Healthy Wealthy Society

Healthy Wealthy Society


After constant requests over the last few years for ways to work with me before you are ready to commit to my higher-level programs - I have today launched a new way to receive support from me, my team and community - for FREE.

The Healthy Wealthy Society facebook community (formerly UPswing Health Coaches group) will now open it's doors to all Health & Wellness Entrepreneurs to come and play each day and hang out together online as we build our businesses.

I felt it was time to extend the invitation into the Healthy Wealthy Society to all of our fellow wellness warriors so that we can all support each other in creating great change in the world collectively.

I know that many of us are growing our businesses while working 9-5, juggling families and so many other priorities, and I wanted one place for everyone to pop in whenever is convenient and always find the support and inspiration you need to keep growing your new business.



I also know that most of us didn't get into a Healthy career to learn business. But the truth is that to turn your passion into a thriving career you are going to need to embrace marketing and business - Luckily I love nothing more than translating for you the 'hard-core' online marketing concepts into tangible heart-centred practises.

Think of the Healthy Wealthy Society as your go-to online working hub where you can surround yourself with like-minded healthy peeps 24/7 and I will be right there with you sharing my business expertise and advice.

Each week I will be sharing with you 
wealth consciousness inspiration, business bites, motivational support and the chance to holla your self promotion for your business.

Everything you need to keep you motivated and inspired can be found in our new Healthy Wealthy Society. I already think of it as home and hope that you will too.

Come by and join the Health Wealthy Society right now >>  And if you have any friends in the Health and Wellness profession - Yoga teachers, PTs, healers and coaches -  please, invite them along to join the group too.

The more the merrier.
See you there >>