Create Your Healthy Wealthy Business Plan: The Ultimate Guide For Health Coaches & Wellness Entrepreneurs


Hey healthy lady!

In this deep-dive blog post I am going to be sharing my secret, step-by-step process for creating create your own $5K per month action plan - one tailored to you, and the healthy and wealthy ‘lifestyle business’ you want to create.  

I’ll be explaining the ONLY 3 things you need to focus on to get clients and make great money - and ultimately hit those $5k months as a health coach.  Then we’ll take a sneak peek at the three biggest mistakes that health coaches often make when they're getting started or struggling to find success, so that you don’t make them too! 

1. Clarify Your Vision & The Lifestyle You Want To Create

I want to start by talking about lifestyle - and why is it SO important to get clarity on what you want from your business and your lifestyle right from the very beginning. 

Most women get into a business like health coaching because they are absolutely driven by a deep desire to help others, and do meaningful work in the world - and at the same time, they are also looking to design a business that’s going to offer themselves more freedom and fulfilment, and that’s going to fuel their health and happiness.  

For many finding that freedom and fulfilment does mean breaking away completely from the corporate 9-5 schedule - whereas for others it may mean building their business part-time. 

We all have very different visions for our businesses, but for most of us a career like this represents a nourishing “freedom lifestyle” that we’d very much like to design; so it is SO important to create our business right from day one knowing what that vision is.  

Because we don’t want to build a path and build a business that gets us locked into a lifestyle that isn’t even what we wanted in the first place, do we?! Which is why now, at the very beginning, is the time to chart that path (the right path), make the plan, and start working towards it.  


2. Find What Drives You In Your Business

One of my very favourite books is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill - this is a classic book on money and wealth consciousness, and if you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend that you do! 

In it, the author explains that you need a burning desire for money and success to come your way.  And as we step into building our own businesses, I couldn't agree more - we need to have that drive if we are going to thrive as entrepreneurs. 

Because we’re no longer turning up to a boss, or working set hours sitting at our desk. We actually have to have passion and determination in ourselves to go for our dreams!!  ✨ 

Which is why it is essential and important to find and identify the burning desire that drives us. That is what keeps us going in building our business when ‘the going gets tough’ or we’re lacking energy and motivation. 

And 100% YES, money can be that burning desire - and in Napoleon Hill’s book he talks about that specifically - the burning desire of how much money we want to make and why that’s important to us. 

But for women, we’ve got really clear that our dreams and our desire for money and financial freedom are not JUST about having money in the bank. 

 Because we’re often after something different - something beyond only money

Our definition of success is maybe more complex than the men that the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ was written for many moons ago.

We're not just looking for money, we're looking for more. 

So, why are you building a business and what are you looking for?

I’m going to drop a list in here that actually came from a Huffington Post article on what women define as ‘success’ today.

And there are many different ideas in here - so as you read these, have a little think:  

Why do you want success in your business? What does success really mean to you? What is that burning desire that’s going to make you so committed and driven in your business - because you cannot wait to have that essence or experience in your life? 

Is it: 

  • Realising that your contribution to the world is valued.
  • Making a difference by teaching others to achieve success. 
  • Living and loving FULLY, without shame and without apology. 
  • Promoting a just or good cause. 
  • Going to the beach everyday. 
  • Making your family happy by spending more time with them. 
  • Maybe it’s playing an active role in gender equality. 
  • Having the ability to control your own schedule. 
  • Being healthy and having a job that helps other women do the same. 
  • Having the strength to try, try again even when you fall on your face. 
  • Being proud of yourself. 
  • Doing your best, and being grateful for everything good in life. 
  • Finding a healthy balance between a loving home and a career you enjoy. 
  • Having clients in your life who always make you smile. 
  • Loving what you get to do for a living. 
  • Doing something truly impactful and knowing you're helping others. 
  • Finding the good in life’s inevitable imperfections. 
  • Knowing that your daughter will be able to stand up for what’s right and not be afraid to be herself around others. 
  • Being able to be in the moment, instead of constantly go, go, go. 
  • Using your unique strengths, skills and experiences in your work.

As we look through this list we can see that our definition of 'success' is often connected to how we show up for others; how we feel about ourselves as the head hits the pillow at night; how we feel about the difference we’ve made... and what sense of peace and purpose that we’ve felt during the day. 

And this does not mean we don’t want to be wealthy in a financial sense - we absolutely 100% do - but women in general also want to be wealthy in a more holistic soul-fuelled sense, too. And I want you to know that you can have both. 

When we get clear that the desire for money can actually enable and facilitate a lot of these things in our life - connecting to that purpose can be what drives us forward.

And helps us realise we can make a change when we start to serve others, and we start to be served with a great income that allows us to live our biggest life. 

Take some time to journal your thoughts on what is important to you; what does success mean to you; and what YOUR burning desire is.   


3. Journal ON Your 2 Year Business Journey

Now let’s start to map out what you want from your business in a more practical sense. There doesn’t have to be any right or wrong here, but start to brainstorm through now as I read you some questions. 

Where do you want your business to be in a couple of years? 

I'm not just talking, “I need $50k this month, or $100k in 6 months.” Let those big, grandiose concepts drop away, and get into a grounded reality of where you want to build your business to in a couple of years' time - a sustainable business that fuels you and the lifestyle you want.

Where do you want you business to be a couple of years from now??

Get that vision clear in your mind. Journal on it.


How does your day look? How does your week look? What and where would your dream business be - if you absolutely knew you could create anything in two years?

Now, with the end in mind, it's time to rewind the tape back to the present moment.  It’s like we’ve just loaded that next two years into an old VHS or a cassette tape and we’re rewinding it back to today. 😛 As you rewind it you might get some visions, or maybe not. It’s perfectly fine… write down or journal on what comes to your mind. And now we’re back in the present moment. 

Next I want you to hit fast forward to 6 months from now. In 6 months from now you’re a 1⁄4 of the way into that two year goal. Take a couple of moments now and journal. 

In the next 6 months, or even 6 to 12 months, how is your life looking? How will your days look? What happens when you first wake up in the morning? What are you doing during the day? How many clients are you working with as a coach? Are you working with clients every day, some days, mornings, evenings, weekends?  

It might not be at the ultimate dream outcome yet, but you’re pretty well on your way. 

Start to get a picture - 6 months on your way to the 2 year goal.

How is your lifestyle looking? Is there more freedom? Is there more time with your kids or your husband or your girlfriends? Are you going to yoga more? 

 And then pull that back a little bit to 3 months.

How many days or hours a week would you like to be working in 3 months from now? The financial income and freedom will be coming later, these months are where you start to build.

What’s important to happen in 3 months? 

When you pull that tape back, how many clients would you need or want to be working with in 3 months? And what else are you choosing to do in your days?  How’s your week looking? Relationships? Health and Happiness? What’s going on in your life in 3 months? 

Then this next bit is very important... 

Between that 3 month vision and TODAY, it’s likely that some things are going to have to shift or change. You’re going to have to commit to something, say no to something, and say yes to something. WHAT needs to change? 

That is ESSENTIAL to get clear on. 

What would your goals be for a 3 month period from today to reach that first vision?  Trusting that that first 3 month vision will lead you to the 6 months, will lead you to the 12, will lead you to the 2 years.  

Is there anything that jumps to mind? Like: “Amanda, there’s no way that I could reach that in 3 months if I’m on the path I am now!”  

Get crystal clear.

I encourage you to delve deeper into this exercise. Journal on each of those points in your business journey – definitely spend longer at the two year mark and allow yourself to dream bigger!!

Maybe you reflect and think: “Oh, actually in two years if I’m honest I’d like to be talking on stage; I’d like to be flying round the world; I’d like to be on a magazine cover; I’d like to have 40 clients; I’d like to only have 10 clients.”

What’s that bigger dream for you? Keep playing this week with the different levels of the timelines and set your own mini goals for the next 3 months that will help get you there.  


 4. Create Your Healthy Wealthy ACTION Plan

Now we’re going to drill down into mapping out a plan that can bring your big picture vision into reality - at least from a business perspective.  

As a health coach, I encourage you to sell what I call Purposeful Packages - aka: your signature coaching program - as opposed to selling single sessions.  

Download your free guide to Create your Purposeful Package Here >>

Here is how you will make your Healthy Wealthy Action Plan:  If you were selling $1,000 3-month coaching packages - and you were aiming for a $5K per month income - you would need to be selling five packages a month. 


You’d have 5 clients the first month, 10 by the second, 15 by the third - at which point your first 5 clients would have finished their program - and then you’d just keep replacing them with 5 new clients. So you would never be working with more than 15 clients at any one time. (( This is the example I often give in my trainings for a $5k month which you can watch here. ))  


But not everybody wants a $5k month, or not everybody wants 5 new clients a month! 

And not everybody wants to charge $1,000 for a coaching package. Some of you might actually be ready to charge $2,000 for a package; some of you might only want to charge $500...

So I want you just to take some time to map this out, and start working backwards from that vision you just had - how many hours a week did you see yourself working? How many clients? How much money did you need?  

We need to do some maths at this stage and work out: For you to have that dream lifestyle and reach your goal income, how many clients would you need to be working with - and at what price point? 

You can either start as I have here with the money:  So this is a $5k plan.  

Let’s say you want $4K – maybe you only need to get 4 clients a month. Maybe you can only take 4 new clients, but you want the $5K in there so your package may be $1,250. 

There’s 3 key factors to keep in mind here:  The price of your package, how many clients you want to have, and how many hours you want to work! 

So you must get clear on:  

  1. How much you want to charge per package to create the income you want…  
  2. How many clients can you take on – max – and then break that down into how many you would need each month…  
  3. Look at your schedule - is it realistic, how does it feel? How many days or hours can you work each week - does this plan honour that? 

For some of you, you’ll look at this standard $5k per month plan and think YES!! 

“This is my plan, Amanda! This is exactly what I’m going to do. Five new clients a month, $1,000 for a 3 month program, over time I’ll build it to a 15 client maximum load, and I’d like to work part time.”  

For others, you’ll be going: “No way. I only actually want two clients at a time, or two new clients a month. Or say I can take a maximum of 6 clients because I’m going to work weekends only.” 

I want each of you to map out your own plan of clients here. ☺️ 


5. Understand The Foundations of Building A Health Coaching Biz

Now let’s look at some of the foundations of building a coaching business.  This picture below is possibly the MOST important piece to get your head around.  Yes, it can look so simplistic - but this really is everything you need to build a successful health coaching business. ⤵️ 


So, let’s work backwards...

To get clients you need to get Discovery Sessions. (For those who don’t know Discovery Sessions is the term I use for a sales call. Some health coaching schools call it a Health History - like IIN does.)  I have a very set way that I teach my clients to do a Discovery Session that really converts. 

You can download my 7 Step Simple Sales Script here >>

Working backwards again… 

You can’t get a client without a sales call. And the only way you can get a sales call or a Discovery Session is by getting your offer in front of people. :) Those first 2 big boxes!!

As a health coach 80% of your work is about getting yourself and your message in front of ideal clients who would love to buy from you.  

There’s different ways to get in front of people. In person there’s things like signature talks, presentations, workshops, networking events.  

You can also do this online: Building a list and nurturing your following through a newsletter. Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, YouTube - all your social media channels! - blogging, guest posting, through investing in Facebook ads. 

In general I find that most people I work with think they’ll just dive in online and that will be the quick fix for their biz, and the clients will come rolling in. 

But, actually, most clients at the beginning will come through the ‘in person’ channels. It takes time to build the online pieces, which is why getting clients online is step 2, not 1. 

I want these 3 boxes in the diagram above to really be ingrained in your brain. There’s nothing more important. There’s nothing more to a coaching business than this. It’s actually very simplistic. I think a lot of people over complicate it!

At the end of the day you need to get yourself and your offer in front of people. You need to do invite people to work with you. You need to hold your Discovery Session, and then you need to convert those prospects into clients. 

It’s a numbers game too - so to get four clients you might need to do about 10 discovery calls a month. And to get 10 discovery sessions then you need to get in front of a bigger number of people each month! 

Your focus is going to be getting yourself in front of people and getting your offer out there - so that your dream clients know that you have a solution for something that they’re looking for. 


6. The Biggest Mistakes I See My Clients Making

I do want to share these 3 big mistakes that I see many people make, so that you don’t make them too! 😬 

  1.  Hiding behind the computer – I get the thinking that if we spend hours on Facebook perfecting a single post, or getting our blog perfect or getting the logo perfect (is it purple, or pink, or teal, or black?!) is going to bring us clients. The hard truth is, it’s NOT! Don’t fall into perfectionism, don’t sweat the details, and don’t neglect the in-person pieces. 
  2.  Getting bogged down in technology – Yes, technology will come into play when you start taking your business online, but if you’re spending hours trying to figure out how to fix some code or button on your website, your time and energy is being spent in the wrong place. You didn’t become a health coach or life coach (or whatever heart-centred business you’ve started) to be a tech expert. So be really, really careful here.  People can convince themselves they’re working ‘on’ their business by doing this, but really it’s an avoidance tactic, or just black and white wasting time!! 
  3.  Not taking ‘imperfect action’. We need to be in action of some kind in all stages in growing our business, but nothing you do is ever going to be perfect. But we need to keep taking consistent imperfect action at all times and keep going in the game anyway - because when you’re in the game that’s when the confidence and the clarity and your client-base and cash-flow is going to build. 

 7. Don’t Compare And Stay In Your Own Lane… 

Finally, I feel called to end this blog post by reminding you to NOT compare yourself to others.  Each and every one of us is on our own path and it’s so important never to compare yourself to others. 

I KNOW it’s very easy to say this - and perhaps less easy to practice... 

We’re in the online world and we see other health coaches and one day we’re feeling inspired by their content, and want to be like them - but the next day we’re like, “Oh my gosh there’s no room for me in this industry, they’ve already done it!” It's a double edged sword.

Staying on your own path and TRUSTING that you’ve been called to be a health coach for a reason - and you will bring your own unique message into the world in a way that nobody else can - is key. 🗝  

The truth is… 

If 100 health coaches today all lined up on a stage in front of thousands of people and you all said exactly the same message - some people in that audience would only be able to hear it from you. 

They needed to either hear it from YOU - whatever it might be – the exact words that you used; the nuance of YOU. Some people can only hear it from you. Some people are not inspired by those who already are out there and are waiting for you to show up. 

And what makes you unique is when you share YOUR truth on the matter – yes, even if it seems different to what everyone else is saying or what’s trending right now. Be brave enough to share what YOU think. 

When you're brave enough to put that out into the world, THAT’S when you're going to SHINE – online and off (whatever medium you choose) – and people will be coming to you saying, “There was just something about you I felt so connected to!” 

That’s where magic will happen. 💛

So remember, stay in your own lane! Don’t look around, because it’s SO easy when we’re building our business to get distracted; and we can lose our confidence very quickly when we see what others are doing.  Don’t look around and compare – that will slow you down. It’s never going to serve you. 

Wallace D. Wattles - who wrote another of my favourite wealth consciousness books, The Science of Getting Rich - says that wealth can only come from creation, not competition.

My own experience of this has been: 

When I get down to work and pour out my heart into a blog post, a workshop, a talk, or whatever it might be - even coaching my clients! - if I just stay true to my voice and not worry about anything else that’s out there - it flows, it thrives, and it shines. 

The minute I look around – which, by the way, we will all do and we’ll inevitably fall off the no-comparison wagon! – the wealth is no longer flowing.  

And by wealth I don’t just mean financial wealth – I mean the freedom in you; the abundance in you; the fulfilment and and happiness in you.  If you stay in your true creation and just block out the world and bring forth your message, wealth will flow. 


Amanda xx

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How To Get Your First 10 Clients: 10 Steps For New Health Coaches


Hey healthy lady! 

This blog post is going to walk you through TEN STEPS that you can take today to get your first ten clients.  Because the number one thing that coaches come to me asking is: “Where are my clients hiding?!”  

Maybe this is your biggest question or challenge too?  Do you currently have NO clients in your health coaching business and feel completely confused about how to get them? 

And do you spend most of your time: 

  • Building a beautiful website…even paying for brand new photos for it… 
  • Posting pretty pictures to social media… 
  • Worrying about your branding or logo design… 
  • Watching webinar after webinar on email funnels or Facebook ads… (when in reality those things DO NOT OFTEN WORK when you’re first getting started!!) 

I KNOW how easy it is to feeling like clients are hiding… but the honest truth is, there are NO lack of clients in the world. There are many people out there who would love and NEED your support!  

So where are they? And how do you find them?  

Well, for starters, I promise you that they are not hiding — it's just that as new coaches we don't necessarily know who we're looking for… and we don't necessarily know HOW to identify if they are a potential client! 

Health coaching is still a very young business, and believe it or not, many people don't even know that health coaching exists - let alone that it can help them with whatever is ailing them. This means that your clients will not “come to you” - you must go to them! 

The problem is that without clients, health coaching is just a fun hobby. It's not a business. If there's no clients, there's no money. If there's no clients, you're not making the positive impact in the world you dream of making - and you're certainly not earning an income that will sustain you. 

Getting clients HAS to be your priority in your business. 

This diagram below shows exactly HOW to get those clients. If you want clients you need to do discovery calls. And if you want discovery calls, you need to get in front of people (online and in-person), and ask for the dance! 


** In general, when starting your health coaching business, your first clients are going to come from in-person connections and through your inner circles. So that’s the top box on the left in this diagram.  

Here are 10 ways you can start getting clients as a new health coach…  


As I said, there are clients everywhere! They're hiding in plain sight. ;-)  So what is it that you need to do to actually go get one of those clients? You have to tell them what you do!

This is one of the main things that new health coaches aren't doing - even if it seems obvious - largely because they're not confident in explaining what they do! 

When you're stepping into business for yourself, that is not the time to be modest. 

When you haven't got any clients, it can feel like there's nobody out there who needs a health coach…   

But if you take a step back for a moment, and remember that health coaching is a really pretty young industry, chances are that the people who need you most just don't know that you exist yet! 

Unless you're walking around with a big sign on your head that's like, “Heyyyy, I'm a health coach and I help … do… ” people probably just don't know what you're doing - even though it feels like a BIG DEAL to you. 

If you're spending all of your time online, as many of us do, alongside other health coaches - it can start to feel like everyone's a health coach! But they’re not. They’re ABSOLUTELY not.  

When you get out in the world and start talking to everyone and telling people what you do, you'll be surprised by how many opportunities are out there!

So get out and introduce yourself as a health coach! Or if you're feeling a bit daunted to introduce yourself, you know you could say something like, "Hi. My name's Amanda. I work with corporate women who are struggling with burnout — and I support them through my signature private coaching program that helps them rebuild their energy and work more mindfully in order to reduce stress." 

The key is that you explain your client's typical pain points and desires. 

Don’t just say “Hey, I’m a Health Coach!” and leave it at that. If you do that, you’re leaving money and referrals on the table. You just have tell people what you help people with and what kind of results you help them get.  

(PS: Need help with this? Open this blog post in a new tab and read it once you’ve finished this one! The Simple Secret to Telling People What You Do as a Health Coach >>

So as a first step, I want you to really be aware of actually opening your mouth + talking! 

It can sound sooooo obvious but most women who are beginning their coaching careers simply aren't doing it.  

Here’s what happened for one of my past clients - "I started talking about what I do to my yoga students and got two new clients that day!" She was actually teaching yoga classes at the time, and just by opening her mouth at the end of the yoga class and sharing authentically what she did, she got TWO clients! All by one literal… hey, don't know if people know this, but this is what I do. Easy. 

Another positive result from another past client -  "I spoke about my health coaching business to a new friend who became my very first client. She went on to recommend me to HER friends, which led to my first Group Program."  

You truly never know… just telling one person may result in your next client!

Action Step: Work your health coaching into at least 5 conversations with people you know!


Being seen is one of the most vulnerable things in the world… especially when you’re starting out in a brand new career, where you’re probably not feeling super confident. But being seen is KEY to getting clients. 

I think this is one of the biggest reasons that Health Coaches don't get clients. Because it's scary to put yourself out there and promote yourself!!  

This was one of those parallels that I made when I kind of went, “Ohhhhh” about my old career. People like Microsoft or Ebay - they didn't worry if their logo was on something too many times, they wanted it to be seen again and again and again! 

Now I know as health coaches we don't want to be slimy or sleazy in our sales - and we do want to be caring - but at the same time the truth is, advertising is there for a reason. Because if people don't see you, then they don't know you exist. And if they don’t know you exist, they can’t buy your program. It's as simple as that.

Being seen was definitely one of my biggest resistances when I started my health coaching business. When I did fully embrace all that I'd learned in advertising around actually BEING SEEN - it made a massive difference to my confidence, clients and cash-flow.

One key way that I got visible at the beginning was through creating and sharing graphics. 

Before I was comfortable putting my own images and pictures of ME out there on social media - I would make pretty graphics to promote what I was promoting, or even just to show my inspirational quotes.  

And once you get up the courage, I can tell you for sure that NOTHING supercharges your marketing more than a powerful photo of you. Ideally front on, eyes to camera, smiling. Just open and real. When people can see that you're a real person, they'll feel that crucial “know, like and trust” factor really quickly, and that is going to be key to converting them into clients. 

Action Step: Create some graphics to promote your services and share them on your social media channels. Bonus points if you use a photo of you! 

[PS: I created this blog post and 5-minute video explaining how create graphics in Canva, here: Blog post: How to Promote Discovery Sessions on Facebook Using Canva >>


Most coaches overlook this step  — which is just starting close to home and working your way out from there. There are no lack of clients in your personal circles, despite what you might think! 

Many women I work with start with this mindset that “No one would buy in my small town”… but you will be surprised at who is actually around you, and who will buy!! :)

And new coaches often avoid looking locally, and think: ‘Oh I need to go online and the world's my oyster!”   

They see all the big players online and that makes them believe that getting on the world wide web is the answer: “Oh I just need to launch a blog, or run some paid FB ads, or host a webinar, etc.” But those online businesses have taken months or years to build momentum and a following. 

And when you put out your one flashy Facebook ad, or your one blog post, and the world doesn't come running to buy your services, many health coaches give up way too soon and take it personally — which is really, really sad — because your first clients do start close to home! 

In the long term I don't necessarily advocate working with family or friends ongoing — but they're a great place to start, and a great place to get in the game, build confidence, and get testimonials. 

So you can:

  • Email family and friends 
  • Post on your personal Facebook page 
  • Get in touch with local businesses
  • Host workshops in your local community
  • Talk about what you do to everyone you know

Use these more personal approaches to client attraction before going into any elaborate online business strategy, or setting up sales funnels and paid advertising plans.  

You'd be amazed, too, how friends not only want your help, but are SO happy to share!! 

Part of this step is being willing to be a beginner and being willing to ask.

My past client Megan had some amazing results from this: "I posted to my Facebook page, spoke more about my program to everyone, made cold-calls to businesses and received more in-full payments from clients than ever, created a successful local business partnership and booked a speaking engagement!" 

Action Step: Write an email to send to everyone you know and post about what you do on your personal Facebook page too!  [Click here to get my FREE Social Media Swipe File]


If you know my story, you’ll know that I jumped from advertising and was determined to completely ignore my past — “I’m never going back!!!!”  But actually, we can all have some really valuable contacts from our past. We might not have thousands of people following us on social media yet, but we all have people in our lives and in our personal email lists, or on our LinkedIn profile.   

One of the real keys to growth as a health coach is to surround yourself with like-minded people — and although that is fantastic, it can be easy to forget about the past relationships that did once have. 

It's an unexpected step for new coaches to turn around and look back. So instead of just going: "What's next? What's my future?” they could ask: “Who was in my past? Who could I maybe help?”  

Those are often the people who are often just a couple of steps behind you…  

They haven't been to health coaching school. They haven't made these health changes. Yet they're probably living quite similar lives to either how you are now, or how you were then. You're probably in a perfect position to help them! 

You also probably have a lot of people on your Facebook and LinkedIn and in your email address book. If nothing more, it's lovely to reconnect with old friends and acquaintances — even if you're just letting them know what you're doing. Who knows? Maybe they know someone to pass on the message to? :)

A client of mine shared this success story, which might help if you’re feeling nervous about this: "I sent a newsletter out and someone I knew from years ago signed up for my program!" The bottomline is: You just never know who needs your help, or who would be interested in the work you’re doing. That includes if you've had your own business before and have changed businesses since. Every now and again, tap into the old audience and just let them know what you're up to now!!

Action Step: Reach out to colleagues from your past and let them know what you're up to know.  Update your LinkedIn profile so old past connections can see what you're doing. Facebook can be a wonderful way to just make sure that people are seeing what you're up to, so don’t be shy about posting on there.  


This is a concept I talk about a LOT in the UPswing Mastermind. If we don't ASK people to work with us, or invite them to a Discovery Session, they probably aren't going to suggest it themselves! ;) 

Once you understand that to be talking about a program and to be selling does not have to be sleazy and sales-y — that it's actually more of a healing, heartfelt conversation - it is a game changer. 

A client of mine, Kylie, made this connection - and from then on she was just happy to be talking about her program, asking for the dance all the time, and in her first week got 5 discovery sessions and 2 paying clients. Her first 2 paying clients, I believe. Pretty amazing right?

This fear of sounding sales-y is one of the key reasons that I see health coaches hold themselves back. And there is often a niggling feeling that by being in a health profession that maybe we shouldn't be charging… this kind of money mindset can really hold us back.  

Of course, NOBODY wants to be sleazy, salesy, icky, or slimy. When we realise that someone can be in REAL PAIN — and that by us talking to them about it, we could help them make a decision to get out of their pain and truly change their life — well, THEN we can start to be more confident, passionate and purposeful in putting ourselves out there. 

The other reason that asking for the dance, or asking someone to do a discovery session with you, can be so scary is because as a Health Coach we're not selling a product - which is simple!  You're actually now selling YOU - which is a lot more emotive.  Yes, there's a Health Coaching package on offer… but it can be quite confronting when you're essentially asking, "Hey, will you pay me?" It can be quite vulnerable and daunting. 

It just takes getting a few clients under your belt to see the impact you can have on people’s lives before you start feeling better about that… but soon, if you forge ahead, you’ll get there!

These ‘healthy wealthy entrepreneur’ mindsets can really help:

  • Know that NO ONE can be helped if you don't put yourself out there… 
  • Know that other people want to improve their health…  
  • Know that if someone says ‘no’ — it's not personal…  

These are just a couple of mindset re-alignments that can help you feel less awkward about asking for the dance. When you ask, you'll be so surprised!! 

Cecile shared, "I made a personal call to tell someone I thought she'd be a great fit for my program. We had a beautiful conversation exploring whether it was right for her and she immediately said yes." 

That takes GUTS, but by asking you'll often be surprised. 

One final reminder: It's not personal if they say no! (Repeat that 10 times each day please!)

Action Step: Share the benefits of your program, and confidently ask people if they would like to meet for a free Discovery Session to explore whether your program is the right fit for them.


This is one of my favorites!! This is one of the things I LOVED to do when I started my health coaching business — host little workshops and meetups!  

One of my absolute favorite workshops to run was to do a Healthy High Tea! I served up a delicious healthy afternoon tea, decorated the place really beautifully and had a group of amazing women there. I shared some tips on the same topic that my package covered and got a number of my first clients from those kind of workshops.

I've hosted other intimate events, as well… Some in beautiful, small hotel rooms. Some at a local barre studio. I've even done a couple at homes! 

There's a lot of ways to host a party. They don't have to be huge 60 person parties or anything. They can just be 6 people in your home. :)

Basically, how can you get a group together in front of you, to have some fun, for you to share some nuggets of wisdom, tell people what you do, and ideally upsell to a client?

Remember, anytime of the year is a good excuse for a party ;-) and there's always good reasons to celebrate, so set up a date and send out your invites!! 

I had a client, Karen, share a success story she had with this step: "I shared details of my fermented foods workshop on Instagram and Facebook and was inundated with inquiries. I booked 19 people for the workshop and had to borrow several chairs to meet the demand."  

Again guys, I don't mean to share this and say that Karen is ”special” and it was easy. It was a big deal for Karen to pull together this workshop and then to share it — so you know, really amazing and kudos to her! 

Action Step: Think about hosting a party!  


Being a self-proclaimed introvert, networking was certainly NOT my preferred method for getting clients at the beginning.  

Gosh, I went to some crazy networking events when I first started as a health coach, and I think I didn't speak to anyone!! And if I did get a word out, I had those #awkward conversations where people asked, "What do you do?" and I replied "I'm a health coach." And they’re like: "What’s that?" And I didn’t know what to say!!  So yes, that was neither fun nor productive. ;-)

This step is all about making connections really authentically.  

Genuine connections are one of the most effective ways to pick up clients and build a community. I've said it before, I will say it a zillion times again, but people will buy from those they know, like and trust. In fact, oftentimes people are buying the person more than the product - crazy as that sounds. 

It's why we can have a zillion health coaches, and everyone will resonate with a different person! All of you have a unique voice, which is needed. And there could be someone in this world that right now can only hear what they need from YOU — regardless of whether there's already other people out there talking about similar topics. (So don’t let that hold you back!) 

It makes sense that getting to know someone before "selling to them" is always going to build a relationship. So start thinking about ways that you can network, that feel good! 

  • Online, you can join Facebook groups or search specific hashtags on instagram…  
  • In person, you can go to places like yoga studios, boot camps, or meet-up events — or you can join local business networking groups too…  

Action Step: Choose at least two of the networks that we talked about and put them in your diary today. Back in step 1 as well, don't forget when you get there, you're going to have to talk!! ;)


As women doing feminine business, we are starting to understand that collaboration is key, and that we're not in competition. 

By collaborating with others we are going to get our important messages of health and well-being (or whatever area you're coaching in) out into the world!! 

So looking at who else is already serving your audience - and partnering up with them in a way that makes sense for you both - can be a wonderful way for you to get out and get a client quite quickly. 

A past UPswing Mastermind client, Megan, shares: "I made some cold calls to local businesses and from that created a successful business partnership in town, as well as booked a speaking engagement unexpectedly!" 

How else could you share a similar audience?  

For example, if you're a Health Coach, maybe a yoga studio has similar clients, or maybe you could partner with a personal trainer, or even another health coach?  Doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, even places like hairdressers or personal stylists are all options!

Action Step: Spend time brainstorming your own unique niche for insights into who would be of benefit for you to partner with that also benefits your potential clients. Then, take action by contacting everyone that fits the bill. 


Be proud of who you are, and be proud of what you have to offer. 

I know how hard it is to feel like, "There's a flood of other health coaches out there - what makes ME so special?" 

As I said before, we could all stand there together in front of 1,000 people and each of us could teach exactly the same thing - but there's different people in the audience who would only connect with ONE of those people on stage. 

We all have such a unique life experience, and our own unique voice, and if you're feeling called to put this work out there, you're meant to do that. 

One of the hardest things to do when getting started, is finding your own path and not just copying what you've seen out there. 

So make it your mission and daily practice to let go of opinions of others - you do not need to try and prove yourself to other people. Just be in your heart, put out your truth and your message, and trust that the right people will hear that. 

My past UPswing Mastermind client Cecile shares: "I wrote an honest blog post about why I was changing my practice from weight loss to depression. As a result, I had someone I'd never met before contact me about my program, and I had more visits to my site than ever before!!" 

I think there can't be enough said for honesty, authenticity, and integrity. People can feel it.  

Just be you, own who you are, and be comfortable with that — I promise, it will really impact your worth, how many clients you attract, and in turn, your pricing. :) And it will feel a whole lot better for you, too. 

Action Step: How can you bring more of YOU into everything you do in your business this week? Great photos can help others connect with you via your brand, and add an extra ‘oomph’ of professionalism to your online presence, but how else? What else makes you YOU?  Express that, and it'll make you stand out and make you proud of who you're putting out into the world. 


Here we are at step 10!! 

This is not so much an action step as it is a mindset step. 

Your work is meant to be out there. You need to keep the faith. 

I don't think that ANY coaching business takes off overnight, despite what it may look like from the outside. ;-)

There are wonderful opportunities, wonderful money, and a wonderful lifestyle to be had when you get your business up and running, but it does take consistent action. It doesn't happen overnight. 

Trusting and believing and knowing that your work is meant to be out there in the world helping others right now + taking personal responsibility for getting it out there = SUCCESS. 

You must do whatever it takes to get this work out there. You must be the one to take action. 

And before we wrap up, I want to remind you of this truth. 

There are no lack of clients in the world. 

I've just given you some really simple (and what can seem mundane in some ways!!) steps to getting clients. There's no fireworks, or magic tricks around how most of these people you look up to are getting clients and making money. 

It’s often obvious things - done consistently - that gain traction and momentum over time. 

Sooo… there you have it guys!! 

Ten steps, ten very important steps to be putting yourself out there today and every day. To be asking for dance and bringing in your health coaching clients. 

Getting clients is always your priority. Getting out and asking for the dance is always the priority. It really is time to stop hiding. It's time to speak up and get visible. 

This isn't an overnight quick fix, but if you keep following the steps, and keep knowing that you're here to help people in this way, those clients are going to come through for you. 

I believe in you!

YOUR NEXT READ: How to Build an Online Following - The Definitive Guide for Health Coaches and Wellness Entrepreneurs

Amanda xx

PS - I am starting a small and intimate mastermind group this month for 'intermediate/advanced' Wellness Entrepreneurs. Have you already done a basic business training and are making an income - but looking to super charge your business to the next level now? Momentum Mastermind may be for you - click here for full details >>


How to Build An Online Following: The Definitive Guide for Health Coaches + Wellness Entrepreneurs!


In this deep-dive blog post, we’re going to be looking at the TOOLS currently at your fingertips to build a loyal following of ideal clients and coaching prospects online — plus, I will explain WHY you need an online following, HOW to get one, and WHEN to start.  

So, first things first….  

When I talk about building a following online I’m referring to:

  • List building - growing your email subscribers
  • Newsletters - sending regular newsletters to your email list
  • Blogging - posting valuable content on your website
  • Social media - Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and more...
  • Podcasts - being interviewed or hosting one of your own
  • Guest posting - on other people’s websites/platforms

To get clients, you must get in front of as many people as possible, and you must ask for the dance. This is the ONLY formula you need to focus on to build a thriving health coaching business.


And it is those first two in particular - getting in front of your ideal clients (either ONLINE or OFFLINE) and “asking for the dance” - that are the MOST important things that you should be focussing on when you’re just getting started.

Priority #1 is really asking for the dance

Ask people if they'd like to explore working with you… invite them to a Discovery Chat… pitch your coaching services and offer your support… that is always your priority.  It doesn’t matter how many people are already following you, you MUST always stay focused on asking for the dance.  

Closely behind that is Priority #2: Getting in front of as many people as possible

You might think it should be the other way around, but it's important to remember that asking for the dance is always necessary — and 99.99% of the time it is up to us to initiate! 

Then the final thing Priority #3 - which you need to focus on on a daily/weekly basis - is building your audience online. As a coach and entrepreneur, you need to grow an audience of people who want what you are offering - and who see you as an expert. 


OK, I’m going to have fun with an analogy here. 

Building a following online is like creating your own pond of fresh fish (aka: prospects and ideal clients) which you can continually fish in. 

If you were just focusing on ‘in person’ marketing - so that top box in the diagram above - eventually, that pond might run dry. 

Say you've spoken in every place that you can, you’ve scoured your local area for clients, and you feel as if there’s a limit to the number of prospects out there at this stage. 

If you're going online, however, and starting to cultivate an online audience, that broadens your horizons hugely!

The key is to continually build your pond of fresh fish.  Keep cultivating your fish pond, growing your audience, increasing your following - filling it with new fish - and then there will never be a lack of clients. 

In short: If you're always filling your own fish-pond with new, fresh clients (ahem, I mean, fish!) who would love to buy from you, then you’re unlikely to run out! ;-)


Building an online following is NOT a quick fix. It takes a LOT longer to build the “know, like, and trust” factor online than it does in person (which is what makes people buy from you). 

So I would strongly encourage you to do both: 

  • Build your ONLINE following…  
  • And get in front of people OFFLINE as well… 

To build your online following, you need to start TODAY — even though the fruits of your labour might not show up until much later. 

I’ll say it again: this not a quick fix!! 

When you put up a post on Facebook, or you publish a blog online, it might look like that’s all that other people are doing - but in reality, they’ve been building their online audience for months, or even YEARS, before you knew they actually existed! 

Which is WHY they can put things online and they sell very quickly. Which is why they can get hundreds of likes on a single picture. Which is why they can create new offers in a day and sell out programs by posting just a couple of Instagram Story invites. They’ve built their audience and “know, like and trust” factor over time. 

So the moral of the story is - start building a following today. 

There will never be a perfect time. And I GUARANTEE you, in a couple of years, or a couple of months, or even a couple of weeks (!!)… you'll wish that you'd started earlier. It’s that important, and it does take time.  


This comes with a giant flashing word of warning, ladies.  

There are THREE mistakes you must avoid when building a following online:

  • Hiding behind your computer. 
  • Getting bogged down in the technology, and spending hours trying to work things out. 
  • Not taking consistent action, and not asking for the dance. 

Really check that you're not falling into any of these traps!!

Don’t spend hours on end perfecting your website, your blog, or your social media posts. It really is a great place to hide. A great place to stop you getting out in person, or asking for the dance. One of the biggest mistakes I see new coaches make is hiding behind technology. That is hands-down the biggest mistake and sets them up for failure. 

Your plan and focus should be always to get clients. Which is why you need to strike a balance between your time spent on building up the technology pieces — your website, your social media, your landing page, your newsletters — and getting out in front of people (yes, in person!). 

So if you are aiming for four clients a month, then 10 discovery sessions are likely to come first, and to book those discovery sessions you need to get in front of people — locally. In person, online, but through your current networks. (Go back to that diagram at the top of this post).  

Don’t wait till your instagram is at 10k or your website is perfect before you go out and get clients! 

I can promise you that the font you choose, or the photo that you place on your homepage, or the copy on your sales page are not more important than getting in front of people and offering value and asking for the dance. Your colour scheme is not going to magically attract clients — definitely NOT more than you getting out there and asking for the dance will! ;-)

So my big piece of advice is: Be really conscious of where you're spending your time. Check that you're not kidding yourself! 

Make a note each day of what you’re doing to work in your biz. You’ll quickly see if you’re spending all your time tinkering on your website, or re-writing a blog post 18 times before you hit publish.  

A lot of people will say to me, “Amanda, I'm doing everything I can!” Then, when I ask them what they're doing, they've been working on their website. Is it purple? Is it green? What photo shall I use? Is this wording OK?”  

Your effort, energy, and intention should predominantly be on getting in front of your ideal clients and sharing value - and your number one focus should be on “asking for the dance.”


Now you know the 3 big mistakes you must avoid, how do you go about avoiding them? Outsourcing is a GREAT way to help prevent all 3 traps, and something to seriously consider as you grow your business and your following.  

Some things that you might outsource are: 

  • Social media scheduling
  • Copy editing
  • Creating an opt-in landing page
  • PDF design
  • Setting up an email platform and welcome email
  • Scheduling your newsletters
  • Website design and development
  • Proofreading 
  • Graphic design

As the business owner, it's great to have a basic understanding of all these tasks. 

I personally think it's very important that you write your own base copy, or create your own content to start with. These are all examples where you could get a professional to finish things off if it's not your strong suit, or do the design if you’re not that way inclined.

I really encourage you to think about this — what support can you can enlist for yourself, so that you can stay focused on getting in front of people and asking for the dance?? NOT on perfecting your website copy to the nth degree, creating graphics when you struggle with Canva, and so on…  

If you’re interested in outsourcing, I made this video and blog post on how to work with a VA to save time and get more done in your business.  


I'd be hugely surprised if anybody reading this blog post hasn't been immersed in social media over the past few years.  We all know what it is and use it personally in some way. 

But how can we use social media to grow our business?!  

For purely ‘business’ purposes social media is great for: 

  • Reaching new clients all over the world
  • Increasing word of mouth marketing amongst your existing networks and friends
  • Building relationships with current clients
  • Building relationships with prospects and peers
  • Creating awareness and visibility around your business, products and services
  • Growing your expert status by sharing valuable advice and information through your social media content. 

As you can see, it’s a pretty incredible tool!! 

So to maximise that, it’s really important that you’re creating consistent content and that this content is speaking to your ideal clients and/or those who would want to engage in it. 


You can use Facebook to connect, educate, and inspire your followers; to convert clients; and to get more newsletter subscribers. The beauty of Facebook is that you can post a huge variety of content: Text posts, images, videos, LIVE video of you talking to the camera, links to blog posts and other articles and quote graphics…  

Not so fun fact: On your Facebook business pages, only 2% to 5% of your followers will actually see your posts. There ARE however things you can do like Facebook Ads or “boosting” a post for $5 which can get those posts seen by more people.  And you can promote your FB Lives to your email list to let them know you’re going live at a certain time — so they can watch live or watch it later, but either way they know it’s there! 

Nowadays, I see your FB Business Page as a fancy business card. It's still expected that you should have one, and people will likely look it up and see what you're all about when they first come across you.  It’s also a really great platform for live video (as I mentioned) — which is excellent for growing your ‘know, like and trust’ factor.   

A Facebook Business Page is also the ONLY way that you can create a Facebook ad — so if you’re planning to run some FB ads in the future, it's very important that you do have one, and you’re growing it. (Facebook ads are a wonderful tool for list-building, for selling your courses, and promoting your programs.)

In summary - it's important to have a presence on your page, but do be aware that with only a small reach per post (unless you pay for it, or actively promote it) - and it’s not necessarily the “be all and end all” of your social media strategy. 


You want to post nurturing content on your FB Business Page, not a lot of sales-y content. Think: 80% “give” - 20% “ask” for the buy. Remember: People are on social media to socialise, or to get that “fun” hit. They're not there to be sold to constantly.   

YES you can absolutely offer discovery sessions, and talk about your programs — but have a smaller proportion of posts like that. Overall you want to be nurturing and building engagement and connection with your followers so that you can build that “know, like, and trust” factor that sells so well, and helps convert prospects to clients. 

(Hint: You can also “share” your Instagram posts to your Facebook Business Page when you publish them. This is a great way to use content you’ve already created — and is something a lot of people do to streamline their social media, and keep up a presence on Facebook.)

Here's an example of my current Facebook business page: 


You can change the cover image to promote whatever you want — right now mine is marketing my FB group and my website BUT during a launch I have fresh cover images made to promote my UPswing Mastermind, webinars, and challenges. 


The other thing you can do on Facebook to build your online audience is create a Facebook Group!! 

I recommend you start with a Facebook Business Page first because that is your “business card” on social media.  But closed Facebook groups are great too and they're more intimate. 

Facebook groups are great for conversation, and very different to a Facebook Page, which is only serving up your content to a very small percentage of your followers (unless you pay for it to be boosted or run ads).  

With a Facebook group, you’re having a much more direct conversation with the group members. However, because of the community aspect of Facebook groups, they’re not a place to “sell, sell, sell” — you can a little bit of the time, like during set launch periods, but look at your FB group as mostly about engagement and community-building. Nobody wants to hang out at a sales board. ;-) 

My Facebook Group is called ‘The Healthy Wealthy Society’


And we post daily prompts to inspire and encourage community, conversation and connection:


I also host FB Lives in the group - which is a really powerful and fun way to connect with and share valuable content with your audience. 


Instagram is absolutely amazing for Health Coaches and Wellness Entrepreneurs — because it is so visual.  

As with all marketing, think about the experience you’d want to have on Instagram if you go in there as a follower yourself and the kind of content you're hanging out in the app for.  

Instagram is really good for building your “know, like, and trust” factor because it's got that real personal feeling. It's great for sharing “behind the scenes” moments.  

If Instagram is where you think your ideal clients are hanging out, and you love taking photos, that might be the platform you want to concentrate on. 

In that case, since you’re already creating content on there, just hit the button to share your post to your Facebook Business Page and you’re servicing another platforms with no extra work. 

With Instagram you can sprinkle in some personal and professional branding as well. 

For example, on my instagram, I’ve got a combination of “behind the scenes,” some tips and inspiration, the occasional branded sales graphic encouraging people to check out my video training series or a program I am offering; then other times just a beautiful flower, a delicious meal, the view from my desk, and photos from my travels or around my home. 

It gives people a taste of your personal brand and who you are — and if you always use the same filter, and sprinkle branded graphics, it gives a taste of your professional brand too. 


Pinterest is used to collect, share, and organize photos, articles or content relevant to your business - and it is more of a search engine than a social media platform.  

On your Pinterest account, you could be pinning things like healthy recipes, food, health infographics, relevant articles… Anything that you think that your audience and potential clients would be searching for, or find interesting and useful.  

You can also create a board for YOUR website or brand, and pin your blog posts there - as long as you create a Pinterest-ready graphic (as I do on my blog) - this is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website. 


Videos are POWERFUL!!     

I’m condensing ALL video platforms here, but there are so many to choose from nowadays, including: YouTube, Instagram Stories, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Snapchat. 

Videos are such a great way to build the “know, like, and trust” factor with people. Did you know that video itself can increase conversion rate by 80%?! 

They're SUCH a popular way to communicate with and attract your ideal audience, as people like to see you. It’s one thing to hear you talk, or read something you’ve written, but when they get to see you as a person it just boosts that connection tenfold. 

But like all marketing it does come down to being aware of your audience. Do they watch videos? Do they want to watch videos? How do they consume them? This is a great thing to survey your ideal clients on, or just take note to see what your peers and competitors are doing.  

If you're comfortable being on camera (ahem: I’d say even if you're not, because I certainly wasn't at the beginning) have a go at creating some short videos on Instagram Stories or Facebook Live. With Facebook and Instagram in particular you need to know NOTHING about editing and it’s not “expected” that these videos look perfect. :) 

(FYI - YouTube is actually owned by Google so making videos and putting them on YouTube does help with your SEO. And you can also lightly brand your YouTube videos — with a special opening and closing — and voila, you have your own channel within YouTube!)

YouTube takes more work than Instagram Stories/Live and Facebook Lives, because YOU have to do all the editing — whereas the others have fun filters and are more casual and “impromptu.” Choose whichever platform is best for you and your ideal clients. 


Let's quickly talk about social media management. 

These are online tools that enable you to manage your various social media pages all on one place. (Check out: Meet Edgar, Later, Planoly, Grum for starters.)

There is no way that anyone should be sitting on social media all day every day, in real time, uploading their posts. That will not last long at all I assure you!! And there is no need to get overwhelmed.


Use social media to reach clients globally. Create awareness and visibility around your business, your products, your services. 

  • Choose the platforms that work for you and your target market. 
  • Consider using scheduling tools to keep your social media effective and efficient.
  • Choose one to two platforms to start with and get consistent with those first.

Further Reading: 4 Ways To Position Yourself as an Expert


Now, I want to be very clear here: You CAN get clients without a website. 

One of the mistakes that I see is people going off and spending months making websites, and not doing anything else in the meantime.  

You think it'll be quick to put together a website, but by the time you go back and forth on colours and logos and branding and photos and copy-writing and all these things, it will take months to make it live and get it finished!!

You CAN do that without a website. Create a PDF that outlines your coaching program, which you can share with people who are interested. Promote your services online. Get in front of people in person. 

If you want a website, go for it - but PLEASE, always make sure that getting clients is your priority.

One thing you DO want - even before a website! - is a landing page promoting a free opt-in gift that people can sign up to receive - which will help build your email list (more on this next!).  Then as you build your list, you can then send them weekly blog posts in the form of newsletters, you can promote your coaching services, and stay in touch.


What is list-building, and why does it matter? 

Your ‘list’ is a list of names and email addresses that you collect of people who ‘opt-in’. 

(Mailchimp is my preferred platform to send the newsletters out and store your email list. It's really easy to use but there are many other email platforms as well — Aweber is another beginner platform, as is ConvertKit. Over time you might want to upgrade to Ontraport or Infusionsoft — but generally that would be about 4 or 5 years into your business.)

Your email list is one of the main numbers you should be focused on growing. If you don't start building your list, NOW, you will regret it. (Not to scare you, haha, it’s just important.)

So keep focused on growing your list and make it something you focus on every week. 

Let's say you set yourself a goal of 25 new names on your email list a week. That 25 people a week would become 100 new subscribers a month. You can see how over 12 months, that could be over 1,200 people that you have on your list. 

Whereas many people will go months and months, thinking they'll get to growing their email list eventually… but then 12 months later they're still at 0 or 20. 

We all start with our Mum and Dad and friends on our email list — who (probably) don't really want to follow us, or we don’t really want to work with. 

But the truth is we ALL have to start somewhere and we all DID start somewhere!

So start building your email list NOW.  The “right time” will never come. 

The right time is really 5 years ago for EVERYONE, because the bigger the list, the more reach you have, and when you want to sell things like online programs and products, you will need the bigger list numbers to be able to do that. 

So list build, list build, list build. 

Asking for the dance is your always your biggest priority, but list building is your next most important action-step.


An opt-in gift is a piece of content that your dream client will be super happy to get their hands on. This is how you give value for their email address. You give away this piece of content for free in exchange for their name and email address.  

You want to promote these opt-in gifts anywhere online, not just on a website. Definitely on your social media channels, through FB ads (only if it’s in your budget), and if you guest post or are interviewed in a podcast. Work hard to get people to sign up for it - and always emphasise the benefits of signing up (eg: what they will receive!). 

That, my friend, is how you build your list. People want something for free!! They want something of high value. People don't just want useless freebies, they want something that is really valuable and this is where your work on understanding your target market is so important and purposeful packaging is really important. 

Ideally you want to capture people with a lead magnet as soon as they come across you — which is why it's important to have it strategically placed on your website, OR direct all traffic to your landing page in lieu of an actual website. I often promote the lead magnet (opt-in gift) in the headers of my social media channels as well! :) 

You can also capture names and email addresses in person, at workshops or networking events. You might not be giving them a free gift — but bear in mind this list-building stuff isn't just for online, it's for ANY ideal client you meet — and in any case, if they were a strong prospect, you would ideally be capturing their name and email address.

When you introduce products and programs, your list will greatly impact your success. Products and programs don't really sell to a small audience, so growing your list is going to be key to having success with these things later down the track.


Your email list is your #1 asset because you OWN it. If you build a big following on Instagram, or Facebook, or any of those social media platforms - you’re a little vulnerable. If they close, or if the algorithm changes, then you've potentially lost your business!  

Therefore, if you're building your email list at the same time as you grow your audience on social media, you always own those names. You have permission to contact them, and control over how you communicate with them. It's not like Facebook that decides to show your content to just 2% of your following, or Instagram that shadowbans you — YOU are in control. :-)

Your newsletter list is also the only channel it is totally acceptable to sell from, and totally expected to be sold to! Selling on social media channels is okay in small amounts — and when done in certain ways - but it can feel sleazy if it’s done too much.  

People are often hanging out on social media to socialise… whereas a newsletter is a place where someone has put up their hand and asked to hear more from you. So it’s a little more acceptable to be selling via your email list. Remember though: Your newsletters should be a combination of nurturing and selling. Not just one or the other.


Think of list building as building a tribe of people that you'd like to nurture — and even though I said it's about ‘size’, please don't get too hung up on that. 

It doesn't matter if you've got 2 people, 200, 2,000, 200,000. Build your own little family and treat them with respect and love. Nurture those that you do have in your community. 

So many people can get worried that they don't have enough… There aren't enough clients, there aren't enough people on my list, there aren’t enough people on my Instagram, I don’t have enough FB followers. 

Really focus on the followers you DO have, and even if there are only 50 or 200 people on there, and treat them like gold. Nurture them like crazy. By consistently nurturing your list, it will build, and you will have a loyal and engaged community — not a detached and uninterested one. 

Find a balance:  

Nurturing consistently and growing your email list will have a massive impact on your sales in the long term, but not necessarily in the short term — which is why you need to start TODAY and balance list-building with in-person marketing and ALWAYS asking for the dance… 

Get in front of people that you know in your current local and online communities, but keep the focus on list-building on the side, because it WILL have a big impact over time. 


And there you have it! 

Once you’ve digested all this information, check out the following blog posts. 

They are the perfect resources to help you with your next steps:  

Amanda xx


[Amanda Pickering's Story Part 3] The ONE Critical Step You May Have Missed When Setting Up Your Biz


By now I'm sure you feel like you're Amanda Pickering's best friend, right?!  I get it, me too!  😉

She's taken us on a bit of a rollercoaster ride, hasn't she?

Honestly, the fact she's allowing me to tell her story so you can learn from her journey just shows how deeply Amanda cares about transforming people's lives. (Like I know you do too). She is so open about sharing her lessons along the way; and telling others what what worked for her and what didn’t.

In my earlier blog posts I told you how Amanda really struggled to get her business off the ground at first, because she was making some of the biggest mistakes I see new coaches make — trying to figure out everything on her own, doing generic business trainings ‘here and there’, and not following a plan specific to health coaches (generic business coaching simply does not cut it in this niche).

Then I shared how Amanda nearly missed out on the one thing that grew her coaching business like never before, because she was worried that a group mastermind would just be watered down 1:1 coaching.  (Nothing could be farther from the truth).

Amanda’s results truly speak for themselves, so let me take you up to where she is today, and share one more step that really helped her at the beginning.  

Just TEN MONTHS after joining the UPswing Mastermind, Amanda transitioned to being FULL-TIME in her coaching business, and introduced her long dreamed of furry-friend into our UPswing community!

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 13.15.15.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 13.15.06.png

That’s 10 months after being *this* close to giving up on her dreams and her business.

Now she is kicking-ass in her private coaching business, running webinars, launching group programs — and I cannot wait to see what happens next for her.

If you want to hear more of Amanda’s journey, I actually did an interview with her when she was about 4 months into the UPswing Mastermind.

My favourite thing she said in the whole interview, is that she 'knows' that ANYONE could have her success.   

Because the step-by-step process I provide for building your packages, marketing, and piecing together your business plan, is in her words 'foolproof'.

If you show up, do the work, you will succeed.


The very first step of the business strategy I taught Amanda was working in ‘Purposeful Packages’.

When Amanda created a purposeful health coaching package that leveraged her skills and spoke to her clients — she started getting more inquiries, and before she knew it she had had her best month in business yet!!  


Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 13.14.58.png

(Amanda said she literally fell off her bed when she got 2 new clients and one of them paid in FULL — paying more than 3 TIMES MORE than what she was originally charging!!)

Not only did Amanda’s new purposeful coaching programs help her make the income she had always dreamed of, but in the process of redesigning her packages, Amanda came up with a program that would ensure her clients got better results than ever before.

Whereas before she was always pulling out her hair researching how to help someone with weight loss, how to help someone with energy, how to help someone with thyroid issues…

Now she could confidently service a group of people in a way she never could previously.

She shared several posts where her clients were sending her messages of gratitude and powerful testimonials that literally brought tears to her eyes. So clearly, Amanda’s purposeful packages are a win-win for all!

If you take anything away from this blog post make it this:  NOT packaging up your services — and instead selling generic coaching — is a one-way ticket to “Brokeville”, stress and lacklustre results.



Wrap up your health coaching services in a Purposeful Package that will get great results for your clients. Designing a unique package that your ideal client wants to buy is key to not only delivering top results, but also for building a stable income.

Do you want to know how to create your Purposeful Package to bridge the gap between the freedom based lifestyle you desire, and the wealth required to support it, just like Amanda did?

I’m running a FREE 5-DAY TRAINING this month, where I’ll be showing you exactly how to build a PURPOSEFUL PACKAGE of your very own, and get it up and running in just ONE WEEK.

I want this level of success for you too - and this is the way to get there. It all kicks off on Monday 15 January (or Tuesday 16 January if you’re here in Australia).

I’m sooo excited to share this content with you!  Want in?

Click here to register now >>


And remember, if you want a different outcome than what you have currently, you MUST take new actions!  I hope this will be the next step on YOUR business journey.


Amanda xx

PS: If you missed the first parts of Amanda’s story, you can read them here and here.

[Amanda Pickering's Story Part 2] How She Made 10K In 10 Weeks


Remember Amanda Pickering, our passionate but frustrated health coach who was working 12+ hour days, and starting to think that it was IMPOSSIBLE to make a living as a health coach — because she was making some of the biggest mistakes I see new coaches make?

If you didn’t get a chance to read Amanda’s story, click here to check it out!

Today I’m going to share with you a little more of Amanda Pickering’s story, and EXACTLY what she did to turn her business around (literally, a complete 180*!)

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 12.55.27.png

Here’s where Amanda was - in her own words - when we first met…

“By the time I found the UPswing Mastermind I was tired, confused and stressed out with the world of health coaching. I was starting to question whether it was even possible to make a living as a health coach!   
My goal was to find myself a business coach — because I decided that to be the best, I had to learn from the best, and I knew Amanda Daley was the best in the world for health coaches.

Initially I wanted to work privately with Amanda Daley and was quite averse to the idea of group coaching, due to a couple of past negative experiences. My perception was that it was less impactful and effective than working 1:1 with a coach.”


Needless to say, when Amanda Pickering found my programs, she was skeptical.  She had already tried some group classes and business coaching e-courses, and neither seemed to yield results…

She also felt that it wasn’t just business strategy she needed support on.

She was really struggling with her mindset and wanted to work through her blocks around money (‘Nobody has the money to pay for a health coach… why would anyone pay for ME or MY health coaching… to name a few!)

So she figured that 1:1 coaching might be a good way to do that.

But very quickly Amanda discovered that with the support of Mastermind group she actually broke through her limiting beliefs FASTER, because she was able to experience the breakthroughs of her classmates as well as her own.

She learned she wasn’t alone… her anxieties and fears were shared by everyone in the group. She got to witness the wins of her Mastermind sisters... which allowed her to feel more confident and more ambitious in her own dreams.  

And she was blown away by the personal coaching and high-level of personal attention included - far and beyond anything she had expected!

“The UPswing Mastermind has been the single most important key for my business. If I could say it in one sentence, I’m not sure I would still be coaching if it wasn’t for Amanda and my Mastermind sisters…  

Being part of this Mastermind helps me lift my vibration in a way that just would not be possible with 1:1 coaching. I get the benefit of an expert in my field (and I truly believe Amanda Daley is the best out there) giving me coaching and advice — but in the presence of other women who can also share, support, encourage and uplift.”


Amanda made $10k in the first 10 weeks of the UPswing Mastermind and that was only the beginning!

When she started implementing a proven business plan and received the support and encouragement of a tribe of like-minded, driven entrepreneurs - Amanda was able to turn her business around, make some serious cash and create the freedom-fuelled lifestyle she had always dreamed of.    

Including luxurious weekend getaways with her husband…

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 12.55.14.png


And solo travel — including a sun-drenched trip to Miami to attend one of my live events, and hang out with her best friend and business ‘soul sister’...


Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 12.55.02.png

(Fun fact: these two ladies actually met through the UPswing Mastermind!!)

After only FOUR MONTHS in the UPswing program Amanda had the stability and confidence in her health coaching income to go part-time in her office job.  

*** Spoiler alert: A few months later she was able to go 100% full time in her health coaching biz!! ***

Before she joined the Mastermind she wasn’t sure that was EVER going to be possible.

The Key Lesson: 

Question the perception that 1:1 coaching is more ‘valuable.’ You often feel so alone as a new entrepreneur - like you’re the only one that has those fears and doubts - but when you are part of a group, you see that you’re not and that is so empowering and transformative.

And as a 7-figure business coach, having worked with 1,000s of health coaches in recent years, if there is one thing I know for sure it is that I could NEVER get the results I do in a mastermind program for someone who only worked with me 1:1.  

There is ALOT to learn in the first 6 months of your business and it would not be possible in any way to deliver both that teaching AND the personal 'inner work' coaching in a 1:1 coaching relationship.

If you missed the first part of Amanda’s story, click here to catch up!  

And for those who have been emailing and asking - YES I am offering the UPswing Mastermind this year - keep an eye out for details coming soon...!! 😀

[Amanda Pickering's Story Part 1] Are You Making This Mistake?


As we come to the last week of the year, I love to stop and reflect on the year that has been, before excitedly grabbing my journal to start planning the next (and I gotta say, I feel 2018 is gonna be AMAZING!)...

2017 was another big year for me as an entrepreneur!

It has now been just over 5 years since I left my job to follow my passion for coaching and health, and I am proud to say that my business is continuing to serve an amazing group of women, determined to live out their ultimate potential, and make a massive difference in the lives of others while doing so!

Some highlights of my year were two trips to the US (2 weeks in June and 7 weeks in September/October)...

Hosting my first in-person retreat with my VIP clients in a luxurious resort in Miami is up there in my fav moments of 2017 — and masterminding with my own biz soul-sisters both in Washington DC and in Byron Bay are close to the top too.

While money is never my only measure of a good year, as a business we did pass the dream goal of ‘7 figure year’ back in August, which I am now pausing to celebrate…

And due to popular demand, we introduced a second level mastermind now that our UPswing community has matured - with more and more health coaches growing their businesses to much greater levels (and many going full-time this year too!) — making the entire year a massive growth year for us as a team!

I could probably fill this whole email with ‘wins’ but let me be completely transparent and ‘real’ - I didn’t find 2017 an ‘easy’ year at all, and know I wasn’t alone in the feelings of ‘walking through mud’ at times in many areas of life.

Yet I really sense a much lighter change coming through as we reset ready for 2018, and have my journal on hand over the holiday period, where I’ll be visioning all of the things I’d LOVE to do in the next phase of my business moving forward.

When I set about planning the next year, I always do a lot of visualisation - of where I want to take my life and business next. I love to explore 'what else is possible?' and 'what do I truly desire?'...

I've learned in growing my business that the key is to allow myself to dream bigger than I thought was possible!

I have some BIG milestones on the horizon, that have come as a direct result of my dreaming big - like attending an invite-only mastermind for ‘elite female entrepreneurs’ in South Africa with Richard Branson (!!) and some of my closest mastermind friends (OMG...I cannot wait).

I'm guessing you probably do a lot of visualisation too - around what it feels like to finally be in control of your health coaching business, and what it looks like to make money while coaching clients you love.

I encourage all of my clients to visualise their success (it's key).  

Today I'm going to tell you a story about one of my clients, Amanda Pickering, and her journey to becoming a successful health coach.  Because there’s an important lesson in her story for all health coaches who are aiming to hit their goals in 2018.  

Amanda’s journey will highlight a mistake you must avoid making if you want to ensure you don’t set your business back months (even years) — and instead, hit your goals sooner, starting 2018 with a bang!! 💥

So grab your green juice, get comfy, and let’s meet Amanda Pickering.


Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 13.39.56.png

The first stage of Amanda’s journey was transforming her own life and health - and then she was ready to embark on the second stage of her journey, sharing what she had learned with others.  

Just like you and me, Amanda completed her health coach training and excitedly visualised what her life would look like running her own successful health coaching business.

She imagined working for herself full time… having a beautiful office space at her home… getting the retriever puppy she had always dreamed of owning…

But the most fulfilling, wonderful thing Amanda imagined was the number of women she would be able to help transform into the happiest, healthiest people they knew.

Can you relate to Amanda’s big dreams?

When I met Amanda Pickering in 2016, she was really struggling in her business and was starting to question whether it was actually POSSIBLE to make a living as a health coach.

She had finished her health coach certification in March of that year, completed several online business training courses and even had a few clients! But by August she was NOWHERE NEAR where she wanted to be regarding her finances and reach.

Amanda was working HARD (12 + hour days!!) and doing everything she was told was “RIGHT” - at least according to her previous biz trainings.  

But something was WRONG. Amanda wasn’t progressing.

She had realised that there must be a different strategy for marketing herself and doing business as a health coach that her previous trainings simply hadn’t taught her — because she was implementing like crazy and getting nowhere.

When she found my programs, she was SO excited that they were designed specifically for health coaches, and she wouldn’t have to squeeze some one-size-fits-all ‘cookie cutter’ training into her business — because she knew this was one of the reasons her previous guidance hadn’t been working.  

"When I came into the UPswing Mastermind I had already done some of the best online business training in the world and hadn’t seen the results!  I had realised that health coaching is a very specific industry… it’s a very specific niche… and you can’t just slap generic business training on top of health coaching and expect it to work. So that is why I started working with Amanda. I knew there was more going on - and then when we had the first laser coaching call I saw these massive shifts and was like, ‘Oh My God – this works!’" ~ Amanda Pickering

Although she had invested multiple times in other trainings and wasn't making NEARLY enough in her business to justify another investment… Amanda figured if she could just land ONE client a month, the investment would pay for itself.  

So she took the plunge. (Yes she was terrified!)  

But she’s so happy she did!  

Because ALL those things that she visualised her life being like as a health coach are now her reality.

(I’ll tell you more of Amanda’s story in my next blog post in a few days — it’s a good one! 😉)


Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 13.40.06.png

Amanda had made two mistakes that are health coaching business killers…

And she’s not alone in this — I see many new coaches make these mistakes during their first year or so of starting their health coaching business.

Amanda was trying to piece everything together herself, taking generic biz trainings ‘here and there’ — so although she was implementing like crazy she didn’t have a proper plan in place…  And most importantly, the biz trainings she was taking were NOT specific to starting a business as a health coach, so she wasn’t getting the results…  

Because here’s the thing — following generic business trainings, or trying to model a health coaching business after entrepreneurs in other industries, simply doesn’t work. It’s no different to following generic diets, or copying other people’s workout routines (which as health coaches we know is a bad idea, right?).  

What you actually need is a proven step-by-step plan, specific to YOUR needs as a health coach — so that you can spend LESS time, doing the RIGHT things, and getting BIGGER results in your biz.

Like many, Amanda missed two critical steps that put her business on a path where it was NEVER going to take off quickly — let alone create that dream life she had envisioned for herself.  And I see this with so many health coaches, regardless of whether they realise their error (like Amanda did) or not.  



Ladies, you need to do a business training that is SPECIFIC to health coaches. Because what works for other businesses doesn’t work for health coaching! This is a very specific niche and market, and you need a training that is tailored to that so you don’t waste your time, energy and money.  And if you can, learn from someone who has done what you want to do — this way you KNOW that this is a proven plan tailored to YOUR niche and industry; and don’t set your business back months trying to ‘figure it out’.  

Stay tuned for my next blog post - coming your way in a few days - where I will share the one step that completely transformed Amanda Pickering’s business journey.   

(Hint: This was a gamechanger for her biz, and could be for yours too.)

Amanda xx

PS: Have you downloaded my ‘Healthy Wealthy Biz Planner’ yet?

Grab your FREE copy here >>

I’m giving it away as a FREE gift since we’re heading into a BRAND NEW year, to help you map out the next 12 months of your biz and lay some rock-solid foundations for success in 2018 - but it’s only FREE for a limited time, so don’t miss out!

Oh and BTW — for those who have been emailing me and asking, YES (!!) there will be another UPswing Mastermind next year… keep an eye out for details coming soon. 😉

16 Health Coaches to Watch in 2018


As a business mentor for health coaches and wellness entrepreneurs I get to support  women doing amazing work in the world. 

Here are 6 health coaches that are KILLING it in their businesses... 


Sally Jane Douglas.JPG

Sally Jane Douglas helps women who are stuck feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed to get back in control of their lives again.

This holiday period Sally is offering 2 bonus coaching sessions with every coaching package purchased before New Year's Day. That's 20% more of Sally's support just for you to make 2018 your best year yet…!


Tatiana Amico.jpg

Tatiana is a successful Health Coach who works with mamas who aren’t ready to give up on life (or the possibility of looking damn hot in a bikini!) just yet, and want to find a brand new way to live.

Through her one-to-one or in 30-day challenge groups, Tatiana helps her clients eliminate food cravings, get their nutrition under control and get noticeable results with scientifically tested health and fitness programs.

Think of her as a straight-talking-faux-leather-pant-wearing-guacamole-loving-green-smoothie-sipping-cheerleader who’ll always believe in her clients – even on the days when they don't believe in themselves.


Amanda Pickering 4.jpg

Amanda Pickering helps women end emotional eating, find food freedom and enjoy life without depriving themselves in anyway. She helps her clients do this using a unique mindset and nutrition approach, and supports them through her private 1:1 coaching and group programs.

Doors are currently open for her LIVE group program ‘Fierce Wellness Academy’ — a 10 week interactive wellness experience designed to help you transform your body and mindset, and take back your health. Find out more at:


Angela Simson_Mom.jpg


Angela Simpson is a health + happiness coach, writer and speaker.  She is the creator of The Gratitude Project blog which inspires thousands of women to step into their light and live their best life.  Angela is also the mind behind ‘30 DAYS OF SELF CARE’ and ‘THE GRATITUDE TRANSFORMATION’ and has brought cacao-filled joy into many kitchens with her recipe book ‘TREAT YOUR TASTEBUDS’.  

Through her time as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Angela has coached dozens of women personally through her private coaching practice, and hundreds more with her online group program.  


Julie Hamilton_Momentum.jpg

As a wellness coach, Julie supports burntout mammas — helping them to feel great, balanced and confident again through her coaching programs. Julie is also a Spiritual Medium and is here to help you the clarity and guidance that you need from your Guides through her readings.


Georgina Wright_Mom.jpg


As a Health and Wellness Coach, Georgina gives women hope for ultimate health and happiness, by helping them to break free from emotional eating and the diet trap.

With her unique approach to nutrition, fitness, and mindset techniques — she helps her clients achieve long term, sustainable weight loss and increased energy naturally and effortlessly without EVER having to diet again (and whilst still being able to enjoy cake!!) 🍰



And 10 more Health Coaches to watch in 2018... 






























The 5 things you MUST plan for pre-2018 [FREE PLANNER]


Do you dream of taking your health coaching business from HOBBY to SUCCESS in 2018? 

Have you been wondering how on earth to be SUCCESSFUL without completely burning out? Well, I'm going to let you in on a little secret: A healthy client base (and a healthy coach) starts with a healthy plan....and a healthy PLAN starts with the Healthy Wealthy Biz Planner. 


I spent years building a planner that works for me and my clients — and I'm so excited to share this in-depth guide with you too. 

The Healthy Wealthy Biz Planner is the definitive planning guide for health coaches. 

It will give you the foundation you need to build a SUCCESSFUL coaching business that brings you consistent $5K months

Inside its pages, you will find space to: 

  • Create a targeted marketing strategy with impactful messaging, so you can show potential clients that working with a health coach will wildly elevate their well-being…  
  • Take steps towards pulling together health coaching packages that are powerful, so when you share the price they're already ready to say "SIGN ME UP!"…    
  • Break big goals and projects into smaller, digestible action steps, so that can step out from under the overwhelm and get to work conquering your dreams… 

And for a limited time, I'm giving it away ABSOLUTELY FREE to YOU, as a holiday gift!

Download your FREE Healthy Wealthy Biz Planner today! >>


The Healthy Wealthy Biz Planner ensures you focus on the feminine side of your business — and set aside time for self-care — as well as the masculine 'to-do's' and marketing strategies. (Because to build a sustainable business, we need a balance of both.) 

There are only FIVE things you need to focus on as you plan for 2018 and they are broken down clearly for you inside this planner!

Ohhh, and did I mention I'm giving it away for free? 

Download your FREE Healthy Wealthy 2017 Planner here >> 


Amanda xx

P.S #savethedate — The next round of my signature UPswing Mastermind will be starting in February 2018… Will you be joining us? Get the details and join the waitlist here >>

How To Sell Your Health Coaching Services: The Definitive Guide For New Coaches



Hey healthy lady!

In this blog post I’m going to walk you through — top to bottom — how to sell your services, and convert coaching prospects into paying clients with more confidence, heart and soul (and not an ounce of sleaziness or ‘ickiness’ in sight). 

Because I know for a FACT that most of us - OK, all of us! - didn’t get into coaching because we’re passionate about sales. We got into coaching because we’re passionate about helping others, creating something meaningful, and doing work we love. 

But the fact is, without clients, you do not have a business.  

And without clients, you are helping nobody. 

None of us became Health Coaches to get into Sales  — but without a sale, there is no client, and therefore no business.

So it is essential that we learn effective, doable strategies for selling our services if we are to succeed. 

In this blog post, I’m going to talk through the exact sales process I teach my clients. 

We’ll look at the psychology of selling, then reframe your mindset so that it’s something you embrace instead of dread — and something you feel GOOD about doing. 

We’re going to talk about Discovery Sessions, and how they differ from the more traditional Health Histories (which your health coaching certification may have taught you variations of).  

I will give you my ‘7 Step Simple Sales Script’ which is an exact step-by-step guide to powerful Discovery Sessions that convert. 

Then we’ll look at what you can do before and after your Discovery Sessions to maximise the results — plus we’ll touch on how to overcome the most common objections you will encounter on a call. 

So… let’s dive in!


Is fear holding you back from making sales and getting clients?

One of the biggest reasons that I see new coaches not getting clients is that they are fearful of being salesy or slimy — and they are scared of asking people to work with them.  

The truth is: You absolutely have to ask someone if they would like book a Discovery Session and explore working with you.  Understanding this is critical — you HAVE to “ask for the dance”.  

(People oftentimes don’t even know how to ask or approach you). 

But the good news is that when you do start to ask… when you put yourself out there and ask consistently… you will get people wanting to do Discovery Sessions with you.  

I think as new coaches it's very normal to be fearful — we can be shy, or we can be a little bit embarrassed or fearful to ask for money.  Not many of us are used to working for ourselves before we get into a profession like this!!  

Selling your program as a health coach is scary to start with, because the honest truth is you're actually now selling yourself!  

You're not necessarily swapping money for a product, or you're not necessarily getting a salary anymore — which are the ways that we're used to exchanging money.  

Yes, we have a health coaching program, but we realise as we step out to sell ourselves and our coaching services that really we're selling us. That's scary.  

But you need to overcome that fear — and changing your mindset around sales is one way to do that.

Shift your mindset around selling and promotion

Over the years, I've learnt to view promotion or sales calls as a healing conversation — and see selling as helping

If you can really grasp that you're offering someone a healing conversation — and a potential for them to change their life if they explore the opportunity with you — you'll be confidently asking for the dance in no time, and your fear of rejection will dissipate (or even disappear!).   

Remember that nobody can be helped by your coaching program if you don't tell them about it. 

Nobody can be helped by your coaching if they don't even know you exist!!  You DO have to speak up, and be seen, and be heard, in order to be of service.   

And remember too people are in pain, and they do want your help. 

Having that at the back of your mind when you're “asking for the dance” — or asking if people would like to work with you — can really, really help.  

Know that what you have to offer is of the highest value to someone who's in pain in an area of their health.  

Know that by holding back from mentioning your program, someone may remain in pain unnecessarily. 

The beauty of a soulful sales conversation is the possibility that opens up when a client is presented with an opportunity for change, for healing, and an opportunity for transformation.  

If I was struggling with an area of my health and a friend had a solution, I would certainly want to hear about it. Wouldn't you? 

Most people do not have the education and knowledge that you do.  So in a sense it is almost selfish of us to not speak up, not share that knowledge, and not ask for the dance.  

Don’t take ‘no’ personally

Part of mastering soulful selling is being okay with getting a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ — and not taking it personally! 

Just because ONE person says no, doesn't mean that everybody's going to say no. 

You’ve just gotta find the right people who value your offering — and the only way you're going to find your people is to get out there! There is no other way. 

To get four clients in a month, you probably need to do ten discovery sessions, at least — which means that we can expect around four out of ten people to say yes.  With that in mind, I suggest getting in the habit of looking at every ‘no’ as a sign you're getting closer to your ‘yes’.  :)

“Ask for the dance” everywhere!

Share the benefits of your program, and then confidently ask people if they would like to meet for a complimentary discovery session to explore whether your program is the right fit for them. 

Really challenge yourself, here, and do not hide anymore…   

You are sitting on a wonderful health coaching program which can truly create transformation in someone else's life, but you need to ask for the dance in order to help them. 

It doesn't happen the other way around.  

Start offline first and tell EVERYONE what you do! 

There is a perception that it's going to be really easy to get clients online — but I highly recommend mastering the art of getting clients offline first. 

For example, by asking for the dance in your inner circles and people you know. 

Because it is these foundational sales skills which are going to translate online. It's near impossible to get clients online, if you don't first master the art of getting clients offline. 

This is why some people can go online and their businesses will take off immediately. It's not just luck, or that they put a Facebook ad up. It's because they understand what they're doing. 

Plus, we don't always see that work and time that's gone on behind the scenes! 


What is a Discovery Session? 

A Discovery Session is the term that I use for the call that comes before someone signed up into your program. It’s a sales call. But it’s a soulful one.  

This call is the “gateway” to selling your coaching program(s) — and it is the stepping stone between someone expressing interest in working with you, to actually signing up for your program. 

A Discovery Session is also just that…discovery! It's an opportunity to discover whether you and your potential client are a right fit for each other. 

How is it different to what I learned in my Health Coaching School? 

A lot of coaching schools teach you to give ‘Health Histories’ — or variations of that. 

While some of the scripts that you might have learned for these sessions include useful questions to get to know more about your clients — I have found that those scripts aren’t set up to help a potential client make a life-changing decision or significant investment. 

It's really not that helpful — when someone is looking to invest their time, money, energy and trust — to be talking about things like “What was your mum's health?” or “What did you eat for breakfast?”  

These questions are not going to help someone discover if your coaching program is the solution to their pain-point. 

What happens in a Discovery Session?

A Discovery Session is a healing session. 

It is not a coaching session, per se, but a sacred space to allow someone to discover (and invite them to see) if they would like to take action on an area of their life that they are in pain on. 

If someone is in pain and you have a solution, then who are you not to offer that solution to them? You have these tools ladies. You have the power to help these people.  And a Discovery Session is for you to hold that space energetically for them to discover if they would like to take strides towards getting the outcome they desire, through your coaching program. 

How long is a Discovery Session? 

A Discovery Call will be around 30 - 60 minutes. 

I personally always allow an hour — and I schedule at least 30 minutes between Discovery Sessions — because these can become quite deep calls, and sometimes you're going to need to stay with the client and help her discover what is true for her. 

There's nothing worse than having to dash off, or run out of time, or hurry the client. You are here on this call to be of service, number one, no matter what. 

Detach from the outcome + let go of the lack mentality:

There should be no attachment, no thought about whether you're making money from this client or not, in a Discovery Session.   

Turn up in a place of surrender and a place of complete service, willing to discover if you’re right for this person, and if your client is ready to take that step forwards. 

“There are no lack of clients in this world + there is no lack of money.” These two lines almost need to be tattooed on the arm of every coach!! 

Say this mantra a hundred times before your Discovery Sessions to make sure that you are detached before a session. There are plenty of clients. You don’t have to win this one.

No matter how much you might want the client, trust that the universe has your back and the universe will send you the perfect clients for you that you are meant to work with. 

If this is not one of them, the others will come. 

Don’t coach in a Discovery Session

We're going to go through the process of the discovery session later in this post, but you will see that it is — at its heart — about helping someone get honest. 

Not many of us stop and get honest about where we're at, and what is going on in our life — and that's what we want to do with a client. Help them discover their truth. 

If you ‘coach’ during a discovery session, a client is more likely to say, "Well, you know what, I'm actually feeling good. Let me take away what you told me today and I'll get back to you."  

By filling their cup with tools, connection, joy and support in your Discovery Session — it is very unlikely that they're going to say, "I'd like to sign up for a package… " because in that moment, they would feel wonderful! They would feel healed.

Two weeks later, when the shine wears off and they fall back down (because of course, one session was never going to be enough coaching to really create transformation) they'll fall back down low, beating themselves up — and you will be the last person they think to call. 

Not because there was anything wrong with your session, but because they feel they've done that now — and look where they are again.  So, they'll start looking for someone else. Another coach, and another solution.

By coaching during a Discovery Call, you’re essentially robbing prospective clients of their results. 


Once you’ve read this blog post, be sure to download my ’Simple Sales Script’ for Health Coaches, which you can download here.


Inside this document is the exact step-by-step process that you are going to go through for each Discovery Session.  

Every conversation between a Health Coach and her perspective client is sacred and unique…  

Therefore there is no one magical script that is going to convert every single person you talk to into a paying client! 

But when you’re first starting out, worrying about what to say on a Sales Call can be one of the biggest barriers and stressors for coaches.  For that reason I pulled together this structure.  

Download it here >> 

Over time, I encourage you to follow the “essence“ of each step rather than worrying about saying the exact right words or phrases.  It’s the journey you’re taking a client on that matters.

Tip: Practice makes perfect! 

The key to mastering this simple sales script is to practice, practice, practice.  

Practice with family, with friends — even start to look at your first Discovery Sessions as practice. Don't put too much pressure on them being perfect. 

The real and only way that you'll master the script is to really get familiar with it, and to understand the anatomy of it and the different pieces and why you're doing it. 


A Discovery Session is allll about the client, so you don't want to bring any “baggage” to the call. For example, if you've just had an argument with your husband, or the kids have been stressing you out, that's not really the energy you want to come to the call carrying. 

Instead, you want to come clean, clear, relaxed and ready to serve. With no attachment to the outcome. Your business needs at this stage should not enter the call in any way.  

It's not that in business your needs don't come in, of course — but when you're actually present on the call that should not be part of the equation. 

What is most important is that you are really present and ready to listen to what the client brings to the call — so that together, the two of you can make a clear decision on whether your program is right for them. 

Make it a sacred meeting. 

Surrender, know and trust that if this is the right client that's been sent to you — they will convert to a client. And if they're not meant to be a client, know and trust that you would get a really good indication of that on this call. 

Have a great call. Be of service. Enjoy connecting with a potential client, but come to the call with no attachment. :)

Pre-session questionnaires:

You can do a pre-call questionnaire if you so choose. (And you could send similar questions to those you will ask in the Discovery Session — get these from the Simple Sales Script — so that they are already starting to think about their responses.) 

However, it is 100% optional, and I would NOT encourage you to do a pre-call questionnaire if you're just starting out — not until you get to the stage where you are so full with Discovery Sessions that you might need to start looking at applications for calls.

It's not a detail that I want anyone to get bogged down in!! And in general it's just not needed. 

Practical Preparations Before a Discovery Session: 

These are the key ‘business’ pieces — the ‘nitty gritty’ things to prep for your Discovery Session. 

  • Take time before the call to study your Sales Script. 
  • Review your ideal client checklist before the call.  (To create this just answer the question: Who is my ideal client? Journal on it and take some notes).  If they're not a great client for you — or you can't help them — then you shouldn't be taking them on. You can't always know that before taking on a client, but having that checklist with you is going to really help! :) 
  • Make sure you've got your program details with you before the call — so you can share it with the prospective client smoothly and easily.  eg: "I offer a 6 month health coaching program. We have 2 calls a month. The calls are 45 minutes. You also get email support." 

Pre-Discovery Session Checklist:

  • Confirm the Discovery Session time ahead of the call 
  • Make sure the client has your Skype details or telephone number 
  • Make sure the client knows whether you’re calling them, or they’re calling you
  • Ensure that you have a quiet space to do the call
  • Have a pen and paper with you to take notes 
  • Have your ‘Simple Sales Script’ in front of you
  • Have a glass of water on hand
  • Have your ‘ideal client checklist’ beside you (to create this, simply jot down some qualities and features of the kind of client you would love to work with). 
  • Have your program info in front of you 

Energetic Preparations Before a Discovery Session:

We’ve talked about the practical preparation, but what about you as the coach?  

There’s a quote that springs to mind here:  “The wellness of you is what creates the wellness of your business.“ 

Your energy, your self care, your inner-beliefs, all of these things create your success — and if there's ever a really, really important time to really get into a calm, grounded, open state — it is before a Discovery Session. 

Find a ritual that works for you. That might be for some of you putting on your favorite song and dancing it out to get rid of any expectations, attachment to the outcome, and drop it all. 

It might be meditation, taking a shower, or going for a run…  

Getting to know yourself as a coach is so important in this way.  What is that gets you in your highest self? What is it that gets you in your 5K a month woman?  Do whatever it takes for you to fully neutralize your energy and come into your heart before the call. 


It is important to prepare physically, mentally and energetically for a Discovery Session.

We've covered both elements here.  The masculine pieces: questionnaires, emails, being prepared, practicing, your ideal client checklist, studying the scripts…  

And then the feminine pieces: the ritual, the clearing of energy, remembering you don't have to be perfect to turn up to these calls, just really opening and surrendering. Do what you need to prepare and then let go and trust, you've already done the preparation. It might be even lighting a candle for example. These are great things to do before a coaching call as well. 

From that beautifully prepared place before every Discovery Session — you can then step up into the professional coach that you are, onto the call, and discover with the client if your program is right for them.  


Not all Discovery Sessions end with an easy ‘yes!' — and we do go over this in more detail in my paid programs — but I want to touch on how to overcome the key objections that might come up during your call, so that you know how to handle them… )

The top 3 objections tend to be: 

  • I can't afford it. 
  • I need to speak to my husband. 
  • I need to think about it. 

Here are my TOP TIPS to overcome each:

I can’t afford it: 

“I can't afford it” is generally code for “I haven't been convinced”... 

So start asking: “Can I ask you is that you don't have the money at all — or that you don't' have the money for this?” 

In general I would remember that they probably haven't been convinced of the value — and some people genuinely think they don’t have money, but they actually do when you ask them. 

Most people for example, do have a credit card and when you say to them, "Are you open to exploring the money?" They will say sometimes say yes… 

And then you say, "Okay, do you have any money anywhere?" 

Nine times out of ten people will say, "Well I do have it in savings." Or, "I do have a credit card." Which then brings out their “BUT”…   

"I do have it. But I'm not convinced. But I'm scared that I won't take action. But…” 

Sometimes it just requires you to be confident enough (and this is where your own wealth consciousness will help you be more at ease in talking about money) to ask someone, "Do you want to explore that piece around your money?" 

If you do this, you can often get the true objection, and it's not normally about money. 

I need to talk to my husband:

Similarly with ‘I can’t afford it’ — often that's just an ‘out’.  

In this situation I tend to say: "Great, I totally agree. I always run everything past my husband too. They key with talking to a husband (and this my truth because I've done it so many times) is that as the woman, we need to be clear first in ourselves what we want — and take what we would like to do our husband." 

You normally get a bit of a feel if someone is using that as an “out” or if it's genuine truth — and just asking this question sometimes takes them deeper, and then you might get the “ BUT”…   

"Well I'm going to ask him, but I haven't decided myself." 

In which case you can remind them that the point of the discovery session is for you to help them get clear on a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’, and ask them…  

“So is there anything more that I can help you with before talking to your husband?”

I need to think about it: 

Again, if someone says they just need to think about it / sleep on it / meditate on it / journal on it (working in the health and wellness world that’s something I often hear)…  

It sometimes means they still have questions, and if you ask them a little bit more about that, you'll often find that they didn't want to take up more of your time, or they're well aware they've gone over the half hour! 

Gently let them know: "I'm here for you today — is there anything else I can help with, because I would much rather you go away and think about where can the money come from because it's a definite yes — than you going away to think over whether it is a yes at all."  

Remember: Your job as the coach is to help them get to a firm ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on the phone. 

Those are just some objections you may encounter. 

The through line of what I'm saying is to ask a little more about their objection, to dig a little deeper — and normally there's a different “BUT” underneath. 

Mastering the art of objection-handling takes practice, practice, practice. 

Even practice with friends, and have them make it hard for you, so that you can get comfortable talking through them if/when they arise. 


Aaaand, last but certainly not least, let’s talk about what you would do after a Discovery Call.  

If they do sign up on the call, Instantly send out any welcome packs or payment details when you make the sale.  If you can, get them to pay… schedule your first session… and sign contracts on the call.

But what about after a Discovery Call that didn't convert on the phone?

Follow up!

In the marketing world, one of my favorite phrases — which I have certainly found to be true more times than not — is: 

The fortune is in the follow up! 

If the sale is not closed on the call then some experts would say that it's unlikely they'll convert. Yes that is often true — so you definitely do what you can to get someone to say ‘yes’ on the call. 

But despite the fact that generally you want the objections to be overcome ON the call rather than AFTER it, as we just looked at — in some cases those objections might be true!

You know this for yourself, I’m sure. 

Sometimes you do genuinely have to go talk to your husband about spending money…or you do genuinely process things when you take to mull them over and ‘sleep on it’. 

It doesn't mean that the client isn't going to come back, but what's super important here is that you need to make sure that you follow up. 

Don't be put off if a client has said they need to sleep on it or talk to their husband. 

Although those are common objections — and often someone will make an objection if they actually haven't seen the value, and it's a way of getting out of the sale… 

Other times those are complete truths, and what they'll be looking for is you to show up and keep supporting them in the following days.

The moral of the story? 

Always follow up with potential clients promptly, and professionally.

So there you have it! 

My step-by-step process for soulful sales. 

Other blog posts that may interest you, and would be great ‘next steps’ are: 

And before you go, be sure to download the FREE 7 Step Simple Sales Script — my signature discovery session structure to help you convert prospects into clients — with confidence, heart and soul.

Love, Amanda xx


The Definitive Guide To Coaching Confidence — For New Health Coaches



Hey healthy lady!

Taking the leap to become a health coach is SO EXCITING… but it’s also downright scary!

It is common, normal, and completely natural for new health coaches to lack confidence in their ability to get great results in their coaching sessions.

Let's just think about this logically: How could you possibly be confident that you will get amazing results in a coaching session if you haven't yet done it?!?  You can’t!

I watch SO many new health coaches sitting on the sidelines…  

Waiting to feel confident before they start coaching…

Or maybe even investing another $5000 in a second or third coaching certification…

When in fact, it’s impossible to feel confident without actually getting in the game and getting started first!

Coaching is a skill. And therefore, just like riding a bike or cooking a souffle, the only way to feel confident is to do it again, and again, and again. Confidence only comes with practice and experience.  

So in this ‘ultimate guide’ blog post I am going to walk you through EXACTLY what to do to deliver a kick-ass coaching session — so that you can get out there, get in the game, start practising, and start growing your coaching confidence… 


1. Understanding Your Role As A Health Coach

A lot of coaching confidence comes down to understanding the role of a health coach, and what your job is in the coach/client relationship.

A coach coaches.  This distinction is important, because I often hear new health coaches worrying that they won't get the results a doctor might, or a nutritionist might. Or getting caught up worrying that they haven’t had the training a doctor has, a nutritionist has.  

But a coach is meant to COACH. Not be the doctor, not give a diagnosis, not write a prescription, nor teach the science of nutrition, or create a specific meal plan.  

And it's really important that we own this as health coaches. There's a reason that there's a gap in the system right now. This role and support is so needed and valuable.  (So much so that Tony Robbins wrote an article on it, here)

Sure, a health coach doesn't replace a doctor… but a doctor will have only 15 minutes to prescribe or diagnose.   

Who is there to coach them through lifestyle changes, hold their hand (or hold them accountable),  encourage and support them, hold space for them through their difficult moments, and help them have their own breakthroughs?   

This is what coaching is all about.  

2. Knowing You Are Not Responsible For Your Client’s Results

One of the main reasons I see new health coaches holding themselves back is a feeling of responsibility for the client's results.  Of course you will give your best as a coach — but you simply cannot control what a client chooses to do in her own time!  

There is a level of ‘letting go of the attachment to the outcome’ that's really important as a coach.   

To know that it's not your responsibility to give your client results — but it is your responsibility to show up during your coaching sessions, be deeply present, ask them strategic questions (more on this later!), guide them towards their ‘aha’ moments, provide accountability and support, and share resources and valuable teachings where appropriate.  

At the end of the day, that is all you can do as a coach…

Create an environment of deep listening, support and encouragement. While knowing and accepting that you cannot control what your client does in their own time.

3) Being OK With Being A Beginner

You want to be a health coach — and coaching involves skills like active listening… asking strategic questions… getting comfortable with silence and pauses… mirroring your client… asking for permission…  quietening your ego and letting go of needing to be right.

These are skills you need to practice, and ultimately master, THROUGH coaching and practice.

So I really encourage you to be okay with being a beginner coach!

You only learn through doing. And you're going to have to take that leap and get in the game at some stage if you want to be successful…so why not do it now and get started?  It’s time to get in the game and start coaching — yes, even before you feel ready.  

When you get in the game, you'll surprise yourself at how you're already enough. You really are enough to be a great coach for a potential client.  (Especially with the tools I am giving you today…so keep reading.)

4) Knowing That You Don’t Have To Be Perfect To Help People

Something I see a lot of new health coaches struggle with is their own imperfections!

Newsflash: Clients don’t want perfect coaches. You don’t have to be living an extraordinary, exemplary, perfect life to be a coach. You don’t need to eat perfectly, never have down days, or never struggle with your own health challenges.  

This is a myth that we coaches make up to STOP ourselves taking action!  

The truth is: Clients don’t want perfect coaches.  

They want people who are real, genuine, compassionate. Who will see them, who will believe in them, and support them with where they are right at that very moment.  

If they feel intimidated by your perfection they won’t work with you anyway!  

Remember: whatever it is you are struggling with — adrenal fatigue, eczema, relationship issues, whatever — doesn’t negate the fact that you can help people!!  

And your level of empathy, compassion, understanding will actually be far greater because of what you are going through, or have gone through.

5) Practising Self-Coaching And/Or Getting Continued Mentorship

There are always worries as a new health coach — niggling fears that you're not good enough, or you don’t know enough, or perhaps you have limiting beliefs around money, your competitors, or how many clients there are.

The key here is taking responsibility for your mindset and for your business. Taking responsibility for your ability to overcome your limiting beliefs, and take the actions you need in order to move forwards in your work.

There are a few ways you can do this:

Exploring your own beliefs and mindsets continually — for example, through a journaling practice. This is going to help you build your confidence, grow your business, and get rid of the things/thoughts/beliefs that aren't serving you anymore.   

Working with a mentor or a coach of your own. This looks like continuing to invest in yourself, continuing to be supported — ideally by someone who's a few steps ahead of you on the path that you are wanting to go in your life. Someone who can hold you to a higher place when you have those down days or doubts. Someone who sees your potential, someone who truly knows what's possible, and HOW to do it.

Reading self-development content — this is not only going to improve your own life, but will actually improve your own knowledge bank as a coach!  

6) Ask Killer Questions (It’s the KEY to Powerful Coaching!)

This is something we’re going to focus on throughout the rest of this blog post — and to support you further, I've created a free resource called ‘100 Killer Coaching Questions’. 

This is a list of my most POWERFUL coaching questions for you to use in your sessions.  

Download your copy here >>

The truth is: You don't need a zillion different coaching techniques, or years of experience under your belt to get started, if you start with just one “power tool” in your toolkit — the ability to ask killer coaching questions.  

When you master the art of asking questions… and then listening… then asking another question… and then listening… You are stepping into a truly impactful position as a coach.  

Trust that the magic of coaching will unfold when you stay present, when you pause and allow space for your client to respond, when you keep listening, and when you take them deeper.  

They give you an answer and you ask a deeper question, and a deeper question…

Allow that process, the breakthroughs, the a-has to unfold. If you do this, you will feel a HUGE improvement in your coaching skills, the results you experience with your clients, and your coaching confidence.

Now you understand the foundations of coaching confidence, let’s dive into the coaching HOW-TO’S — so read on to discover how to structure your coaching session, and coach confidently and effectively.



I always teach business with a blended masculine/feminine approach. Because I believe we need a balance of both!  

We’ve got the left brain — the structured, tangible, business pieces — and the right brain, which is the more feminine side. The self-care. This is about you showing up as a coach.

Both elements come into ALL parts of your business… including preparing for a coaching session.  

Masculine Preparation:

Prepare your notes and have the practical things that are going to support you and be beneficial on the calls, especially as you’re getting to grips with your packages and session outlines.  (An outline of your program, for example)

Over time, you're not going to need a lot of preparation time before a session, but at the beginning, I really encourage you to figure out —> Do I need a handout for today's session? Or do I need a handout perhaps that I promised the client on the last call?  

Reviewing your client notes from the session before and checking "Oh, you know, I feel like it might actually be that she's going to ask me about sugar today, so I'll pull out my sugar notes in case I need them on the call."  

(Yes, even if it wasn't on your agenda of your package outline — because as you go through your coaching session of course everything's going to become unique for the individual client.)  

In the long term I want to reiterate that you won't have to do this very much, because with practice and experience, you're going to be much more organised! You're going to know exactly what you need for each session, if anything, and it won’t be important.

But at the beginning, just a little bit of time before a session to get prepared in practical terms with what you might need can be really helpful, and help you feel more confident. :)

Finally, make sure that you've scheduled enough time before a session in your diary to prepare, so you're not ever rushing to a coaching call —  you want to be completely ready and professional on the dot when your client's coaching session starts.

Feminine Preparation:

Now, the feminine side is the energetic side, and this is something you’ll do before every session no matter how experienced you get!

You don’t want to turn up to a coaching session if you've just had a blazing argument with your husband; or right after a run, sweaty, huffing and puffing… (for example).

It's really important to take time before a session to become quiet. To let go of any distractions. To focus inwardly.  To tap into your intuition or higher self.  For some of you, that might be through prayer, meditation, or any centering exercise that you might have.

Just really let go and know that all that is important, all that your highest responsibility is on a coaching session, is for your to turn up present and really your cleanest clearest energy that you can ready to be there of service for your client.

Prepare yourself for the session with a simple routine that works for you — I encourage you to write that up if it feels good, and maybe put it next to your desk.   

Now that you’ve prepared for Coaching Session, it’s time to Coach!



Let’s look at how to start your first session with a new client.  

Obviously, you're not going to ask every single question I include here, but as I you scan these questions, take notice of the feel.

This is a very first session, and the intention is to ensure you're both on the same page. You're both committing to the same journey. It's getting clear again on any goals that the client might have and laying out any expectations.  

Here are some questions that you can ask in your very first session:

  • What must you accomplish in your coaching package?
  • Would you like to focus on most in our time together?
  • What are your key priorities at the moment?
  • Is there anything you're already working on at the moment?
  • What challenges are you struggling with at the moment?
  • How can you word that goal more specifically and positively?
  • How can you measure that goal? Or how will you know when you've met that goal?
  • How can you break down that goal into bite-sized pieces?
  • How do you want to feel after achieving these goals?
  • Is there anything I as the coach need to know to ensure you have the best support?
  • How will this goal you've got impact others in your life? (You can even go deeper on that question: Are there any positive impacts, or any negative potential impacts?)
  • What's the key excuse you've had so far for not reaching this goal?
  • Is there anything negative at all that could come if you do reach this goal?
  • What do you think will be the toughest obstacle for you to overcome?
  • How will other areas of your life be impacted when you reach this goal?
  • Why are you passionate about this? Why is it a must? Why must you reach this goal?
  • What are you willing to give up to make this your new reality?
  • What are you most afraid of?
  • Is this a true desire for you?

You will not, of course, ask all of them!! If you just ask 5 of those, that would be a whole coaching session. They are very powerful, open-ended prompts.  

One other piece I would suggest here is to create internal ‘feelings-based’ goals — goals around energy, or self-love, or confidence — not just external goals around weight loss, for example.

This will take your client’s experience deeper, broader, and put less pressure on the ‘outcome’. 

Starting a weekly/bi-weekly coaching session:

Starting a ‘regular’ session is obviously a little bit different.

The intention in that case is to check back in and find out how your client is going right now in this present moment. How has the week has been. Also checking in on if there was any homework or anything from last week that you need to kick off with.

I encourage you to start with a check in like this, with the questions that I'm about to share with you.  In this first part it's really important to not dive straight into teaching.  

(For example you don’t want to say "Sorry, today we're talking about water", when this client really needs to share with you how their sugar experiment went.)

At the start of a weekly session be present with your client and ask questions along these lines:

  • How have you been since we've spoke?
  • What's new and good for you this week?
  • What actions have you taken?
  • What are you most proud of this week?
  • What did you celebrate this week?
  • What actions did you not take?
  • What has stopped you progressing in this area?
  • Where are you self-sabotaging?
  • What's working well for you right now?
  • What's not working so well right now?
  • What could you do to change this?
  • What have you personally done to improve this situation?
  • Is there anything that you could've chosen to do differently this week?
  • Did anything surprise you this week?
  • What did you say no to since we spoke?
  • How are you feeling today in regards to meeting your goals?
  • What would you like to focus on in today's session?
  • How would you like to feel at the end of today's session?
  • What would be your ideal outcome from today's session?
  • Is there anything I as the coach need to know before we get started today?

Those are the kind of questions that you can ask and then active listening, going deeper.  This potentially could be the first anywhere from 5 up to 30 minutes of your coaching session. Who knows? That could even be your whole coaching session depending on what the client needs.

This is a great way to start a weekly session in a professional mode. :)



Now let’s look at the heart of a coaching session. This is the “guts” of it, I guess.

This, ideally, would be what you have planned out in your Purposeful Package Outline — this is the part of the session that will usually include some teaching.

(Of course, every single coaching session is going to end up being unique to your client. You do need to have some flexibility with this).

In the heart of a coaching session, you could ask your client questions along these lines:

  • What do you think you should do first?
  • What would be the most helpful thing you could do now?
  • If money wasn't a restriction for you, what would you do?
  • If time wasn't a restriction for you, what would you do?
  • What would you do if you weren't answerable to anyone?
  • What would someone else do in this situation?
  • You could put in if they have a model, someone they look up to or a mentor,What would this person do in this situation?
  • What do you think you're meant to do?
  • If you're guaranteed to succeed, what would you do?
  • What's the best use of your time at the moment?
  • If you could only do one thing this week, what would it be?
  • What can you do better than anyone else in this area?
  • What books could you be reading to help you achieve your goals?
  • If you saw someone else in your situation, what would you suggest they do?
  • If you had more confidence, what would you be doing differently?
  • If you weren't holding anything back, what would you be doing?
  • How does that make you feel?
  • What do you think about that?
  • Where are you sabotaging yourself?
  • What can you do to create the outcome you desire?
  • What are you going to do about that?

Do you see how the questions in this heart of a coaching session are all about helping the client take personal responsibility? 

Yes of course, you could suggest a book you think would be useful. But how powerful is it to first ask them, "Do you have a book that you know you should be reading, or could be reading?”

Trusting in their intuition and helping them to trust themselves is actually more powerful than you as a coach shoving ideas or answers at them that might not even be right for them.

I am not saying you can't suggest things. Not at all. And you will likely be teaching certain elements of health/wellbeing etc. here as well. That is a part of your coaching program.

Just have these list of questions up on your screen, and use your instinct to ask any that feel ‘right’ — so where possible, your client can come up with their own answers and have their own breakthroughs.  

Coaching is a lot about inspiring self-actualisation. You don’t need all the answers, and your client is there to do the work too!

There are some other coaching tools out there as well. There's many!!

I suggest practicing a few. I definitely think you should start with the coaching questions that we're going through right now. In some ways, that's all you need.

Within the coaching questions, there are a few other skills to think of…  

Active Listening

Active Listening is you being present. You're not playing on your phone. You're not in your head, thinking, "Oh my gosh. Am I going to answer this question for them? What am I going to teach them?"  

You're literally being present and really listening to what they're saying  For some people, they have probably never had that much attention. They can feel it. That can actually allow their own breakthrough just from being heard!! This is a beautiful thing you can do for your clients.   

Using the Power of the Pause

As part of active listening, tap into the power of the pause.  Practice getting more comfortable with silences and longer spaces between talking… don’t be in a hurry to respond every time a moment of quiet pops up… especially if your client is on the quieter side.  

Sometimes people just need a little time for processing before they speak. Give them space.

Asking Open-Ended questions

This is what most of the questions in the Killer Coaching Questions sheet are. Open ended questions — which basically means it's not a question that they just say yes or no to, it's a question that gets them to explore the answer.  It helps them go deeper.

One thing I will add is, avoid asking ‘WHY’ based questions. For example: ‘Why do you think that’s not working? Or Why didn’t you do that?’   WHY questions do not help clients reach their goals; instead, they spin someone out into stories and excuses.

Reflecting and mirror work

When you're listening and asking questions, keep reflecting back what you're hearing using their exact words.

For example you can say, "I see. You're feeling scared." If a client says to you "I'm really scared." They will use it in a long sentence, and they might not even notice they used that word. "You know, I'm really scared of trying to lose weight in case I fail…"  

There's a big difference between you then saying, "I hear you, Sally. You're scared" and "I hear you Sally. You're terrified." It's not the same word. There's no match.  

Reflection means reflecting back their exact words, reflecting back what they say, so that they can see themselves.  

Your job as a coach in this moment is to be there as the mirror, to hold it up for them.  

One thing to remember here: Don't rush in and use tools you don't understand yet. Master one thing at a time. I recommend beginning with the Killer Coaching Questions.

Practice these different coaching techniques, or at least become aware of them within what you're doing to see what works for you and your clients.  

Like I said, there's many different techniques out there. If you just master the ones I've mentioned here, and if they're working for you, that may be all you'll ever need!



Now let’s talk how to wrap up a coaching session.

Many people don’t leave time for the coaching wrap-up, and just use their whole session for coaching.  But the wrap-up, the last part of a session, is so important.

Recapping the session will help the client “integrate”.

They might not have even recognized the breakthroughs they've had if you don’t go over them! They might not have connected the dots on the new learnings they've had. Sometimes, especially if people are processing things, they don't even realise it’s happening!!

And beyond that, I like to use the wrap-up of a session to encourage my clients to write their own action steps on the call so that they take responsibility in sharing those me.  

In a 60-minute session, aim stop at approximately the 45-50 minute mark for you to start the ‘close’. Don't wait to be on the nose at 60 minutes and then you start doing this. That's not having great boundaries in your coaching session. It's really important to finish on time both for you and for the client.

By allowing this time at the end, this 10-15 minutes (which can sound a lot but trust me, once you get into this, this can be the most powerful piece of your whole session) that will empower your client to take their own responsibility.

Plus it means that you as a coach won't be spending hours after a call - I say hours jokingly, but it can actually be that sometimes - for a client who has paid you to be on a call for one hour!

Some questions that you could use in closing a weekly session, during that final 10-15 minutes:

  • How was today's session for you?
  • What specifically made it so?
  • How is your mind feeling?
  • How is your body feeling?
  • What were your major aha's today?
  • What would you like to let go of now?
  • What actually are you going to take this week?
  • What are you going to do in the next 24 hours?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how motivated are you to achieving this goal?
  • What will it take to turn that 6 into a 9 or a 10?
  • Who do you need to ask for support from around this goal this week?
  • Who do you need to speak to this week?
  • How are you going to celebrate reaching this goal?
  • Can you think of anything that might stop you from doing it?
  • What are your top three priorities for this week?
  • What's your number one focus?
  • What are you going to say no to?
  • What are you doing to say yes to?
  • What can you schedule in your diary right now?
  • Is there anything else that you need to feel complete from our coaching session today?
  • So that's how you wrap-up your session!!

Make sure your next call is always scheduled in as well.



After the call, take a couple of minutes to write up any basic notes — or type them if you're like me and have an online system (Satori) where you do that.  And as soon as you get off the phone, while it's fresh, write down the action steps they’ve chosen to take.

That's it!

(You do not need to spend hours after a call writing up notes or spoon-feeding your clients You don't need to make their action steps. You don't need to over-give, and say things like, "I'll create you a video on that" or "I'll find you recipes on that." That's simply not your responsibility.)

As a beginner, maybe there will be some extra things that you genuinely need or want to do after a session for the first few clients that you'll never have to do again.  

Just be very aware of not coming from a place of, "I'm not good enough unless I give more." The coaching session itself is enough.

Many new health coaches go into that ‘over-giving after a session’ mode because they feel like maybe there wasn't enough value in the coaching alone.  

All of the value is in the coaching.  You are enough. Your coaching is enough.

You can follow-up with minimal material only if needed.  

It is much more powerful to get the client to write their own notes. You just write a couple of basic notes so you know where to take off from again next week or next session.  

Honestly, this is so key!!

I see so many new health coaches feeling burnt out, exhausted and resentful towards their work. And when I laser coach with them, I find out it's because they're spending hours taking extra responsibility and burden outside of the coaching session!

It's simply not needed.

I was terrified when I stopped over-delivering  like this — because when I first got started in coaching I used to write up action steps for every client, send out to-do lists, and more.

I was SO scared that my clients would think they weren't getting enough value when I stopped doing all that — but honestly, the complete opposite happened!  When I got my clients to start choosing and taking their own action steps, and their own notes, their results skyrocketed.

They took so much more personal responsibility, because they weren't expecting me to do it.

I really want to emphasize that this piece not only makes you more professional and impactful as a coach — but also allows you to take care of yourself as a coach as well.  

And finally…

When you’re first getting started as a coach, on top of the 10 minutes you’re making notes on your client for yourself…  

Take 20 minutes or so to review YOUR coaching with these questions:

  • What worked well?
  • What can I give myself a pat on the back for?
  • What didn’t work so well?
  • What was a little wobbly that I can compassionately look at and improve?

The is key to learning and growing as a health coach!

So, ladies, there you have it.

Everything is here that you need to know.

You truly need to know NOTHING more than that.

Ask these open-ended ‘Killer Coaching Questions’ questions and listen for the answers. You’re there as a coach to ask questions and listen, with a little bit of teaching and guidance.

The questions, coaching tools and session structure I’ve just given you are your POWER TOOLS.  

The foundations are there for you...

So get in the game, coach anyone and everyone you can, and your confidence is really going to lift.  

And above all, trust that you have everything you need to be a great coach, and to deliver an impactful, encouraging, and deeply supportive coaching session.

Now go out there and get started!!

Love, Amanda xx

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