Mistakes Women Make When Setting ‘Masculine’ Goals’ - My Personal Process

Mistakes Women Make Setting Masculine Goals


If you are anything like me, you love a good goal.  Goals help us focus more clearly on our dreams and desires – the things we want to manifest into our lives and our businesses.

After all, setting goals is the key to success, right?

In my experience the answer is YES, however I have learnt a few secrets along the way – secrets to setting goals in a feminine way, rather than a masculine one.

Here’s a Hint: One of them is not ‘working hard’ in order for your goals to be met.

Wanna know how?

When I got home from a recent biz event in Austin I had two journals FULL of ideas.

When I looked at everything I’d written, I fell straight into overwhelm of what to do next. You know, the pressure of feeling it all has to be done NOW?



Here’s the process I went through to ease the overwhelm and get clear on my goals:


1.     I distilled my goals down to the top 5 (I normally recommend a maximum of 3 goals, but I really couldn’t decide, so I settled on 5 this time)

2.   Then I wrote each one as an ‘outcome goal’ – eg Hire 2 new team members

3.   I then wrote the key action steps under each (and put these into Asana)

Previously, this is where I would have stopped. This is where most women make their mistake when goal setting.

I would have started working like a mad woman to implement every step –to ‘push’ until they were all done.

Note:  I do still do this ‘masculine’ step first, but then I move to the second phase of my goal setting, which is the ‘feminine’ side.

4.     I look at each goal as ask myself ‘WHY do I want this goal?’, ‘What will it give me?’ 'How do I desire to FEEL?'

Here’s an example:

Masculine Goal: 2 new team members hired

Feminine Goal: To feel supported, receive relief, create more impact

5.     Now these desired ‘feelings’ are what I focus on each day in my meditation. I ask for support from the Universe to deliver my true desires via the masculine goal I have identified, and I always add, ‘or better’ when asking.

6.     AND I take massive inspired action from there. Once I'm clear on my desired outcome, it's amazing how new and inspired ideas come to me - and I take ACTION when they do!

This is what I call, ‘meeting the universe half way’:

·      being willing to ask for my true desires

·      trusting that I am being supported

·      listening for intuitive ideas that may arise, or ‘coincidences’ that turn up, and

·      equally showing up and doing the work as best I can myself.


Working in this way of mixing masculine and feminine in my goal setting, I believe, is one of my top secrets that helped grow a high 6 figure biz in a couple of years.

Tell me in the comments:  How could you reframe your current goals to meld together both the masculine and feminine aspects? If you took massive imperfect action on those goals right now, how would things look for you?

Amanda x