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[Jennie’s Story Part 2] Crack the $5k mark as a coach without burning out

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Remember Jennie, our lovely health coach who grew her business too quickly by making the biggest mistake I see all health coaches make? If you didn’t get a chance to read Jennie’s story, see my previous post with the title 'Jennie's Story Part 1: How Jennie overcame every obstacle in her Health Coaching Business'

In my next post I'm going to share with you just how Jennie turned her business around and is now able to work 1.5 days per week while earning $5k per month (and counting).

A few of you have reached out to share your similar experiences, and some of you have let me know you’re starting out and are worried about making the same mistake as Jennie, so I’m going to share with you what that biggest mistake is, so we can all avoid it once and for all.

You’re going to be surprised by this, but here it is.

The number one business killer of health coaches, and the biggest mistake Jennie made, was saying yes to everyone who needed her help, instead of creating a package that could best help her IDEAL client only. And yes, that meant saying no to some potential clients too!


You see, Jennie worked with clients who approached her for single sessions on whatever THEY thought they needed, whenever they pleased.

Now apart from the stress of having single and inconsistent clients filling your books every week, do you think it’s even possible to show them the true powerful transformative nature of health coaching in 1 hour or whenever they feel like it?

Jennie was saying yes to people who were not her ideal clients. She had lots of single session clients who paid her an hourly rate, and soon enough, all those hours added up, AND progress was frustratingly slow for many of them because there was no consistency or structure.

Even though she was selling sessions and working with clients, her health coaching business was robbing her of the life she wanted to live. Kind of like how working her corporate job did.

Key Lessons For Health Coaches: 

Selling single sessions (or allowing your client to dictate how many they need) might seem like a good idea at the beginning of your health coaching business, but it will set you back, as you’ll be trapped trading hours for money, feel trapped by your business, and never feel like you’re making enough for the hours you have to work.

When you work with clients who aren’t your ideal clients, it ends up feeling like you’re back working in the corporate world, and you’ll start to resent your health coaching business - which is something we most definitely want to avoid!

When Jennie learnt this key lesson, she was able to turn her business around to get the freedom based lifestyle of working 1.5 days per week, coaching dream clients she loved, and making $5k per month and counting.  

In my next post, I’ll cover what Jennie did to get the results she wanted. 

xx Amanda

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How to nurture potential clients with newsletters (using Mailchimp)

How to Nurture Potential Clients

Woohoo, It’s May!

Over here in Bondi Beach we are being truly spoilt with a summer that just keeps on giving. I just got back from a long walk around the cliffs with a friend this morning and we jumped in the ocean on the way back.

Impromptu mornings like this are what I LOVE so much about working for myself.

And I spent a large part of yesterday researching hotels and airbnb’s for my upcoming month in America – woohoo!

If you are in NYC, San Fran or Austin let me know – I’m thinking about hosting some meetups while I’m there. Would you be interested?

I loved sharing my new ‘How-To’ series with you throughout April and due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback, I’ve started filming some new episodes.

If you missed any of the previous episodes, you can access them here:

- How to Build a Loyal List of Raving Fans (Using LeadPages)

- How to sign client contracts electronically (Using Hellosign)

- How to schedule client calls quickly & easily (using Calendly)

- How to Promote Discovery Session on Facebook (using Canva)

We’ve spoken a lot about promoting yourself, and building an audience via engaging content, in exchange for email addresses and I’ve had mixed responses ranging from ‘Super Excited’ to have these tools now and ‘Oh so Overwhelmed’ with technology.

I get it – I know you didn’t necessarily become a health coach to be a tech wiz, but there is a bit of business know-how that is needed to build your practice and get clients, so I will continue to create more ‘How-To’s’ to help us collectively rise – be seen, be heard – as health coaches.

Technology will not hold us back from making a BIG difference in the world!

One of the questions I got in my Healthy Wealthy Society facebook group this week was how to ‘pull these pieces all together’.

And for that, I have created this week’s video on using Mailchimp in your business. It’s kind of the ‘glue’ in your marketing.

Mailchimp is your go-to for sending emails to potential clients and business followers, delivering free goodies to those who have requested them and for setting up automated marketing that works by itself to build your community.

You can watch ‘How to nurture potential clients with newsletters (using Mailchimp) below.


If you aren’t already in my free facebook group Healthy Wealthy Society, jump on over and join the conversation (we’ve had some pretty energetic chats in there this week which are so important as a community)

See you there

Amanda xx

Resources: Mailchimp


Create Your Rocking Health Coaching Signature Program in 5 Steps



Your signature program is the unique-to-you program that you offer to your target audience (AKA Dream Clients). It’s a sure-fire way to establish yourself as a leader in your area of the wellness industry. 

It’s YOU and what you can OFFER packaged up in a way that creates the best outcome for your clients. 

Creating a signature program is not actually as daunting as most new Health Coaches believe it to be. 

Have a look at my 5 steps to creating yours:


Your solution is formulated from the answers to a few simple questions: 

  • Who your Target Audience is

  • What their Key Pain Points are

  • What they believe the cause of their pain is

  • What they’re motivated by

  • What it is they’ll pay anything to have solved

Knowing the biggest challenges your ideal clients face points you in the direction of your solution. Get clear on what they will be able to achieve, experience and do as a result of participating in your program.

The most important reason anyone is going to pay for your Signature Program is the OUTCOME – the results and benefits they can experience. It’s important to remember that your signature program sells an outcome, not a pack of single sessions.

If you haven’t figured out your Target Market yet, head over to my blog “4 Ways to Identify Your Health Coaching Target Audience (AKA Dream Clients).”



If you can, talk to 5 or 10 people who you feel best represent your target audience. Feel them out about: 

  • What it is about your business that appeals to them

  • What the main reason is they’d hire you as a Health Coach

  • What results they’d expect to see from working with you

Ask intelligent questions that will help you to sell your signature program to your target audience, too. Find out if they’ve worked with other Health Coaches and what their experience was like (what the positives were, and what they felt was lacking). These answers will help you focus your solution even 

Don't forget to grab your FREE copy of my guide below. It teaches you how to take these 5 steps and put them into action so you can create the perfect signature health coaching program for your business! Click the button below to get started.




Your signature program is as much about what YOU offer, as it is about WHAT you offer. YOU are what’s going to make your signature program powerful. It has to be something you are excited to offer your dream client. Sell them what they think they want, and deliver what you know they need.

So, looking at your solution, think about how you can package it up to make it both enjoyable for you and of great benefit to your client.

Would you run your program over 4 weeks, 3 months, 6 months? How often would you and your client meet? Weekly? Bi-weekly? How long would each module/ session be? What would you cover in each module/ session? What price point feels right for you in regard to the support and time you’ll be putting into each coaching package and client?

Explore ways that you could make your package attractive to your ideal client.

Create a coaching program



Because your signature program is unique to you, you’ll want it to express your brand. The name you choose for your program can be based on the desired outcome/results, or who the program is aimed at, or you could come up with a catchy acronym.

Your signature program’s content will include: 

  • a Welcome Pack that sets the outline of your program

  • a workbook sharing the key learning points for each module/session, and powerful coaching questions you’ll be asking your program participants

  • worksheets or action Items for each week of the program

  • any other resources that relate to your program.


  • Define the benefits. CHECK.

  • Get clear on the key results, or outcome, you’re selling. CHECK.

  • Establish the number of modules/ sessions. CHECK.

  • Work out the cost and possible payment plans. CHECK.

  • Come up with a name and style of design for your signature program. CHECK.

  • Create all the necessary content. CHECK.

I would love to hear about your experience creating your coaching program in the comments below and for some support around pricing, check out my post How much Can You Charge As a Health Coach >>>



The Tasty Life: How to Turn Your Passion for Healthy Food Into a Career You Love

Passion for food into a career

If you love healthy food and you’ve dreamed about turning that passion into a thriving career or business, then I have an interview that’s perfect for you. 

My friend and colleague, Jennifer Cornbleet, recently interviewed star chefs and cooking teachers, health coaches, restaurant owners, cookbook authors, marketing experts and many more.



I was interviewed as part of the series, and I’m so excited share the recording with you!

In the interview we talked about how I discovered my passion and the steps I took to get where I am now.

If this sounds exciting to you, I urge you to listen in!



Let me know you key takeaways from the interview in the comments below!

Amanda x


Are You Too Nice To Start Making Money?

Are you too nice to start making money


This week’s Business Bites we’re focusing on when does being too nice impact on your business? There is a big difference between being too nice and being kind - people are kind and compassionate when they're confident and comfortable with who they are. Usually possessing a level of positive self-esteem, they're not overly preoccupied with how others see them.

An overly nice person often feels more insecure, and seek the approval and validation of others. This type of person tries to please others and thus an often be seen as a great friend but not a business entrepreneur. 



Mind Body Green recently posted a great article which dives into the issue many entrepreneurs face which I wanted to share with you. Often a subtle shift in the way we present ourselves can result in increased success.


How to Attract Clients By Christmas - Step #10

How to attract clients by Christmas step 10




Wooah – I can’t believe we are at step 10 already! I have seriously LOVED creating this Clients by Christmas challenge for you all and receiving your constant messages about your new clients – SOOO super happy for you!

It takes action to get clients and those who consistently do so get results.

You have plenty of actions to take now from the previous 9 steps and you can access them again here anytime >>

Giving up too soon is a common mistake and Step 10 is going to support you to keep going.

It’s all in the mindset of belief – keep the faith lady!

For example consider how much you need to make from your Health Coaching to start working your day job part time, or quit your job. How many clients do you need to start with? If you need 3 this month to replace one day a weeks work…

Then set your intention to have signed 3 new clients by the end of the month.

The Eleventh Hour is a known phenomenon in the world of Wealth Consciousness, so never ever give up.

Set your eye on the prize and know it is coming.

Keep taking the appropriate actions and show yourself you can do it


How to Attract Clients By Christmas - Step #9

How to attract clients by Christmas step 9




Be proud of who you are and what you have to offer. Share your Health Coaching offers with great excitement….

We’re on the home straight now ladies – Step 9 reminds you to be fully and authentically you.

Not only is there really no other way to be in the long run, but also this is the X-factor that will have you stand out from the crowd, attract dream clients and feel truly ALIVE in your business.

If you build a business on someone else’s model, it won’t last…

When you come from a place of creation and are willing to bring all of YOU out of hiding and into your business game, people are really going to feel it, even if they can’t pinpoint why.

You will exude a magnetism that money can’t buy…

You only really want to work with clients with like-minded values and beliefs – they’re the ones you’ll love working with and jump to pay you to do so. And guess what? The way to attract them to be more YOU!

 Let go of the opinions of others. You are here to ‘serve’ not ‘prove yourself.’  When you are so worried of rejection it is purely speculation and you will communicate with a filter and not from your heart. People truly feel the difference!! 

Go forth and keep on going with purpose from your heart BEFORE the clients show up – it will happen if you keep going with persistence – it might not happen overnight but if you are persistent it will happen.

Anything you desire is meant for you!


"I wrote an honest blog post about why I was changing my practice (from weight loss to depression) and had someone I've never met contact me to ask about my program and had more visits to my site than ever before"

Cecile Weigle -


Action Step: Bring more of YOU into everything you do in your business. Great photos can help others connect with you via your brand and add an extra ‘oomph’ of professionalism to your online presence.

How to Attract Clients By Christmas - Step #8

How to attract clients by Christmas step 8



Tapping into the audience of others who serve similar people is a key tactic in growing your reach and exposure.


"I made cold calls to local businesses & from that have created a successful business partnership in town as well as booked a speaking engagement"

Megan Flynn


The previous steps in the ‘Clients by Christmas’ challenge have seen you out there doing it for yourself… If you need reminding of any of the previous steps, pop over to my blog anytime to view them all together >>

But Step 8 turns this around a little and starts you thinking laterally…

It’s time to share audiences with like-minded professionals! When you come from a ‘creation’ not ‘competition’ mindset you can benefit hugely from partnering with the right people.

Who else is already serving your ideal client? Is there another service that they regularly receive that could compliment your service? Is there someone that would benefit from referring your services?


Here is a starter list of ideas for referrals and joint venture partners. 

-        Guest posting on others blogs

-        Speaking at yoga or pilates studios

-        Partnering with a Personal Trainer

-        Doctors with an integrative approach

-        Chiropractors

-        Acupuncturists

-        Personal Stylist

-        Hairdresser

-        Counselors

-        Your local gym


ACTION STEP: Spend time brainstorming your own unique niche for insights into who would be of benefit for you to partner with that also benefits your potential clients. Then take action by contacting everyone that fits that bill.


Tip 1: Don’t partner with anyone for the sake of money or list building – it is never worth it in the long run. Respect your audience and only promote others who are of genuine interest or benefit to your tribe or they’ll go running for the hills ten times quicker than you found them!


Tip 2: When you really truly know your target market inside out, knowing where to find them and who they might already be following or working with becomes super simple.

How to Attract Clients By Christmas - Step #7

How to attract clients by Christmas step 7



Being more on the introvert side of things, networking was not my preferred method of finding clients, but I have discovered some key secrets behind making it work both online and off.

How are you tracking with the Clients by Christmas challenge? I’ve heard some wonderful stories this week – I just had to share a couple!


I joined a ...Network FB group page very late last night .. decided to make myself visible and share a photo of myself and a little about my business as well as some fun facts about me. Since then I've received 2 personal Facebook messages of people wanting to work with me and 2 bookings for Discovery Sessions...

Erika Sheffer


Step 7 is all about making connections – authentic and genuine connections are one of the most effective ways to pick up clients.

In Step 6 I encouraged you to host a party to build community, but of course it is always nice to head to a party as a guest!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – People buy from people they know, like and trust.

And this comes from meeting you, getting to know you!

So it makes sense that getting to know someone before ‘selling’ to them will always result in a more authentic relationship.

The good news is that Christmas time has more than it’s fair share of extra networking events, Christmas parties, end-of-year bashes…. If ever there was a season to don your Jimmy Choos and head out of the house with those business cards it is now.

Seize the Christmas Season!

There are many ways to network both online and off which can be tailored to your own personal preferences and I’ve pulled together my favourites below:


Seven places to Network by Christmas:

1.     Your local business group

2.     Women in business meetups

3.     Facebook Health groups

4.     Mothers groups & Playgroups

5.     Outdoor bootcamps

6.     Your favourite team sport

7.     You local community garden group


I shared details of my fermented foods workshop on Instagram and Facebook and was inundated with enquiries. I booked 19 people for the workshop and had to borrow several chairs to meet the demand!

Karen Miller,


ACTION STEP: Choose at least 2 of the networks above and put them in your diary TODAY! And don’t forget that speech you practiced back in Step 1 – here it is again in case you forgot >>


How to Attract Clients By Christmas - Step #3

How to attract clients by Christmas step 3



It can be tempting to fall into the trap of thinking that no-one wants to work with a health coach, or that it is impossible to those that do …


I sent personal emails to my friends and family, as well as posting on my private FB page and booked 13 discovery sessions and 2 clients in 1 week.

Yvonne Ling Kao,


It’s great to have you here for step 3 of Clients by Christmas, if you have missed the previous 2 steps, you can view them on my blog here >>

Step 3 is one most people overlook and that is to start close to home and work your way out from there.

Truth bomb: There are no lack of clients in the world who would LOVE your support on a health issue, if only they knew it was an option…

The problem I witness over and over again is that many health coaches graduate, launch a blog and expect the entire online world to come looking for them.

When this doesn’t happen they take it personally, thinking that no one wants to work with them and those thoughts of giving up start to creep in … but the truth is, you always have to start close to home.

While in the long term I do not advocate working with family or friends as a health coach, in the short term, it is exactly where to start.


The most common ways I have witnessed Health Coaches get clients is by using one of the following strategies:


1.     Talking about your Health Coaching on your personal facebook page in a conversational way.

Talking to your friends in this way is great practise for talking to the wider world in your genuine voice, and it’s easy to forget just how many people are watching every time you post on facebook – even if they don’t always comment. You’ll be surprised who may reach out when you tell them excitedly what you have to offer.


2.    Privately emailing friends and family to spread the word for you.

When you write about what you do so that others can learn and get excited by your offering, your family and friends will often be more than happy to spread the word. Starting close to home in this way will allow you to practise getting your feet wet and again, people are more likely to buy from those they ‘know, like and trust’ so personal referrals are a great way to pick up clients.


I posted to my FB page, spoke more about my program to everyone and made cold calls to local businesses and received more in-full payments from clients than ever, created a successful local business partnership and booked a speaking engagement!

Megan Flynn,


ACTION STEP: Write an email to send to everyone you know and then create a shorter version to share on your personal facebook page.