Why I recommend a Mastermind Program over one-on-one business coaching.

Why I recommend a Mastermind Program over 1 on 1 coaching


People ask me this all the time: “Isn’t one-on-one coaching more powerful than joining a Mastermind program?”

For beginners, I believe that there’s no way working one on one with a mentor will get you all of the learning and the teaching you are given in a Mastermind curriculum. Don’t get me wrong, I coach people one-on-one (my more advanced clients who want mentoring around strategy), but for beginner coaches or coaches who are struggling to make things work, a Mastermind program is the best proven way to get results.

Participants get the weekly 1 to 1 ½ hours of teaching, plus the workbooks, plus the one on one laser coaching sessions. So, along with the business training comes live accountability in the one on one laser coaching. I’ve seen coaches have a breakthrough every week to take their business (and personal growth) to the next level.

What I’ve seen time and time again, too, is the value of a group of like-minded women coming together with a shared focus to help each other succeed. And, as we all know, if you have a group of people who you’ve shared your plans to – you kinda have to follow through or feel awkward!



A Mastermind program gets results because it is very fine-tuned to the learning dynamics of creating a business that’s geared for success. What I’ve seen with a lot of people working with coaches one on one is that time goes quickly and you just can’t get the kind of results early on in business without what a Mastermind program offers.


Now, I want to be clear that there is no overnight success when joining a Mastermind. I won’t tell you stories about coaches who started making 6 figures in a couple of weeks, or who filled their booking schedule without batting an eye. 

When Rachel started out, she’d been getting clients and was already starting to coach when she joined Upswing Mastermind:

“I had a handful here and there, but I wasn’t making money.” she says.

"Two months into the program, I’d made as much in 2015 as I had made in 2014. After 9 months I’ll have quadrupled it.

It wasn’t up, up, up either. A couple of my months I made maybe $1k a month (on a good month). I almost hit $5K one month. After the first big month I felt nervous about being able to do it consistently, then after some work around money with Amanda I crashed the $5k barrier. And now feel like, I’ve got this. I can do that again. 

I’m shooting for $7.2K this month [6 months in]!”


With steady growth comes hard work.  With a proven formula for business comes the potential to step into earning $5k or more a month.

Mitle says the Mastermind experience was totally transformative:

“I stepped into the woman I really desired to be:  How I dress, how I look, how I interact with my business community. I think I’m a better mother and partner. Found a place of real contentment which has allowed me to step up in my coaching business.

The $5k woman for me is about living the way I want to live and being the person I want to be. It forms all my decisions now:  Would the $5k woman do that, I ask? It’s a real switch round; to step up to that. Each decision is based on this really beautiful point of your own power. And giving yourself permission to shine.”