7 Steps for choosing a Business Coach who‘s right for you - Guest Post by Joanna Mitchell, The Healthy VA

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I’ve had several different Business Mentors for most of my entrepreneurial journey. They’ve steered me through my transition from Holistic Health Coach to specialised Virtual Assistant and guided me through challenges, new clients and building a team.



I’ve found being an entrepreneur the biggest personal development journey ever, so having the right support by my side has been essential.

When seeking the right coach for you and your business, I’ve learnt there are seven things to consider....

Coaches & Mentors versus Online Programs

Decide whether you want to work privately with a sole coach or join a mentoring program, where you not only connect with the coach, but like minded business owners too. Often the latter can provide extra support, as you connect with others going through the same motions as you.

Choose based on your gut feeling

There are many Business Coaches out there who claim to offer quick fixes or massive $$ per month results.  But don’t be distracted by what they claim to offer. Instead, who feels right for you intuitively?

Do they have significant experience in setting up their own business?

Choose someone with clear entrepreneurial experience, who has been through the highs and lows of creating a start-up business too and made it through the journey successfully. Ideally you would work with a mentor who has run their own successful business in the field you are wanting to grow in - ie for a Health Coach, try and find a mentor who first ran a successful Health Coaching business if possible.

There's a big difference between someone who's been ‘taught’ to be a business coach, compared to someone who's had significant experience in the industry.

Are their Testimonials based on evidence?

A testimonial can praise a Coach for their support and being a ‘good listener’, but did the client demonstrate clear results in their testimonial?  A great Business Coach will be your shoulder to lean on, but more importantly, suggest significant action steps to move your business forward. So, look for testimonials that give a clear indication of results and accountability.

Do they demonstrate a consistent profit over a considerable time frame?

Many Coaches claim to have made $10k months and they have the secret to show you how. But did they make this $10k on a consistent monthly basis? We can all have ‘good months’, but it can take significant business skills and tools to create a high level of income consistently. Not all coaches share their incomes online as a way of getting clients, so you can always ask a potential coach if this is important to you.

Watch, read and download their free stuff

If they are an authentic Business Coach they will understand the importance of providing free, valuable content to their followers. Check to see if they have online resources or free opt-ins, download them and get a feel for who they are, who they work with and whether that resonates with you.

Choose based on value, not price

The value someone can provide to you and your business should not be defined by price. Choose your Business Coach from the heart, not from your head.

About Joanna B Mitchell

Joanna Mitchell is the founder of The Healthy VA, Australia's leading Virtual Business Support for the health, wellness and fitness community.

A corporate retiree turned Holistic Health Coach, Joanna has made it her mission to support health businesses to grow and thrive. By combining her corporate experience, 'techy' skills and knowledge of the health industry, she created a specialised virtual assistant service and supported over 50 health businesses with online marketing, social media, blogging, websites and more.

The Healthy VA is the first of it's kind and has become a game changer for leading Australian health entrepreneurs, playing a significant part in many health campaigns and programs on the market.

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