What To Put On The Homepage Of Your Website


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Amanda Jane Daley here, Business Mentor for Health Coaches and Wellness Entrepreneurs, and today we’re going to talk about what to put on the homepage of your website to attract your ideal clients.


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Okay, so here are my 3 MUST HAVE elements to put on your home page.

1. YOU!

The first must-have is a great photo of yourself, looking directly at the camera, and focused.

Now i know some people feel really uncomfortable putting their face out into the world, especially on the first page of their website, but it really is the best and most effective way to connect with potential new clients quickly and to start to develop trust.

2. A Lead Magnet or Opt-In Freebie

The second must have for your homepage is a lead magnet or a freebie that is positioned above the fold on your homepage screen.

If that all sounds a bit techy, what I am referring too when I say above the fold is that a new person landing on your homepage should be able to see this freebie WITHOUT having to scroll down. So it’s one of the first things to see.

And if you are not sure what I mean when I say Lead Magnet, this is usually some great highly valuable content that you have packaged for people to access for free.

It requires a customer to provide an email address to download, which is a lead, hence the name lead magnet.

What you are providing is an exchange for that person’s email address.

They get your amazing free piece of content — your lead magnet — and you get their email address to add to your database and move through your nurture process.

So make sure you have a lead magnet on your homepage, that appears above the fold.

3. A clear tagline

My third must have for your homepage is a clear tagline.

We can get so carried away putting so many things on our website that we forget to make it very, very clear to someone who is new to our work and they need to know straight away if this site is for them.

And now, I’ve got TWO bonus tips on what to include on your home page:

  1. Place any publicity or ‘as seen in’ logos near the top of your page to highlight your expert status
  2. Make sure your product is top of mind right on the homepage - don't be shy - people WANT to know what you have to offer that might solve a pain-point in their life.

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