3 Systems You MUST Have Set Up In Your Business


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Amanda Jane Daley here, business mentor for Health Coaches & Wellness Entrepreneurs, and in today’s post we’re going look at THREE systems you must have set up in your wellness business. 


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Okay, so let’s dive deeper into those 3 systems you need to have in place. 

1. A system for storing important documents and information

If you haven’t realised already — running a successful online business requires many, many documents, processes, meetings, and (hopefully!) lots of client bookings.

You absolutely need a solid system for documenting and storing these important files and key pieces of information — and I strongly recommend you use the Google software suite — especially Google Docs, Google Calendar and Google Drive.

All of these systems are ONLINE programs, meaning they are accessible from anywhere. So no matter where you are in the world, or whatever computer you’re using, you’ll be able to access all your key information at the touch of a button (or a click of the mouse!). 

The ultimate tool for a freedom-based business, if you ask me. 

All 3 apps (Google Drive, Calendar and Docs) integrate super easily with your smartphone and will remove the need for countless folders on your desktop. There’s nothing worse than a cluttered, disorganised computer, right? Especially when you want your business to be more “ease” than ”ugh.” 

I’d strongly recommend establishing a folder structure and naming convention when setting up your Google Drive. This will make it SO much easier to track files quickly and smoothly. 

Google Drive is awesome because it provides version tracking (so you can go back in time and see any changes made to a document) and supports all file types - so you really CAN make this your central space for all your online file storage.  

Getting organised in this “administrative” aspect of your online business is critical for any successful entrepreneur… and will really help you keep your business stress-free as you grow. 

2. A Client Booking System

The second system to have in place is a proper client booking system. 

The system I use in my own coaching business, is Satori App.  

Satori is an amazing and comprehensive client management tool.  It allows your clients to book appointments online without ANY back and forth emails — which is a massive timesaver. 

It sends questionnaires and email reminders to clients before each session, and it takes automatic online payments.  Pretty awesome. 

Similar to the Google suite, Satori is cloud-based, so you have the convenience of accessing your client information and bookings from anywhere, at anytime — which is INVALUABLE when you travel a lot like me. 

3.  Skype

The final essential tool for a successful coaching practice is... Skype! 

Skype is such a key part of my business, because it allows me to hold voice and video calls with my clients over an internet connection, from anywhere in the world. No more expensive phone bills!

Skype will allow you to expand your health coaching business to cater for clients who can’t meet in person. It’s also a great tool for connecting with other coaches, mentors, and team members. 

Plus, Skype can provide screen sharing capabilities during a call which is great if you need a client to see what YOU are seeing on screen. 

You can record video and audio calls for your clients to listen back to, and Skype is supported across all devices making it extremely portable and practical. 

4. A Project Management System

Now I know I said I’d only provide 3 systems to support your successful health coaching business, but I want to provide a bonus system to help manage your daily tasks and projects. 

The system is called Asana and it’s an online Project Management System.

I’ve included this, because a lot of the time-management drama that comes as an entrepreneur is that we don’t know what to do. Or we haven’t DECIDED what to do. 

When you’re working in a HEALTHY way — you know what’s on your priority list, and you know what you need to do each day to meet your goals, or reach whatever target or outcome it is you’re working towards.

Asana is a great tool for keeping track of tasks, and staying organised. If you feel you struggle with taking daily, purposeful action, this could be a great tool for you. 

Now, before you go, I’ve also created an extra bonus for you to download. Check out the link below to grab my FREE 7 Step Simple Sales Script — to help you convert coaching prospects into paying clients with more confidence, heart and soul. 


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