Horse Whispering

What I learnt about coaching from Horse Whispering in Texas!

What I learnt hose whispering in Texas


I had the most amazing experience today - Horse Whispering!!! Never in my life did I imagine I'd be in a ring, with a whip, directing a galloping horse with my energy and intention - but WOW - words can't describe! After watching 20 people do this and the horses mirror back their exact energy - I now understand at an even deeper level exactly how our confidence and energy effects others and the importance of who we show up as as coaches to others. AMAZING!!!!!

Just like these horses today, people WANT to be led by a coach with confidence!



One of the things that really stood out to me when reading through your responses to my recent question on the flight over here to the US was just how much ‘confidence’ (or lack thereof) is holding many of you back in your coaching business.

Confidence is a pretty general word, and so I started digging deep into your answers to look closer at what is really behind the confidence struggles (it is a 14 hour flight from Sydney to LA after all ;-)

I have identified what I have given a working name of  ‘6 Coaching Confidence Crushers’

It seems to me that our confidence as coaches is lacking due to one of the 6 following areas.

So here's my questions for you to consider this week:

"If you could take a magic pill to master just one of these areas - which would make you feel uber CONFIDENT to rock out your heath coaching business – which would it be?"

Comment below on which ‘Confidence Crusher’ you relate to the most…

  1. (self) Confidence (worrying what others will think of you)
  2. Communication of your message (how to explain health coaching)
  3. Client Attraction (how to find clients)
  4. Conversion of potential clients into dream (paying) clients
  5. Coaching skills (how to get real results for your clients)
  6. Comparison (fear of competition or comparing to others)