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[Jennie’s Story Part 2] Crack the $5k mark as a coach without burning out

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Remember Jennie, our lovely health coach who grew her business too quickly by making the biggest mistake I see all health coaches make? If you didn’t get a chance to read Jennie’s story, see my previous post with the title 'Jennie's Story Part 1: How Jennie overcame every obstacle in her Health Coaching Business'

In my next post I'm going to share with you just how Jennie turned her business around and is now able to work 1.5 days per week while earning $5k per month (and counting).

A few of you have reached out to share your similar experiences, and some of you have let me know you’re starting out and are worried about making the same mistake as Jennie, so I’m going to share with you what that biggest mistake is, so we can all avoid it once and for all.

You’re going to be surprised by this, but here it is.

The number one business killer of health coaches, and the biggest mistake Jennie made, was saying yes to everyone who needed her help, instead of creating a package that could best help her IDEAL client only. And yes, that meant saying no to some potential clients too!


You see, Jennie worked with clients who approached her for single sessions on whatever THEY thought they needed, whenever they pleased.

Now apart from the stress of having single and inconsistent clients filling your books every week, do you think it’s even possible to show them the true powerful transformative nature of health coaching in 1 hour or whenever they feel like it?

Jennie was saying yes to people who were not her ideal clients. She had lots of single session clients who paid her an hourly rate, and soon enough, all those hours added up, AND progress was frustratingly slow for many of them because there was no consistency or structure.

Even though she was selling sessions and working with clients, her health coaching business was robbing her of the life she wanted to live. Kind of like how working her corporate job did.

Key Lessons For Health Coaches: 

Selling single sessions (or allowing your client to dictate how many they need) might seem like a good idea at the beginning of your health coaching business, but it will set you back, as you’ll be trapped trading hours for money, feel trapped by your business, and never feel like you’re making enough for the hours you have to work.

When you work with clients who aren’t your ideal clients, it ends up feeling like you’re back working in the corporate world, and you’ll start to resent your health coaching business - which is something we most definitely want to avoid!

When Jennie learnt this key lesson, she was able to turn her business around to get the freedom based lifestyle of working 1.5 days per week, coaching dream clients she loved, and making $5k per month and counting.  

In my next post, I’ll cover what Jennie did to get the results she wanted. 

xx Amanda

PS: If you're looking to take these ideas and put them into practice, be sure to download your FREE How To Crack The $5K Month Mark Guide below!

Running a business amidst chaos

Running a business admist chaos


The last few days have been a challenging few. Right now I should’ve been sitting by the pool at my hotel in Austin.

Instead, I am sitting on my sofa at home, cramming in some work before my husband wakes up.

2 days ago, just as I was starting to pack for my month long trip, someone rung to let me know John was in an ambulance on morphine, and on the way to hospital.

I won’t go into all of the details, but he’s now home – with a broken collarbone – and we’re navigating the next steps of surgery, healing and whether he can look after himself while (if) I’m away.

And you see this is just the way it is to be an entrepreneur. Life happens. There is no boss to ring as say ‘I won’t be in today’, there is no sick leave… there is just you.

And while the freedom of working for yourself is honestly such a gift, when life goes crazy, it is equally important to keep the wheels turning.

If we stopped working every time something came up in life, business would simply never grow. You see NOBODY has 24/7 free-time to work on their businesses. We all live in this messy, fast-paced life and learning to how to BEHAVE as an entrepreneur is something we don’t talk about enough.

For me, I really believe that learning to work in flow THROUGH life’s chaos has been one of the KEY reasons for my fast business growth.

In January I was going through another wave of chaos – this time directly in my business.

I was amidst moving my entire business to a new (and complex) system, using a new team in a different timezone. The project had got so behind that it spilled into my launch period of UPswing Mastermind meaning the set-up team had to run the launch.

In what was possibly the most important few weeks of my business year, the system was broken, mistakes were being made (daily) - blank emails were being sent, replays for webinars which hadn’t even aired were going out – and there was just 1 hour a day the team was able to help me due to timezones. Then one of their staff quit and the owner went on holiday mid launch... And I had no control over any of it as I was yet to be trained on the system. I could go on… but it makes me cringe remembering it!  Let’s just say it was chaos behind the scenes.

In the past, I would have either burnt out or crumbled in an emotional mess and given up under such circumstances….

So when I tell you that those same 6 weeks saw me do $250k in sales, you might think I’m telling you a different story!

How did I stay focused on what mattered and block out the chaos to ensure my most successful launch yet and on-boarding of the loveliest group of women I’ve worked with to date?

At the time I had just started working with Todd Herman in his 90 Day Year program. Todd not only guided me on WHAT I needed to focus on during that time, but even more importantly, HOW to work efficiently, effectively and productively – no matter what chaos is going on around.

I credit the behaviour Todd taught me to that launch success, and my entire work habits have been completely transformed this year from working with him.

He teaches how to work from our ‘Oww' or 'Wow' brain and this understanding has not only helped me achieve so much more, but more importantly for me, by working less. For me, with my background of Adrenal Fatigue, I am not willing to sacrifice my health for success as I see so many other ‘success stories’ doing – and so learning how to work SMART has been life changing for me.

2016 has seen me work with so much more EASE. I have so much focus. I work less hours than ever before. And as a result I have had so much productivity! (Let alone the income which has naturally followed)

And when chaos hits, as it has this week. Yes of course it has thrown me around, but knowing my priorities and my own most effective work habits has meant I've been able to keep the important pieces running and for the most part step back to take care of my husband.

If you struggle with overwhelm, prioritizing or productivity as an entrepreneur then I’d love to share with you Todd’s free training course. I am going to be working through it myself again in the next few weeks and would love to offer you the chance to do so as well for free.

Listen and learn his methods for free here >>


How to sign client contracts electronically (using HelloSign)

How to sign clients using Hello Sign


I just finished up 2 days of a private intensive with a VIP client here in Bondi Beach. A key theme that we discussed throughout the 2 days, was the importance of having ‘masculine’ structures in place in your business to support the ‘feminine’ flow, creativity and freedom.

Systems and structures can sound so BORING or HARD for new health coaches and they are certainly not the sexy, freedom-based lifestyle ideas that we might have envisioned when starting a business.

But streamlined systems that work are actually really sexy!!

If you’ve been following along in our Action April ‘One Thing’ series, you will already be well on your way to having a system in place for booking potential clients in for a discovery session.


You already have: 

a system for marketing yourself and getting clients quickly

a system for scheduling those discovery sessions (and coaching sessions) with ease


And today’s ONE THING is to set up a system for signing client contracts online.

Once your potential client says ‘YES’ to working with you, streamlined systems are imperative to ensure the sales goes 100% through with professionalism and ease.

Put your feet up, sit back and watch this weeks ‘ONE THING’ video training below!



Imagine how ‘pro’ you are going to feel having this next ONE thing in place in your business this week.

I love hearing how you are getting on! Leave a comment below and share with me how you are going implementing the weekly ONE THING.

Or pop on over to my free Facebook group Healthy Wealthy Society to share your experience with like-minded new health coaches.

I’ll see you there

Amanda xx




How to schedule client calls quickly & easily (using Calendly)

How to schedule client calls quickly and easily


How did you get on with your One Thing last week?

I’ve heard some wonderful breakthrough stories from a couple of you who took action on last week's One Thing and posted your Canva image on Facebook to book Discovery Sessions with potential clients.

If you missed that mini-training, you can access it here >>

So following on with our Action April theme, this week’s One Thing is to set up an online scheduler so that clients interested in those Discovery Sessions can book a time to talk with you with ease.

One thing I have noticed through mentoring 100s of new health coaches is that sadly they can lose a potential client who has shown interest, purely because of the back and forth in setting up a good time that works for both parties to connect.

In this week’s Action April training, I guide you through setting up your online schedule using a free program called Calendly.

You are going to feel wonderfully empowered once you have set up this crucial step in your business!

Pour yourself a green juice and enjoy this week's training below!



Time to take action healthy lady! Complete this One Thing this week as we continue to build your business foundations together this April.

Then pop on over to my Facebook group Healthy Wealthy Society to share how you are getting on.

Amanda x



BTW – I have ONE opening right now for a new client to work with me privately to grow your health coaching business. This is the first private spot I’ve offered publicly in over 12 months, so if you are interested in this rare 1:1 opportunity, email me ( and I’ll send you full details.


My Booking System of Choice - And How I Take Client Payments?

My booking system of choice


When you’re setting up your successful Health Coaching business, it pays to have a scheduling system in place that will keep you from playing email tag with clients, or double-booking yourself. Yes, it’s absolutely FINE to start out with Google Calendar if that’s what feels comfortable for you.

I’d love to share with you a couple of booking systems that might suit you and where you’re at in your business (And at the end of this blog post I talk about what method I personally use to take client payments).

Also, if you’re diving right in and you are aiming for those $5K months, you might want to consider investing in something more long-term; something that will work well with you as you grow your business.   



Want to know what MY booking system of choice is? I’ll get to that in a minute. First, let me talk you through a couple of other options:


For a FREE scheduling system that ticks a lot of boxes, it’s worth having a look at Calendly. You get 14 days free at the Premium level when you sign up. I like that they don’t ask you for a credit card. If you want to continue with Premium, it’ll set you back just $10 a month.

Calendly integrates with both Google and Office 365, so you’ll never double-book yourself. When you schedule an appointment in Calendly, it will add it to your calendar of choice. 

When you invite your client to the appointment, they can add it to their favourite calendar in one click. It even sends email confirmations and reminders to clients (these are customisable, too!).

Calendly also allows you to set buffer times in between appointments – sometimes they’re a lifesaver!

Are you enjoying this post? I created a free worksheet for you to learn how to easily take client payments! Click the button below to get it right now.




Appointlet takes things a step further than Calendly in that it has payment collection built in. You can arrange to collect a deposit, or have clients pay full price. You just hook it up to your Paypal or Stripe account (and others).

It’s designed to integrate with Google Calendar and you tell it when you want to be booked and for how long. 

And you can control appointments from your own Google Calendar, if you like, if, say, you need to reschedule or cancel something last minute.

Appointlet also integrates with your website and has a cool, responsive design. If you don’t have your website up and running, you can share your scheduler via email, on your social medium of choice, or send it as a link to your clients.

There’s a handy contact information feature in Appointlet – it will collect client phone numbers, addresses and Skype addresses and pop them into your calendar so you have that info at hand for the appointment. Like, Calendly, Appointlet will send email reminders out to clients.

Okay, I think you’ve waiting long enough to find out what my booking system of choice is. Drum roll…

It’s Satori. Their tagline says it all for me: “Simple, Beautiful, Affordable Client Care for Coaches”. And it really is. 


I personally use Satori as my ‘hub’. I store my client details in there.  I’m able to customise and store my packages and programs in there (Satori calls these ‘offers’).  I send out marketing emails from there, too.

I can match my brand to my Satori app, so when clients land on my page, they get to experience the essence of who I am and what I can do for them. Clients are able to create their own account in my app, which gives them the ability to control the scheduling.

Lachlan Cotter, founder of Satori, is passionate about delivering an unsurpassed booking system to coaches. He is dedicated to continually upgrading and taking its functionality to the next level. He invites and encourages feedback from coaches, too, which I feel really gives this app the edge.

Some of Satori’s features that have me sold, are:

  • Being able to create a template for my Discovery Sessions, Coaching Programs, Signature Package. In this template I can enter intricate details, such as the length, how many sessions, the fee (and whether there is a free session).

  • Having agreements that I can customise for certain clients without having to create a whole new template for sessions, programs or packages. Sometimes things fall outside the box – I love that I have control over them!

  • Client contracts that are linked to the templates; with merge fields for that personalised touch.

  • The ability, like Calendly and Appointlet, to block out times when you’re available for sessions (and I can vary these sessions to fit with the type of package or programs I’m offering). And the ability for clients to manage their own appointments – in the event they need to cancel or reschedule.

  • Something that I’ve found invaluable is being able to customise appointment times so that, for example, only clients in another time zone can book a certain spot you’ve reserved.

  • Reminder emails that are automatically sent out can include a questionnaire for my clients to fill out before they come (checking in with them; getting a heads up on what they’d like to address, etc). The responses are stored against their contact record – see why I call it my ‘hub’?

  • Automatic invoicing and tracking of payments.

  • I can even link Satori to my email list!

Pricing for the Satori booking system starts at $29 per month (at the time of this blog post). You can sign up for a 30 day free trial (no credit card required) if you want to explore the features for yourself.

Don't forget to download your free worksheet to learn how to easily take client payments! Click the button below to get it right now.




This is a very popular question amongst new coaches. I have to say that Paypal is an extremely simple and safe option for client payments. It’s great for those clients who are overseas, as it takes care of the foreign exchange side of things for you.

Paypal allows you to invoice direct from your account, too. There’s no monthly fee for having a Paypal account, but they do take a small percentage off each payment you receive.

There are other methods out there for taking payments from clients. Nudge Coach shares a few in their blog post HERE (they also cover the charges you’ll incur). 

I cover contracts, payments, client booking systems and all things business in detail in my signature program UPswing Mastermind for Health Coaches which starts again February 2016. (And Lachlan from Satori teaches one of the masterclasses within the program too)

Check out the full details of UPswing Mastermind here >>


7 Steps for choosing a Business Coach who‘s right for you - Guest Post by Joanna Mitchell, The Healthy VA

The Healthy VA

I’ve had several different Business Mentors for most of my entrepreneurial journey. They’ve steered me through my transition from Holistic Health Coach to specialised Virtual Assistant and guided me through challenges, new clients and building a team.



I’ve found being an entrepreneur the biggest personal development journey ever, so having the right support by my side has been essential.

When seeking the right coach for you and your business, I’ve learnt there are seven things to consider....

Coaches & Mentors versus Online Programs

Decide whether you want to work privately with a sole coach or join a mentoring program, where you not only connect with the coach, but like minded business owners too. Often the latter can provide extra support, as you connect with others going through the same motions as you.

Choose based on your gut feeling

There are many Business Coaches out there who claim to offer quick fixes or massive $$ per month results.  But don’t be distracted by what they claim to offer. Instead, who feels right for you intuitively?

Do they have significant experience in setting up their own business?

Choose someone with clear entrepreneurial experience, who has been through the highs and lows of creating a start-up business too and made it through the journey successfully. Ideally you would work with a mentor who has run their own successful business in the field you are wanting to grow in - ie for a Health Coach, try and find a mentor who first ran a successful Health Coaching business if possible.

There's a big difference between someone who's been ‘taught’ to be a business coach, compared to someone who's had significant experience in the industry.

Are their Testimonials based on evidence?

A testimonial can praise a Coach for their support and being a ‘good listener’, but did the client demonstrate clear results in their testimonial?  A great Business Coach will be your shoulder to lean on, but more importantly, suggest significant action steps to move your business forward. So, look for testimonials that give a clear indication of results and accountability.

Do they demonstrate a consistent profit over a considerable time frame?

Many Coaches claim to have made $10k months and they have the secret to show you how. But did they make this $10k on a consistent monthly basis? We can all have ‘good months’, but it can take significant business skills and tools to create a high level of income consistently. Not all coaches share their incomes online as a way of getting clients, so you can always ask a potential coach if this is important to you.

Watch, read and download their free stuff

If they are an authentic Business Coach they will understand the importance of providing free, valuable content to their followers. Check to see if they have online resources or free opt-ins, download them and get a feel for who they are, who they work with and whether that resonates with you.

Choose based on value, not price

The value someone can provide to you and your business should not be defined by price. Choose your Business Coach from the heart, not from your head.

About Joanna B Mitchell

Joanna Mitchell is the founder of The Healthy VA, Australia's leading Virtual Business Support for the health, wellness and fitness community.

A corporate retiree turned Holistic Health Coach, Joanna has made it her mission to support health businesses to grow and thrive. By combining her corporate experience, 'techy' skills and knowledge of the health industry, she created a specialised virtual assistant service and supported over 50 health businesses with online marketing, social media, blogging, websites and more.

The Healthy VA is the first of it's kind and has become a game changer for leading Australian health entrepreneurs, playing a significant part in many health campaigns and programs on the market.







5 Minutes for YOU during the working day

5 mins for you during your work day


Many of us have made the exciting transition from office job to being an entrepreneur. I often lament on how different my life was working in an office – actual lunch breaks!! I would often take breaks from my desk, paid bills at lunchtime or simply a stroll in the city.

When I decided to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams at first I had so much time for self care it was AWESOME. But as my business grew I discovered I struggled to fit time in for myself as the days flew by in a busy blur. This only increased as my workload increased and my self-care practices during my office days needed to be scheduled in or I risked running out of physical and mental energy.

How do you add in 5 minutes of self-care a day, every day?! Here are my five faves:

1. Planning the day ahead

I take 5 minutes at the start of my day to make a plan whilst enjoying a green juice or my new 'experiment' with bulletproof coffee (ask me in a few weeks my conclusion on this one). I write down the three most important things that need doing from my weekly master list, then I leave the rest as “nice to do’s”. This single trick completely turned my old habits of overwhelm around. It's so important to be honest that I'm unlikely to get more than 3 key tasks a day done - and so I plan for that instead of causing unnecessary stress.

2. Set an alarm on my phone

I used to sit at my desk and power through the day, only really stopping for quick bathroom breaks. This is not healthy for your physical body or mind, so I started to set a regular alarm on my phone to remind me to take short breaks and move my body. I've talked in other posts about how I use the productivity app '30/30 ' but sometimes the simple alarm on my phone also does the trick nicely. 

3. Fresh air

I try and get a burst of sun each day, even if I take my laptop outside and work for a while. It is too easy to spend the whole day locked inside my office, so I’ll even make phone calls sitting on my balcony or go for a quick walk down to the beach and back. It’s surprisingly re-energising to be in nature especially after exposing ourselves to electronics all day. Whenever I can I take a full hour out to walk around the clifftop from Bondi Beach to Bronte beach in the afternoon - this is great for clearing my head and energy on busy days.

4. Legs up the wall

Yup, this feels awesome! This simple yoga pose will clear your mind and provide a much needed energy boost! Simply take 5 minutes and lay on the floor with your butt against the wall, legs straight up in the air resting on the wall. On my recent yoga retreat I really grasped the power of this pose like never before. If you do just one thing for yourself each day - make it this. Five minutes will make you feel like you’ve had a long afternoon nap – seriously! 

5. Stretch

I cannot stress this essential practice enough – stretch every hour. Even if it’s for one minute, stretching your arms, neck, legs – everything, is essential to give your mind a break and realign your posture. Especially if like me you work on your laptop from wherever it might feel comfy - couch? bed? beach? My personal trainer must have drilled this into me twice a week for about a year before I finally took it on board - now it is a must every day and my body is oh so happy for it. 

If you gave yourself just 5 minutes of self-care each day, what would you do? Let me know your favs in the comments below.


7 Tips to Get Your Business Mojo Back

7 tips to get your business mojo back


When building a business, tasks and work can pile up and make you feel overwhelmed. It can also be hard to say no to more work, and the cycle continues. 

All of a sudden you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, tired, bored or lethargic - you have lost your spark and we don't want that!! Once you lose your mojo, it can be challenging to find the motivation to reclaim it and a downward cycle can creep in. 

Stories of stress and overwhelm tend to be sneaky little ego tricks to keep us playing small. "Who are you to be a great success, doing what you love?"

Well I argue "Who are you not to?"

The truth is you are meant to succeed, you are meant to serve others with your awesome business - so it's time to step out of struggle and into success.

I work with my private clients on stepping into 'being a $5k woman'. To be a $5k woman (or a million dollar woman...) you simply cannot allow yourself to linger into this negative state for too long.

Business Blues are part and parcel of being an entrepreneur - no avoiding that - but the measure of success is how quickly you can catch yourself and bounce back.

Making small life adjustments can make you once again feel more energy and enthusiasm for your business and start sending out high-mojo vibrations to attract those clients waiting to work with you!



Here are a few ways to get back on track:

1. Create a schedule

Keep a master schedule of all of your final deadlines by setting up a calendar. Seeing everything in one place can help you prioritize your time because you’ll know exactly what’s coming up, days and weeks in advance.

The trick to organising your time is to break your projects up into mini-goals that will be easier to achieve. Small, attainable goals will help you bust through tough projects and stay on track.

2. Stay aware

Setting up your schedule is only half the battle - the other half is actually using it. If you’re not in the habit of checking your calendar daily, you might need a little push in the right direction, so after you’ve set deadlines for yourself, also set some alerts. A pop-up on your computer or phone can be a quick reminder of what’s coming up!

3. Hang out with inspiration

Surround yourself with people who motivate, inspire and make you better. Energy is contagious, so spend time around those you admire and adopt their success habits as your own. Surround yourself with people who lift you up, see the best in you and can help dig your best efforts out of you.

You don’t need to be associating with Debbie-downers, lazy complainers, the gossips and trouble makers. These negative energy of these people have the power to deter you from your own goals and aspirations.  

4. Be organised

When you’re working on several projects at the same time, your inbox can quickly explode into an overwhelming mess of information. And while you can’t stop the flow of emails coming in, you can at least keep emails organised and separated.

Try adding folders and color-coding to your inbox to help you find important information when you need it. For example, create a separate folder for each specific assignment you’re working on, which will let you easily scan for conversations or files that you need.

To go a step further, you can even set up a rule in Outlook to send email from certain addresses or with certain phrases in the subject line to the specified folders you’ve created. Gmail does the same thing if you set up a filter. 

5. Create information shortcuts

Do you constantly receive emails asking similar questions? Create a Q&A response email or keep a Word doc on your desktop with answers for common issues. Having something you can easily cut and paste from will make answering routine email less time-consuming.

Doing the small stuff early and making it as streamlined as possible gives you more space to work on complex projects.

6. Think positive.

Fear and negativity are the thieves of your inner spark. Accept that fearful and negative thoughts are a part of life and an essential part of success. Redirect your thoughts to positive and live your business as if you have nothing to lose.  

7. Put compassion into action.

There is nothing that can make any of us feel better than to positively contribute to the lives of others. In whatever way you can, helping others is a great reminder of the good person you are.

When you have time to give, and you share it with others, your own happiness and fulfilment increase. It makes you feel good about who you are as a person, and seeing the impacts your giving has on the quality of the lives of others, reminds you that we are all human.


I'd love to hear in the comments below what you do to get your mojo back when Business Blues creep in. How do you re-inspire yourself and get back in the game?