How denying your desires is holding you back. Guest Post by Rachel Sizemore.

How denying your desires is holding you back

"Your desires are for you."

This is one of the first lessons Amanda taught me in the UPswing Mastermind.  Not only is it ok for you to go for what you want, it is essential. It is the fuel for the engine that will drive your success.

It’s a tricky one for me.  In the big picture way, I know what I want: to share my gifts authentically with the world, to have a freedom lifestyle, to travel, to live at my body’s natural (read: slow) pace.  But especially at the beginning, those desires felt too big, too abstract, too far out of reach to really light me up.



What did I want right now? I didn’t know.  I thought the little things – a new handbag or a fancy spa day – just didn’t light me up.  Until Amanda challenged me – “Do you believe you deserve to have what you want?”

Of course my initial reaction was “Yes, of course I do.” But after sitting with it a few days, I realized that actually, I didn’t feel deserving.  For several years, my husband had made significantly more money than I did.  I had gotten into the habit of taking a backseat about money, of denying my desires, of not allowing myself to want things – because I didn’t make that money, it wasn’t for me.  And even if I made more money, how could I spend it on myself when I felt so behind in contributing to our family?

Amanda helped me realize that, unconsciously, I felt uneasy about making more money and that deep down, I didn’t feel worthy of spending it.  These beliefs were like a block in my fuel line.  I had been denying my desires and therefore running my business engine on fumes instead of fuel.

When you allow yourself to want what you want and to know that you deserve it, it lights you up. It causes you to sky rocket – literally. Within a few weeks of working through these money blocks, I made $4,200 in 8 days.

"Your desires are for you."

Joining Amanda’s Upswing Mastermind was one of the few desires I allowed myself to feel.  I loved her marketing, her genuine style, how she blends practical business with personal growth.  I knew it was for me.  It took tremendous courage for me to admit that I wanted it, to feel worth it, and to take the leap. I am infinitely grateful that I did, because with the fuel of going for what I want, my business truly has begun to sky rocket. And it’s a hell of a lot more fun.