Are you truly open to FREEDOM? (I wasn’t until this happened this week…)

Are you truly open to Freedom


Happy July 4th week! WOW – what a gift it has been to spend Independence Day in NYC this year with some of my favourite business buddies. 

As I write this to you from high up above the world I am feeling a massive sense of freedom (yup, I’m currently experiencing one of my bucket list experiences – flying from NYC to LA on Virgin America First Class - (whole other post to write on this experience) In fact this entire trip has been all about FREEDOM at a whole new level of awareness and unfolding for me. 

Some of you may remember that my husband broke his collar bone a few days before I was due to come on this trip.

I did postpone my flight for a few days, but I didn’t let the ‘rules’ or opinions of others hold me back from following through on my own path to spending 6 weeks in the US this summer.



In fact even once I was over here, I found I wanted to stay longer, but I was running a story in my head that 4 weeks was the ‘limit’… that after that I was a ‘bad wife’….

I chatted to John about this and he shared that actually, it was easier for him to heal when he’s home alone and he’s much happier knowing I’m following my dreams.

(HOW awesome is he? Right?!)

It was a massive wakeup call for me that I was still putting my own desires last in many decisions I make, often worrying about what others might think. 

You see we all have stories in our mind which hold us back from following our truth. And most of the time that are just that - stories!

Sometimes we are even carrying other people’s stories around with us (I had plenty of other peoples opinions on why I should be home with John – not ‘galavanting’ the world….)

Realising it is ‘safe’ to keep following what feels great to me has been such a big gift – and each time I’ve extended this trip further, yet another opportunity has come my way that I could never have planned if I tried. 

On my path of learning to follow my heart’s guidance and following what lights me, I always choose to set an intention for each new month.


For June my intention was “Connection”

When I told a mentor that I was coming to NYC to ‘connect’ with people, she asked if I actually had any meetings lined up and I felt almost embarrassed to say ‘no’.

Stories started playing in my head that I was wasting my time going to NYC, I wouldn't meet people there, no-one would have time to meet with me....

Those sneaky stories again!

Yet when you set an intention, and let yourself be guided instead of trying to ‘work it all out in your head’, magic can unfold.


Just a few of my highlights from NYC are:

-       Entrepreneurs lunch in Soho

-       Broadway shows with business buddies

-       Creators Dinners in Soho

-       Juices in Madison Square Park with entrepreneur friends

-       Sunday rooftop BBQs in Queens with best friends

-       Lunching with UPswing Mastermind clients in Chelsea

-       Coffee meetup with a mentor in the Upper Westside

-       Intimate night gathering on a Brooklyn rooftop with raw chocolate, rose and                 fempreneurs

-       Working in the Ace Hotel Lobby (best draft cold brew, tunes, couches and wifi in           town)

-       Lounging at the Equinox Pool (followed by massages)

-       Bike riding around Central Park

-       Lunches and dinners with family friends


Not bad for what was meant to be a quick trip to NYC after my business mastermind in Austin. (where I connected with 30 of the worlds top business people too!)

If I had have followed my original ‘plans’ of heading back home to Sydney to be a 'good wife', instead of following my hearts desires, I would not have allowed my intention to unfold for my highest good.

As I watched the July 4th fireworks from the luxurious 53rd floor midtown NYC apartment I’ve been staying in with my friend, surrounded by some of my favourite biz buddies – I was full of gratitude for a new depth of Independence and Freedom that is available to us today as women entrepreneurs.

This freedom comes from dropping our stories, dropping our fears and daring to follow the whispers of our heart (even when others think you’re crazy)

We all have dreams – growing your business, leaving your day job, hitting your first $5k month, spending winter in a country that’s in summer, more connection, more freedom….

And it is honestly only our stories which hold us back from experiencing these!

While the world continues to explore and celebrate independence on a global scale, we as woman are experiencing this within ourselves in tandem.

We are waking up to the truth that we have choice.

We have the choice to step into even more freedom each and every day – in our lives, in our businesses – and so it is more important than ever to drop our own stories, drop the judgments of others and ask ‘what would I do today if there were NO LIMITS or rules at all?’

Continually asking this question on this trip not only led to mind blowing experiences here in NYC, but is also the reason I’m heading to LA tonight instead of rushing home.

I’m not sure what will unfold in LA, but I will tell you next week the pretty crazy story of how I ended up adding 8 days in LA to this trip. (and getting upgraded to First Class)

My intention for July is “Self-Care” – I’d love to hear yours!!

Let’s see how July – the month of freedom and choice – unfolds together. 


Amanda xx


The Simple Secret to Telling People What You Do As a Health Coach

Simple secret to telling people what you do as a health coach


It’s the question most new Health Coaches dread: “So what do you actually do?” How do you go about explaining what it is that you do?

In some circles your answer would be called your 'elevator pitch' - an explanation of what you do that could be shared in a quick elevator ride.

The natural answer that springs to mind when someone asks about “you” is to come back with “I am”. Here’s the simple secret to telling people what you do as a health coach:



Eliminate “I am” from your vocabulary. That’s right. Get rid of it completely. No one cares about the “label” you stick on yourself. (“I am a health coach,” “I am a nutrition expert”, or “I am a personal trainer”).

All you have to do is replace “I am” with what you do.

Simple, isn’t it?

You are actually going to tell people What. You. Do.  For example, consider starting your answer with:  “I mentor,” “I train,” or the very effective, “I help.”

With this in mind, the best way to respond to the question, “What do you do?” is something like this:

  • “I help new mothers who are struggling with excess weight after pregnancy return to their goal weight safely and sustainably.”

  • “I help people with dietary allergies eliminate inflammatory foods while still enjoying a nutritious and varied diet.”

  • “I train busy professional women, showing them how to reduce stress by including yoga and mindfulness in daily life.”

  • “I help parents eliminate their children’s eczema through holistic nutrition.”

  • “I help professional men, who are too busy to work out, create permeate weight loss solutions so they can live longer and feel younger.”

Of course, you want to amend the above sentences to reflect what YOU do. You want to communicate what you are offering your dream clients. In other words, when you researched your target market you would have identified their pain points (their highest or most pressing need) and you would have tailored a solution for those. 

Pop that information into this formula: I help [insert dream client] with [insert problem] to [insert solution].

You want the person who asked the question to ideally say, “Hey, that’s me!”

Is this post helpful? I created a FREE worksheet to teach you how to improve how you tell people what you do as a health coach! Click the button below to get it now.



Here are a couple of Health Coaches who I see doing this well on their websites:

Susan Emerson from Emerson Optimal Health 

Ashleigh Ward Health & Lifestyle Coach

HINT: Every time you are asked this question, ask yourself, “What is the highest desire of this specific market/group/person?” Then adapt your response accordingly.

Usually, the follow on from, “What do you do?” is, “How do you do that?”

Keep to the simple secret above and don’t talk about yourself. Ask intelligent questions of the person to find out more about what they are struggling with; what their health goals are.

It's always about THEM not you!

You don’t need to dive into the sales conversation until way down the track, when you’ve built a rapport with the person through empathising and demonstrating your phenomenal listening skills. 

After all, your dream clients want to feel heard in order to build trust. After you’ve built trust, you can then move into scheduling a more in depth conversation.

For more information about establishing a connection and taking it through to a client conversion, have a read of 4 Incredibly Simple but Effective Strategies for Finding Clients as a Health Coach.

Remember, your dream clients want to know what’s in it for them. By asking what you do, they’re actually wondering if you have something that they can benefit from. 

Now that you know the simple secret to telling people what you do as a Health Coach, go and practice your powerful “I help” statements so that you say them with confidence when you’re asked that no-longer-dreaded question!

Share your new 'elevator pitch' in the comments below and share with us all what YOU do.

Amanda xx

Don't forget to download your FREE worksheet to teach you how to improve how you tell people what you do as a health coach! Click the button below to get it now.



4 Incredibly Simple but Effective Strategies for Finding Clients as a Health Coach



Finding clients is one of the biggest ‘hurdles’ new Health Coaches perceive they have to face. Note, I said, ‘perceive’. It is only a belief that it’s a hurdle that makes it seem so daunting.

In my Upswing Mastermind, I use the following key phrase:  THERE IS NO LACK OF CLIENTS

Your beliefs create your reality, so start believing that your clients are out there. Take action where you can, and follow my 4 Incredibly Simple but Effective Strategies for Finding Clients as a Health Coach.


Family, friends, and colleagues are a good place to start to get referrals. 

Send a friendly email out letting them know what you’ve been up to and how meaningful your journey to becoming a Health Coach has been. 

Be open about how you’d like help with building up a client base. Ask them to send your way anyone they know who might benefit from what you have to offer. You’ll want to explain what it is that you help people achieve, for example, “Think of anyone you might know who is battling with his or her weight. I work especially well with those who feel they have tried everything and are ready to give up.”

In your email, mention that you are offering a complimentary exploratory session to anyone that your family, friends, and colleagues send your way. 

When people respond to your email or contact you directly, reply with questions about them and their challenges.

After a couple of back-and-forth messages, you can suggest that you have a conversation over the phone.

At this point, it’s a simple matter of scheduling a time for a phone call together where you can explore further what their desired outcome is and whether they’d like to work with you.




Who better to spread the word about how amazing you are at what you do than people whose lives you’ve changed?

You know what it feels like to recommend someone (your hairdresser, naturopath, massage therapist) to your friends, don’t you? You feel a sense of fulfilment at being able to support someone’s business.

And on the other side of that:  there’s nothing like having someone give you a solid recommendation for a health practitioner who has made an impact on their well-being.


Use your list of friends and acquaintances on social media to spread the word about your Health Coaching.

Keep your post short and simple, like:

  • “If you want to experience the feeling of reaching your goal weight, message me here on Facebook.”

  • “Have you been putting off changes that will lead to your long-term health? Stop saying tomorrow and let’s talk today! Drop me a PM.”

And remember to include a compelling photo. Make it somehow related to the ultimate result you help people get, be it weight loss, muscle gain, radiant skin, enhanced fertility. 

When people respond to your social media post by sending you a private message, follow the same method as you did with your email to family, friends, and colleagues.  Message back about them and their challenges with a view to talking over the phone.


We touched on networking groups in my blog post, “4 Ways to Identify Your Health Coaching Target Audience (aka Dream Clients)”, where I mentioned Meetup as a great place to find networking groups. 

Google local groups, Toastmasters or entrepreneur groups in your local area. Attend industry relevant events, or arrange an event yourself with other people who work in your industry. 

When networking, here are a few takeaways:

Answer the question: “What do you do?” without saying “I am”.

No one cares about the “label” you stick on yourself. (“I am a coach,” “I am a business consultant”). Replace “I am” with what you do – for example, “I help,” “I train,” “I mentor.”

With this in mind, the best way to respond to the question “What do you do?” is something like this:

For example, if I am networking with a group of busy corporate mums, I might say, “I help working mums who struggle to juggle work and their family to create quick, simple lunches for their kids, so they can be confident they are eating healthy foods, instead of choosing from the school canteen”

Every time you are asked this question, ask yourself, “What is the highest want of this specific market/group/person?” Then adapt your response accordingly.

If they ask for more info, don’t make it all about you.

What? But they’ve just asked for more information!? I know, but people really want to know that they’re heard, so turn things around to find out more about them, just like you would in your email to family, friends and colleagues (Strategy #1), and in your Social Media responses (Strategy #2). 

Instead of responding with details of how you do what you do, ask them more information about themselves. Think about a response like this:

“Well, let me find out more about you first. What’s going on in your business / health / exercise routine that makes you ask?”

They will usually open up in response to this kind of prompting. Avoid diving into the full sales conversation here. Just connect with them – empathize with them. Talk enough so that they start to see that you might be able to help them in some way.

Schedule a Conversation if things seem to be going well.

Once you establish a little rapport and connection with them and once you find out a bit of their situation, suggest the something like:

“You know, we should really set up a time to talk outside of here because I’ve got some ideas and resources that might really help you. Because we’re here to network and I imagine you want to connect with more people, too. So if you’re open to it, why don’t we set up a time to talk later on the phone?”

Pull out your calendar and lock in the call right then and there, or get their card and follow up in less than 24 hours to book the call.

I'd love to hear your effective strategies for finding clients as a health coach, or what you could have been done differently. 

If you would like to know more about how to attract your DREAM clients, read my blog post "4 Ways to Identify Your Health Coaching Target Market" HERE:

Amanda xo


Getting Started with PR

Getting started with PR


As entrepreneurs, we know it takes hard work and persistence to build a successful brand. One of the most important things is to build a positive reputation, particularly in public relations (PR).

Your reputation is what people say about you when you’re not around. It is what gives you a competitive advantage, and can help drive business and sales. PR is all about reputation and reputation is everything to a brand. It enables you to share your vision with customers while building your profile and influence.

As a Health Coach, one of my favourite ways to build up my PR was via guest blogging on sites such as Mind Body Green and Tiny Buddha which were great ways to build up my 'expert' credibility.

Another of my fav ways to build my reputation has been by creating authentic connections with colleagues I respect or feel I share values with. When you have a genuine relationship with someone they are more likely to want to support you by positive word of mouth to their clients or colleagues. Never underestimate the power of a blogger to spread a positive word about you.


Here are some other PR tools which will help you to build your reputation on your path to being a successful entrepreneur:

1. A fantastic bio

You MUST be competent at selling yourself. A bio is a great tool to showcase your experience and expertise but remember, it’s not a resume. It should describe and highlight your career, highlight the fields you’re an expert in, and sell you in an authentic style.

To write a fabulous bio, include your areas of expertise, your background and experience, your qualifications and examples of your successes. Lovely feedback is a bonus. It is also a great idea to create multiple versions of your bio for certain situations. For example, a short bio (100 words) is great for media opportunities, a longer bio is suitable for websites and conferences (1 page) and a micro bio (1 or 2 sentences) is perfect for social media or adding on the bottom of articles.

2. Networking

Connecting with people is the best way of building your reputation and getting your name out there.  When people know you, and know what you can offer, they are more likely to do business with you and recommend you to other people. Again, like-minded female entrepreneurs and bloggers can be a great place to start. Ands equally spread your net wider to include other people who may also service your ideal clients - chiropractors, massage therapist, yoga teachers...

3. Have an effective media release

A media release is the most effective way of communicating with the media and building your reputation. However, you need to be strategic in how you structure it otherwise it will be discarded within seconds of the recipient opening it.

Always keep in mind the publication you will be sending it to. Your overall goal for sending out a media release is to communicate your messages to their target audience. (Which ideally should be your target audience too) There’s no point writing a great media release about your expertise in tarot card reading if you’re sending it to the editor of a cooking magazine!

4. Media list

A media list contains the key media contacts in your industry who you want to build your reputation with. They will be the ones who write stories on key issues in your industry, and can include journalists, producers, bloggers, freelancers and editors.

Do your research to make sure you have an effective “list”, and keep in mind the following:

  • What are the publications your target audience use, read or view?

  • Who is the correct contact who will read your pitch or media release

  • Create a database with different names for the publication, contact person, job title, email and phone number

  • Categorise your list and sort contacts by topics or areas of interest

  • Update your list regularly!

I'd love to hear any of your own tips that have built your reputation via positive PR. Please share any of your own PR tips in the comments below.