SO excited to have your name on the list for the UPswing Mastermind. You'll be the first person we contact about the next round of the program. (I can’t wait)

I really want to honour you for the step you took today.  

It's the go-getters and the action-takers — like YOU — who make it in this business.   

And because I KNOW you’re one of the driven ones, I don’t want to hold you up or leave you hanging — waiting for the doors to the Mastermind to open before you get started.    

This is why I created the UPswing Client Kickstart eCourse.  As an IMMEDIATE way for driven Health Coaches like you to take instant action on your dreams.    

I’ve distilled the key foundations of the UPswing Mastermind program into a condensed 6-week online course designed to help you get your first clients.  So you can start taking action TODAY.

And if you purchase UPswing Client Kickstart, and then join the next UPswing Mastermind later in the year — you’ll not only be lightyears ahead in business terms— but I will also refund the ecourse payment.

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Plus, make sure to join my free Healthy Wealthy Society Facebook Group, so I can support you between now and the next UPswing Mastermind. :)

Remember, you have the power to create your dream future — and this opportunity is available to you right now!!


Amanda xx