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Here’s What Other Luminaries Have Said About AMANDA JANE DALEY

I went from no clients and no income to consistent clients and my first $10k month from working with Amanda.
— Erika Sheffer -

Whether you need to distill your deepest desires, be pointed in the right direction or nudged into action - Amanda is the woman you want on your team. Just one single tip from her saw me quadruple my list in just over a week - and that is just the beginning!.
— Amie Skilton,

What People Who AMANDA HAS MENTORED Are Saying . . .

Coaching with Amanda has totally changed how I do business.

Prior to working with Amanda, I had been going ok. I was working as an Registered Nurse and Health Coaching on my days off. I had coached some beautiful women and I had loved it, but the ‘getting them to me and my site’ and then converting them was tough. Many of my clients had come from word of mouth - which was beautiful - but getting clients through the online space, was not really happening for me.

When I began working with Amanda, I wanted what she had. I wanted to coach full time, I wanted to know who I was speaking to, I wanted to have the freedom to work hard but to play hard too and to be my own boss. And to do that, I needed some tools. Tools, techniques and guidance to show me how to get it done.

And that is what I have received. It gives me a sense of ease and grace and that is priceless.
— Erin Smallbon,

Since working with Amanda I feel authentically confident in my business and soulfully aligned with my heart-centered marketing. Not only has our work helped me grow my business, I’ve personally grown in unexpected ways, drawing me to a bigger, more expansive way of living!
— Cecile Weigle,

I was stuck with my business, but then I found Amanda and she not only provided top-notch guidance and support, but she moved my business forward. In fact, working with her changed the whole trajectory of my business!

After our work together, I had tripled my subscriber list, created a new opt-in, created new packages and offering, had articles published, and had my first paying clients. I also now have a clear direction on my purpose and have the confidence to see it through. And I know that without Amanda I wouldn’t have been able to grow my business like this or create a solid plan for future growth.

Throughout the sessions, Amanda gives you so much invaluable content and strategies—looking back, I wouldn’t have known to do a lot of the things she teaches. Amanda is approachable, supportive, encouraging, and effective. I’m still surprised about how much I achieved in such a short amount of time.
— Pia Scade,

I’ve started selling high-end coaching packages, have doubled my list and mastered facebook ads. But most excitedly I’ve taken a life changing move to live my desired life NOW - I purchased a luxury house in the country!

We all talk about wanting to have a more peaceful life, live sustainably, etc and now I’m actually doing it. Realising that made me feel so great and I see how all this work is now really showing up!

Amanda’s level of knowledge on the dos and don’ts of starting a business were priceless and I know that I would not be at the stage I am now if I hadn’t had her help along the way.

Amanda is great at pushing you along and is someone who becomes an integral part of your life and business.
— Tamsin Casey,

I love working with Amanda! She’s sensitive, smart, sassy and she empowers me. Amanda makes me a better coach and helped me attract my first clients with ease and confidence.
— Domonique Young, Health Coach

I enjoyed Amanda’s program so much that I signed up to work with her again—and I know that the best is yet to come!

Before working with Amanda, I was unfocused on my message and was actually putting a lot of effort into my business and getting very few results. I knew I needed clarity and confidence if I was going to be successful. But I also knew that I needed help removing blocks I had around wealth consciousness, and that I needed to find what made my business and me unique. And luckily I had Amanda there to support and motivate me the entire time.

Amanda’s not only supportive; she’s encouraging, she’s passionate about the work she does, she has loads of information to share, and she brings in a spirituality component to her coaching that most business coaches don’t incorporate. Plus, it’s just nice to know you have someone on your side, especially when you’re trying to get clear on copy, offerings, core values, and personal and professional worth. It’s a lot to work through all of this, but Amanda makes it worth it, and now because I’m more clear and focused, I’ve created an offering with components that I didn’t even plan on including—and it’s unique!
— Karen Miller,

I signed up for 2 Skype sessions with Amanda earlier in the year. I connected with Amanda and her personality—she was professional, friendly, and inspiring—and I knew that I had to continue working with her. She challenges me (in a good way) and in just six weeks, I’ve been able to get my website up, all the copy written, and my opt-in ready. I have a brand new business offering that I LOVE and have already run 5 clients through my first package!
— Anne MacArthur,

Amanda was completely invested in me and my business, and by the time I finished her program, I had developed a customized coaching plan that was in line with what my ideal clients want, I had doubled my list, and I had successfully been published on a notable blog!

Before working with Amanda, I was stagnant, frustrated, and unsure of what steps to take. I was putting a lot of effort in, but wasn’t connecting with my ideal clients and I couldn’t figure out why. And honestly, if it weren’t for Amanda, I’d still be stuck frustrated and stagnant.

Amanda pushed me to develop my message, to get clear on who my ideal clients were and to learn how best to speak and connect with them. And now, I’m a full-time coach—I’m still working out what that means and what my days should look like, though. But I love where my business is and where it’s heading—thanks, Amanda!
— Stephanie Cook,

Amanda is great at drawing out your specific goals and needs. In fact, I’d say that’s one of the most valuable components of working with her—her ability to guide rather than to give step-by-step instructions. She wants you to dig deeper within yourself, rather than provide you with ideas and instructions—and it works!
Before, I was unclear on my niche, I needed someone to keep me accountable on a weekly basis, and I wanted to learn the best strategies to market my business. And now, I’ve successfully grown my list, developed packages and offerings, have the confidence to ask for what I’m worth, and have created an eBook, a new website, and a refined niche.
And the fact that Amanda knows what works and what doesn’t when building a business is priceless! She’s been there and is here to encourage you every step of the way.
— Ali Dear,

The problem with being a health coach in today’s world is that there’s a lot of us and it’s often difficult to figure out how to stand apart or how to make your offerings unique. Luckily though, I was able to work with Amanda—she understands the struggles of health coaching and can navigate and show you how to get to where you want to be. Plus, she keeps you accountable, never letting you procrastinate or slack off, and she’s always there to bounce ideas off of or reel you in when you’re spiraling.
Before Amanda, I was just talking about building a business, but now, I’ve actively built a business!
— Kristi Breece,

Amanda’s personality and teaching immediately resonated with me—she’s down to earth and has so much experience in building a business! I was a little hesitant though because her coaching business is tailored to health coaches and I’m a stylist, but after thinking it over, connecting with her, and reading more of her content, I knew she was just the coach I needed!
— Erena Te Paa

I was in a place where I knew I wanted to help people with their health, but couldn’t narrow down the specifics or what my unique message would be. Amanda helped me work through that and I came away with a new understanding and appreciation of who I am and how I stand out from other health coaches. And now, I’m not only a lot more confident in my message and what I offer, but I’ve successfully shifted my mindset so I can effectively run my own business and spread my message!

The thing I love most about Amanda, though, is just how much knowledge she has about growing and sustaining a health-focused business and that she knows the industry so well. Plus, she is so friendly and energetic—it’s contagious! And I can honestly say that out of all the sessions we had—I wouldn’t change a thing! I now have clarity around my message and website content, I’ve found the link to set me apart, and I’ve been invited to give my first talk on stress and the mind/body relationship—incredible!
— Hayley Turner,