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How to sign client contracts electronically (using HelloSign)

How to sign clients using Hello Sign


I just finished up 2 days of a private intensive with a VIP client here in Bondi Beach. A key theme that we discussed throughout the 2 days, was the importance of having ‘masculine’ structures in place in your business to support the ‘feminine’ flow, creativity and freedom.

Systems and structures can sound so BORING or HARD for new health coaches and they are certainly not the sexy, freedom-based lifestyle ideas that we might have envisioned when starting a business.

But streamlined systems that work are actually really sexy!!

If you’ve been following along in our Action April ‘One Thing’ series, you will already be well on your way to having a system in place for booking potential clients in for a discovery session.


You already have: 

a system for marketing yourself and getting clients quickly

a system for scheduling those discovery sessions (and coaching sessions) with ease


And today’s ONE THING is to set up a system for signing client contracts online.

Once your potential client says ‘YES’ to working with you, streamlined systems are imperative to ensure the sales goes 100% through with professionalism and ease.

Put your feet up, sit back and watch this weeks ‘ONE THING’ video training below!



Imagine how ‘pro’ you are going to feel having this next ONE thing in place in your business this week.

I love hearing how you are getting on! Leave a comment below and share with me how you are going implementing the weekly ONE THING.

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I’ll see you there

Amanda xx




How to schedule client calls quickly & easily (using Calendly)

How to schedule client calls quickly and easily


How did you get on with your One Thing last week?

I’ve heard some wonderful breakthrough stories from a couple of you who took action on last week's One Thing and posted your Canva image on Facebook to book Discovery Sessions with potential clients.

If you missed that mini-training, you can access it here >>

So following on with our Action April theme, this week’s One Thing is to set up an online scheduler so that clients interested in those Discovery Sessions can book a time to talk with you with ease.

One thing I have noticed through mentoring 100s of new health coaches is that sadly they can lose a potential client who has shown interest, purely because of the back and forth in setting up a good time that works for both parties to connect.

In this week’s Action April training, I guide you through setting up your online schedule using a free program called Calendly.

You are going to feel wonderfully empowered once you have set up this crucial step in your business!

Pour yourself a green juice and enjoy this week's training below!



Time to take action healthy lady! Complete this One Thing this week as we continue to build your business foundations together this April.

Then pop on over to my Facebook group Healthy Wealthy Society to share how you are getting on.

Amanda x



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