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Pam Quit Her Second Job, Went on Vacation & Doubled her Income

Pam quit her second job


Pam is a weight loss coach for women in corporate jobs who are busy and tired, and more than likely have adrenal fatigue without knowing it. Pam works with them to break the diet cycle: “Most have tried every other diet out there, and I want to teach them how to break the diet cycle and just eat real food,” she says.

Pam was already working in her own Health Coaching practice when she joined the Upswing Mastermind program. She was consulting on the side, and had a few clients on monthly retainers. She’d been coaching for just over a year and a half.

“Business was consistent”, tells Pam. “But it wasn’t really growing. I was terrible with marketing. I had a background in corporate sales and it was easy to sell something else, but to sell myself was a challenge. It was terrifying.”


1. Learning to be more confident

“I’d hear someone talking about nutrition in the office and think, ‘I can help you.’ But I didn’t’ know what to say. I was scared to speak up.”

2. Having a system and a marketing plan

“I felt like I had a plan,” says Pam. “I’d fall back onto my corporate job and think, ‘The systems all make sense, I just have to do this for myself’.  But then, I’d go out there once and then back away and not do anything about it. The Mastermind program had a structure and had everything laid out.”

3. Being part of a support group

 “I did one-on-one coaching [before the Mastermind]. I didn’t’ know what I didn’t know. She was there to help if I had a question, but I didn’t know what to ask. In the Mastermind I liked having other people to talk to about the same situations.”

4. Moving to purposeful packages

“It’s been more impactful working with people with a package – saying this is what we’re going to get done in the time period. My retainer clients weren’t focused on achieving anything in particular; they were just kinda chugging along month to month. 

I feel more calm now, too. With clients on a monthly retainer, I didn’t’ know when someone was going to cancel. And before I moved to packages, November and December were slow months. Now, I know I’m set for those months.”


After a short while in the Mastermind program Pam decided to quit her consulting job because she didn’t feel it was what she wanted to do anymore. “I gave myself a goal of $4k that month,” she says.

“I went on vacation for a week. I kept repeated the mantra I had set up with Amanda. I looked at it every day.

When I came back from vacation I was still $2k short, and then in the last week of the month I signed up two new clients on packages and made my goal! I doubled my income purely from Health Coaching.”

Pam wasn’t slaving away the whole month, but following the structure and plan of the Mastermind and doing the wealth consciousness work (which is another layer of the Mastermind program) is what got her the results she set out to achieve.

And of course, this is just a snapshot of Pam's business as a Health Coach.