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10 Subject Line Strategies To Get More Email Opens

10 Subject line strategies to get more email opens

There’s no failsafe rule for writing subject lines that convert people on your list into paying clients. But there are a few guidelines you can follow to get your emails opened and read more often. 

When Mailchimp conducted a study on email subject lines (they’re continually monitoring what works and what doesn’t) they concluded that short, descriptive subject lines do way better than “splashy or cheesy phrases” (their words). You can view their email subject line best practices HERE.

Email Marketing is very much about testing and measuring, so experiment with different subject lines and see what works. If one is a dismal fail, it will at least give you an idea of what’s NOT working. There’s no right or wrong.



Your Health Coaching business is as unique as you are, so also bear in mind that what works for someone else might give you different results.

Follow these 10 Subject Line Strategies To Get More Email Opens:


When you know what your dream clients are into, you’ll get opens when your headlines are related to their needs, likes and preferences. If you are still unsure of who your target audience is, have a read of my blog 4 WAYS TO IDENTIFY YOUR HEALTH COACHING TARGET AUDIENCE (aka Dream Clients).


Five to seven words are enough to not get cut short when your email pops up in your dream client’s inbox. As you know, people’s inboxes are pretty full and they want to scan through quickly to pick out what’s readable. Sometimes subject lines using just one or two words can get more opens!


The jury’s kind of out on this one, because some people say using a person’s name smacks of ‘spam’. 

But, there’s something about seeing your name in an email subject line that makes you sit up and listen. Have you noticed that when your receive one of those emails? If your email marketing app offers merge fields, throw one in every now and then and see how people respond.

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Questions play to people’s curiosity, so have a go at using them in your subject lines. They urge people to read further (the body of the email) in search of an answer.

If you ask a question that has a ‘yes’ answer for the person, you’re likely to encourage more email opens:  Your dream client will want to find out what your solution to their health challenge is. So, something like, “Are you often feeling tired and sluggish?”


A direct instruction is often very effective. Try a call to action, like encouraging your dream clients to book a free Discovery Session, or if you’re guest speaking at an event you might start with, “Join me at…”.


If your email content lists things, like “10 Email Subject Lines that Work”, it pays to reflect that your subject line.

People can easily gauge how long your email might take to read, and somehow it makes it feel manageable, so they are more likely to click and open it. 


If you’re emailing your dream clients to share some exciting developments in your health coaching business, like a new package, for instance, get your readers inspired by popping it into your subject line.  Try: “My new package is here!”


Without being salesy (it turns people right off, and it’s not who you are anyway), you create a sense of urgency with subject lines like, “There are just 24 hours left to book a free Discovery Session with me.”
As a brand new coach, everyone knows that you are not 'booked-out' yet - so don't use lines like "2 spots left" which is not true - but instead find places where there is genuine urgency to encourage action from your viewer.



Mailchimp has a cool little feature that allows you to add a short teaser to your email when it shows in someone’s inbox (you find it in the top left corner of your email template when you’re designing your email).  

In most email previews in your inbox, that text usually shows up as “Having trouble viewing this email?” – that’s a special little piece of real estate to capitalise on.

Don’t forget to grab your FREE worksheet with these 10 subject line strategies and much more by clicking the button below!



Features are rarely as exciting as benefits. For example, would a subject line talking about a diet speak more to your dream clients than a mental picture of clothes fitting better or feeling more energised?

Now, time for some examples:

  • Do you have a special dress you’d like to fit into again?

  • How a Health Coach can help you reach your health goals

  • Why more mums are drinking ___________

  • How I overcame Adrenal Fatigue in 6 months

  • How to make school lunches that sustain energy

  • Discover the best ways to _______________

  • Have you been feeling unmotivated lately, Kerry?

  • Wanted: Motivated women who want to up their fitness game

  • Get ready to change your relationship with food

  • My special introductory program pricing ends tonight

  • Want weight loss to be easier?

  • Wish eating right wasn’t so hard?

  • 3-Step Action Plan for getting fitter

  • 4 Secrets the world’s healthiest people keep

Above and beyond anything I have shared above, you must ALWAYS first know your ideal client inside and out before writing subject lines. Your in-depth knowledge of your ideal client will shine through your email subject lines above-and-beyond any formula you could ever study.

In my signature program UPswing Mastermind for Health Coaches we start by getting UBER clear on exactly who you are talking to in your emails, so that your can use the ideas above to ensure your emails turn into clients.

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List Building 101 for Successful Health Coaches

List Building for Coaches


Let me start by saying that building a list is a long journey. There’s no magical quick fix. Stick with it, and slowly but surely you will have a solid base of prospects to build a relationship with.

But there is absolute truth in the marketing mantra: The Money Is In Your List.


And for that reason, you MUST start List Building as soon as possible.

Building a list is one of the most important things you’ll do for your business. By nurturing this list you are able to build trust and credibility with your target audience (aka Dream Clients) with a view to them taking the steps to work with you.

There are many ways to list-build, many of which are free - but these do tend to be slow.



List-building can however happen quickly using a good list-building funnel and typically happens in this order:

  1. A Facebook Advert

  2. A Landing Page with a form to fill in name and email address

  3. A Free Offer Download (called a Lead Magnet)

  4. Follow up emails and newsletters

1. YOUR FACEBOOK ADVERT is how you will drill down into your target audience and have an advert pull them to your landing page with the prospect of getting something for free. I’m going to leave the ins and outs of Facebook ads for another time, but if you’re interested in learning more, Amy Porterfield has a great podcast about Facebook ad targeting HERE. (I also cover facebook ads in great detail specifically for health coaches with industry facebook as guru Julie Lowe in my UPswing Mastermind for Health Coaches.

2. YOUR LANDING PAGE is where your prospect will ‘land’ once they’ve clicked on your Facebook ad. It’s a webpage with a form asking for their name and email address. This form will be linked to your email marketing software (Mailchimp or Aweber are popular).

Your landing page needs to be a page where your prospect only has one option to click on, and that’s the SUBMIT button of your form. The idea with your list building goal is to not lose your prospect to other links on the page. Leadpages is probably the most popular platform for building landing pages. It is affordable and easy to use, with thousands of pre-made templates for you to tweak to suit your brand.

3. YOUR LEAD MAGNET is a piece of content that your dream client will be super happy to get their hands on. They’ll jump at the chance to give you their email address in exchange for this awesome piece of content.

Knowing your audience better than they know themselves will help you to create EXACTLY what they are looking for but didn’t realise it. If you haven’t identified who your dream clients are yet, you’ll find

4 Ways to Identify Your Health Coaching Target Audience (aka Dream Clients) HERE.

Your Lead Magnet doesn’t have to be a grandiose piece of work – it can be a free meal planner, recipes, a short eBook or training video.

4. YOUR FOLLOW UP EMAILS AND NEWSLETTERS are what are going to keep people who’ve joined your list engaged. 

Once you have their name and email address, you can keep in regular contact with your prospects. 

Talk to them in their own language about their pain point and give them a solution. 

Newsletters are a fabulous means of nurturing and building trust with your subscribers so they eventually want to buy your products or services and keep coming back for more.

The general rule of thumb for newsletter content is:  include something personal, like a story about what you’ve been up to. Your content might include an intro to your blog, followed by a promotion for someone else, along with showcasing somewhere you’ve recently been features, and a link to your new eBook. Anything goes, really. Keep it personal, and make it your own.

You should always add an offer of a complementary discovery session, or a link to check out your coaching program.

Another element in your newsletter marketing can be to set up autoresponders which deliver a series of scheduled emails to your audience once they have opted in.

Autoresponders allow you to build a series of emails to send over a period of time (hours, days, weeks, more). You can design, schedule and test your automated emails and track how many people open them.

Automation offers a more custom experience for individual subscribers, based on their activity. For example, if they read about a product you’re selling in one of your newsletters, and then click on the link to find out more, you can set up an automated email to go specifically to subscribers who have taken these action steps and follow up on their interest in your product.

Autoresponders also streamline your communications process. By organizing recurring campaigns, you can reach the right subscribers at the right time, for example, sending out a simple birthday coupon or a complex series of sales, event-related or fundraising messages.

For more on Email Marketing, Autoresponders and crafting emails that convert opt-ins to orders, have a look at Orissa Feeney – Email Marketing for Beginners.

And there you have it: List Building 101. Start, as soon as you can, even if you have other things going on in your life or business. Have this ticking over in the background so that when you’re ready to take things to the next level you have an engaged, eager following.

In my Upswing Mastermind, I go into detail about creating your facebook ads, designing your landing page in Leadpages and integrating it with Mailchimp. I walk you step by step through my exact process for building a list for your Health Coaching business.

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