Will health coaching work ‘in your town’?

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Happy Australia Day!

It’s a public holiday here today - an iconic summer holiday on the Sydney social calendar.

Australia Day was one of the first local experiences I stumbled across when I first landed in OZ 11 years ago - I just LOVE exploring different cultures and travelling to new lands.

The fact that I can do my ‘job’ from anywhere in the world is one of my fave perks; last year alone I spent 3 months ‘wandering’!

Every city, town and country has it’s own uniqueness, and luckily with online business, it does not affect us at all where we live.

But something I’ve witnessed is that almost every new Health Coach I meet has a version of the story ‘it’s harder in my town’.

So to celebrate Australia Day, I thought I’d share some stories (and never before seen ‘behind the scenes’ videos) of some of the ladies in my community who are rocking it out in the most unlikely places around the globe.

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, curl up by the fire and enjoy >>

If you’re in the southern hemisphere, fill up that ice cold green juice and relax >>



Pop on over and hear about the first few months in business through the lens of some my UPswing Mastermind alumni. You will find some great examples of how ladies have grown their businesses from different lifestyles and locations.

Click here to watch their stories now >>

And just a few quick examples below to give you a taste of the impact our community is having around the world:

Amber who left her job and moved across the world to Bali after just 4 months in the UPswing Mastermind Program.

Andrea who frequently travels the world who has run her fully booked biz from Bali, New Zealand, the US and Mexico!

Jo who is a self-proclaimed ‘homeless by choice’ nomad, travelling the globe, experiencing new countries and cultures every few months, all whilst running her biz.

Diana who, in her 60’s, is rocking out $5k months in a small rural town in Australia.

Stacey who lives in Singapore and is running her Health Coaching business where Health Coaching is not even heard of!

Jennie who lives in the UK making $1k a week whilst working part-time and juggling life with 3 kids, and yet Health Coaching is not ‘here yet’.

Amiee who lives in Bondi, Australia, where it’s ‘too saturated’ with wellness entrepreneurs.

Karen who lives in Brisbane, where it’s full of ‘too many healers’ and yet she’s still rocking it out with $5k+ months.

Meg who is based on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia, where no one will pay city prices.

Radhika who lives in Austin and is running her Health Coaching biz in the city where every second person works in fitness or health.

Emma who lives in remote Western Australia and runs a successful Health Coaching & PT biz and talks on her local radio station regularly!



Take the day off (even if you aren’t in Australia today) and embrace the shift we are making world wide as Health Coaches taking a stand for health and freedom.

Put your feet up and enjoy these exclusive behind the scenes videos now >>

Amanda xx

Will health coaching work ‘in your town’_.png