All You Need to Know About Launching vs. Everyday Marketing


What I’d like to talk about today is the difference between a ‘launch’ vs. everyday promotion for getting 1-on-1 clients…

I’ve been getting a number of questions from my Advanced Mastermind group, UPswing Momentum, about whether launch tactics — marketing tactics such as FB Lives, Instagram Stories, and FB ads — can be used for everyday marketing to get 1-on-1 clients.

And I was actually a little confused when I first heard these questions!  

Because I think that online, we all get so exposed to the BIG launches — where you see someone promoting a LOT for a short period of time — normally if they have a group program that has a set start date.

That is the way I mostly work in my business nowadays.  I do two big launches during the year for my 6-month UPswing Mastermind program, and then I’m not launching for the rest of the time.

But for anyone in their first 2 years of business, and looking for 1:1 clients, I tend to advise AGAINST a ‘launch’ approach to business.

Here’s my client Jamie’s (great) question, that inspired this post:

“Does anyone plan out FB Lives to promote 1:1 coaching spots? Someone asked me a question today that I thought would be a good topic for a mini training series, like maybe a series of FB Lives on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday in a row… I’ve only really seen that done in the context of a launch — but then again, I do feel like I need to be in ‘Launch’ mode if I’m going to hit my 1:1 coaching client goals for May.  It feels inspired, but I want to make sure I’m not shooting from the hip vs. properly planning it out. Any thoughts?”

My initial thought, when I read this FB post in my advanced Mastermind group, was curiosity! Where have we as entrepreneurs decided that FB Lives are for launches only?

And the truth is, when you’re getting 1-on-1 clients, you’re always launching.

In my UPswing Mastermind program our mantra is, ‘How can I be seen by my ideal client today and ask for the dance?’ (aka: invite them to a Discovery Session)

That concept is no different to launching group programs. That is marketing! That is visibility.

So absolutely, we want to get you out there, asking for the dance, promoting your services, inviting people to Discovery Sessions — and yes, THESE so-called launch tactics are the things that we can do!

We can put out different email sequences…
We can put out that FB Live mini-series…
We can post on Instagram Stories, and put out FB ads...
We can do things online, and do things offline… 

Basically, ANYTHING that you see people doing during a launch, is what you need to be doing on a DAY-TO-DAY BASIS.

I ALSO want to talk about this concept of ‘planning it properly’.

In my experience, 90% or more of the time, the thought of ‘planning it properly’ when you’ve had the inspiration jolt is a form of RESISTANCE.

I see this across the board with clients.  

Ultimately you want to do a little bit of planning, of course, before any marketing you put out. You don’t want to just drool and dribble and put out a random rant online!

Anyone who’s done any of my trainings knows — ALL marketing communication forms our pain-points, benefits, and the transformation work that we do…

And a little bit of up-front planning in any speaking or written communication is helpful to ensure we have those little points that we’re ticking.  

But you certainly don’t need to go into planning, and spreadsheets, and “What’s going to be this day, and what’s going to be that day?”  Really, that is a form of resistance, without any question.

I also see that perhaps it is a MINDSET piece coming into play here, too.  

I’m seeing separation in the conversation — not only in Jamie’s question, but also in the other ladies’ comments.  This idea of  ‘us’ and ‘them’.  

THEY launch, doing that…and WE don’t know what to do.

This separation.

Whereas in truth — ANY of you who are in business are absolutely the women who are promoting yourself, being visible, putting out your marketing.  

And it’s exactly the same thing as “THEM”! :-)  Creating BUZZ about your business.

And yes, it will come in waves, even for your 1-on-1 coaching.

In this instance, I think Jamie is looking to hit an end-of-month goal. So in that case, maybe you put in a stronger 5-day marketing plan for the last week of the month, for example, and maybe .

But I really want to check in on that mindset piece of feeling like people who are launching are somehow different than you.

And really, what I want to say above and beyond all of that — is that those people who are showing up during a launch in those ways is not only doing that.

You might see it MORE during their at that time, because a launch period tends to be a heightened marketing period.  

But if you as a business owner only show up and do your marketing, and only communicate with your audience, when you’re launching your group program — so during a specific time — you’ll very quickly lose trust with your audience.  

Because they’re going to very quickly see that you’re only showing up for them when you’re selling them something.

So actually it’s critical that you DO start showing up regularly — giving great value, showing up on your Facebook Lives and in your Facebook feed, or on your Instagram feed and in your Instagram Stories… whatever platform it is for YOU right now.

Giving value.
Connecting with your audience.  
Throughout the year.

And yes, there’ll be times when you’re taking more of a sales slant — but you can always, always be sharing what you’re doing in your biz, and asking people to work with you at the end of those presentations.

All You Need to Know About Launching vs. Everyday Marketing.png

Are you seeing the importance of not separating launch tactics from 1:1 marketing tactics?  They are EXACTLY the same thing!

So let’s wrap everything up, in brief:

  1. Anything you see someone doing for a launch, you can do  — and should be doing! — every day to market your 1:1 coaching.

  2. Don’t overplan or overthink your marketing. This is absolutely a form of resistance.

  3. Our best content comes from inspired action — taking action in the moment. Inspired action is going to do wonders for you in your business. My experience is that anytime I start to overthink it, or plan it, it either doesn’t get done or it just ends up being rigid.

I hope that helps!    

If anyone has any questions, feel free to put them in the comments at the end of the blog or under the FB Live video!   I’m happy to leave follow-up thoughts, so ask away if you have any queries.  

Have a wonderful day and can’t wait to hear what you think!

Amanda xx