How much can you charge as a Health Coach?

How much to charge as a Health Coach

Maybe not what you thought…

Been pulling your hair out on what to charge as a Health Coach? There’s no one black-and-white answer on what to charge, so I’m not surprised if you are feeling confused.

When I first started out as a health coach I had no idea what to charge. I see this as one of the biggest stressors of the new Health Coaches I mentor today.

Most health coaching schools don’t teach how to price your packages.

And one of the biggest traps we can fall into is comparing our services to doctors, naturopaths or nutritionists and feeling we must charge ‘in accordance with their rules’.

Arrg – just typing that made me feel so constricted!

I’m not really one for ‘rules’.

The truth is, as a Health Coach, what you charge is completely up to you!

But there is one secret:

Coaches do not charge by the hour – they charge for the outcome.

You can charge as much as someone VALUES your service. (and it must start with how much YOU value your service first)

How much would you value being privately mentored by someone who has achieved the result you desire?

How much would it be worth to finally get the desired outcome you have dreamt of?

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If a woman comes to you wanting to lose a dress size by her wedding, you are not selling your time – you are selling her the OUTCOME. She doesn’t care if you offer her 30 minute sessions or 60 minute sessions, she doesn’t care if you see her weekly or bi-weekly.

She only cares that she looks great in that dress.

She cares about the OUTCOME.

And that outcome is hugely valuable to her.


Now caveat here: Selling ‘outcomes’ does not make you as the coach responsible for the clients result. You are responsible for providing the tools, the resources and the accountability for them to reach their goals.

But you can not be there at 2am if they wander into the kitchen and pull out a tub of ice-cream… And the client knows that.

So drop the fear of ‘what if the client doesn’t take action’ and instead focus on what is HUGELY valuable that you have to offer her.

Take out a piece of paper and pen right now and journal on the following questions:

  • What am I offering that can have massive results in a client’s life?

  • What skills and strengths do I offer that are of massive value to someone struggling in this area?

  • How would having me by her side during this journey be of value?

  • What would it be worth to my client if they go these results? How would their life change for the better?

  • How would their life look in 6-12 months if they do not take action?

  • What would this result save them in other expenses?

Getting really clear on the result you are offering and the value of this solution is the key to knowing what to charge.

Your experience is what they are buying, and your ability to help them get to their desired outcome via shortcut of your learning’s instead of taking years to work it out by themselves. (that in itself is a massive saving)

Time is THE most valuable thing we have, so if you can offer someone a shortcut… a time-saver… then you are offering massive VALUE.

But what you can charge as a Health Coach actually starts within.

Money is value – so to charge a higher rate you need to first value yourself and your services, then believe that others value them too.

The trick to staying in integrity with your pricing is to always know that you are giving MORE VALUE than the price tag you attach.

Now I’m not advocating charging sky-high rates in your early days as a Health Coach.  Start at a price-point that you KNOW you are giving massive value at without any question.

The quicker you get yourself in the game and start coaching, the quicker your confidence will grow along with your confidence to charge higher rates.

I am an advocate for charging where you are truly at ‘energetically’.

When my Health Coaching business first started thriving I was charging around $300 a month.

Mentors and coaches started telling me to ‘double your rates’.

Don't forget to download your free worksheet to show you how much you can charge as a health coach. Click the button below to get it now!


I doubted this… “No-one will pay  that much” “I’m not worth that much” “I’m too new to charge that much”…

Yet at the same time a number of people started asking about coaching who I knew made great money and I took this as a sign to up my rates.

I upped my rates to $500 a month….

And my business nose-dived!

Why? Because I didn’t truly value myself and my services at that level yet.

So I went back to charging $300 a month and business took off again.

Then a few months later I accidentally quoted $350 a month, and a month later again I accidentally quoted $375 a month – and clients kept flowing in naturally.

I was naturally lifting my prices to my TRUE ALIGNMENT.

So as a health coach you can offer good money for your 1:1 coaching services and there is no ceiling in what you charge.

As long as you keep offering more value than the price amount you receive, you keep coaching to build confidence over time and you keep blasting your own money blocks from within, then you will be able to keep lifting your rates.

And as a Health Coach, once your 1:1 coaching is thriving, you can also start to add other passive income streams to your collateral such as ebooks, online programs, detox packages, workshops and speaking gigs.

As a Health Coach there are many ways you can make great money!

My golden rule is that as long as you are always offering massive VALUE to your clients, then great VALUE will come flowing back to you.

I believe that Health Coaching is set to have a MASSIVE impact on society in coming years. The world is slowly but surely waking up to the impact that our diet and lifestyle are having.

When you are giving such tremendous value to those in such need (which let’s be honest, is most of society) you will indeed be rewarded in return with great value financially.


NOW is the time for you to get in the game, even if that means working for free to build your confidence to start with – there is no rush to make your first million this year – but if you are called to get the message of health out to the world then I urge you to start building your confidence, as your leadership is going to be needed massively in coming years.

Amanda xx