Guilt-Free Splurges To Save Cash Whilst Treating Yourself

Guilt free splurges

We all work super hard and deserve a little treat now and then, however emotional spending is a problem for many people.

So we have compiled our top ideas for feeling like you’ve splurged, without spending a fortune. We’d love to hear your ideas, just comment in the thread below!

  1. Buy yourself a bunch of fresh flowers – they instantly brighten your mood, freshen up your house and give you a boost. By long lasting blooms so the splurge is extended.

  2. Buy yourself a coffee – grabbing a store bought coffee everyday can become expensive but if you treat yourself occasionally to sitting down with a delicious latte in a gorgeous café, it’s worth every cent.

  3. Shop with an expert - stores including Topshop offer free personal shoppers. You'll get an expert opinion and tip-offs on future sales. If your local store doesn’t offer this service, join the email lists of shops you love so you find out first when they’re having a sale.

  4. Grab a bottle of Australian wine – we have a glut of wine in recent years which has caused a decrease in retail prices. You can enjoy a decent bottle vino for around $12 - $15, grab a friend to enjoy it with you whilst sharing inspiring ideas!

  5. Grab a cookbook from your shelf, pick a recipe, and create! Learning to cook is one of the best steps you can take for your overall health. The more home cooked meals you consume, the less sodium and saturated fats you’ll be filling your body with from restaurants. Beyond that, cooking is also fun!