‘Super-Charge your Business’
One Day VIP Intensive with Amanda Jane Daley


If you are super-driven and ready to get your work as a Health Coach out to the world TODAY, my ‘Super-Charge your Business’ fast track intensive may be the perfect solution for you.

Think 6 months of business coaching power-packed into one day

Every intensive is personally designed exclusively to your needs – whether you are still studying and looking to fast-track your way to your first clients, or if you are rocking your current business  successfully and looking for your next edge in the marketplace.

A VIP Intensive is known to be the highest experience you can offer your business, because stepping aside from the day-to-day running of our businesses (and the overwhelm, stress and expectations) for a FULL DAY with a world-class mentor can bring extreme clarity and focus to springboard you forward FAST.

If you are struggling with any of the following, a VIP Intensive Day may be for you:

  • Finding and connecting with your ideal clients

  • Having a consistent flow of your ideal clients

  • Feeling confident as a Health Coach

  • Getting seen as an expert in your field and not feeling like a fraud

  • Creating offers that your ideal clients want to buy

  • Selling authentically without feeling sleazy and sales-y

  • Nailing your 'profitable' target market

  • Positioning yourself online for massive business growth


 //  2017 DATES + LOCATIONS  //


Byron Bay, Australia
Dates Open: April


Los Angeles, CA
Dates Open: June


Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia
Dates Open: July, August


Miami, FL
Dates Open: September, October

Sydney, Australia
Dates Open: May


Dates Open: June


Los Angeles, CA
Dates Open: September, October (TBC)


San Francisco, CA
Dates Open: September, October


What’s Included in a Full Day VIP Intensive Day with me:

  • A comprehensive Welcome Pack sent to you before we meet, to allow you to get clear on where you are at in your business, what you need to focus on next and what you would like to experience as the result of your Private Intensive Day (after all, this is YOUR day). I will use this pack to design your unique experience.    

  • A 30 minute pre-call 2 weeks before we meet to get crystal clear on your goals and check everything is in place for the big day.

  • A full day together in your chosen destination (7 hours of 1:1 attention, plus health-fuelled working lunches and breaks to integrate our work together)*.

  • Superfoods and green juices on tap to keep your creative forces flowing all day long.

  • A 90 day plan created for you, ready to take home and implement straight away.

  • 4 follow up calls* – 30 mins each – to be used within one month of the Private Intensive Day for extra support as you start implementing.

  • 30 days of email support following the Private Intensive Day, for any questions that may arise.

Your Investment:

Full Day: $3995 USD  (Included 1 prep session and 4 follow up sessions (30 mins each)

Half Day: $2495 USD (Included 1 prep session and 2 follow up sessions (30 mins each)


This is YOUR day, and our time together might look something like this:

On waking from one of the most restful nights you’ve had in a long time, your morning routine starts with a visualisation meditation for a productive, inspiring, power-packed day together.

An invigorating shower, a few yoga stretches and a superfood breakfast later, you are on your way to meet with me at our agreed luxury venue to dive deep into your business dreams and plans for fast-tracking your health coaching biz.

Our 1:1 time together is beyond what you have ever experienced before:  my undivided attention and dedication to your success, along with our shared passion for your why, your message + your purpose, fuels our planning and strategy work.

We work hard, but we have fun doing it, because we are inspired by your vision for your health coaching business, and we are motivated by the potential for the massive business growth you deserve (which means you get to make an even bigger impact on the world’s health).

Together we gently move through any blocks that present themselves as we explore where you want to go, and what could be holding you back from fast-tracking TODAY.

It really has become a day of expansion, growth, healing and clarity.


Our agenda for the day might look like this:

9:45am: Welcome! Let’s grab a green juice or herbal and tea pen + paper and get ourselves comfy.

10am - 11:30am: We dive right into Coaching Segment I.

11:30am - 12pm: Break Time. Take this time to do whatever you want - stretch, meditation, bathroom break.

12 - 1:30pm: We continue to Coaching Segment II.

1:30 - 2:30pm: Lunch Break. Even though this is a ‘working lunch’ we’ll also get to know each other on a more personal level - how YOU fit into your business vision.

2:30 - 4pm: We’re onto the home stretch now with Coaching Segment III.

4 - 4:15pm: Quick Break.

4:15 - 4:45pm: Recap Strategy & Wrap Up! We review the day’s powerful coaching, planning and mapping out of your specific business strategy.



Some of the biggest rapid transformations I have experienced in my business have come from private intensive days I have experienced with my mentors – this unique mix of inspiration, world-class laser coaching and personalised attention is the ultimate support available for your business – and I’d love you to experience that for yourself.


If you desire:

  • A clear, structured 90 day action plan so you can take massive action in your business TODAY

  • Clarity around your target market and your business brand

  • A purposeful package that your ideal client wants to pay for

  • Confidence in yourself as an entrepreneur and Health Coach

  • A lifestyle of freedom, travel, health and wealth

  • A purpose-driven business you love that continues to fulfil your desire for helping others


Whatever YOUR desired outcome for your business, I am here to help you create that for yourself.

It’s time to stop dreaming about it and make it happen!

Ready to take action?



Read about Aimee’s experience before and after a VIP Intensive Day with me:

If you're thinking if doing Amanda's intensive, I'd highly recommend! I didn’t know where to focus my attention [when I started my own health coaching business] and would often end up in a paralysed state of overwhelm for days or weeks at a time!

I really wanted a 3 month (90-day) plan of action with clear goals and outcomes. Amanda really made sure she tailored my the specifically to my needs and what I wanted to get out of it.  I walked away from Amanda’s Private Intensive Day with a newfound sense of clarity surrounding my business and increased confidence that I am on the right path. To be more specific, this included clarity around my target market, my business brand, my package (or offer) and my goals and how to achieve them within my 90 day action plan.

Since my intensive with Amanda:

  • I'm feeling more in control of my business, and my time.

  • I’ve noticed my confidence in both myself and my business has increased.

  • I now know what my goals are and more importantly how I'm going to achieve them!

  • I feel excited and motivated moving forward and the follow up sessions have been really great!


I have mentored hundreds of new Health Coaches and female entrepreneurs in my paid coaching programs (and thousands in my free offerings).

With 18 years’ digital marketing expertise as an Art Director working with big brands, together with the years of business training I’ve invested in, along with my own personal experience as a Health Coach and Business Mentor, I am passionate about passing on everything I can to other Health Coaches so they can succeed in a big way.

If this exclusive opportunity to work with me 1:1 in the USA or Australia is sparking your interest - let’s jump on the phone and explore the opportunity together.

I totally get that investing yourself can be scary! And yet if you are serious about getting your work out to the world – this is your opportunity to fast-track that NOW.

If there’s something I know for sure from growing my own high six-figure coaching business, it is that it is NEVER the ‘perfect time’ to invest, there are NEVER ‘piles of money sitting in the bank’. There are never times that you don’t feel nervous to invest, and you will ALWAYS feel you ‘should’ be able to work this out for yourself.

Investing in myself and my business, NOW (aka when the right opportunity arises), and being vulnerable enough to get support from those a few steps ahead of me are without any doubt the behaviours that I credit for my success in my business.

One of those opportunities is here for you now.

My invitation is here for you – and there are very limited spots in each city. This is not a cookie-cutter program - it is a personalised strategy and plan of attack to get your business fast-tracked immediately.


Do you have that inner drive? Are you ready to kick your healthy business dreams into action in lightning speed time?

Then grab one of the limited spots in each city right now before they are gone.  Apply fast for a no obligation discovery call to discover if a VIP Intensive Day is right for you.