[Amanda Pickering's Story Part 1] Are You Making This Mistake?


As we come to the last week of the year, I love to stop and reflect on the year that has been, before excitedly grabbing my journal to start planning the next (and I gotta say, I feel 2018 is gonna be AMAZING!)...

2017 was another big year for me as an entrepreneur!

It has now been just over 5 years since I left my job to follow my passion for coaching and health, and I am proud to say that my business is continuing to serve an amazing group of women, determined to live out their ultimate potential, and make a massive difference in the lives of others while doing so!

Some highlights of my year were two trips to the US (2 weeks in June and 7 weeks in September/October)...

Hosting my first in-person retreat with my VIP clients in a luxurious resort in Miami is up there in my fav moments of 2017 — and masterminding with my own biz soul-sisters both in Washington DC and in Byron Bay are close to the top too.

While money is never my only measure of a good year, as a business we did pass the dream goal of ‘7 figure year’ back in August, which I am now pausing to celebrate…

And due to popular demand, we introduced a second level mastermind now that our UPswing community has matured - with more and more health coaches growing their businesses to much greater levels (and many going full-time this year too!) — making the entire year a massive growth year for us as a team!

I could probably fill this whole email with ‘wins’ but let me be completely transparent and ‘real’ - I didn’t find 2017 an ‘easy’ year at all, and know I wasn’t alone in the feelings of ‘walking through mud’ at times in many areas of life.

Yet I really sense a much lighter change coming through as we reset ready for 2018, and have my journal on hand over the holiday period, where I’ll be visioning all of the things I’d LOVE to do in the next phase of my business moving forward.

When I set about planning the next year, I always do a lot of visualisation - of where I want to take my life and business next. I love to explore 'what else is possible?' and 'what do I truly desire?'...

I've learned in growing my business that the key is to allow myself to dream bigger than I thought was possible!

I have some BIG milestones on the horizon, that have come as a direct result of my dreaming big - like attending an invite-only mastermind for ‘elite female entrepreneurs’ in South Africa with Richard Branson (!!) and some of my closest mastermind friends (OMG...I cannot wait).

I'm guessing you probably do a lot of visualisation too - around what it feels like to finally be in control of your health coaching business, and what it looks like to make money while coaching clients you love.

I encourage all of my clients to visualise their success (it's key).  

Today I'm going to tell you a story about one of my clients, Amanda Pickering, and her journey to becoming a successful health coach.  Because there’s an important lesson in her story for all health coaches who are aiming to hit their goals in 2018.  

Amanda’s journey will highlight a mistake you must avoid making if you want to ensure you don’t set your business back months (even years) — and instead, hit your goals sooner, starting 2018 with a bang!! 💥

So grab your green juice, get comfy, and let’s meet Amanda Pickering.


Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 13.39.56.png

The first stage of Amanda’s journey was transforming her own life and health - and then she was ready to embark on the second stage of her journey, sharing what she had learned with others.  

Just like you and me, Amanda completed her health coach training and excitedly visualised what her life would look like running her own successful health coaching business.

She imagined working for herself full time… having a beautiful office space at her home… getting the retriever puppy she had always dreamed of owning…

But the most fulfilling, wonderful thing Amanda imagined was the number of women she would be able to help transform into the happiest, healthiest people they knew.

Can you relate to Amanda’s big dreams?

When I met Amanda Pickering in 2016, she was really struggling in her business and was starting to question whether it was actually POSSIBLE to make a living as a health coach.

She had finished her health coach certification in March of that year, completed several online business training courses and even had a few clients! But by August she was NOWHERE NEAR where she wanted to be regarding her finances and reach.

Amanda was working HARD (12 + hour days!!) and doing everything she was told was “RIGHT” - at least according to her previous biz trainings.  

But something was WRONG. Amanda wasn’t progressing.

She had realised that there must be a different strategy for marketing herself and doing business as a health coach that her previous trainings simply hadn’t taught her — because she was implementing like crazy and getting nowhere.

When she found my programs, she was SO excited that they were designed specifically for health coaches, and she wouldn’t have to squeeze some one-size-fits-all ‘cookie cutter’ training into her business — because she knew this was one of the reasons her previous guidance hadn’t been working.  

"When I came into the UPswing Mastermind I had already done some of the best online business training in the world and hadn’t seen the results!  I had realised that health coaching is a very specific industry… it’s a very specific niche… and you can’t just slap generic business training on top of health coaching and expect it to work. So that is why I started working with Amanda. I knew there was more going on - and then when we had the first laser coaching call I saw these massive shifts and was like, ‘Oh My God – this works!’" ~ Amanda Pickering

Although she had invested multiple times in other trainings and wasn't making NEARLY enough in her business to justify another investment… Amanda figured if she could just land ONE client a month, the investment would pay for itself.  

So she took the plunge. (Yes she was terrified!)  

But she’s so happy she did!  

Because ALL those things that she visualised her life being like as a health coach are now her reality.

(I’ll tell you more of Amanda’s story in my next blog post in a few days — it’s a good one! 😉)


Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 13.40.06.png

Amanda had made two mistakes that are health coaching business killers…

And she’s not alone in this — I see many new coaches make these mistakes during their first year or so of starting their health coaching business.

Amanda was trying to piece everything together herself, taking generic biz trainings ‘here and there’ — so although she was implementing like crazy she didn’t have a proper plan in place…  And most importantly, the biz trainings she was taking were NOT specific to starting a business as a health coach, so she wasn’t getting the results…  

Because here’s the thing — following generic business trainings, or trying to model a health coaching business after entrepreneurs in other industries, simply doesn’t work. It’s no different to following generic diets, or copying other people’s workout routines (which as health coaches we know is a bad idea, right?).  

What you actually need is a proven step-by-step plan, specific to YOUR needs as a health coach — so that you can spend LESS time, doing the RIGHT things, and getting BIGGER results in your biz.

Like many, Amanda missed two critical steps that put her business on a path where it was NEVER going to take off quickly — let alone create that dream life she had envisioned for herself.  And I see this with so many health coaches, regardless of whether they realise their error (like Amanda did) or not.  



Ladies, you need to do a business training that is SPECIFIC to health coaches. Because what works for other businesses doesn’t work for health coaching! This is a very specific niche and market, and you need a training that is tailored to that so you don’t waste your time, energy and money.  And if you can, learn from someone who has done what you want to do — this way you KNOW that this is a proven plan tailored to YOUR niche and industry; and don’t set your business back months trying to ‘figure it out’.  

Stay tuned for my next blog post - coming your way in a few days - where I will share the one step that completely transformed Amanda Pickering’s business journey.   

(Hint: This was a gamechanger for her biz, and could be for yours too.)

Amanda xx

Oh and BTW — for those who have been emailing me and asking, YES (!!) there will be another UPswing Mastermind this year… keep an eye out for details coming soon. 😉