Facebook Ads Made Easy

Facebook Ads made Easy

We’ve all seen the ads that pop up in our news feed and some of them can be pretty annoying right? So how do you create a Facebook ad to attract your tribe, traffic and potential customers? 

When advertising on Facebook, the dynamics of traditional marketing are turned upside down. In the past, companies relied on outbound marketing – that is, “push”. They were pushing out a message, a product to potential customers who were usually seeking out that product or service. For example, type in Google “winter coat” and sites offering “winter coat” pop up. 



Facebook advertising however is inbound marketing – “pull”. Users are on Facebook to check in on their friend’s lives, family’s whereabouts etc which means your ads now need to be louder and attention grabbing to get the users focus to read your ad. 

Most of us don’t have the budgets to splash out on a social media agency to create our ads, so these are our top tips to advertise your brand in the Facebook jungle:

Tip #1: What makes an effective Facebook ad? 

High relevance – who is your market? There’s no point running an ad targeting males 50+ in Botswana if you’re selling a mineral make up line. When creating your ad, be sure to choose your target demographic including sex, age range and location.

Compelling Call-to-Action – we’ve all seen the weight loss ads of “A Perfect Butt in 28 days”. This is a compelling call to action as a user who wants a perfect butt will see this and click on the ad immediately thinking it will only take them a month to get it! 

Value Proposition – create value in your ad. Maybe provide a free downloadable eBook to get them to “Share” or view your page. Or a discount on a particular product your advertising if they subscribe to your email list.

Disruption Factor – this is your chance to grab a user’s attention! Make sure your ad and content are powerful enough to cut through their thoughts of what Mandy did last Friday night!

Tip #2: Position is key

Reach out to people in their News Feed, as they spend more than half of their time there. Side bar right hand advertising whilst is prominent positioning, has less return on investment according to studies, with 96% ROI for News Feed ads. 

Your posts are more likely to appear organic if they’re relevant to your fans and their friends, and if their friends or others like, share or comment on them.

Tip #3: Spread the love

Sure it’s awesome you have so many fans and existing customers who love your page, but you need to target potential customers and grow your reach. By choosing to target your potential readers in the ad set up stage, you can also reach up to 92% of your target audience with Facebook’s accurate targeting based on information provided by users.

Tip #4: Use your fans

Leverage your fans for the benefits they offer in your advertising campaigns. For example, when a fan’s friend shares your post, it can increase ad recall by 50%. Organic distribution with high-quality, audience-specific content will generate you more exposure from your fans and their friends, according to Facebook for Business.

Tip #5: Boost your creative

Your creative content needs to take into account your marketing objectives and your fans locations, ages and likes/dislikes. You can also test creative content with your fans to get feedback before considering paid distribution in News Feed. A great creative content piece is relevant, compelling, authentic, simple and short. 

An easy way to test your creative is post it as normal on your Page, then if you’re receiving great traffic with Likes, choose to “Boost” your post. This is a cheap and easy way to promote a compelling post rather than an actual ad.