How to work with a VA to save time & get more done (+ my step-by-step system)


Something that has come up a lot during recent coaching sessions with my clients has been how much time blogging, newsletters and social media takes.

They feel as if they are constantly on their computer, spending hours at a time staring at screens, bogged down with blogs, newsletters, email sequences, and Instagram posts.

One client said to me just last week:

 “Amanda, I feel like I am just constantly working in my business, but the weeks go by and I feel like all I have been doing is writing newsletters and blogs!!”

 Can you relate?  

It’s incredible how much time actually goes into something as “simple” as a blog post, a newsletter, or a social media post (or seven!)..

I guarantee you’re spending HOURS trying to do these tasks each week.  I know my clients are!

But let me ask you, what else could you be focusing on in that time you’re spending at your laptop, bogged down in those tasks?

You could be using that time to:

  • Build your relationships with other health practitioners and coaches.
  • Host workshops, classes and events.
  • Approach local cafes about workshops, events & classes.
  • Host MeetUp groups, and getting out into your community more.
  • Schedule “business lunches” and build in-person relationships.
  • Pursue corporate wellness opportunities.
  • Build relationships that can benefit you with other online entrepreneurs.
  • Attend networking events.
  • Pitch yourself for Podcast interviews..
  • Get PR for your business.
  • Coach more clients!!

The truth is... 

There’s so much you can do — and need to be doing — to get clients and build your business beyond blogging and newsletters!!  

And I see so many people neglecting in-person relationship building, or actually getting clients and PR… Because they’re constantly bogged down in “online” tasks…  spinning their wheels blogging, worrying about growing their email list, posting to social media etc.

That is only ONE part of puzzle, and definitely not enough to hit $5K months.

Of course, you DO want to be building that tribe… growing a loyal audience of people who follow you online.  And that only happens with consistency. Showing up in this work regularly.  Which takes a large chunk of time and energy!!    

And this is where a VA comes in, and can be a huge asset.

 “But Amanda, I’m not earning enough to hire a VA!”

Many new coaches have a ‘money block’ around hiring a VA.  Even if you’re not making lots of money, I would still strongly advise you to look at hiring a VA seriously. 

It’s a Wealth Consciousness piece, too.

Because hiring a VA is an investment in your business — and yourself (because your time and energy are finite).  

And the good news is, investing in a VA doesn’t have to be a big expense, especially when you have a streamlined, time-saving system in place.

With the system I’m going to share with you, you’ll only need a VA for 2 hours per week.

It’s not a lot of time, but frees up a lot of YOUR time and energy.

It will mean you’re consistent with your content — AND you have time for OTHER client-generating activities beyond blogging and newsletters.

Because the reality is:

If you focus all your energy, and use all your time, on things that can easily be outsourced to someone else — then you’re stunting the growth of your business.

Right now, do an audit of the tasks in your business, and ask yourself, is that time of your highest use, and getting a good return on investment?  

How many hours are you really spending on smaller tasks in your biz?

Say you’re being paid $150 an hour when you coach — is that 4 hours on your computer writing, editing, graphic-making, scheduling, posting, actually making you $600?!

Probably not.  

Your time is only going to get more and more cramped…

And although you can’t buy more time for yourself, you CAN buy someone else’s time.

Do you feel uncomfortable or nervous about delegating tasks?

Don’t. It’s essential! 

I’m a little bit of a control freak too ;-) and I know it’s hard to let go of things in your business…

But simple tasks like proof-reading, editing, graphic-creating, and scheduling blog posts, newsletters and social media is something that someone else can do JUST FINE.  *cough cough* maybe even better and quicker than you can! 

Delegating those smaller tasks (that you probably RESENT) creates more space for tasks that you LOVE — Like coaching, teaching, connecting, community and relationship-building…  

It creates space for you to take action on other things that bring IN clients and create income….

A woman who makes $5K months does MORE than just blogging..., and she has a VA to support her!

Here’s MY streamlined, ultra-efficient system that you can start using with a VA immediately.  

In this system, YOU are the content creator, and your write ONE blog post a week.

That’s IT.

Then your VA will turn that one piece of content into a polished blog post — publish it with proper graphics and formatting — send it out as a  newsletter — repurpose the blog post into several social media posts for FB or Instagram — and schedule/send/publish everything.

All you need to do, once you’ve written the one blog post, is review and approve each piece of content before it goes out.


That takes only 2 hours of YOUR time, tops, to write the post. 

And you hand the rest over to your VA.

Here’s the complete, step-by-step process for you, below.

System Outline: A step-by-step process for weekly content generation with a VA.

You (the business owner):

  1. Brainstorm ideas in a Google doc for possible blog posts (optional)

  2. Choose the ideas that most resonate (optional)

  3. Plot the blog posts into a content calendar (optional)

  4. Outline blog post in bullet points or short sentences. 

  5. Create a draft of your blog post.

Your Virtual Assistant:

Blog post (Steps 1 - 9) ⇢ Newsletter (Steps 10 - 13) ⇢  Social Media (Steps 14 - 18)

  1. Review blog post and check spelling

  2. Input the blog post into website

  3. Check formatting – make use of headings and subheadings.

  4. Create Pinterest-friendly graphic for blog post (optional but recommended)

  5. Source relevant and meaningful imagery for body content (if applicable).

  6. Make sure all images have file names and file descriptions using SEO keywords relevant to the blog post.

  7. Finalise blog post draft for final approval from you

  8. Once approved, schedule blog post to go live (blog posts go live weekly).

  9. Once blog post is live, share on Pinterest and any additional relevant boards.

  10. Draft newsletter content in Email Platform using the blog post as content and link to the blog post to “read more” or “leave a comment”.

  11. Check with you for any additional promotional content or ‘Calls to Action’ that need to be included in the newsletter.

  12. Send a preview of the newsletter to you for review/approval

  13. Once approved, schedule your newsletter for release to the mailing list.

  14. Create 2-4 social media posts or “snippets” from the Blog Post to share on Instagram/FB.

  15. Source relevant and meaningful imagery for Instagram posts (if applicable)

  16. Draft Instagram posts in Social Media Scheduler for you to approve.

  17. Once approved, schedule Instagram posts.

  18. You hit publish when you receive a notification on your phone, sharing to Insta & FB.

I also created a PDF version of this process, which you can grab here.

Amanda xx

Getting vulnerable and sharing my WHITE HOT TRUTH


As many of you know, I’m a massive fan of Danielle LaPorte.

(For those of you aren’t familiar with Danielle, she’s a bestselling author, spiritual seeker, a member of Oprah’s SuperSoul 100, and all-round inspiring woman in business and in life.)

Many times over her truth bombs and teachings have sparked ‘a-ha’ moments for me, and back in February of this year I went to see her speak LIVE here in Sydney with a group of dear friends… it was AMAZING.

Which is why I was SO excited about her latest book release!

White Hot Truth:
Clarity for Keeping it Real on Your Spiritual Path, from One Seeker to Another


The book is all about being true to yourself, even when it’s difficult. It’s about embracing self-improvement and learning from others, but never forgetting your own personal power.

For everyone who wants to know, you can order a copy here!

As part of her launch, Danielle has invited people to share their own ‘white hot truth’ stories. So today I’m here in your inbox sharing mine… and I would love to know what you think!


Sometimes I ask my clients to leave my programs.

  • Sometimes these clients have paid a 5 figure investment to work with me.
  • Sometimes they are the most delightful and friendly people.
  • But I give their money back.


The reason is, after naturally erring on the side of over-giving — and being left utterly drained, exhausted and depleted as a result over the years — I have learned to be incredibly strict (and TRUTHFUL) about what “works for me”.

If something doesn’t work for me in a business partnership, then it has to become a NO.

  • Client not taking ownership for their results? Not for me.
  • Clients not showing up to coaching calls? Not for me.
  • All talk, no action? Not for me.
  • Skipping payments? Not for me.

This doesn’t make the behaviours of these people wrong — goodness, in some cases it’s possibly my own tendencies that need “work” here to prevent these happening in the first place — but in the present moment, all I can do is honour my own TRUTH.

So how do I decide if something”‘works for me” in a coaching relationship or business partnership?

By the way it makes me FEEL.

Because the TRUTH is, that everything in our life either drains us or fuels us. So if something is not enJOYable, or filling my energy up — then it is draining it. And I choose to not have that in my life.

In her book ‘White Hot Truth’ Danielle says that “boundaries are fences that support your freedom,” and I couldn’t agree more.

I’ve learned to observe that the draining feels “yuck” (for want of a more eloquent word!). And more often than not, once started, does not stop on its own accord.

It’s a choice.

Not always an easy one, I grant you. And not one I live by every-single day and time either — I’m only human after all — but something I have learned and that is a game changer for me.

When I first started learning about ‘boundaries,’ my fear was that I would come across as entitled or arrogant.

It felt deeply uncomfortable to say a firm ‘no’ to things, and I was constantly saying ‘yes’ to everything instead — with no consideration of whether it actually ‘worked for me.’

What I’ve learned as I’ve practice building healthy boundaries — because it does take some practice — is that my body knows that answer already and will never lie.

The courage and strength comes in being willing enough to listen, and ACT on that.

Since learning to KNOW and tap into this truth for myself in this way, then setting healthy boundaries now comes across with grace, clarity and certainty. (Well most of the time anyway ;-)

Because my body just knows... and I have the courage and confidence to listen and act on that body wisdom.

Now I say yes when I mean yes, and no when I mean no.

  • Because I love my ‘self’ — that’s why.
  • Because I know that what I offer is of immense value.
  • Because I’ve been burnt out once before, and don’t ever plan on going there again.

And my graceful, clear, unapologetic ‘no’ is generally received very well from the other party.

In fact, 9 times out of 10 (truly) when I have asked a client to leave my program and explain why, it has actually turned the situation around — often that person becomes my biggest raving fan — because they experienced TRUTH in our communication.

So in the spirit of creating healthy boundaries — where in your life or business could you get honest about ‘this does not work for me?'

And how could putting a boundary in place be a healing act for all?

Thank you so much for letting me share with you today ...

And now I would love for YOU to share with me! ;)

Did anything I wrote about resonate with you?

If yes, please do me a big favour and click here to let me know your thoughts.

I would really love to hear! :)

Amanda xx

3 Systems You MUST Have Set Up In Your Business


Hey healthy lady!

Amanda Jane Daley here, business mentor for Health Coaches & Wellness Entrepreneurs, and in today’s post we’re going look at THREE systems you must have set up in your wellness business. 


Listen and/or download the audio here:


Okay, so let’s dive deeper into those 3 systems you need to have in place. 

1. A system for storing important documents and information

If you haven’t realised already — running a successful online business requires many, many documents, processes, meetings, and (hopefully!) lots of client bookings.

You absolutely need a solid system for documenting and storing these important files and key pieces of information — and I strongly recommend you use the Google software suite — especially Google Docs, Google Calendar and Google Drive.

All of these systems are ONLINE programs, meaning they are accessible from anywhere. So no matter where you are in the world, or whatever computer you’re using, you’ll be able to access all your key information at the touch of a button (or a click of the mouse!). 

The ultimate tool for a freedom-based business, if you ask me. 

All 3 apps (Google Drive, Calendar and Docs) integrate super easily with your smartphone and will remove the need for countless folders on your desktop. There’s nothing worse than a cluttered, disorganised computer, right? Especially when you want your business to be more “ease” than ”ugh.” 

I’d strongly recommend establishing a folder structure and naming convention when setting up your Google Drive. This will make it SO much easier to track files quickly and smoothly. 

Google Drive is awesome because it provides version tracking (so you can go back in time and see any changes made to a document) and supports all file types - so you really CAN make this your central space for all your online file storage.  

Getting organised in this “administrative” aspect of your online business is critical for any successful entrepreneur… and will really help you keep your business stress-free as you grow. 

2. A Client Booking System

The second system to have in place is a proper client booking system. 

The system I use in my own coaching business, is Satori App.  

Satori is an amazing and comprehensive client management tool.  It allows your clients to book appointments online without ANY back and forth emails — which is a massive timesaver. 

It sends questionnaires and email reminders to clients before each session, and it takes automatic online payments.  Pretty awesome. 

Similar to the Google suite, Satori is cloud-based, so you have the convenience of accessing your client information and bookings from anywhere, at anytime — which is INVALUABLE when you travel a lot like me. 

3.  Skype

The final essential tool for a successful coaching practice is... Skype! 

Skype is such a key part of my business, because it allows me to hold voice and video calls with my clients over an internet connection, from anywhere in the world. No more expensive phone bills!

Skype will allow you to expand your health coaching business to cater for clients who can’t meet in person. It’s also a great tool for connecting with other coaches, mentors, and team members. 

Plus, Skype can provide screen sharing capabilities during a call which is great if you need a client to see what YOU are seeing on screen. 

You can record video and audio calls for your clients to listen back to, and Skype is supported across all devices making it extremely portable and practical. 

4. A Project Management System

Now I know I said I’d only provide 3 systems to support your successful health coaching business, but I want to provide a bonus system to help manage your daily tasks and projects. 

The system is called Asana and it’s an online Project Management System.

I’ve included this, because a lot of the time-management drama that comes as an entrepreneur is that we don’t know what to do. Or we haven’t DECIDED what to do. 

When you’re working in a HEALTHY way — you know what’s on your priority list, and you know what you need to do each day to meet your goals, or reach whatever target or outcome it is you’re working towards.

Asana is a great tool for keeping track of tasks, and staying organised. If you feel you struggle with taking daily, purposeful action, this could be a great tool for you. 

Now, before you go, I’ve also created an extra bonus for you to download. Check out the link below to grab my FREE 7 Step Simple Sales Script — to help you convert coaching prospects into paying clients with more confidence, heart and soul. 


Thanks for watching this video!

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Have a great day healthy lady! 

What To Put On The Homepage Of Your Website


Hello healthy lady!

Amanda Jane Daley here, Business Mentor for Health Coaches and Wellness Entrepreneurs, and today we’re going to talk about what to put on the homepage of your website to attract your ideal clients.


Listen and/or download the audio here:


Okay, so here are my 3 MUST HAVE elements to put on your home page.

1. YOU!

The first must-have is a great photo of yourself, looking directly at the camera, and focused.

Now i know some people feel really uncomfortable putting their face out into the world, especially on the first page of their website, but it really is the best and most effective way to connect with potential new clients quickly and to start to develop trust.

2. A Lead Magnet or Opt-In Freebie

The second must have for your homepage is a lead magnet or a freebie that is positioned above the fold on your homepage screen.

If that all sounds a bit techy, what I am referring too when I say above the fold is that a new person landing on your homepage should be able to see this freebie WITHOUT having to scroll down. So it’s one of the first things to see.

And if you are not sure what I mean when I say Lead Magnet, this is usually some great highly valuable content that you have packaged for people to access for free.

It requires a customer to provide an email address to download, which is a lead, hence the name lead magnet.

What you are providing is an exchange for that person’s email address.

They get your amazing free piece of content — your lead magnet — and you get their email address to add to your database and move through your nurture process.

So make sure you have a lead magnet on your homepage, that appears above the fold.

3. A clear tagline

My third must have for your homepage is a clear tagline.

We can get so carried away putting so many things on our website that we forget to make it very, very clear to someone who is new to our work and they need to know straight away if this site is for them.

And now, I’ve got TWO bonus tips on what to include on your home page:

  1. Place any publicity or ‘as seen in’ logos near the top of your page to highlight your expert status
  2. Make sure your product is top of mind right on the homepage - don't be shy - people WANT to know what you have to offer that might solve a pain-point in their life.

Now, before you go, I’ve created an extra bonus for you to download — check out the the link below, to grab my FREE 9-page guide on how to attract dream clients — so that you can finally start being paid to do what you love.

Click here to get your FREE eBook - How to Attract Your Dream Clients

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Have a great day, healthy lady!


4 Ways to Position Yourself As An Expert

Hey healthy lady!,

Today we’re going to be looking at FOUR ways to position yourself as an expert. 



Listen and/or download the audio here:


Okay, so let’s explore those 4 ways you can start positioning yourself as an expert. 

1. Social Media

  • Social Media is a powerful communication tool and ally when looking to position yourself as an expert. 
  • By sharing valuable knowledge and insights with with your audience, and speaking to them directly — not just sharing pictures of your pets — you continue to reinforce your position and expert status. 
  • Make sure your tone is conversational - speak to them the way you would speak to a friend - and engage your audience. Ask questions and ALWAYS respond to comments. 
  • Don’t be afraid to give information generously — this will not only develop trust, it will make it very clear that you are knowledgeable in your chosen field.

2. Public Speaking

  • Public speaking can be challenging.  
  • Many coaches have told me that they have a fear of public speaking. If this is you, I encourage you to stretch out of your comfort zone... but also, to start SMALL!
  • Volunteer to speak at local meet-up events, or host your own mini-workshop — or perhaps a breakfast or high tea party!  
  • Theme your event and talk on a simple topic that inspires and excites you (this will make it easier to speak!).   
  • Start with 5 or 10 people, and then as you get more confident, increase the numbers gradually and look for larger speaking opportunities. 
  • Always speak confidently to the room, look them in the eye, and be prepared. Own the space — whether it’s a room, or a stage. Don’t be afraid to walk around as you talk. 
  • Public speaking is a fantastic way to position yourself as an expert and with experience, you may find it builds a whole new customer segment to explore!

3. Guest Post

  • Another great way to position yourself as an expert is to guest post on other websites. 
  • Reach out to sites that have a large number of readers in your target market. This might be health blogs, online magazines, nutrition sites, health and wellness personalities, or other coaches. 
  • A word of warning though - don’t reach out to them with nothing prepared. Think about the content you’d like to share with their readers and why it’s valuable. 
  • Put your idea into a short email and “pitch it”. Include your article if it’s ready to go. Don’t be shy with sharing your own experience, connections and qualifications.  
  • Provide some context on why you think this article will be valuable to their readers, and include your bio and backlinks to your own website. 
  • Then, if you get the go-ahead, ask to be notified when the article is live so you can engage with readers as they ask questions. Monitor social media for feedback and shoutouts, so you don’t miss any opportunities for connection and community-building. 
  • Guest posting is a great tool for getting your viewpoint and knowledge to a wider audience.  
  • It also allows you to refer to the publication (or website) in your own bios, and in the “as seen in” section on your site — which really ups your “trust” factor for potential clients. 

4. Interview other experts in your field.

  • Interviewing other experts or people in your field is a great way of positioning yourself as an expert. 
  • People will identify you as the source of the amazing interview, and continue to look to you for MORE valuable information in the future. It positions you as an authority, and someone ‘in the know’.  
  • Don’t be afraid to aim high and don’t be put off by interviewees saying no. Keep asking!
  • A great interview can be a fantastic promotional tool, a great lead generator, or a source of content in the future, so it’s worth taking the time to make sure it is all set up correctly. 
  • If you’re interviewing someone in person make sure you have good lighting, zero or low ambient noise, and that you both are comfortable and well presented.  
  • If you’re conducting an interview over Skype use a microphone or handsfree earphone set for the best quality sound. 
  • And where possible record using video — watching someone speak directly is so much more powerful than audio alone. 
  • For maximum impact, once recorded, add your branding and include details on how people can learn more if they liked the video! 


You already have all the knowledge you need — you don’t have to do another training — you already ARE an expert.   

These tips will help position yourself as the expert you already are, so you can share that knowledge with the people who need it most. 

Now, before you go — I’ve created an extra bonus for you to download, so check click below to grab my FREE guide on ‘How to Find Your Profitable Target Market — so you can create programs and services that serve your audience perfectly (and sell like hotcakes).


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Have a great day, healthy lady! 

Bringing More Flow to Your Business with Ezzie Spencer PhD



Today I am so happy to be sharing a very special interview with you. Dr. Ezzie Spencer is genuinely is one of my very best friends in the world and I am just so, so excited to share her with you all today.

Ezzie is a speaker, coach and author of the brand new book, An Abundant Life: Flourishing with the Cycles of the Moon.

Ezzie trained as a lawyer, went on to work in government, nonprofit and research sectors and earned her PhD in women’s wellbeing and justice after violence. Feeling that something elemental was missing in the intellectual world of law, Ezzie began to explore the correlation she noticed between her feelings and the phases of the moon.

Her concept, Lunar Abundance, marries intellect with intuition and has reaped results for many women, through one-to-one coaching sessions and through the support of a flourishing online community.

During our interview we covered how you can work with the cycles of the moon to bring more flow into your life and business. Working with the moon cycles is an anchor offering a sense of inner and emotional stability on your entrepreneurial/life journey.

This work covers:

  • deep relationship between the moon and our feelings (both physical and emotional)
  • 8 alternating yin/yang phases framework of the moon cycle
  • honoring your own body, your own energy, your own rhythms
  • honoring the framework of the moon cycles to give ourselves permission to pull back/slow down
  • setting intentions and applying the moon cycles to your business (and your life)

Listen to the full interview here:


Find the resources we talked about with the links below:



If not now, WHEN?

Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference.

For me, it was four little words: "If not now, when?"

My business coach at the time told them to me because I wasn’t moving forward. I was stuck thinking about my business, studying, reading, but not DOING.

The truth is that most people DREAM but never DO. 

  • They think success can start "next year."
  • They think success is easy for the "lucky ones".
  • They think success will come once they already have money or fame. 

But success comes from saying yes NOW and getting to WORK!

In fact, in his infamous book 'Think and Grow Rich', Napoleon Hill states this DECISION as being one of the key factors of wealth and success.  

The wildly successful have learned that saying YES is a decision that can only be made NOW.  And I am insanely grateful that I learned this lesson. I realised that nothing was going to be radically different "next year" if I didn't act on my dreams TODAY. 

Those 4 words led me to the 3 most important principles I run my business by today. 

  1.  Success comes from making THE decision. 
  2.  Success comes from staying in the present moment (today - now
  3.  Success comes from TAKING ACTION on that decision today .

These three lines are typed up above my desk and have been since they day my mentor shared those four unassuming words a few years back.

The decision I made to get in the game THAT DAY – no more waiting – saw me go from struggling to find clients (like, reeeeally struggling) to earning high 6-figures a year from my coaching business. (And crossing seven figures in the past 18 months!!)

But it wasn't just about the money regarding STUFF or my lifestyle. Those four words gave me the freedom to invest in my passions both with my time and finances.

In fact, this year I donated a substantial amount towards a school in Africa as part of the World Teacher Aid initiative set up by fellow online marketer Stu McLaren. Being able to contribute to such a worthy cause is something I never dreamt possible. Next year I might even be able to visit this school and see the social impact first hand!

If you are serious about growing your coaching business, helping others to transform their lives, and changing the world, I am going to pass those four words of wisdom over to you now.

“If not now, when?”

Let's make 2017 the YEAR of DECISIONS and ACTION.

Amanda xx

PS:  If you would like training, mentoring and accountability as you grow your health coaching business, I would love to support you in the UPswing Mastermind. Applications close TOMORROW, February 5th.  Click here to find out more and apply ASAP >>  


[Amanda's Story] From crippling money blocks to making $10k in 10 weeks

As January comes to a close and we move into February, how are those New Year's Resolutions holding up?

Still avoiding carbs? Going to the gym every morning? Spending less on that shoe collection?

Yeah, me neither...

But I do have an even more important question... 

How are your BUSINESS resolutions holding up?

Well, I have one graduate who's starting 2017 with a BANG!  I spoke with Amanda Pickering before the holidays, just a few months after starting my UPswing Mastermind, and I wanted to share her story. 


Before Amanda started UPswing Mastermind, she was really struggling with her biz. She had done her training, completed some general business development courses, and even had a few clients. But she was NOWHERE near where she wanted to be regarding her finances and reach. 

Amanda was working HARD (12+ hour days)... 

And doing everything she was told was “RIGHT” (at least what she was told in her business development classes)...  

But something was WRONG. Amanda wasn’t progressing.

She knew it wasn't just her strategy. She recognised she had HUGE money blocks that were keeping her from success. However, she had no idea how to break down those barriers. Amanda knew she needed help, but didn't know from where. 

When Amanda found my program, she was skeptical. She had already tried group classes and business development coaching, and neither seemed to yield results. She had racked up some debt and wasn't making nearly enough with her business to justify cost. 

However, Amanda was excited by the fact that my program was specifically designed for health coaches, and she wouldn't have to squeeze some one-size-fits-all training into her business.  She figured if she could just land ONE client a month, the investment would pay for itself. 

So, Amanda took the plunge. And she's so happy she did. 

Amanda discovered that with a Mastermind course, she actually broke through her limiting beliefs FASTER. This is because when working in a group she was able to experience the breakthroughs of her classmates as well as her own. She learned she wasn't alone, her anxieties and fears were shared by everyone in the group. This allowed her to feel more confident and ambitious with her dreams. 

Amanda's results?


Ten weeks after starting the UPswing Mastermind she had made her first $10K!  She had landed eight discovery calls. (She only had 3 in the past year and a half) and she was able to go part-time at her job.  She's now positioned to go full-time with her business, and I can't WAIT to see what happens next for her! 


If you want to listen to Amanda's full story, I did an interview with her right here >>

My favourite thing she said in the whole interview was that she felt that ANYONE could have her success.  The step-by-step process I provide for building your packages, marketing, and piecing together your business plan, is foolproof.

If you show up, and do the work, you will succeed. 

Amanda xx

PS: With the UPswing Mastermind, Amanda's story can be YOUR story in 2017.  But doors are closing soon, on Sunday 5th February, so click here to apply ASAP >> 


Maybe you can relate?

Maybe you can relate


It's been very busy in my world lately.

Working with over 50 health coaches a week, launching the next round of my UPswing Mastermind program, and travelling back to New Zealand for Christmas and New Year with my family.

A few weeks back I was presented with an opportunity that felt almost too good to be true.

I hesitated... I almost didn't say yes... Maybe they were mistaken... Maybe I should think about it some more first... Maybe I'm actually too busy right now... I'm about to launch my program so maybe I should be "safe and responsible" for the next few months...

Oh and the clincher: Maybe I shouldn't spend the money needed to take action...

Isn't the mind clever at holding us back from our dreams?!

When an AMAZING opportunity came my way...

Instead of jumping all in with a YES...

I questioned it.  I didn't TRUST.

Thankfully I caught myself super quick. Took a deep breath and said YES to the opportunity... and already, only a few weeks later, so many things have unfolded as a result that I couldn't have even logically dreamed of myself.

Saying yes to that one opportunity created a ripple effect that I could never have created alone - and yet I almost missed it!

Sometimes we can be so 'busy' in everyday life that saying YES to something new can almost be missed, despite our dreams and best intentions.

Or sometimes when something arises that we would love to do, our sneaky monkey mind comes in to tell us "You can't do that," or "What if it doesn't work out?".

How are things going for you right now?  

Do you ever get these conflicting messages between your heart, your dreams and your monkey mind? 

Are you feeling a bit daunted by the whole "Health Coaching Business" thing?

I know that when I was first out of training, I had big expectations about what I was going to be able to do with myself.  No more long hours in the office... loads more time to get to those yoga classes... not feeling like I had to rush from one life draining part of my day to the next... it was exciting!!

Then as time rolled on and I couldn't seem to bring in enough clients... I started to doubt my big dreams.

Who was I to want this? Could I actually do this? Did I have what it took to run a profitable business?

Then, as amazing opportunities presented themselves - chances to learn how to really do this from mentors I admired - I had moments of doubt.

And you know... I don't think any of it had to do with what was on offer, because at the time I knew it was what I needed!

What was holding me back was ME.

I had moments where I just didn't trust myself...

I didn't believe that, if I was given and accepted this opportunity, I could actually be trusted to put in the work and do it.

If I'd listened to that inner critic, I would NOT - in any way - have the life I have. The freedom. The choice. The lifestyle. 

So what was it that stopped me from listening to that inner critic that was telling me that I couldn't trust myself?

I looked at it rationally.

I knew that I had trusted myself to complete my health coaching training. And I'd done it. I'd graduated.

I'd trusted myself to decide to leave my corporate job and start my business. And I'd done that.

So I knew that I had a track record of going for my goals.

And when I realised this - I was able to keep my eyes on this new goal and make that leap.

That investment in myself has repaid itself many times over. :)

How can you trust yourself more right now? How can you look more rationally at the fears and doubts that are holding you back?

Amanda xx

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Will health coaching work ‘in your town’?

Happy Australia Day!

It’s a public holiday here today - an iconic summer holiday on the Sydney social calendar.

Australia Day was one of the first local experiences I stumbled across when I first landed in OZ 11 years ago - I just LOVE exploring different cultures and travelling to new lands.

The fact that I can do my ‘job’ from anywhere in the world is one of my fave perks; last year alone I spent 3 months ‘wandering’!

Every city, town and country has it’s own uniqueness, and luckily with online business, it does not affect us at all where we live.

But something I’ve witnessed is that almost every new Health Coach I meet has a version of the story ‘it’s harder in my town’.

So to celebrate Australia Day, I thought I’d share some stories (and never before seen ‘behind the scenes’ videos) of some of the ladies in my community who are rocking it out in the most unlikely places around the globe.

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, curl up by the fire and enjoy >>

If you’re in the southern hemisphere, fill up that ice cold green juice and relax >>



Pop on over and hear about the first few months in business through the lens of some my UPswing Mastermind alumni. You will find some great examples of how ladies have grown their businesses from different lifestyles and locations.

Click here to watch their stories now >>

And just a few quick examples below to give you a taste of the impact our community is having around the world:

Amber who left her job and moved across the world to Bali after just 4 months in the UPswing Mastermind Program.

Andrea who frequently travels the world who has run her fully booked biz from Bali, New Zealand, the US and Mexico!

Jo who is a self-proclaimed ‘homeless by choice’ nomad, travelling the globe, experiencing new countries and cultures every few months, all whilst running her biz.

Diana who, in her 60’s, is rocking out $5k months in a small rural town in Australia.

Stacey who lives in Singapore and is running her Health Coaching business where Health Coaching is not even heard of!

Jennie who lives in the UK making $1k a week whilst working part-time and juggling life with 3 kids, and yet Health Coaching is not ‘here yet’.

Amiee who lives in Bondi, Australia, where it’s ‘too saturated’ with wellness entrepreneurs.

Karen who lives in Brisbane, where it’s full of ‘too many healers’ and yet she’s still rocking it out with $5k+ months.

Meg who is based on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia, where no one will pay city prices.

Radhika who lives in Austin and is running her Health Coaching biz in the city where every second person works in fitness or health.

Emma who lives in remote Western Australia and runs a successful Health Coaching & PT biz and talks on her local radio station regularly!



Take the day off (even if you aren’t in Australia today) and embrace the shift we are making world wide as Health Coaches taking a stand for health and freedom.

Put your feet up and enjoy these exclusive behind the scenes videos now >>

Amanda xx