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[Amanda's Story] From crippling money blocks to making $10k in 10 weeks

As January comes to a close and we move into February, how are those New Year's Resolutions holding up?

Still avoiding carbs? Going to the gym every morning? Spending less on that shoe collection?

Yeah, me neither...

But I do have an even more important question... 

How are your BUSINESS resolutions holding up?

Well, I have one graduate who's starting 2017 with a BANG!  I spoke with Amanda Pickering before the holidays, just a few months after starting my UPswing Mastermind, and I wanted to share her story. 


Before Amanda started UPswing Mastermind, she was really struggling with her biz. She had done her training, completed some general business development courses, and even had a few clients. But she was NOWHERE near where she wanted to be regarding her finances and reach. 

Amanda was working HARD (12+ hour days)... 

And doing everything she was told was “RIGHT” (at least what she was told in her business development classes)...  

But something was WRONG. Amanda wasn’t progressing.

She knew it wasn't just her strategy. She recognised she had HUGE money blocks that were keeping her from success. However, she had no idea how to break down those barriers. Amanda knew she needed help, but didn't know from where. 

When Amanda found my program, she was skeptical. She had already tried group classes and business development coaching, and neither seemed to yield results. She had racked up some debt and wasn't making nearly enough with her business to justify cost. 

However, Amanda was excited by the fact that my program was specifically designed for health coaches, and she wouldn't have to squeeze some one-size-fits-all training into her business.  She figured if she could just land ONE client a month, the investment would pay for itself. 

So, Amanda took the plunge. And she's so happy she did. 

Amanda discovered that with a Mastermind course, she actually broke through her limiting beliefs FASTER. This is because when working in a group she was able to experience the breakthroughs of her classmates as well as her own. She learned she wasn't alone, her anxieties and fears were shared by everyone in the group. This allowed her to feel more confident and ambitious with her dreams. 

Amanda's results?


Ten weeks after starting the UPswing Mastermind she had made her first $10K!  She had landed eight discovery calls. (She only had 3 in the past year and a half) and she was able to go part-time at her job.  She's now positioned to go full-time with her business, and I can't WAIT to see what happens next for her! 


If you want to listen to Amanda's full story, I did an interview with her right here >>

My favourite thing she said in the whole interview was that she felt that ANYONE could have her success.  The step-by-step process I provide for building your packages, marketing, and piecing together your business plan, is foolproof.

If you show up, and do the work, you will succeed. 

Amanda xx

PS: With the UPswing Mastermind, Amanda's story can be YOUR story in 2017.  But doors are closing soon, on Sunday 5th February, so click here to apply ASAP >> 


Mistakes Women Make When Setting ‘Masculine’ Goals’ - My Personal Process

Mistakes Women Make Setting Masculine Goals


If you are anything like me, you love a good goal.  Goals help us focus more clearly on our dreams and desires – the things we want to manifest into our lives and our businesses.

After all, setting goals is the key to success, right?

In my experience the answer is YES, however I have learnt a few secrets along the way – secrets to setting goals in a feminine way, rather than a masculine one.

Here’s a Hint: One of them is not ‘working hard’ in order for your goals to be met.

Wanna know how?

When I got home from a recent biz event in Austin I had two journals FULL of ideas.

When I looked at everything I’d written, I fell straight into overwhelm of what to do next. You know, the pressure of feeling it all has to be done NOW?



Here’s the process I went through to ease the overwhelm and get clear on my goals:


1.     I distilled my goals down to the top 5 (I normally recommend a maximum of 3 goals, but I really couldn’t decide, so I settled on 5 this time)

2.   Then I wrote each one as an ‘outcome goal’ – eg Hire 2 new team members

3.   I then wrote the key action steps under each (and put these into Asana)

Previously, this is where I would have stopped. This is where most women make their mistake when goal setting.

I would have started working like a mad woman to implement every step –to ‘push’ until they were all done.

Note:  I do still do this ‘masculine’ step first, but then I move to the second phase of my goal setting, which is the ‘feminine’ side.

4.     I look at each goal as ask myself ‘WHY do I want this goal?’, ‘What will it give me?’ 'How do I desire to FEEL?'

Here’s an example:

Masculine Goal: 2 new team members hired

Feminine Goal: To feel supported, receive relief, create more impact

5.     Now these desired ‘feelings’ are what I focus on each day in my meditation. I ask for support from the Universe to deliver my true desires via the masculine goal I have identified, and I always add, ‘or better’ when asking.

6.     AND I take massive inspired action from there. Once I'm clear on my desired outcome, it's amazing how new and inspired ideas come to me - and I take ACTION when they do!

This is what I call, ‘meeting the universe half way’:

·      being willing to ask for my true desires

·      trusting that I am being supported

·      listening for intuitive ideas that may arise, or ‘coincidences’ that turn up, and

·      equally showing up and doing the work as best I can myself.


Working in this way of mixing masculine and feminine in my goal setting, I believe, is one of my top secrets that helped grow a high 6 figure biz in a couple of years.

Tell me in the comments:  How could you reframe your current goals to meld together both the masculine and feminine aspects? If you took massive imperfect action on those goals right now, how would things look for you?

Amanda x


3 Ways To Get Your Spark Back When Nothing's Going Right

3 Ways to Get your Spark Back

“I feel like I’m putting myself out there. I’m doing talks on Health & Wellbeing at the gym, and I’m posting on Facebook, but it just doesn’t seem to be going to that next level. I want to be getting paying clients.”

“I feel frustrated because, I’ve been putting in a lot of effort it seems and I’m not getting results.”

“Where am I going wrong? I know my stuff. I feel I should be way more ahead than I am.”

Sound familiar? Not only do I hear this often from new Health Coaches in my UPswing Mastermind, but I went through this exact scenario myself when I was starting out.

Let me offer some relief by saying, it is absolutely normal to be feeling frustrated when you’re not getting the results you hoped for – your inner child IS going to start getting stroppy and grumpy if you’re giving, giving, giving and not getting.

Vibration is everything. And it’s hard to keep that stamina and that excitement if we’re not getting rewards back. Little inner child’s going to start getting stroppy and grumpy if you’re giving, giving, giving and not getting.

A large amount of what I’ve learned around feminine energy, is that as women the reason we are getting burnt out is because we do just give, give, give and we don’t get anything back. That’s because we’re not asking or we don’t know to ask, or we don’t think it’s okay to ask.

By asking, I mean, when we’re putting ourselves out there, we need to be asking for the sale. I cover this in detail in my Mastermind – how to sell soulfully without being ‘salesy’.

In business we DO have to ask. It’s something that I had to work on as a woman, and something I encourage all of my new Health Coaches to do, too.

It’s the reason salesmen make a lot of money.

In my own business, for example, maybe one or two people have emailed me in maybe the last 4 years and asked me about one on one coaching. People don’t come to me;  I go to them.

When I think back to a time when my one on one clients were up to 25 at a time – fully booked –there is only a handful of people who came to me.

We do have to be the ones asking for the sale; asking people to work with us. Sometimes that needs to be a bit ‘pushier’ than we feel comfortable with, but we’re in business and this is the biggest issue I see in the online community, too.

So, it’s normal to get frustrated when you’re not getting results. That frustrated place, though, is not a really high vibe energy to go out and get clients.



You need to find that thing that’s going to get your spark back. It’s common sense that the person who is excited and out there with passion and wanting to share their message and says, “I’m going to create a video for my ideal clients”, and “I’m going to get out and give a talk” and “Hey you guys, seriously, you need to buy my program because I want you to have what I’ve got because I’ve learnt…” is going to sell over someone who’s feeling like, “People just don’t want to buy – I’m not going to put that up in my FB group because no-one’s going to want to hear from me.”

It’s obvious which one is going to sell, right? But when we’re in it it’s hard.

The key is we need to find in ourselves what’s going to get us back into our high vibe place – what’s going to spark us; what’s going to excite us?

And then choose to get back on the horse. You need to be in that energy to go out there and get visible. First, though, you need to reset.

What would it take for you to reset?

Here are my 3 Ways To Get Your Spark Back When Nothing's Going Right:



Acknowledge to yourself that this is part of being an entrepreneur, and that there’s nothing wrong with being in the space you’re in AT ALL.  It’s going to happen time and time again throughout your time in business – even when your business grows. You’re going to launch, put all this effort in…and no one buys. And you don’t know why and you get knocked off the horse. Or you’ve got clients and then someone stops paying. And then you get knocked off.

Compassion has a frequency that heals. Sometimes we feel that we have to be positive, positive, positive all the time and not experience any negativity. Sometimes you have to give compassion for the negative space you’re in. Sometimes what happens is we beat ourselves up because we think we’re wrong for feeling like this and then we end up in a downward spiral. It’s important to acknowledge that you’re not wrong - and then make the choice to come back.



People tend to be motivated by one of 4 things – we have elements of all four, but one will be dominant.

My friend Robyn Jackson Brooks is an expert in the field of these 'Will Drivers' - aka what motivates us and shares he signature tips with us.

She advises: ask yourself this question to find out which is your dominant motivator, ‘Why is building this business so important for me?’

(i)              Autonomy – wanting freedom. It would be more important to this person that they work on their own schedule; that they are not told what to do by a boss. Most freedom people want to be by themselves, not in a group like a mastermind.

(ii)            Mastery – wanting to master things. A lot of people would come to a mastermind for mastery; wanting to learn from the best. They have questions like, how can I improve this? and how can I build my business? how can I get better at this?

If you resonate with the Mastery motivator, you might like to read Ash’s story, “To Be The Best You Have to Learn From The Best” over at my blog. 

(iii)           Purpose – wanting to connect with the big reason you’re doing what you do. You may say, I don’t care if I’m getting paid, what’s the impact it’s having?

(iv)           Connection – wanting belonging. This person is motivated by how they are perceived by the people close to them, not people they don’t know. This holds a lot of businesses back because we’re worried about what others think.

Connecting to your motivator will direct you to what lights you up about being in this business.

You are not wrong, by the way, if you don’t have Purpose as your motivator – if you’re not purely in it to be Mother Theresa, but you’re in it because you want to have a killer blog and you love talking about health and you want to master that (Mastery). Of course you’re still helping people.

Maybe it is more about ‘all I care about is how I help people’. There’s no right or wrong here.

Once you have identified your motivator, it’s about coming back to that every day and asking, “How can I help people today?”

It might be as simple as I need to go for a run, or I need to walk away for a week – feeling like you have the freedom again.

What would it be for you to get excited again?



Picture a film projector. There’s a piece of film in the front of the projector, with light coming through the film and projecting a movie onto a white wall. That film is the beliefs that we have going on at any given moment.

So the light (which is actually your inner light that shines from you) is being shone through that film and it’s getting tainted by your beliefs – even if you’re coming up with mantras like, ‘I desire 5 clients’, etc.

What you’re projecting through the film is, ‘No-one wants to buy’,  ‘I’m probably being annoying’, ‘it’s not working’, whatever it might be. No matter what the intention is behind, it you’re projecting what’s on the film.

The good thing is you can change what’s on the film.

The realignment that needs to happen is, ‘I’m going to act as if everyone wants to buy’ or ‘I’m going to set up a workshop because there are 10 people out there who would love to come and hear what I have to say, and there’ll be a couple of people in there who’d love to work with me and have the lifestyle I have’.

When you are coming from that place with your film, you’ll see a change.

I’d love to hear from you if there’s anything you have tried that got you back on the horse when you weren’t getting results as you grow your Health Coaching business. Or if one of the 3 ways above has worked for you and what results you got from it. Let me know in the comments.


Is it your destiny to impact millions + change the world?

Is it Your Destiny to impact Millions and Change the World


You know those entrepreneurs everyone seems to be talking about? The ones who get mentioned in “Top 10” or “People to Watch” lists?

Who get interviewed on multiple podcasts (or they launch their own podcast and land on the New & Noteworthy list)?

Who get quoted in magazines, sell out their premium group programs, write bestselling books, and talk on big stages?

Sometimes you see these entrepreneurs, and you think, “How did they do it?”

Other times, you can’t help but think, “When is it going to be MY turn?”

The answer, is this –

They’ve figured out how to generate publicity and industry buzz.

The fact that you see them everywhere isn’t an accident.

It’s because they’ve carefully and strategically pursued opportunities that position them as top leaders in their industry.

Now your question has probably changed to, “How can I create buzz about MY work?”

The good news is, my friend Selena Soo, a brilliant publicity + business strategist, wants to help you with this.



Selena’s been endorsed by industry leaders like Marie Forleo, Danielle LaPorte, and Lewis Howes. She’s helped clients & colleagues land media appearances in Oprah Magazine,,, FOX, and more.

And she has just opened the doors to a brand-new program, where she’s pulling back the curtains on how to get the visibility opportunities you’ve always dreamed of.

It’s called…

IMPACTING MILLIONS: Reach more people. Change the world.

Today I am super excited to celebrate the launch of IMPACTING MILLIONS. Selena and I have been biz friends for years and although she has been part of my UPswing Mastermind program for a while, this interview is the first time we’ve hung out together online like this. I can't wait for your to watch this interview....

Pour yourself a cuppa, get comfy and enjoy the video below - together we're dishing out our insider tips on how to get visibility even as a Brand New health Coach! (We've never shared this together before)



IMPACTING MILLIONS is a 90-day online course where Selena teaches you how to connect with the media and land high-exposure opportunities.

You will learn how to get featured, published, and interviewed (so you can ultimately reach more people and impact more lives).

I respect Selena's work so much that I have joined Impacting Millions myself - in fact this course was designed for beginners just like you - but has attracted some of the industries top names to join already. This means you'll be short-cutting your way to an elite peer group and MASSIVE opportunities to leap from your business along the way.

And as a valued member of my community, if you choose to join Impacting Millions via the link below, you will get a BONUS 'PR for Health Coaches' group call with me where I'll be walking you through, step-by-step to how I got HEAPS of media attention in my first year as a Health Coach. 

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Pam Quit Her Second Job, Went on Vacation & Doubled her Income

Pam quit her second job


Pam is a weight loss coach for women in corporate jobs who are busy and tired, and more than likely have adrenal fatigue without knowing it. Pam works with them to break the diet cycle: “Most have tried every other diet out there, and I want to teach them how to break the diet cycle and just eat real food,” she says.

Pam was already working in her own Health Coaching practice when she joined the Upswing Mastermind program. She was consulting on the side, and had a few clients on monthly retainers. She’d been coaching for just over a year and a half.

“Business was consistent”, tells Pam. “But it wasn’t really growing. I was terrible with marketing. I had a background in corporate sales and it was easy to sell something else, but to sell myself was a challenge. It was terrifying.”


1. Learning to be more confident

“I’d hear someone talking about nutrition in the office and think, ‘I can help you.’ But I didn’t’ know what to say. I was scared to speak up.”

2. Having a system and a marketing plan

“I felt like I had a plan,” says Pam. “I’d fall back onto my corporate job and think, ‘The systems all make sense, I just have to do this for myself’.  But then, I’d go out there once and then back away and not do anything about it. The Mastermind program had a structure and had everything laid out.”

3. Being part of a support group

 “I did one-on-one coaching [before the Mastermind]. I didn’t’ know what I didn’t know. She was there to help if I had a question, but I didn’t know what to ask. In the Mastermind I liked having other people to talk to about the same situations.”

4. Moving to purposeful packages

“It’s been more impactful working with people with a package – saying this is what we’re going to get done in the time period. My retainer clients weren’t focused on achieving anything in particular; they were just kinda chugging along month to month. 

I feel more calm now, too. With clients on a monthly retainer, I didn’t’ know when someone was going to cancel. And before I moved to packages, November and December were slow months. Now, I know I’m set for those months.”


After a short while in the Mastermind program Pam decided to quit her consulting job because she didn’t feel it was what she wanted to do anymore. “I gave myself a goal of $4k that month,” she says.

“I went on vacation for a week. I kept repeated the mantra I had set up with Amanda. I looked at it every day.

When I came back from vacation I was still $2k short, and then in the last week of the month I signed up two new clients on packages and made my goal! I doubled my income purely from Health Coaching.”

Pam wasn’t slaving away the whole month, but following the structure and plan of the Mastermind and doing the wealth consciousness work (which is another layer of the Mastermind program) is what got her the results she set out to achieve.

And of course, this is just a snapshot of Pam's business as a Health Coach.


Are YOU my next Success Story?

Are you my next success story


By now you would no doubt know that the doors to the UPswing Mastermind are open for application.

If you're a Health Coach wanting to turn your hobby into a thriving business, then this is where you want to be.

So what is UPswing Mastermind all about?

6 months of powerful business training, coaching, group accountability, networking and support… designed to help you step into the successful, feminine businesswoman you know you are capable of being – while changing more lives than ever before.

This step-by-step curriculum was designed exclusively for Health Coaches, guiding you through exactly what it takes to get consistent clients and build a thriving Health Coaching business.

But don’t just take my word for it!

Dozens of women from around the world have gone through this program, and their powerful stories speak for themselves…

Click here to get a sneak peek at some of their INSPIRING stories >>



Good stuff, right?

Here’s the thing: I want YOUR Success Story to be on this page at this time next year…

I am 100% committed to getting you results, but it’s up to you to take the first step.

Is 2016 your year to finally leave your corporate job, have the freedom to travel or spend more time at home with your kids?

You've dreamt about it and talked about it... Now it's time to UPswing and do it!

Applications are open now for a limited time. Don't miss out.

I'd love to see you in our group!  

Amanda x


Ask and you shall receive… (don’t miss out!)

Ask and you shall recieve


Just a few days ago, I hosted an amazing training session where I shared my $5k per month plan. The response has been great. So many people came along to the call, and so many Health Coaches have been sharing their journey.



Now, I've also heard from many of you over the weekend that you missed the call and didn't get a chance to make it to the limited-time replay in time either.  

I also know that it’s difficult to do a time that’s suitable for the European time zone.

I don't want anyone to miss out – that wasn't my intention at all.

So I've decided to do an Encore Call and have pulled all stops with my amazing team over the weekend to get another call up and running for you in a few days, at an earlier time.

‘3 Keys to Unlock your $5k Months as a Health Coach’

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During the Encore session I'll be taking you step by step through the plan I used to create my first $5k months. This same plan forms what I teach during the UPswing Mastermind, and I'm giving it away to those on the call for FREE.

I'll also be doing a LIVE Q&A session at the end of the call, so come prepared with anything you'd like to ask me about building your Health Coaching business.

Join us live for this exclusive Masterclass training to:

Discover the most common mindset blocks that prevent Health Coaches from getting consistent clients – and how to change them. (I’m not talking about ‘You can do anything’ mindset - I’m talking practical.)

Enjoy crystal clarity on my signature system for creating $5k months. I’ll be taking you through the exact steps and showing you real-life case studies that have taken my students from ZERO clients to fully booked within a few short months.

Learn how to get started, without even putting up a website. You don’t have to be tech savvy and have thousands of followers to build a steady stream of clients that align with your coaching.

Walk away confident, knowing exactly how to create a business that is authentic and aligned to your values as a Health Coach – no more long hours or burn out… plenty of time for your ideal clients, your family and YOU.

Encore Masterclass: 3 Keys to Unlock your $5k months as a Health Coach
The call is happening on: 

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This will be the last chance to receive my personal $5k per month 'Healthy Business Plan' and complimentary training.

I'd love to have you live on the call.

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My NEW Book: Healthy Wealthy Biz! (Yours for FREE)

Healthy Wealth Biz Free eBook



I’m excited to be popping in today with my new FREE ebook ‘Healthy Wealthy Biz’.

This may just become your new favourite beach read if you are like me, hanging on the summer holiday feeling as long as I can (or perhaps ready for an island getaway for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere).

Thank you to all of you who submitted questions last year that I was able to incorporate into the interviews!



In this ebook, I take you through case studies of 10 NEW health coaches who were able to change lives (and make a great living) in their first 6 months of becoming a coach.  

Specifically, we cover:

  • How they decided on their niches + got their first clients – without having any prior coaching experience!

  • How they refined their service offerings so they could attract more clients and charge higher prices

  • The mistakes they made along the way that cost them time & money… and how to avoid these mistakes for yourself

As a valued member of my community you are getting access for free, as my gift to you.

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I really hope you enjoy the read, and draw some insights from the experiences of these coaches!



Amber had a dream: to live on a tropical island and transform people’s lives



Sometimes life takes you to places you couldn’t possibly plan for. The key is to TRUST that everything is working in your favour and that it is all going to be okay.

I want to tell you Amber’s story, because it speaks to that side of all of us, I think, who want to live and work in an exotic place; doing what we absolutely love, and changing lives.

When I last caught up with Amber, she looked radiant in a sundress and a frangipani flower in her hair. The backdrop I could see behind her looked serene, tranquil, and, well, like she was Skyping in from a tropical island... and that's because she was!



Amber spent 15 years in Corporate Finance before deciding to become a Health Coach. She had a burning desire to make a difference in people’s lives, and finance didn’t feel like the right fit for her.

Things fell into place when she decided to leave her job, which coincided with graduating from IIN. The Upswing Mastermind was beginning in the same month, and she felt ready to start a new journey. Something resonated with her and she felt called to get on board. She had no idea what was going to happen or where she was going to end up. All she knew was that she wanted to work in a location where she felt inspired and happy everyday while she helped others to a better health and mindset.

One of the big focuses of the Upswing Mastermind is cleaning up your blocks and shifting your money mindset. The more you clean yourself up, the more people are magnetised to work with you from that place. It becomes about who you show up as – the woman; the coach. It is a transformational experience, not just for your future clients, but for you to become the woman you have always wanted to be. It’s from there that you make the biggest impact on the world around you.

Amber was really drawn to the wealth consciousness aspect of coaching, and by using the structure and groundwork provided by the Mastermind, for example:  how to identify your target market and how to go out there and get clients, and how to hold discovery sessions, she was able to get into a flow of clients that unexpectedly saw what she was really good at all along – finance! (which came in the form of helping others to look at their own money stories and to make the changes needed in order to soar).

She was also able to take what she learned about balancing the masculine and feminine aspects of business and weave it into her new signature program.

Amber is from the United States. She knew she wanted to live a dream life while she pursued her passion to transform lives. Four months into the program, she moved across the world to Bali (a tropical island she had not even heard of until she joined the mastermind program) and was pleasantly surprised to realise that her dream of “Location, Independence and Transforming lives” had manifested.

If I had to talk to myself before I started the Mastermind,” says Amber, “I would say, ‘Let go and just have faith and trust and know that what’s to come is amazing. Believe in yourself and continue to move forward."

 “I’d say, ‘Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Nothing is ever going to be perfect. I still have days when I don’t feel great about everything, but I know that I’m where I’m supposed to be and everything is going to be okay.’”

UPswing Mastermind for Health Coaches starts again in 2016. For details, click here >>


10 Subject Line Strategies To Get More Email Opens

10 Subject line strategies to get more email opens

There’s no failsafe rule for writing subject lines that convert people on your list into paying clients. But there are a few guidelines you can follow to get your emails opened and read more often. 

When Mailchimp conducted a study on email subject lines (they’re continually monitoring what works and what doesn’t) they concluded that short, descriptive subject lines do way better than “splashy or cheesy phrases” (their words). You can view their email subject line best practices HERE.

Email Marketing is very much about testing and measuring, so experiment with different subject lines and see what works. If one is a dismal fail, it will at least give you an idea of what’s NOT working. There’s no right or wrong.



Your Health Coaching business is as unique as you are, so also bear in mind that what works for someone else might give you different results.

Follow these 10 Subject Line Strategies To Get More Email Opens:


When you know what your dream clients are into, you’ll get opens when your headlines are related to their needs, likes and preferences. If you are still unsure of who your target audience is, have a read of my blog 4 WAYS TO IDENTIFY YOUR HEALTH COACHING TARGET AUDIENCE (aka Dream Clients).


Five to seven words are enough to not get cut short when your email pops up in your dream client’s inbox. As you know, people’s inboxes are pretty full and they want to scan through quickly to pick out what’s readable. Sometimes subject lines using just one or two words can get more opens!


The jury’s kind of out on this one, because some people say using a person’s name smacks of ‘spam’. 

But, there’s something about seeing your name in an email subject line that makes you sit up and listen. Have you noticed that when your receive one of those emails? If your email marketing app offers merge fields, throw one in every now and then and see how people respond.

Has this post been helpful so far? Get my FREE worksheet with these 10 subject line strategies and much more by clicking the button below! It’s time to perfect your email marketing game.


Questions play to people’s curiosity, so have a go at using them in your subject lines. They urge people to read further (the body of the email) in search of an answer.

If you ask a question that has a ‘yes’ answer for the person, you’re likely to encourage more email opens:  Your dream client will want to find out what your solution to their health challenge is. So, something like, “Are you often feeling tired and sluggish?”


A direct instruction is often very effective. Try a call to action, like encouraging your dream clients to book a free Discovery Session, or if you’re guest speaking at an event you might start with, “Join me at…”.


If your email content lists things, like “10 Email Subject Lines that Work”, it pays to reflect that your subject line.

People can easily gauge how long your email might take to read, and somehow it makes it feel manageable, so they are more likely to click and open it. 


If you’re emailing your dream clients to share some exciting developments in your health coaching business, like a new package, for instance, get your readers inspired by popping it into your subject line.  Try: “My new package is here!”


Without being salesy (it turns people right off, and it’s not who you are anyway), you create a sense of urgency with subject lines like, “There are just 24 hours left to book a free Discovery Session with me.”
As a brand new coach, everyone knows that you are not 'booked-out' yet - so don't use lines like "2 spots left" which is not true - but instead find places where there is genuine urgency to encourage action from your viewer.



Mailchimp has a cool little feature that allows you to add a short teaser to your email when it shows in someone’s inbox (you find it in the top left corner of your email template when you’re designing your email).  

In most email previews in your inbox, that text usually shows up as “Having trouble viewing this email?” – that’s a special little piece of real estate to capitalise on.

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Features are rarely as exciting as benefits. For example, would a subject line talking about a diet speak more to your dream clients than a mental picture of clothes fitting better or feeling more energised?

Now, time for some examples:

  • Do you have a special dress you’d like to fit into again?

  • How a Health Coach can help you reach your health goals

  • Why more mums are drinking ___________

  • How I overcame Adrenal Fatigue in 6 months

  • How to make school lunches that sustain energy

  • Discover the best ways to _______________

  • Have you been feeling unmotivated lately, Kerry?

  • Wanted: Motivated women who want to up their fitness game

  • Get ready to change your relationship with food

  • My special introductory program pricing ends tonight

  • Want weight loss to be easier?

  • Wish eating right wasn’t so hard?

  • 3-Step Action Plan for getting fitter

  • 4 Secrets the world’s healthiest people keep

Above and beyond anything I have shared above, you must ALWAYS first know your ideal client inside and out before writing subject lines. Your in-depth knowledge of your ideal client will shine through your email subject lines above-and-beyond any formula you could ever study.

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