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My Top Tips For Confidence When Using Video In Your Health Coaching Business

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Hey beauty!

Do you feel like a deer in the headlights when the cameras start rolling? Are you a die-hard introvert and dread going live on camera? 😫

Do you stumble over your words, draw a blank in the middle of sentences, and punctuate every few words with ‘umm’ or ‘errr’ when you’re filming videos?! 😳

Firstly, you’re SO not alone.

And secondly, this one’s for you, boo!  💗

In this short five-minute vlog I’m going to share:

  • My top tips for feeling wildly confident on camera…

  • What I personally do so I don’t lose track of what to say mid-video…

  • The advice I give my clients about going ‘Live’ on video for their business...

  • Plus, the importance of giving yourself grace and having FUN.

Hit play to watch it now!


You’re so close to feeling cool, calm and confident on camera.

You’ve just gotta watch the video, implement the tips, and practice.


Amanda xx

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Instagram 101 for Health Coaches in 2018

Instagram 101 for Health Coaches

Read it or watch it...

Hey beauty!

Today on the blog (and in the FB Live above 🔝which you can choose to watch instead of read) I'm talking ALL things Instagram!


  • The purpose behind the platform (it's very different to Facebook!)
  • How Instagram can help you to grow your health coaching business 
  • The BEST kind of content to post to Instagram to grow your know/like/trust factor
  • Why you need to add Instagram Stories to your Insta-strategy, too, and how to use it

Consider this your introduction to effective instagram-ing for health coaches and wellness entrepreneurs. 😉

So, let’s dive in!

Instagram is AMAZING for sharing your personal brand, marketing your health coaching business, and sharing your message.

It is literally THE platform of the moment, wouldn’t you agree? And with the introduction of IGTV just last week, I don’t see it disappearing anytime soon! ;)

But I’m going to keep things simple for today, and stick to your Instagram grid, your captions, and your Instagram Stories.

THEN once you’ve mastered those and feeling confident, we can start to look at IGTV.



First things first, I have to remind you that success on Instagram is NOT just about the numbers of followers you have!  You’ll go so much farther with 200 active followers who engage with what you do, than 2,000 uninterested ones…

And with the new Instagram algorithm, the account that will likely be shown to others is the one with the most activity and engagement on it, NOT the numbers of followers. So do not fret about growing your numbers at a crazy rate, these things take time and are NOT the only goal. 🙂

So really, our purpose with Instagram is to foster engagement and cultivate connection with our ideal client.

Because instagram is a SOCIAL platform and your followers are really your friends.

To do this you can:

  • Craft compelling posts…
  • Share value (by providing gold nuggets of information that help your followers)…
  • Respond to your comments…  
  • Pour your love into the platform, and invest time into your community....
  • Get a little vulnerable, and share your personal and business stories…  
  • And connect at a human level as well as a ‘leader’ / ‘teacher’ / ‘expert’ one.

On Instagram you get to wear a couple of hats, which is awesome! 😉



The power on Instagram comes when you don’t just share what you do and show how you can help people (although you MUST do that too)...

But when you also share who you ARE.

I’ve said this before, in a previous FB live and blog post on How to Shine on Social Media - but it is SO important to remember that we are human beings building businesses based on human connection.

Your value as a health coach isn’t only found in WHAT you’re selling - although that is really important too, and is something you must talk about on Instagram - but it is also found in the fact that YOU are the one selling it.  

Is this post helping you think about your Instagram account as a business to help grow your audience and impact? If so, continue to work on these ideas in your very own worksheet I made for you. Click the the button below to get it instantly. 



Because the only thing that can truly differentiate you from your peers and competitors is YOU!

And Instagram is a great place to share who you are - and give a window into your world and thoughts - and it’s often the only way people can tell if they would be a good fit for working with you!


When you tell stories and share pieces of yourself you will humanise your business and your brand.

So stories about who you are - the BIG WHY behind what you do - how got you here - pivotal points in your life - and pretty much “who the beating heart is” behind your health coaching business.  💗

Storytelling matters because it makes things memorable. Did you know that people are more likely to remember a story than they are a product name? Pretty crazy right?

I mean, you’ll probably already know one of my “brand stories” if you’ve followed me for any length of time.  My story of how I had realllllly bad adrenal fatigue and left my corporate career to pursue health coaching… or how I finally learned how to leverage my marketing expertise to create success as a health coach…

So you’ll become known for specific stories. Not just your informational and educational posts. Someone will remember you because of that post you wrote about your adrenal fatigue - it will stick in their mind!

And beyond that, you can create FUN connection points that ALSO make you memorable!

Insta doesn’t just have to be a place for interesting or inspiring stories.

You can and should also share FUN quirky things like your love of yoga pants, that acai bowl from your local cafe, your obsession with matcha lattes or Kate Spade stationery - these kind of connections can seem ‘silly’ but they are so amazing for building relationships with your audience and growing your ‘know, like and trust’ factor.

So that when the times come to sell, your tribe trusts and KNOWS you so much more.

Because bottomline is we buy from people we know, like and trust.


Humanise your brand and business by sharing your face, and photos from work and life. I know that when it comes to our businesses, it’s uncomfortable to get on camera; but in order for people to truly understand and admire you and your health coaching services, they need to know the person and the places behind it too!

There is so much power in human connection. Harness this with stories as I just said - but also with photos from your life, snapshots of your your work, and pictures of you.

Things like 📸

  • Anything use daily in your work - like your laptop. Your journal. Your notebook. Your kitchen. The office or gym you train or coach people out of. Your candle that you burn at your desk. Showing these things you use in your work helps people picture what it’s like working with you!
  • Show yourself behind the scenes in your office, cooking, coaching, working out - show your life happening!  That creates so much connection and kindredness.
  • Your professional brand photos, beautiful headshots, clean images of you, include your hand, your shoes, your home in your photos - anything that offers real human connection.


Another great way to create engagement, build relationships with your followers, and craft compelling content that your target audience LOVES to peek at is to play on Instagram stories!!

Instagram stories are an AMAZING way to show the real you, to give people a peek behind the scenes, and to show them how you “do health”.

I recommend posting 3-8 stories per day, if you can!  Why? Well, with Instagram’s algorithm, accounts that are active and engage on the Gram daily (this includes Insta Stories!) are shown more in other feeds… so it pays to be consistent. 

Think... What you had for breakfast? Your morning routine? What you eat while you’re out? Your exercise routine? How you schedule your day? Your family life? Your pets? What you do for fun? What music you listen to?  

The possibilities are endless here and people LOVE seeing your face, getting to know you better, and having a window into your world… (Human beings are curious creatures, and we all love connection 😍)

Hot tip:  

Your Instagram Stories can also be saved into categories as a highlight reel when people either come across your page at first or if your audience is having a catch up on what you’ve been up to, and get an overview of what you’re about…  

You can highlight topics like: Client results / On the blog / Morning Routine / Workouts / Gratitude / Journaling / Healthy Baking

Again, the possibilities are endless - what would YOU like to create and what would YOUR ideal client love?

Jot down some ideas right now of stories you can Highlight on your Instagram Feed!

6. You Have to REPEL in order to ATTRACT ✨

In order to attract your tribe you have to repel other people.  If you appeal to EVERYONE nobody will know what you’re about!  You’ll be so vanilla and sanitised that there is really no reason for you to be on Instagram for your business at all.

You want to attract people who LIKE what you’re about. Someone who likes your aesthetics, who sees the world the same way you do, and who likes the way you present your products and services.  

And that means you have to REPEL other people. 

That’s why you’ve gotta be SO OK with turning some people OFF - so that you can turn other people ON with your feed, your photos, your captions and your stories.

That’s such an amazing and freeing permission slip isn’t it? 

You don’t have to please or cater to everyone. You get to be yourself. Because you want the right type of person to follow your Instagram … not just any old person!!

So your Instagram content has to speak to HER.  And most of all, reflect YOU.

Talk to her (your dream follower and ideal client) about your services and your own journey. Inspire her with your stories. Share your real life, and your business life. And share valuable content that helps her.

Do all these things consistently and you will ATTRACT and befriend her.

And the more you attract people who love your content - and connect with YOU - the more you’ll attract people who want to interact and engage. And when the time comes, buy from you!!

Happy instagram-ing beauty. 


Amanda xx



    How to Use Your Facebook Business Page as a Health Coach


    Hey beauty!

    In today's blog post and FB Live video 👆🏼👆🏽👆🏾I'm going to teach you the keys to a killer Facebook Business Page as a Health Coach, and give you some essential action steps to take once to improve yours.  

    When you read the post, or watch the video (it's your call!) you will learn:

    • Why having a Facebook presence is important…

    • My top tips for optimising your FB Business Page…

    • How to create consistent content that helps grow your business..

    • What’s working on the platform right now...

    (And I want you to know that these tips are up-to-the-minute and reflect the most recent algorithm changes that have taken place over the last few months.)

    So let’s dive in!

    1. The 4 Reasons to Have a Facebook Business Page

    There are 4 reasons WHY you should have a Facebook business page for your health coaching or wellness business... (And these can also double up as GOALS for your page moving forwards).

    Your Facebook Business Page can help you to:

    1. To grow and nurture a target audience who are super interested in your services…

    2. To be highly searchable on the internet - so that people can easily find you online!

    3. To drive traffic FROM Facebook to your website…(and likely back again!)

    4. And to move people FROM a social media platform like Facebook ONTO your email marketing list (that YOU own - so you always want to be growing that list)

    It’s really important to remember that Facebook is NOT about a popularity contest…

    It’s about the conversion rate that you have on your page, and it’s about the genuine engagement that you have as well. 

    So please, don’t get so fixated on your follower numbers that you lose sight of why you’re on there in the first place.

    • To grow and nurture a target audience

    • To be searchable, and be easily found online!

    • To drive traffic from FB to your website.

    • To move people from FB onto your email list.

    2. the 3 things you must optimise on your BIZ PAGE

    To build a high-converting, high-impact page. 

    These are things to look at on your current page if you already have one - or things to keep it mind when you set one up!

    Number one = your profile picture…  
    Number two = your cover photo…
    Number three = your username…  


    Make your profile picture a bright, clear and crisp photo of YOU smiling directly at the camera - it’s so important to cultivate that connection right from the get go.

    Your Cover Photo.

    You want your cover photo to be a great lead magnet - think of it as a digital billboard that your client sees the first second they get on your page.  

    So your cover photo doesn’t need to be another photo of you. Instead, use that cover photo to promote an opt-in (a valuable free gift that you are offering to your clients to get them on your email list) - or a billboard for your services, your offerings or your message - perhaps by sharing a powerful tagline on your cover image.


    Amanda Jane Daley Facebook Cover Photo

    Your Username.

    Make it as close to your business name as you can get. Clear is better than clever, always! You want your page to be highly searchable and easily found!

    Now you’ve got your FB Business page up and running, your next step is to…

    3. Post content that ties back to your business

    To do this I recommend choosing 5 or 6 categories - what I call brand pillars.

    So for a health coach these categories might be - gluten-free food, functional fitness, inspiration, transcendental meditation, non-toxic lifestyle and hormonal health!

    Or more simply: nutrition, fitness, inspiration, meditation, essential oils.

    Then, all you need to do  is to post to ONE of those different categories each day…

    You do a post for category 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, then go back around and rinse, and repeat!

    When you’re doing this you’re giving a FULL STORY of who you are, who your brand is, what your business does, and what people can expect from you… Plus it makes it a lot easier to create content. 👏🏼

    Remember, scheduling and consistency is key!

    I know you know this already, but you really don’t want to disappear and fall off the face of the earth when you’re working hard to build a tribe and a following online.

    If you can, try to batch create all of your FB Business Page content in the first week of the month - or on the first day of the week if a month feels too big a task - and then schedule it all to go out automatically.

    This way you’re keeping it consistent, and staying in touch with your ever-growing community every day.  

    Is this post helpful for your health coaching business? If so, grab your FREE copy of my How to Use Your Facebook Page guide by clicking the image below! 



    4. best practises to maximise your post reach

    I strongly recommend you schedule posts directly through Facebook rather than through a 3rd party program like Later or MeetEdgar so that your posts are favoured by the algorithm.  

    That’s best practice if you’re really looking to maximise your reach on Facebook.

    Likewise, it is best practice is to minimise your outbound links - because Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t love them, and wants to keep you on the app for as long as possible!

    So use them only for what’s really important - getting people to your website or having them opt-in to your mailing list, for example.

    That’s what really matters.

    Not sharing a video that someone else posted on YouTube. 😉

    5. switch on reviews & share testimonials

    The beauty of Facebook is that you can have other people do your marketing for you!

    To do this, be sure to share messages from friends, raving fans, or clients talking about how amazing you are (and your services, of course!).  

    You don’t need to do ALL the heavy lifting with marketing, let your clients and your community do some of it for you. 

    Make sure that at LEAST once a week, you’re sharing a testimonial, some kind words, or sharing some results your clients are getting on your FB Business Page.

    And open your FB Business Page up for Reviews if you want to really amp up your credibility, and start to notch up those 4 or 5 star reviews. Ask your happy clients to leave a review on FB that you then repurpose for your website. 

    6. your analytics are your secret weapon!

    Review Your ‘Insights Tab’ on Facebook!

    Then when you review your analytics and your numbers, you will figure out what’s working, what’s not, and that will help you refine your content strategy. :)

    So read the Insights Tab on your Facebook Page - then you can keep track of how different posts are performing.

    The analytics tab is 4th from the left when you open up your Facebook Business Page!

    The analytics tab is 4th from the left when you open up your Facebook Business Page!

    You want to look at WHEN people are most engaged by seeing which posts get the most traction (so you can schedule your posts and FB Lives for when people are most online) and be aware of WHAT kind of content they like and engage with the most.

    Remember, you always want to make sure that you’re talking to your niche, and your audience is loving your content.

    So if you get tons of views and engagement on videos, but hardly any likes on random food pics, maybe your page needs to be more videos! Every audience is different!

    remember: Failure is your Friend...

    Facebook (and social media in general) really is a science!  This is why studying your analytics is so important, and I will get to that in just a second...

    But if you take one thing away from this blog post, it’s that it’s so OK to fail!  What I mean by that is, if a post doesn’t get much engagement or likes or reach - then that is SUCH valuable information.

    You will never ever learn anything about social media WITHOUT putting out content that doesn’t perform so great.  We’ve all been there many times! When that happens, all you need to do is try something different next time! Then review again...  

    You’ll quickly start to see what works and what doesn’t.

    7. Now is a good time to start a Facebook Group

    You’ll probably have noticed that FB is showing more posts from friends’ and family in your feed of late. That is due to the saturation of advertising on Facebook, and Facebook’s move back towards community in the latest algorithm change...  

    If you go and have a look today, you’ll see that you’re also getting a lot more GROUP posts in your feed - again, that is because of the latest algorithm change -  

    Facebook is favouring Facebook Groups over Facebook Business pages, in terms of how much your content is seen, because groups are community based…

    So if you can also create a FB group, that’s a really great thing to do!!

    This is just a change that took place maybe 1-2 months ago, and it is something to keep in mind.

    You absolutely, 100% still need a FB Business Page — so if this feels like a LOT, don’t worry, pour your focus there…  

    The Facebook Group piece is just something to keep in mind as you grow your online presence, and as you evolve your business. If you’re at a more advanced stage it is DEFINITELY something to think a about.

    📝 So your homework from this blog post is to:

    • Optimise your Facebook Business Page by making sure your username is clear, your profile pic is a great photo of you smiling at the camera, and cover page is a lead magnet or business billboard…

    • Share consistent content across your brand pillars, scheduling directly through Facebook not a third party…

    • Ask your happy clients to review your services on your Facebook Business Page…

    • Look at your analytics in the Facebook 'Insights' section every week or month so you can see what content is working best, and what your best time to post is…

    • Consider starting a Facebook Group, since Facebook favours them…

    • And don’t be afraid of failure! That’s where the ✨gold ✨is with social media - and is a necessary part of learning how to shine online, and figuring out what your audience wants. 


    Amanda  xx

    How to Use Your Facebook Business Page as a Health Coach.png

    A Hidden Habit that Could be Sabotaging Your Success

    A hidden habit that could be sabotaging your business

    I can honestly say I love my relationship with my clients and almost every part of my job. My work with them brings me deep gratification and the inspiration that in turn feeds my own creativity.

    I often reflect on how far my clients have come in their quest for entrepreneurship and business ventures, and have a sense of gratitude towards what they bring to my own goals, as well as guiding them on their way to success.

    Sometimes I witness clients so eager to build their coaching businesses that they can be so focused on where they want to be and not so grateful for how far they have already come.



    This journey is not one of overnight success, and it can be so easy to be swayed from our own path when we fall into the 'not enough' trap of comparison.

    When I talk to clients about it this 'say' they are grateful for how far they have come, but I can hear in their language and voice that it is still not 'enough' - and this one little details can be the exact thing holding their bigger success back.

    We all want to make more, serve more people and build our businesses more - but too much focus on 'more' leads to a feeling of 'lack' instead of one of 'gratitude' - and this is one of my biggest secrets behind the creation of wealth.

    Gratitude has a 'high-frequency vibration' in our bodies, and from a Universal perspective, like-attracts-like.

    The greater you feel, the greater opportunities flow your way with ease (not force) and gratitude is the quickest shortcut to lifting your own vibration.

    This was even documented in some of the greatest Wealth Consciousness and business books ever written - right back in the 1800s - so it's not just modern day 'woo woo' talk!

    Grateful people are also typically happier people as it makes us more optimistic and reduces negativity, particularly when creative entrepreneurs express that gratitude genuinely and authentically.

    Business leaders often recommend making gratitude part of company ethos as it cultivates appreciation in the workplace and allows staff to re-focus on what matters within the company.

    I believe that consistent gratitude really boosts my business and brand focus. It connects me to other people and inspires me to build an even better service for my tribe. In turn, this simple act can build your wealth as a cherry-on-the-top.

    Try to think about what you’re thankful for at least once a day - I do this every single night. If you prioritize and recognize the things you appreciate most, eventually it will become second nature.

    Other ways you can celebrate small successes and simple acts of kindness by showing gratitude every day include:

     1. Keep an abundance journal.

    Keep a small notebook handy and take a few minutes each day to jot down one or two positive experiences, and what you’re grateful for. This is also beneficial at the end of the week to remind yourself of the wins you’ve had throughout the week.

    Having a note of small moments of happiness also provides an opportunity to look back and remember how much you have to be thankful for during the times when life doesn't seem to be going your way.

    This applies to business too. Remember to focus on how wonderful it is to now have 100 awesome people following you on facebook - they could have put their 'like' anywhere, but they appreciated you. Do you appreciate them back? Or are you focusing on 100 not being 1000? 

    2. Say thank you, and mean it

    When a friend, family member or client goes above and beyond, be sure to let them know how much you appreciate them. Maybe treat them to lunch or a cup of coffee.

    Things can get fast-paced at times when we are building a business, but stopping to say thank you to those you deal with will keep things real, human and heart-centred. You will be remembered and really stand out from the crowd for the littlest thing as taking time to say 'thank you' to someone who has helped you on your journey or in your job.

    And same goes for those who have joined your email list or become a client. What can you do today to say 'thank you' to those who are making your dreams possible?

    3. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

    Remember what your mum advised? Treat others with the same level of courtesy you expect to be treated. Smile, show kindness, patience and actively listen. This can be done in small, easy ways including picking up after yourself, hold the lift door open, help someone struggling with heavy groceries – the Universe has a strange way of repaying tenfold for small random acts of kindness.

    4. Shout out

    Feeling the love? Post on social media and mention who has made you feel so grateful. Did a friend pick you up in the rain and drop you at work? Did your neighbour pick the kids up from school for you? Did someone share your latest blog post? Thank them in a public way and in turn, you’ll make them feel special and appreciated.

    5. Spare some of your time

    An act of kindness does more good for you than those you’re serving. Volunteer your time to help others and reap the social benefits of caring. It could be as simple as reading in your child’s class once a week, or offering to help out at a charity fundraiser – people remember those who are happy to help. It will give you something positive to focus on and is a great way to give back to the community at large. It's also important to always give more than you receive - so again, nurture your own online communities, clients and colleagues with random little gifts and you will build true rapport and trust as a bonus.

    I'd love to hear in the comments below how you integrate gratitude and kindness into your own life. Can you relate to being so eager to reach a future goal that sometimes it can be hard to be grateful for what you have already created?


    3 Money Mindset Tips for Healthy Entrepreneurs

    3 Money Mindset Tips for Entrepreneurs


    As a new entrepreneur, the issue of money can come to the forefront pretty quickly when that cushy regular pay-check has all too quickly become a distant memory.

    Perhaps for you the fear of financial uncertainty is the key reason you haven't yet taken the leap towards the career you day dream about each and every day...

    I am a firm believer that to be healthy on all levels we need to also heal our relationship with money! And there is nothing like taking that step forward into our dream career to bring the issue of money quickly to the forefront to be healed.

    In order to change your financial situation, you need to first change your thoughts about your situation. Your money mindset is your attitude and ideas with regards to your personal finances. When you know how to manage your finances, the possibilities are endless.

    Here are some tips to improve your money mindset:

    Tip #1: Make small changes over time

    New Years Resolutions are awesome but let’s be honest, they’re usually broken by the time it’s time to clean up the champagne bottles. Making lasting changes to your money habits and financial success requires dedication and making small changes is much easier to implement than huge changes overnight.

    You might begin with a goal to create a budget, pay down your credit cards or tracking your spending.

    As you succeed in each of these goals, increase to more challenging ones such as adding an extra valuable service to your business, paying down your credit cards or making voluntary contributions to your super fund. As you become more comfortable with money, you will see it grow and be able to continue with your new fiscally responsible attitude.



    Tip #2: Get rid of lack and hello abundance

    Abolish thoughts of lack such as “I can’t afford it” or “I’m broke” and replace them with positive money thoughts including “I have enough at the moment”, “I’m lucky to earn the money I do”. A small shift in your self-talk promotes personal abundance and wealth.

    Practice gratitude daily, as being healthier, happier and less stressed, can sometimes unlock your true financial potential.

    Tip #3: Shift your attitude

    Change your relationship with money. Many women fear looking at their bank statement, nervous about spending money or abuse the money they have by spending it on a whim. You need to feel positive and be at peace with the money you have, knowing you will attract more when it’s needed. Changing your attitude towards money from spender to nurturer, will also provide ideas of abundance, growth and wellbeing.

    Having a positive relationship and views on money, goes a long way in feeling satisfaction and peace with your entire life. How much money you attract isn’t a reflection of who you are as a person. When you look at your numbers remind yourself it’s your personal choice on how you want to interpret them – as a negative or as an opportunity.

    Let us know in the comments below your own tips for healing your relationship with money.


    How to Attract Clients By Christmas - Step #5

    How to attract clients by Christmas step 5



    Are you afraid of sounding salesy?


    “Amanda taught me a new way to view sales. In my first week of putting myself out there, I scheduled 5 discovery sessions from conversations with people I knew and signed 2 paying clients.” - Kylie Muratore


    Is this fear holding you back from getting clients as a Health Coach?

    The first four steps in my new series ‘Clients by Christmas’ introduced you to some of my top tips for getting clients when first starting out as a Health Coach.  If you missed any of the previous steps, you can find them over on my blog here >>

    All of those steps have worked for me and for my private clients in getting clients of their own, but if you happen to miss Step 5 while doing these, you could be wasting your time…

    Step 5 is one of the biggest reasons Health Coaches don’t get clients. They are so fearful of sounding salesy when talking about their program that they are embarrassed or fearful to ask for the sale.

    It’s true that selling your program as a Health Coach is scary to start with – the truth is you’re essentially selling YOURSELF!

    Luckily I’ve learnt to view promotion or selling as a healing conversation and I want to show you how to do the same. You’ll be confidently asking for the dance in no time – fear of rejection be gone!


    Here are some of the key mindsets and beliefs to selling with soul not sleaze:

    “Remember that no-one can be helped by your services if you don’t tell them about it”

    “Believe that others WANT your help“

    “Know that what you have to offer is of the highest value to someone who is in pain in an area of their health “

    “Know that by holding back the mention of your program, someone may remain in pain unnecessarily”

    “Know that because one person says ‘no’, doesn’t mean that everyone will say ‘no’ – you gotta find the people who value your offering.”

    “The beauty of a soulful sales conversation is the possibility that opens when a client has healing possibilities presented for something they are in pain with“

    “A discovery session is purely that – a chance to discover together whether your program would be of genuine benefit to a potential client“


    I always think of it this way, if I was struggling with an area of my health and a friend had a solution, I would certainly want to hear about it!


    “I made a personal call to tell someone I thought she’d be a great fit for my program, we had a beautiful conversation exploring whether it was the right fit for her and she immediately said yes!”

    Cecile Weigle,


    ACTION STEP: Share the benefits of your program and then confidently ask people if they would like to meet for a complimentary Health History or Discovery Session to explore whether your program is the right fit for them.


    Tip: There truly is a fine art of sales as Health Coach – Health Coaching is simply quite a unique product to sell and therefore it needs to be tackled in an equally unique way. 

    How to Attract Clients By Christmas - Step #3

    How to attract clients by Christmas step 3



    It can be tempting to fall into the trap of thinking that no-one wants to work with a health coach, or that it is impossible to those that do …


    I sent personal emails to my friends and family, as well as posting on my private FB page and booked 13 discovery sessions and 2 clients in 1 week.

    Yvonne Ling Kao,


    It’s great to have you here for step 3 of Clients by Christmas, if you have missed the previous 2 steps, you can view them on my blog here >>

    Step 3 is one most people overlook and that is to start close to home and work your way out from there.

    Truth bomb: There are no lack of clients in the world who would LOVE your support on a health issue, if only they knew it was an option…

    The problem I witness over and over again is that many health coaches graduate, launch a blog and expect the entire online world to come looking for them.

    When this doesn’t happen they take it personally, thinking that no one wants to work with them and those thoughts of giving up start to creep in … but the truth is, you always have to start close to home.

    While in the long term I do not advocate working with family or friends as a health coach, in the short term, it is exactly where to start.


    The most common ways I have witnessed Health Coaches get clients is by using one of the following strategies:


    1.     Talking about your Health Coaching on your personal facebook page in a conversational way.

    Talking to your friends in this way is great practise for talking to the wider world in your genuine voice, and it’s easy to forget just how many people are watching every time you post on facebook – even if they don’t always comment. You’ll be surprised who may reach out when you tell them excitedly what you have to offer.


    2.    Privately emailing friends and family to spread the word for you.

    When you write about what you do so that others can learn and get excited by your offering, your family and friends will often be more than happy to spread the word. Starting close to home in this way will allow you to practise getting your feet wet and again, people are more likely to buy from those they ‘know, like and trust’ so personal referrals are a great way to pick up clients.


    I posted to my FB page, spoke more about my program to everyone and made cold calls to local businesses and received more in-full payments from clients than ever, created a successful local business partnership and booked a speaking engagement!

    Megan Flynn,


    ACTION STEP: Write an email to send to everyone you know and then create a shorter version to share on your personal facebook page.


    Let your light shine as a Health Coach

    Let your light shine as a health coach

    As I launch my brand new blog to the world today, I set the intention for both myself and every Health Coach in this community to be willing to shine our lights and demonstrate a new world of possibilities. Overcoming the fear of judgement from others and stepping into our truth regardless is what will create a true ripple effect in the world of health via health coaching. 

    “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” 
    ― Marianne Williamson