This Post Got Everyone Talking

This Post Got Everyone Talking


I was super happy this week when facebook (finally) agreed to change my facebook page name over from 'Fuel Urban Wellness' to 'Amanda Jane Daley' (happy dances all around).

Just having the correct name on that page feels like I've come home - it feels like it's actually mine again and I am loving playing in there with lots of new business inspiration for you all.

One of the first posts I put up on that page after the change over has caused great conversation and alot of likes this weeks, so I wanted to let you in on the chatter.



You see sometimes it really is a matter of doing a few things a little differently that can make a HUGE difference in your business! 

Why not try these 3 things to boost your end of week and then pop on over to my new facebook page to join the conversation and see which point got everyone raving:

1. Simplify one thing
Pick one thing that you are going to simplify in your life or business. Does your morning routine help you launch into your day or make you feel defeated before you even get going? Do you need to reduce the number of apps and tools that you use to run your business? Pick one thing and find a way to organise, minimise, or systemise it until you know you’ve made it as simple as it could possibly be.

2. Get a Mastermind group together
Get a Mastermind group together for brunch and chat, share dreams and ideas. If you’re not part of a Mastermind group, then just invite some friends who are like-minded, motivated, and love to learn new things. Connecting and inspiring is a MUST for any entrepreneur!!

3. Send thank you cards or email to your clients
It is much easier and less expensive to keep clients happy than to replace lost clients with new ones. Keeping clients happy and engaged is what helps our entrepreneurial world go round. Plus it feels really awesome giving value to other people in a way that keeps them coming back. Send some gratitude their way with a hand written thank you card. Or a simple email message is a lovely idea if you are more electronically minded. Customers almost never experience this level of personal gratitude so it's a great opportunity to build an even deeper relationship with them!

Do any of these tips resonate with you? Pop on over to my facebook page and leave a comment letting me know which tip you are most excited to try! 

Is it the same tip that everyone else is gushing over?

Can't wait to see you over there (click here to take you to my page direct >>)