could have ever imagined.  

If you have been following along with these emails, wondering if UPswing Mastermind is right for you, then I invite you to listen to that whisper.  

You are here for a purpose, and only YOU can choose to follow the gentle ‘nudges’ that are guiding you all the time.  

We begin in just a few days, so NOW is the time to take action.  

There is absolutely no obligation when you apply.


I’ve been hearing from many of you that you would LOVE to join the UPswing Mastermind but do not have the money for the investment.

I have been thinking about this and truly want to support as many of you as I can who KNOW that this work is their purpose.

And so for just 48 hours ONLY I have opened a low-cost, 12-month Special Payment Plan.

You can now join UPswing Mastermind from just $565!

I’ve never offered this before, and it is strictly for 48 hours only.

So if this happens to be the sign you have been waiting for – jump on it right away – I only have limited spots left to discuss the opportunity!

So if something is calling to you about this program, I highly encourage you to trust your intuition and fill out an application, and we’ll jump on a call in the next couple of days to discover if the program is a fit for you.  

Learn more & apply now (limited spots left!)>>  

I look forward to supporting you to create a life and biz beyond your wildest dreams.    

Here’s what a few of our past participants have to say about the UPswing Mastermind...   

“[Before working with Amanda] I was scared to put myself out there. Now I’m getting consistency with new clients, which feels great. In the 3 months I have been in the Mastermind I have doubled my revenue compared to the 3 months prior. And I have to say I'm thrilled!”

— Emma Polette, Australia

“Within weeks of joining the mastermind, I went from giving away my services for free to enrolling 20 paying clients in my online detox program. Within a month I signed my first one-on-one client.   

Paying clients aside, the biggest win for me is in the belief I now have in myself as a coach. I have officially left my previous career, knowing that I can earn consistent income as a coach. I don’t think I would have done any of that without this program!”

— Cara Rice, Canada

“I want to tell you that your Mastermind program is seriously awesome – the value is fantastic. I'm getting more out of this program than I did last year working 1:1 with a business coach – at a fraction of the cost. The community is insanely supportive and I've really connected with the other Mastermind members. Thanks again for everything you do – it is seriously a gift.”

— June Melia, USA

>> Apply Now <<


Are YOU my next Success Story?

Are you my next success story


By now you would no doubt know that the doors to the UPswing Mastermind are open for application.

If you're a Health Coach wanting to turn your hobby into a thriving business, then this is where you want to be.

So what is UPswing Mastermind all about?

6 months of powerful business training, coaching, group accountability, networking and support… designed to help you step into the successful, feminine businesswoman you know you are capable of being – while changing more lives than ever before.

This step-by-step curriculum was designed exclusively for Health Coaches, guiding you through exactly what it takes to get consistent clients and build a thriving Health Coaching business.

But don’t just take my word for it!

Dozens of women from around the world have gone through this program, and their powerful stories speak for themselves…

Click here to get a sneak peek at some of their INSPIRING stories >>



Good stuff, right?

Here’s the thing: I want YOUR Success Story to be on this page at this time next year…

I am 100% committed to getting you results, but it’s up to you to take the first step.

Is 2016 your year to finally leave your corporate job, have the freedom to travel or spend more time at home with your kids?

You've dreamt about it and talked about it... Now it's time to UPswing and do it!

Applications are open now for a limited time. Don't miss out.

I'd love to see you in our group!  

Amanda x