Welcome - it is so lovely to have you here.

I’m guessing you’re an eager and driven health coach who’s ready to take on the world, help dream clients and build your own online empire.

 I am excited to introduce a new series of introductory online products to get you started on your journey.

The Uniquely You online series starts with ‘Simple Sales Script for Driven Health Coaches’. 

As a Health Coach, you know you have an awesome offering for your prospective clients, but sometimes the actual conversation it takes to get them as a paying client can feel icky and gross.

I don't think any of us got into Health Coaching to become a Salesman - far from it I'm assuming. However it is undeniable that to run your own business you need to learn to sell your services. Without sales, there are no clients!

I'm here to share with you that sales should not feel sleezy - in fact a good sales conversation is a healing conversation and I want to support you in growing your confidence and feel at ease discussing the sale.


Join me today and transform the way you think and feel about sales as a Health Coach!

- Do you hate the feeling of worrying what to say before a sales conversation?

- Does your normal confidence drop the minute you need to 'impress' a prospective client? 

- Would you rather get a clear 'yes' or 'no' in one phone call than having to chase people who want to 'think about it', 'ask their husband' or 'meditate on the decision'?

- Do you get tongue-tied on the phone and wish you knew more questions to ask?

- Do you enjoy getting to know your prospective client until it comes to the awkward 'how much is it?'


Learning to hold an authentic sales conversation (or Discovery Call as I often call them) instead of diving into someones current diet or medical history alone can ignite a strong client/coach relationship from the outset.

Most new Health Coaches make the mistake of 'coaching' on a sales call and this should never be the case. If a prospective client leaves the first call feeling full and alive, they may temporarily forget that they need help and you may have actually done a disservice to someone who truly needed a series of sessions.

My private clients and UPswing Mastermind group members all use this Simple Sales Script to consistently convert their sales conversations to Health Coaching clients who go on to receive the gift of improved health and wellbeing.


Get started on authentic and powerful sales conversations today!

Only $9.95 USD