100 Killer Coaching Questions - Never be Stuck for What to Say Again

100 killer coaching questions


It is very common and completely natural for new coaches to feel unconfident in their ability to get great results in their coaching sessions.

When I recently sent out a survey to my list the number one struggle new coaches are having appears to be around confidence and feeling ‘expert’ enough.

I watch many new coaches sit on the sidelines, waiting to feel confident, but the truth is you have to just get in the game and start.

You’ll never gain confidence without practice. It’s not possible.

I think the key reason new coaches don’t feel expert enough is because they are feeling responsible for the results their client gets and they are often comparing themselves to different experts in their field.

For example, a Health Coach can worry that she won’t get the results that a doctor might – but a health coach is meant to COACH – not be the doctor.

So how do you get in the game and start coaching BEFORE you feel ready?



The truth is that you don’t need many skills when you get started.

Your job is not to be perfect, it’s to be a coach - an incredible question asker and an incredible listener.

The truth is that as humans our true answers are already inside us. A coach’s role is to gently guide us to find our own answers. This is the power of coaching.

When a coach tries to fill every gap with ‘teaching’, tries to solve all of her client’s problems for her – she is in fact robbing the client of the true transformation available to her.

Coaching is about asking the questions, NOT having every single answer or the perfect solution.  Let the client have their own a-ha moments, rather than lecturing them or trying to be an expert on their life. That will exhaust you.

Do not try to rob your client of her own ‘a-ha’ by telling her everything you know – instead, master the art of asking questions and allow the magic of coaching to unfold.

Another trap is thinking that your life has to be perfect before you can coach. That’s a mistake.

Top athletes all have coaches, but their coach is not necessarily more advanced than they are… they just know how to COACH.

Of course, the key to doing this is having a powerful set of questions in your toolkit ready to go, so I have compiled a list powerful coaching questions for you to use in your coaching sessions.

It’s time to lean back and trust that you have everything you need to be a great coach – ask these questions, listen for the answers and allow your client the gift of a massive breakthrough.

Here are my top questions to ask during a coaching session. I encourage you to print them out and have them handy in your next session.

Download your 100 Killer Coaching Q's HERE


I'd love to hear how using the 100 Killer Coaching Q's helped your business. Share your experiences in the comments below and share which question provided the biggest breakthrough for you or your client.


Amanda xo