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Nail Your Niche: The Definitive Guide To Finding Your Target Market For Health Coaches + Wellpreneurs

Hey healthy ladies!

In this deep-dive blog post I’m going to walk you through EXACTLY what to do to get crystal clear on your target market as a new health coach.

So, let me walk you through my step-by-step process for doing just that!

INTRODUCTION: Why do I need a target market?

Businesses that don’t have a clear target market often have trouble attracting and converting clients; take longer to be seen as leaders in their field; and struggle to grow their email lists and income.

Here’s what knowing your target market can do for you:

  • Get higher engagement and create raving fans of your work

  • Build your authority, expert status and credibility

  • Help you grow your audience of ideal clients and prospects

  • Positively impact more people’s lives, and in bigger more impactful ways

  • Give you confidence and clarity in your coaching and content

Yes. ALL of that. Kind of amazing, right?! 😉

That is why target market is (in my eyes) the #1 KEY in business.

You simply MUST know who you are talking to in your communications and in your marketing. If you try to speak to everybody, you are speaking to nobody.

The more you understand and speak directly to your ideal client, the deeper the connection and trust that will develop naturally between you and them. (Which is important, because people buy from those they know, like and trust.)

However, many new health coaches struggle with this key piece.

So, to help you all out, I’ve put together this ULTIMATE guide to help you get clear on your target market — so that you can start attracting new clients as soon as possible!

✨ Some of these steps are simple.
✨ Some of these steps are straight up FUN.
✨Some of these steps require a little more time, thought and reflection.

But they will all provide you with the clarity you’re looking for.

What is target market, EXACTLY?

Target market is essentially: “Who would you most love to work with in your coaching business? Who are you meant to serve?”  

(Other words that describe the same thing are ‘niche’ and ‘ideal client’.)

Understand that your target market will evolve!

You need to choose a target market for ‘right now’ to be able to start building your business.  

Then the more clients you work with, and the more you build your business, the more clarity you will get!  You may find: ‘Oh I see more of THIS type of person coming to me for help’... or ‘THIS is the topic I’m enjoying coaching on the most’.  

And that is completely fine!

In fact, it is exactly how it is supposed to unfold.  

You will always be refining your target market… getting to know your ideal client better… honing your niche and your zone of genius… alllll the way through your coaching career!

But the most important thing is to choose one for NOW and get in the game. 🙂

People often panic when having to choose a target market, because they worry they will be excluding other groups.  

Well, the beauty of target market is that you can speak to one person - one specific target market - and trust that whoever shows up is probably perfect anyway.

After all, they have been attracted to working with you for some reason, and will be resonating with your message, your energy, your marketing, or your program.

Now that you understand what target market it, that it’s always evolving, and why it’s important, let’s start figuring out yours, shall we? 


1. Uncover the clues to your target market that lie in your past

People can REALLY overthink target market. So at this point I would like to ask you a question that will make it super simple:  

“What if your life has already set you up for who you are meant to serve?”

Because the truth is, your past usually holds the biggest clues to your target market. I really believe that everybody has been called to be a coach for a reason.  And everything in your life to date has been perfectly designed for this moment where you’re ready to become coach.

Your passions and your life so far hold the clues to who you’re meant to serve.

We’ve all lived unique lives, and very often teach what we need to learn, or what we’ve already learned.  

2. Create a Timeline of Your Life

Pull out your paper and pen again. Let’s see if there’s any truth in the idea that your life might have been setting you up to serve others in a specific way.

I want you to start thinking about the major, obvious lessons you’ve learned in your life.

Just start mapping these out. You might want to write them on a page; you literally might want to write them on a timeline. You could even number the years, if you like. Whatever age you are now, or 0 to 10, 10 to 20, or 20 to 30.

Along this timeline, start jotting down a whole lot of thoughts.  

Let’s start with your childhood…

  • What was your family dynamic growing up?

  • What was your health like? Were you healthy? Were you unhealthy? What kind of foods did you eat? What kind of lifestyle?

  • What kind of family did you grow up in? What were the relationships? Who were your parents? Did you grow up with foster parents, grandparents? What were they like? What was the family like?

  • What challenges did you face as a child?

Now start to fill up certain areas on your timeline beyond childhood now…

  • What were your biggest failures or frustrations in life? What were the hardest times?

  • Were there family issues – either your own or your parents’ - with marriage or divorce or death or birth?

  • What about friendships or colleagues? Anything great that stands out? Anything painful that stands out?

  • Have you travelled anywhere? Pop in your travels on your timeline, and any big things that come to you about those travel times – travel is always such a teacher.

Now let’s look at your wins:

  • What are the big wins in your life, or big successes? What are you most proud of?

  • You can come back and fill this in in even more detail, and fill in 10 things you’re really proud of.

  • Are there some celebrations in life that stand out — or are there some things that never did get celebrated, which perhaps you should have celebrated?

  • Write down some things you could have celebrated, or would have loved to have been celebrated – or even acknowledged – for.

Now let’s think about “support”:

  • In what areas have you supported others in this timeline?

  • When have others come to you for advice?

  • When have others seeked support from you?

  • And what about the other way round? When have you needed support for others? When have you sought guidance from others? When have you needed advice or needed to lean on someone else to get through a hard time?

Now bring you into today – at the end of the timeline:

  • Where do you live? What do you love about where you live? Are there any frustrations about where you live?

  • Are there any current lessons you’re going through or recent lessons you’ve been through?

  • What are some truths in your life you now know for sure because of what you’ve through? What makes you so unique because of this journey you’ve been through?

  • Are there areas in your life that people always relate to you on or always ask you about? Are there things that you feel in your life are normal — or things you feel are abnormal?

Take some time, once you’ve finished reading this blog post, to really build out this picture BIG…  and acknowledge to yourself how your life has set you up for a special set of skills that no other coach could ever have. 😉

3. Take “Visual Snapshots” along this timeline…

Next, from this big timeline of your life, we’re going to do a fun but powerful visualisation exercise designed to give you even more clarity on your target market.

It’s called a “snapshot” visualisation exercise.  

So as you take in everything on that timeline, soak up what an amazing, full, unique life you’ve had. All the things you’ve overcome, all the things you’ve done in your life…  your power, your strength, and your human weaknesses too.

Then I want you to bring into mind the area that you feel called to coach on.  Whether its weight loss, body image, digestive issues, gut health, romantic relationships...  

You don’t need to have a perfect answer at this stage.

Now I want you to scan from the beginning of that timeline — from when you were young — right up till now, and take a visual “snapshot” of the circumstances along that timeline where you were dealing with issues that you’d like to coach on.  

So let’s say, for example, weight loss…  

You scan through the timeline, and see maybe at 4 years old you remember your mum telling you something about weight. And then you remember as a teenager struggling with an eating disorder, for example. In your 20’s you remember trying a whole lot of juice cleanses.

Just go along the timeline and take some “snapshots” of anything that’s relevant to the area you want to coach on. Mark them on your timeline.

And when you’ve done that, I now want you to take some more specific snapshots around this area that you’d like to coach on.

I want you to put some markers on your timeline, and take some visual “snapshots” at these exact times…

First of all go back 6 months ago and just take a snapshot and see if there’s anything going on for you in your life at that time around this issue (whatever it is you’re wanting to coach on).

Then go back one year ago and take a snapshot there. Just take a still shot of what was going on for you in your life at that time around that issue.

Now scan back and take a photo around the 2 to 5 year mark. Was there anything major or significant going on for you at that stage around that issue; around the area you’d like to coach on?

And then go right back 5 to 10 years ago and just check – were there any significant moments there that would be good to take a snapshot of around this area?

4. Get clear on your pain-points and desires at those times...

Choose 1, 2 or 3 snapshots from that timeline that really stand out to you as pivotal times in your life.  And then jot down a few answers around those times using the following prompts.

During those pivotal times in your life: What were you struggling with?

Write a little bit specifically about your story, around your health, or whatever area you’d like to coach on. What was going on for you at that particular time that stands out for you?

Just write a few little notes to jog your memory so you’ve got it. What were you struggling with? What were you focusing on or obsessing over?

These are the PAIN-POINTS of your target market.

(This is going to be SO useful in your business, as it can get you into the mind of your target market, which will be invaluable when creating your coaching package).

I want you to write what was the biggest struggle at that stage.

And then reflect on:

  • What were you looking for?

  • What would you have loved to be free from?

  • What would you have loved to find an answer to?

These are the DESIRES of your target market.

Whether or not you did find them, or in hindsight it’s more a case of: ‘I wish I could have found this product or service, that would have been so helpful!!’ - think about what you have loved to have bought if it could have solved the problem you were struggling with.  

And consider whether - IF you could have found a solution to what you were actually in pain on:

  • What would you have been willing to pay for if it made your pain go away?

  • What services would you have loved to buy if they would solve your problem?

You may want to repeat that if you had more than one area on your timeline that really stood out.   

5. Which version of you is your target market?

Your target market is most likely a YOU at a different stage in your life — someone who is where you once were, whether it’s 6 months ago, two years ago, 10 years ago.

I have certainly been the target market of both my first AND second coaching businesses!

That is why I can speak to them in a way that connects and resonates so deeply.

I have been in their shoes, and faced the same challenges and struggles. I know them, because I WAS them. And I’m passionate about these topics I coach on, because they interest me! 💗 

So, if you could choose ONE time from your timeline when you felt maybe that could be your target market, I want you to go deeper and think:  “Could I actually help that person?”

Be honest. If you can’t, you can’t.

But have a think about that person. And then give her a name. Make her REAL.  Maybe it’s helpful for you to realise that it’s probably someone out there called, say Shailene, who’s also struggling with this issue, just like you were.

I want you to identify with her, feel for her, and let your heart go out to her.

Can you help her heal?

For many of us, our target market isn’t some abstract person. Our target market is in fact a version of US.  For 90% of people, this is the truth.


I want to wrap up this blog post by reminding you that target market doesn’t drop in overnight.   It’s a little bit of “chicken and egg” situation - the more you work with people, the more clear your target market will become.  

But you DO need to choose a target market for “right now.”  One to get started with.

People often sit on the sidelines because they don’t know their target market — and target market is only really going to come 100% CLEAR once you put yourself out there and start coaching.

So we really want you to take imperfect action and be willing to explore some options.

Even if it doesn’t yet feel ‘perfect’, decide on ONE ideal client that you think at this stage you would like to work with — so you can move forwards with that one and see how it flows.  From there you can refine, and fine-tune your target market.

That is how it is supposed to work.

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Any questions? Ask away in the comments…

Amanda xx

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How much can you charge as a Health Coach?

How much to charge as a Health Coach

Maybe not what you thought…

Been pulling your hair out on what to charge as a Health Coach? There’s no one black-and-white answer on what to charge, so I’m not surprised if you are feeling confused.

When I first started out as a health coach I had no idea what to charge. I see this as one of the biggest stressors of the new Health Coaches I mentor today.

Most health coaching schools don’t teach how to price your packages.

And one of the biggest traps we can fall into is comparing our services to doctors, naturopaths or nutritionists and feeling we must charge ‘in accordance with their rules’.

Arrg – just typing that made me feel so constricted!

I’m not really one for ‘rules’.

The truth is, as a Health Coach, what you charge is completely up to you!

But there is one secret:

Coaches do not charge by the hour – they charge for the outcome.

You can charge as much as someone VALUES your service. (and it must start with how much YOU value your service first)

How much would you value being privately mentored by someone who has achieved the result you desire?

How much would it be worth to finally get the desired outcome you have dreamt of?

Are you enjoying this post? I created a free worksheet to show you how much you can charge as a health coach. Click the button below to get it now!



If a woman comes to you wanting to lose a dress size by her wedding, you are not selling your time – you are selling her the OUTCOME. She doesn’t care if you offer her 30 minute sessions or 60 minute sessions, she doesn’t care if you see her weekly or bi-weekly.

She only cares that she looks great in that dress.

She cares about the OUTCOME.

And that outcome is hugely valuable to her.


Now caveat here: Selling ‘outcomes’ does not make you as the coach responsible for the clients result. You are responsible for providing the tools, the resources and the accountability for them to reach their goals.

But you can not be there at 2am if they wander into the kitchen and pull out a tub of ice-cream… And the client knows that.

So drop the fear of ‘what if the client doesn’t take action’ and instead focus on what is HUGELY valuable that you have to offer her.

Take out a piece of paper and pen right now and journal on the following questions:

  • What am I offering that can have massive results in a client’s life?

  • What skills and strengths do I offer that are of massive value to someone struggling in this area?

  • How would having me by her side during this journey be of value?

  • What would it be worth to my client if they go these results? How would their life change for the better?

  • How would their life look in 6-12 months if they do not take action?

  • What would this result save them in other expenses?

Getting really clear on the result you are offering and the value of this solution is the key to knowing what to charge.

Your experience is what they are buying, and your ability to help them get to their desired outcome via shortcut of your learning’s instead of taking years to work it out by themselves. (that in itself is a massive saving)

Time is THE most valuable thing we have, so if you can offer someone a shortcut… a time-saver… then you are offering massive VALUE.

But what you can charge as a Health Coach actually starts within.

Money is value – so to charge a higher rate you need to first value yourself and your services, then believe that others value them too.

The trick to staying in integrity with your pricing is to always know that you are giving MORE VALUE than the price tag you attach.

Now I’m not advocating charging sky-high rates in your early days as a Health Coach.  Start at a price-point that you KNOW you are giving massive value at without any question.

The quicker you get yourself in the game and start coaching, the quicker your confidence will grow along with your confidence to charge higher rates.

I am an advocate for charging where you are truly at ‘energetically’.

When my Health Coaching business first started thriving I was charging around $300 a month.

Mentors and coaches started telling me to ‘double your rates’.

Don't forget to download your free worksheet to show you how much you can charge as a health coach. Click the button below to get it now!


I doubted this… “No-one will pay  that much” “I’m not worth that much” “I’m too new to charge that much”…

Yet at the same time a number of people started asking about coaching who I knew made great money and I took this as a sign to up my rates.

I upped my rates to $500 a month….

And my business nose-dived!

Why? Because I didn’t truly value myself and my services at that level yet.

So I went back to charging $300 a month and business took off again.

Then a few months later I accidentally quoted $350 a month, and a month later again I accidentally quoted $375 a month – and clients kept flowing in naturally.

I was naturally lifting my prices to my TRUE ALIGNMENT.

So as a health coach you can offer good money for your 1:1 coaching services and there is no ceiling in what you charge.

As long as you keep offering more value than the price amount you receive, you keep coaching to build confidence over time and you keep blasting your own money blocks from within, then you will be able to keep lifting your rates.

And as a Health Coach, once your 1:1 coaching is thriving, you can also start to add other passive income streams to your collateral such as ebooks, online programs, detox packages, workshops and speaking gigs.

As a Health Coach there are many ways you can make great money!

My golden rule is that as long as you are always offering massive VALUE to your clients, then great VALUE will come flowing back to you.

I believe that Health Coaching is set to have a MASSIVE impact on society in coming years. The world is slowly but surely waking up to the impact that our diet and lifestyle are having.

When you are giving such tremendous value to those in such need (which let’s be honest, is most of society) you will indeed be rewarded in return with great value financially.


NOW is the time for you to get in the game, even if that means working for free to build your confidence to start with – there is no rush to make your first million this year – but if you are called to get the message of health out to the world then I urge you to start building your confidence, as your leadership is going to be needed massively in coming years.

Amanda xx


First Impressions Do Count! (Especially In Person)

First impressions do count

I was reading Lisa Messenger's latest book on the weekend and something she spoke of in there really resonated with me.

She spoke about the power of meeting someone in person.  How meeting someone in person can inspire you so much more when you realise they are REAL!

This is the power behind a strong personal brand - not just how you show up and present yourself online - but in real life.

In today's online world it is easy to create a brand and it's impression via graphics, photos and a website.

But the strongest impression of all is made when you meet someone in person.

This is one of the key reasons I teach how to get clients 'in-person' (as well as online) as a new Health Coach in my UPswing Mastermind program.

Meeting someone in person can increase the 'know, like and trust' factors of why someone will by from you tenfold - but of course that meeting must leave a positive impression.

First impressions really do count although often when you meet someone new, you don’t necessarily know if that person could be highly valuable to you and your business!

Always make sure you’re prepared to meet the next person who’s going to make a difference to your success (it adds an extra spring to your step knowing you are showing up as your best) and avoid the first impression killers below.

1. Wearing sunglasses.
The eyes are the gateway to who you are as they illustrate your confidence, sincerity and interest in the person you’re meeting. Even if the sun is blaring into your eyes, take them off when you’re meeting someone new, even if they left theirs on.

2. Dress to impress!
If your appearance looks like you don’t care about your presentation, prospective customers may assume you have the same lacklustre approach to your service.

3. Get a grip – literally.
Have you ever experienced a limp handshake? You can tell a lot by a person based on their handshake - soft equals weak, firm equals strong. Which are you?

4. Name dropping?
It makes you look like you’re overcompensating, which you probably are. Practice some humility, which will get you a lot further in both the short and long terms.

5. Put your phone away.
If you can’t put your phone away while you talking with someone, it’s clear that you have absolutely no interest in them. Show some respect and focus on the person you’re speaking with and treat them like they’re the most important person in your life at that moment.

Do you have any favourite tips on making a good first impression? I'd love to hear them in the comments below.

Amanda x


3 Money Mindset Tips for Healthy Entrepreneurs

3 Money Mindset Tips for Entrepreneurs


As a new entrepreneur, the issue of money can come to the forefront pretty quickly when that cushy regular pay-check has all too quickly become a distant memory.

Perhaps for you the fear of financial uncertainty is the key reason you haven't yet taken the leap towards the career you day dream about each and every day...

I am a firm believer that to be healthy on all levels we need to also heal our relationship with money! And there is nothing like taking that step forward into our dream career to bring the issue of money quickly to the forefront to be healed.

In order to change your financial situation, you need to first change your thoughts about your situation. Your money mindset is your attitude and ideas with regards to your personal finances. When you know how to manage your finances, the possibilities are endless.

Here are some tips to improve your money mindset:

Tip #1: Make small changes over time

New Years Resolutions are awesome but let’s be honest, they’re usually broken by the time it’s time to clean up the champagne bottles. Making lasting changes to your money habits and financial success requires dedication and making small changes is much easier to implement than huge changes overnight.

You might begin with a goal to create a budget, pay down your credit cards or tracking your spending.

As you succeed in each of these goals, increase to more challenging ones such as adding an extra valuable service to your business, paying down your credit cards or making voluntary contributions to your super fund. As you become more comfortable with money, you will see it grow and be able to continue with your new fiscally responsible attitude.



Tip #2: Get rid of lack and hello abundance

Abolish thoughts of lack such as “I can’t afford it” or “I’m broke” and replace them with positive money thoughts including “I have enough at the moment”, “I’m lucky to earn the money I do”. A small shift in your self-talk promotes personal abundance and wealth.

Practice gratitude daily, as being healthier, happier and less stressed, can sometimes unlock your true financial potential.

Tip #3: Shift your attitude

Change your relationship with money. Many women fear looking at their bank statement, nervous about spending money or abuse the money they have by spending it on a whim. You need to feel positive and be at peace with the money you have, knowing you will attract more when it’s needed. Changing your attitude towards money from spender to nurturer, will also provide ideas of abundance, growth and wellbeing.

Having a positive relationship and views on money, goes a long way in feeling satisfaction and peace with your entire life. How much money you attract isn’t a reflection of who you are as a person. When you look at your numbers remind yourself it’s your personal choice on how you want to interpret them – as a negative or as an opportunity.

Let us know in the comments below your own tips for healing your relationship with money.


How to Create Profitable Online Courses - with Marketing GENIUS Derek Halpern

Create Profitable Online Courses


Today I have a truly exciting announcement that will benefit you in a really BIG way.

This is a game changer.

As a Health Coach, do you ever dream about running your own online programs? Can you imagine all of the people you could help if you had a magically simple way to create your own online classroom?

Not to mention the possibilities for working less and making money in your sleep...
From what I've seen over the last few years I feel that this is one of the top dreams that new Health Coaches have for their business.
You have dreams of building amazing courses online and sharing these with a global audience - but the thought of having to learn the technical side of things is enough to keep your dreams at bay. If it’s not that, it’s the big bucks it takes to build a program from the ground up that makes most people run away from this idea quick smart.
And if you've mentored with me privately up until this point, I probably would have agreed to put that course 'on-hold'....

This is why I’m super excited to tell you that I’ve partnered with Derek Halpern, the founder of Social Triggers and a marketing GENIUS. We're going to share with you something that completely turns all of this around and makes having an online course totally possible NOW!

Together, we're hosting a FREE WEBINAR where Derek will reveal the EXACT strategy he used to build a 7 figure business selling online courses. He’ll be sharing all of his secrets to building a profitable online course and I promise you, there is simply no one better to hear this from than Derek.



More specifically, you'll learn:

  • The market for online courses hit $56.2 billion in 2014 - and it's expected to double in 2015. You'll see how to get a piece.

  • The HUGE mistake people make when they create and sell their online course (Hint: Forget, BIG, 8 week long courses. Think SMALL).

  • The TRUTH about how much you should sell your course for... and why.

  • The math behind an online course business that generates 1k per month, 10k per month, and 100k per month.

  • What to do RIGHT NOW to start creating - and selling - online courses.

  • And more.

This FREE WEBINAR goes down on the following dates:

- Monday, March 23rd, at 9:00PM Eastern

- Monday, March 23rd, at 6:00PM Pacific

- Tuesday, March 24th, at 12pm Sydney


This is a rare opportunity to get this personalised guidance from Derek and he's doing it just for us. You won't want to miss it!

Register for this exclusive call here >>

Amanda xx


How I relax + restore my energy when business is busy

How I relax and restore my energy


Sorry I’ve been a little quiet the last few weeks. After a busy start to the year I have been taking some time to focus purely on my 2 wonderful UPswing Mastermind groups and my own self-care.
The UPswing Mastermind sold-out again quickly in February with the program doubling in size this time around and the driven health coaches who said yes this year are certainly DRIVEN!
Some are experiencing the joy of true clarity on their Target Markets, some are celebrating their first paying clients and a couple of ladies are already on track for $5k and $10k months only 5 weeks into the program – seriously amazing!!
For those who have messaged me to let me know they just missed out on the program last month, you can join the waitlist here for the next round of the UPswing Mastermind >> 

Dates are not confirmed but due to the number of requests coming in, I'm looking to see if I can start another group in a few months time.
In the meantime – my support is available to each and everyone of you on a daily basis over in my UPswing Health Coaches facebook group – if you haven’t already joined us, jump over and do so right now >>
In my business I tend to work in cycles and season - it's a key value for me to take both massive inspired action and equally to create space to relax, rejuvenate, receive and be inspired.

With this extra space to reflect over recent weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of Wealth in building a freedom-based business.
I notice that any talk of Wealth can often be misinterpreted (or quickly judged) as being about the 'selfish' need for Ferraris and Gucci. For those who follow me, you will know that my approach to Wealth is quite different to that and in fact I view Wealth as an aspect of our Health. (Not saying that Ferraris and Gucci are bad either btw)
Grasping this concept was such a game changer in both my life and business - and honestly sometimes it scares me how many people would have missed out on building their own business if I had remained in my old mindset of playing small and thinking money wasn't for me.

** For an AWESOME view on how Wealth is related to our Highest Purpose and Health – I encourage you to read Marianne Williamsons ‘Law of Divine Compensation’ **
Last weekend I took a long weekend with my husband for some R&R.
As I drove to pick him up on Friday afternoon it really hit me - ‘THIS is wealth’!  Wealth is never about the physical money itself – for me it is having full freedom to enjoy that which truly makes me feel alive.
In this instance, the freedom to decide last minute on a Friday to take 4 days off. The freedom after buying my car last year to physically be able to do this. The freedom to stay in a great hotel and eat healthy food all weekend and relax in nature, the sun and the ocean.
And just how great I felt after that break to come back and be of highest service to all of my awesome clients this week as a result!
Massive self-care and fun are vital parts of any Health Coaches journey!! It is non-negotiable if you want to live your best life and inspire others to do the same.



For anyone who lives in Sydney like I do, here are my personal recommendations for a mini-break to Terrigal on the Central Coast:

Terrigal Beach on NSW's Central Coast has become my favourite weekend getaway destination over the last year. I love that it is only 90 minutes drive from Sydney, has beautiful beaches and the cafes are not only plentiful but full of super healthy options.

I don't know about you but when I go away I want to come back feeling refreshed and rested, not worse from the lack of healthy food options - hence why Terrigal has become my getaway spot of choice.

My Favourite Spots:

Terrigal Ocean Beach Resort -

Modern, clean and quiet and the pool and hottub area great for lazing away the afternoons. 15 minutes walk to the main shops and cafes was the perfect distance to keep up some movement all weekend.

Bella Natural Food Co -

Great smoothies, cabinets of food-to-go, organic produce and a full breakfast and lunch menu. I had the Quinoa Waffles with Blueberries and Coconut Icecream :)

Pocket Bar -

Bordering on the 'too cool for school' clientelle, the food and drinks make it well worth an afternoon at Pocket Bar. While I only tend to drink Alcohol about once a month, the 'Totes Organic Mate' Cocktails made of Quinoa Vodka and Coconut Water went down nicely with the Gluten Free Duck Crepes. The perfect late-afternoon spot to kick back and people watch from the outside tables right in the middle of town.

Bombini -

Cosy and cute, we could've been tucked up in a Bali Villa but instead were just a 5 min drive from Terrigal at neighbouring Avoca Beach. Sunday Evening Roast doesn't get much better than at Bombini. Fresh homemade Gluten-Free Bread with Local Olive Oil, followed by the most delicious Roast Pork and their house specialty dessert. 

I hope wherever you are in the world you step into your own version of wealth and freedom this weekend, refuelling yourself for an awesome week ahead.

Let me know in the comments below how you're spending your time this weekend.

Amanda x