Should you quit your 'real' job?

Should you quit your real job


I witness many new coaches waiting for someone to hand them a permission slip to go for their dreams and leave their 'real job'.
When I first wanted to start a Health Coaching business I went through the following waves:

  • I ‘think’ maybe I could do this…

  • My colleagues think I’m crazy…

  • I’ve seen others making money from coaching….

  • But others are telling me it’s not possible….

  • And maybe it’s not…

  • But I REALLY want to do this…

  • Could I really leave my job?

  • Yes…no…yes…no…

  • Arrgggggg

Yes.. No... I will... I won't....
Can you relate?
I hear you healthy lady – it’s SUPER scary to take that leap from your safe and secure job and set up shop as a health coach.
Call me crazy (I do in hindsight) but I leapt despite these fears!

And honestly, having done that myself with no financial backup, I DO NOT necessarily recommend that approach.

I left my job, declared myself a Health Coach, then stopped abruptly in my tracks when I realized I had NO IDEA how to actually get clients.
I sidetracked myself for months wondering ‘how do I run a Health Coaching business anyway?’
While everyone has a different personal circumstance (so don’t let me stop you if you are ready to leap), in general, if you are in a job already I tend to suggest building your Health Coaching business on the side until you have the inner certainty that consistent income from your new business WILL keep comingand you can leap from your job with glee rather than fear.
In today’s Behind The Scenes of UPswing Mastermind interview I chat to Emma Polette who knew she wanted to become a Health Coach but her boss told her that she would never make consistent money from doing so and really tried to ‘help’ her by not making a career mistake.
Her boss is no doubt a great man, but didn’t necessarily understand Emma’s internal dream and she shares with me the journey to balancing her dream career with her ‘real job’.


I’m dying to share what unfolded for her once she surrounded herself with people who are also following their dreams – but it’s such a better story told by her!

Pop over and watch our interview – this is one you DO NOT want to miss!

And will really help you see the truth behind the journey of building a Health Coaching business while still in your ‘real’ job.

Amanda x