Nuggets of Wisdom from Danielle LaPorte on Building a Business with SOUL.



I was absolutely BUZZING after interviewing Danielle LaPorte (as part of my UPswing Mastermind program for Wellness Entrepreneurs). 

(For those of you who don’t know Danielle — she is a bestselling author, member of Oprah’s Super Soul 100, a world-renowned speaker…and all-round inspiring woman!!) 

In the interview we talked all about working with SOUL to build a business.

And Danielle shared so many beautiful nuggets of wisdom during the call that speak directly to health coaches and wellness entrepreneurs…

So, I asked the women in my UPswing Mastermind to share their biggest ‘ahas' and favourite gems from the call so YOU can benefit from them too:

1) It is a BIG deal to help your clients step up and take amazing care of themselves

“Danielle made me remember what a BIG deal it is to help my clients step it up and take amazing care of themselves. So powerful!!” ~ June Melia

So many women come to me comparing health coaching to being a doctor or nutritionist and feeling utterly “less than.” But the truth is our current healthcare system is not about vitality. As Danielle reminded us on the call — people who are offering an alternative system are revolutionaries!!

On one level or another you are all, as coaches, empowering the people you work with to take their healing into their own hands. And for you to be supporters of that — well, what noble, beautiful and important work to do in the world. To truly be in the healing industry.

If you walk away knowing anything let it be this: Health coaches, life coaches, wellness coaches, life coaches — you are revolutionaries, and you are SO needed in the world.

Do not shrink… put yourselves down… or play small.

2) It’s an act of feminism to be paid properly

“Her words about it's not feminist to not be paid properly hit me like a sledge hammer!” ~ Sally Jane

Danielle asserted that paying people properly in your business (and paying YOURSELF properly / charging properly for your services) is an act of FEMINISM!!

The old patriarchal model is based on exploitation and bargaining — so when you’re paying people well, and you’re paying yourself well, you’re literally changing the system — which is SO powerful, because the old system is broken.

3) Radiate and state the facts = a new feminine way of marketing

“Radiate and state the facts - I loved that!!!” ~ Andrea Okos

“The main one for me was: radiate and state the facts, as a feminine way of marketing.”

All of us on the call LOVED this lesson!! Danielle shared her recipe for feminine, feel-good marketing: Radiate and state the facts.

Here’s what ‘Radiate and State the Facts’ could look like for you: “I’m so excited about what I’m offering. This is about service — here’s why I’ve brought this to the world / this is why I created this (share your passion, purpose). The last client I worked with achieved (this is where you share the facts). I know that this works, let’s do this together!”

4) You don’t need to be a typical salesperson — you can just be YOU & shine your light!

Remember, you don’t have to be a salesperson and try to cajole people to work with you… and you don’t have to convert them or convince them.

“I love knowing that I don't have to be a typical sales person and say things like: ‘Sick and tired of being sick and tired?’ — and that I can honour my own language, passion, and inspiration and truly share to serve!! I now understand that people will come when I am my true self!” ~ Stephanie Warner

“Be my authentic self and share light in the world! She is awesome!” ~ Davonna Medina

This is where we touched on the energetic cost of marketing: Talking about your work to your TRIBE is easy! You get to speak in your own language, and be your true self. You get to shine your light, and trust that people will respond to it.

Where it becomes draining is getting into strong “sales” speak and trying to convince or convert people (who are not your people) into buying your things. Trying to convert is heavy lifting. Do you have to do it?

5) Just love people the rest will come…

"Just love people and the rest will come. That was very load lifting.” ~ Gwendolyn Particka

“My biggest aha was coming from a place of love. When our true motivation can be focused around helping others, it clears out all the other stuff in our heads. Our clients will see it too.” ~ Jennifer Nolan Foard

Do this healing work as coaches from a place of love, first and foremost.

6) Radiance and confidence will only come once you get out there.

“For me, I loved the line ‘Radiance and confidence will only come once you get out there and start coaching’. This was just another reminder to myself that I cannot sit and wait until I am more confident. I also loved when she spoke of the power of women together and healing women empowers them and lifts them” ~ Brooke Martin

When you get out there and connect with your people — your confidence will radiate out into your offerings. OF COURSE you will not be confident right off the bat… nobody does.

There’s no way we can work it all out in our heads, it cannot be theoretical. You need to get out there and start speaking, serving and connecting with people. Then your confidence will come.

7) Simplicity is the new power…

“Sooooo many great takeaways! For me the main one was - keep it simple (something I have to keep reminding myself as I tend to overthink and make things more complicated than they are).” ~ Jasmin Schulz

This was SUCH a juicy part of the conversation, where we dove into talking about social media and online marketing.

Part of the pressure of online marketing is that (you feel as if) you have to perform on ALL the social media platforms.

But actually, you just have to find that “language” or platform that works for you. If video doesn’t work for you, don’t do it! If instagram rocks your world, do that. And make it awesome!

“It was great to hear I'm not the only one that struggles with blogging and that it can be ok not to be all consumed in this area.”. ~ Heidi Lawson Sheldon

And know that every little platform is requiring some energy from you — so keep it slim.

Remember: Simplicity is the new power. We simply cannot do it all. So don’t!

8) Wellness is the new success

“I loved her statement simplicity is the new power, wellness is the new success” ~ Amy Zapf

This carries on from the last point about embracing SIMPLICITY, and keeping things simple. We are not to exhaust ourselves in being of service. We do not have to!

The new “feminine” way is to work LESS so you can live more.

And it is the worry, the strain and the constant HUSTLE that is exhausting and draining of your energy. So instead, allow your clients to come to you: Have a clear message, a website, express yourself, share your vision, show up, radiate and state the facts, yes — then let the clients come. (This is an energetic shift and practice!)

9) Tools and Tips for Time Management

“I took on board her week plan and being ok with buffer days, hustle days and absolute rest/no progress days, having faith that it will all get done, if I surrender to the days that I don't feel like being productive.” ~ Julia Craig

If you can’t do serious structure and do a daily planner, don’t worry!

Danielle talked about Dan Sullivan’s Entrepreneurial Time Management System

// Buffer days - get through the myriad of small things that pile up.
// Rest days - no work for 24 hours!! These are no computer days. 
// Focus days - move the needle on Big Projects.

Danielle shared that following this weekly time management system, she is mostly a ‘time batcher’ — so she will do interviews and podcasts on one focus day, for example — errands on another buffer day — and then have a focus day carved out for writing.

For Big Projects or Important Things Danielle suggested having a ‘Due Date’…

And if you’re inspired on a Rest Day, pay attention to the “idea fairy” when she shows up. Don’t “work” but do write down your ideas so you can action them on a focus day…

Otherwise, your idea fairy will stop showing up.

10) Women gathering together is so important.

It is so important to have women gathering as healers, as coaches, in Mastermind groups, virtually, in the daycare centre — or as Danielle suggested, just “start with a tiny circle of women in your living room" — we heal each other when we’re together, and then we can go out and heal the world.

“Women heal each other when they're together and then they go out and heal the world. This could be my life mantra! I love my close female friendships and holding space for female groups. Hearing this really helped me to acknowledge the importance of that in my life.” ~ Jacquelyn Atkins

“I loved how she said that the power of women coming together will overcome the fear!” ~ Stephanie Warner

11) It is amazing to EMPOWER women (and you do that through SELF-EXPRESSION)

“Her passion for women's empowerment gave me the 'approval' I unknowingly needed confidently advocate for just that - and to do so through my coaching profile… I’ve often wondered if or how I could do that, as that was my previous career and remains in my heart and high up in my values and mission. NOW I can continue to share that as a part of my brand and I love that!“ ~ Sally Jane

Our work as women is to heal… we women are particularly powerful as healers.

And we heal by speaking the TRUTH! Having the courage to be “out” about our belief systems… and what our version of “ideal” is.

If you could just be more vocal about your version of ideal, you can truly change the world.


Amanda xx