Hey UPswing Mastermind Sister,

I'm curious if you're starting to feel like you're in kind of an adolescent phase in your business? Like you've outgrown the beginner business programs online, but equally don't feel like you're a leader in your industry yet?

Arrg, puberty blues anyone?

Honestly, this was one of the hardest stages of business growth I went through. It's when you realise that the tools alone are not going to cut it. It's WHO you step into as a woman, as a leader, that is going to get you to the next stage. There's a level of confidence that needs to come in, along with solid systems and structures.

If you feel like you're walking over a rickety bridge to your next stage of business (yup, those trolls are gonna come at you and your fears are gonna rear their ugly heads even louder than before), this is where you can actually learn to fly. And I'd love nothing more than to mentor you through this special phase - which btw - 99% of female entrepreneurs will never even get to - so HUGE kudos to you for even reaching this stage.


I want to let you in on a little secret...

The OLD Masculine Business Model of 'push', 'hustle' and 'strive' is no longer working for us heart-centred entrepreneurs - chances are you are starting to feel this for yourself - and the concept of working from your Feminine sounds attractive, but honestly... how would that really work? 

You haven't seen it modelled... but you REALLY want to discover a new way of working.


Because let's be honest - what's coming your way is BIG - and the old way won't work for that.


Yet, you don't have your head in the clouds either - you know that to have the impact in the world you are here to have you need STRONG business systems in place, structures and support!

You know there is a level of Business Mastery that is required to take you to the next level. I mean let's be honest, if 1 million followers flooded to your business today... would you be set up to receive that?

The Feminine can only flow when there are strong Masculine structures to support it.

You've been around long enough now to know that to really play a bigger game, you need to constantly be surrounded by others who are committed to a level of mastery just like you.

You understand the importance of continuing to grow, to be challenged, to have your mind blown even wider open with possibility, to be inspired to a whole new level.

You understand the importance of being mentored by someone a few steps ahead of you on a similar path - someone who knows what it really takes to go to the next level.

You also are a firm believer in the need for both 'top-of-the-game' business and marketing strategies AND a real deal commitment to the inner work.

AND - for you, taking care of yourself in the process is non-negotiable. 

You understand that the wellness of you = the wellness of your business.

If this sounds like you, I invite you to read on...





A 6 Month Transformational Business Experience For Heart-Centred Entrepreneurs


You've been in business for more than 12 months.

You're making money, and you've got the basics under your belt.

You're starting to believe this 'working for yourself' business may in fact 'work out'.

In fact, you're starting to KNOW within yourself that it is going to more than work out.

You have that gut feeling that it is going to be BIG!


You have an inner knowing that you are going to be a leader in the world in coming years.

You don't yet know HOW, but you know it's coming...

And you KNOW that there are some BIG pieces you need to get in place first.



UPswing Business Mastery IS for you if:

You’ve learnt the basic business skills, you have the map, you know WHAT to do, and yes it is kinda working…

BUT something is still blocking you from stepping into your greatness.

And you are committed to doing the inner work to free yourself.

To live your purpose

To serve others

And to free yourself as the woman you are meant to be.


UPswing Business Mastery is NOT for you if:

-       You are looking for a quick fix or ‘get-rich overnight’ kind of success

-       You are looking for a coach to do the work for you

-       You are not willing to face the shadows within

-       You are not committed whole-heartedly to living your highest purpose


I am committed to making MASSIVE IMPACT AND INCOME in the world and for those who know this is their path too, my heart is wide open to holding that space for you.


I have learnt that growing a business has different stages and it's important to get the right support for the stage you are at. For me, once I had the initial business tools under my belt, I found there were 3 aspects imperative to my ongoing growth and success as a business owner.

1. A mastermind of like-minded, purpose driven women
2. Private coaching from a mentor who could understand my unique business needs
3. A way to sustain the 'work' of building a business with my deep values of 'health and self care'

After learning from one too many business coaches who were teaching the ‘push’, ‘compete’ and ‘strive’ (aka outdated masculine way) of doing business, I committed even deeper to my own truth and energy healing practises to embrace a more feminine way of doing business in 2015 and 2016.

Working with my unique approach to business, I doubled my business to high six figures in 2016. 

By working LESS.

By NOT pushing.

By NOT comparing.


Was it all plain-sailing - of course not (honestly, diving into this work plain sux sometimes). But you know what it's like to be an entrepreneur by now right? And if you're still sticking with it, still driven by your purpose no-matter-what, then I'd love to guide you on the next leg of your journey.

I have an absolute passion for mastery of health (which has made working more from my feminine non-negotiable) and for wealth (which I teach from a spiritual perspective).

I am a trained Reiki Master and Journey Energy Healer* and a business mentor dedicated to helping health coaches and conscious wellness entrepreneurs get the message of health out to the world.


My biggest secret? I've discovered that your business needs to FUEL YOU before anything else - and I'm yet to find anyone else who has grasped this at this depth for business.

I learnt this lesson the hard way through various cycles of burnout - now I understand that was such a gift.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not all woowoo either. 

My signature method of business coaching intertwines both the masculine and feminine sides of business (you’ll still get my 15+ years advertising and marketing business skills – no doubt there) and I continue to be mentored by some of the worlds top online marketing mentors (all men).

Some of the top names in coaching, wellness and online business (in the world) have me on speed dial for their marketing strategy, or are privately mentored by me to align their businesses to their truth - and until now this is not something I have offered publicly at this advanced level.


I’m taking on a small and intimate group of women to work with me in this high-level mastermind for 6 months



This is an exclusive opportunity and applicants will only be accepted if I genuinely feel that :
a) I can help you to massively up your level of business mastery.
b) You are 100% committed to getting your work out to the world for positive impact, healing and transformation.

When I ask you WHY you do your business and you reply "that's what I am here to do", then we're off to a good start.

UPswing Business Mastery has been created to be your ultimate business transformational experience. I designed this program based on my DREAM way of doing business and I can assure you this is going to be something special.

Think business retreats in some of the world's most inspiring locations.
Think a small, intimate group of purpose-driven, like-minded entrepreneurs as your daily support team.
Think private coaching with me.... AND group laser coaching.
Think committing to a massive increase in both your IMPACT and INCOME.

Think committing to a level of Mastery for you and your business.




  • 90 minute kick-off private intensive with Amanda
  • 2 x 30 minute coaching calls a month
  • 2 x group mastermind calls a month - including advanced wealth consciousness, and running a business from the empowered feminine
  • Private facebook group
  • 1 intimate group retreat (Sydney or LA - location tbc based on applicants)
  • (+ complimentary membership to UPswing Momentum and all UPswing advanced training materials + resources)


Investment: $7500 USD, or $1995 deposit + $995 x 6 months
(Prices are in USD. AUD options may be discussed for eligible AU Citizens)




UPswing Mastery is by application only. Here’s how to apply in 2 easy steps: 

1. Email Natasha (support@amandajdaley.com) expressing your interest to work in this high-level intimate mastermind
2. She will set you up a private interview with Amanda to determine if the program is right for you

Not sure if UPswing Mastery is right for you? Please don't be shy - reach out to chat to one of us and we can explore the opportunity together. No obligation!

Numbers are strictly limited and I'd love to offer you and advanced chance to lock in your spot. 

Amanda xx