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Top Working Cafes in LA


Working for myself provides some fantastic benefits, one of those being able to work in different locations around the world.

I have had the pleasure of working from cafe's in Paris, Abu Dhabi, Miami, LA, Mexico, Singapore and New Zealand - and let's not forget Bondi.

At each location, I make sure I try some new venues with new menus and keep notes on who stand's out so I can share my favourite places with you. 

So from my last trip to USA, here are my top working Cafes in LA.

Los Angeles:

Abbot Kinney, Venice

  • Intelligista: This is a beautiful industrial chic location with fantastic daily roasted coffee. They have a lovely outdoor patio - but in summer the flies can be a bit off-putting and the vibe funky and hip. I found people in the cafe fairly chatty which is nice when you are looking for some social activity.

  • The Butchers Daughter: The Matcha Pancakes is the dish to try and this great cafe can provide some great people watching if you sit outside. The atmosphere is pretty chilled which makes it a great place to work, and the staff efficient but not in a over the top or intrusive way.

  • The Matcha Box: Try the Matcha Latte with Almond Milk and enjoy the beautiful modern design of this upbeat cafe and the extensive range of Matcha drinks on offer.

Rose Ave, Venice

  • Cafe Gratitude: Organic, Dog-Friendly, with Vegan menu options - just some of the perks of this great place to work.
    Even if you are not vegetarian or vegan I would encourage you to give this place a try, and don't forget to save room for their raw desserts - heavenly! I get known pretty quickly every time I'm staying locally as the lady who orders Tiramisu for breakfast - it's that good - but sometimes the French Toast does win me over.

  • Moon Juice: Vegetarian-friendly and a divine selection of drinks. Check out the cold pressed coffee with coconut for a quick pick me up or one of their green juices to infuse yourself with healthy vitamins and minerals. They have sooo many amazing drinks on offer I am fairly confident you will find one you love.

  • Rose Cafe: Great open plan, bright colours, and fantastic food. You can enjoy a fresh juice, herbal tea, or something more substantial while admiring the sun streaming through the windows. I recommend the Kale Salad which has a fantastic spicy kick.

Working Cafes in LA for Coaches

Santa Monica

  • Tendergreens: This is a great place where you can pick and choose your salad right down to the type of leaf. Vegetarian options are available and the vibe is happy and social. If you are looking for some new connections try sitting at the large communal table for some chit-chat or chill out at a smaller table and work away.

  • True Food Kitchen: Pretty much the entire menu is healthy and vibrant but I personally love the edamame dumplings and the fresh juice mocktails. Sit outside and enjoy some fresh air, or enjoy the flurry indoors. This place does get busy in peak times so stick to low times (not dinners) for peace to work.

  • Kreation Organic Cafe: Great decor and selection of cold press juices. The Energetic Tonic is a great pick me up if you find yourself a little low mid afternoon. Check out the fantastic outdoor seating for a great working space closer to nature.

Bonus Location (decided to squeeze in one more)
Between Santa Monica & Venice

  • Rawvolution: Fantastic place to work! Quiet, chilled atmosphere with juice shots and a fantastic vegan-friendly menu. Feeling bold or wanting something new? Give their 'E-3' live a go for a massive boost in nutrients.

If you have a favourite working cafe in LA share in the comments below and we will build a master list of top places to work for coaches.


Top 7 Cafes to Work from in Bondi

Top 7 Working Cafes Bondi


One of my favourite parts of working for myself is the ability to work from different locations. When I travel, I love to explore new cafes and working spots -  last year I worked from cafes in Paris, Abu Dhabi, Miami, LA, Mexico, Singapore and New Zealand - yet equally every time I come home to Bondi Beach here in Sydney I feel so super excited to get back into ‘everyday’ life as we really do have some of the best working cafes I’ve found. 

I frequent different cafes every week to mix up the atmosphere depending on my mood or the task at hand. I also do my regular Wednesday Working Dates from some of these cafes so have shared with you which ones are good for wifi use too!

Are you enjoying this post? I created a free guide to learn more about these Bondi cafes to work from! Click the button below to get it instantly.



Here are some of my favourites:

  1. Bondi Wholefoods (winner) - free wifi, healthy whole foods and an open air but covered space. I did joke recently that I might start an undercover tv show from this cafe due to the ‘online business conversations’ that are frequently overheard here. My friend/accountability buddy and I work here every Wednesday afternoon - if you need a good dose of Pomodero technique, stop by and join us.

  2. Chapter One - free wifi on weekdays, cosy and pretty quiet (although some days it resembles a working hub)

  3. Orchard Street - I love the calm, peaceful atmosphere here and it's home to some of my favourite juices, good coffee, kombucha on tap, and delicious (and healthy!) sweet treats - so I often head here for early morning inspiration and productivity.

  4. The Grassy Knoll along Bondi Beach - free beach wifi (or use your phone hotspot as the signal isn't always great), best view in the world, fresh air and the pavillions have sturdy 'picnic tables' which I often enjoy sitting at to coach or write. I've been heading down with my Mexican blanket for picnic style working the last few weeks.

  5. Gertrude and Alice - a bookstore with the best Almond Milk Chai Tea in the world, no wifi and they can get strict on the ‘no laptop’ policy from time to time - good for shorter working blocks and coffee meetings - or for quiet reading when it's an advantage to have no wifi.

  6. Lox Stock and Barrel - admittedly not the best service but if you're working that's not a problem - in fact you get more time at the table! - and I like this spot for its delicious breakfasts. I use my phone hotspot for wifi.

  7. Coogee Pavillion - wifi and wine make for the perfect last minute friday working date with friends before winding down for the week. (Technically not Bondi but a short 15 min drive to neighbouring beach Coogee)



Share in the comments below your favourite local working spots in your part of the world. Let's compile a master list right here!